Maclaren Volo Stroller Black
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Product Description

Maclaren expertly answers the needs of busy families on-the-go with the Volo Stroller. Sleek and compact, the Volo is a stunningly simple design that meets the practical demands of travel and portability. The fixed position mesh seat is comfortable for children and easy to sponge clean for parents. The 5-point harness keeps child safely secured in the seat.

The Volo features ergonomically designed foam grip handles that are high, which enables easy pushing without bending to reach. With lockable swivel wheels, the Volo is almost effortless to push. The one-handed fold mechanism allows a parent to keep a firm hold on baby while folding, and the new shoulder strap makes carrying the Volo a breeze. The removable storage basket is great for shopping or for carrying travel essentials.


  • 5-point harness for added security
  • Lightweight
  • Removable, washable, breathable mesh seat
  • Height adjustable shoulder harness
  • Compact umbrella fold
  • Water resistant hood
  • High-performance aluminum frame
  • Handy mesh shopping basket
  • Carry strap or handle for easy portability
  • 5 second one-hand fold
  • Foot-operated linked parking brakes
  • Buckle and hubcaps
  • Basic Weight: 8.6 lbs. (3.9 kg)
  • Carrying Capacity: 55 lbs. (15 kg)
  • Appropriate from 6 months
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Quick and easy compact fold with adjustable shoulder carry strap
  • Adjustable five-point safety harness for maximum security
  • Water resistant hood
  • Removable washable seat

Customer Reviews:

  • The Best of The Best....
    No more comments to do: The Best of The Best!!! Better quality than other strollers!! Design, performance and comfort. This is a must have stroller!!...more info
  • Perfect
    This stroller is just what my wife and I where looking for. Lightweight and very durable, we use it with our 3 year old, he fits in it very comfortably, and seems to loves it. The stoller folds up very easily and the shoulder strap is an added bonus. ...more info
  • Love it
    Everything I needed it to be - lightweight, easy to fold, taller handles, comfy for my little one with heavier capacity than other strollers....more info
  • Everything I Expected
    After going through two or three cheap umbrella strollers with our first child I vowed to get a Maclaren with our second. We first got an Easy Traveler for use with the infant carseat. That was great! Now that he's 1yo and graduated from that carseat, I got the Maclaren "umbrella" stroller for everyday use. It's great. Folds up easily and has its integral latch for staying closed. This latest model (2008?) has a superior latching system, with the shoulder straps integrally connected to the lap belt piece on each side and snaps into the center button surely and securely. This model also has a crossbar on the rear-wheel locks so that when you lock or unlock one wheel it does both, simultaneously. The canopy is functional, and the built-in shoulder strap is very handy. The included rain shield looks great, but I haven't had an occasion to use it yet in sunny California. I added on the "Maclaren Universal Organizer" easily and it's very handy.

    Maclaren Universal Organizer - Carbon

    I'm fairly tall and I used to kick the wheels on other strollers all the time -- but not this one. The handles are comfortable and the wheels are set forward enough that I don't stumble over them. One drawback -- the forward-set wheels tend to make the stroller tip back when the child is not in it. If you fill up the Universal Organizer or put a drink on the back (in my Valco Universal Cupholder -- great addition!) it tends to tip back easily.

    Valco Baby Universal Cup Holder

    The tipping notwithstanding, all an all, the perfect stroller for me. I preferred the Volo to the higher-end entries in the Maclaren line because I wanted something light, compact, and very portable. It's a tiny bit bigger and heavier than the cheapo $20 umbrella strollers but it's the perfect happy medium in my opinion....more info
  • Great travel stroller
    I just bought our second Maclaren Volo after an airline lost our first. It is an excellent lightweight stroller that works very well, folds easily, and is perfect for travel. It is comfortable to push for both my 5'4" self and my 6' tall husband. We also have a Bob Revolution that I use for long walks, going to the park, etc. But the Maclaren Volo is the stroller we grab for shopping trips, going to restaurants, anywhere we may be needing a stroller that is easily folded and stowed away. If I lost this one, I'd buy it again....more info
  • Everything we wanted in a stroller
    We bought our Volo (admittedly, not this color) about a year and a half ago, when our daughter began to outgrow her "baby" strollers. My husband and I are both tall, so we wanted something that we wouldn't have to hunch over, and we saw that users rated the Volo as lightweight and durable. We bought it and used it--and used it, and used it. This summer, we took our daughter (now 3) to Europe and we were amazed at how well the Volo held up -- we visited seven countries, stayed at a dozen hotels, and took over a dozen flights, and the Volo made it through everything with flying colors. It was amazingly convenient and sturdy. We will definitely recommend it to anyone who asks! ...more info
  • You get what you pay for.
    We looked at cheaper alternatives, but this stroller was the best. It went all the way to Eastern Russia and back. (No kidding). It worked great and held up perfectly....more info
  • great value, great product
    simple, light and sturdy. Perfect stroller for toddlers older than 2 years old. u will have no regret... one thing... no recline at all hence probably not suitable for babies younger than 2y. 1000 times better than the regular umbrella stroller (costs about $30 tho). Oh, by the way, this is perfect size for air travel....more info
  • Great stroller! Read review!!
    I previously owned a chicco stroller. Hated it b/c my feet kept hitting the back wheels and I'm only 5'5". That was my main problem causing me to switch, but after using the Maclaren I realized so many other things that are far superior to my previous stroller.

    1. Both my husband (5'10") and I can comfortably use it without hitting our feet.
    2. You can easily maneuver it with one hand (I couldn't in my old stroller- I'd have to hip-check it to get it where I wanted). I have a preschooler and in parking lots, for example I require him to hold my hand so I can only steer with one hand. Not a problem at all with the Maclaren.
    3. Extremely easy to open and close and with one hand as well.
    4. Basket underneath is far larger than my previous one. I read a review (not sure if it's for this stroller or somewhere else) saying a "con" of the umbrella stroller is lack of shopping bag space and I don't really see that as a con. An umbrella stroller is what it is- it's not a travel system. No I can't carry as much as I could when my child was in an infant travel system but there are many other positives that you are getting instead- namely bulkiness and weight.
    5. It comes with a rain protector. And sun shield is useful or easy to raise up if not needed.
    6. Handles are comfortable.
    7. 5 point harness is great- the middle connector where the harness connects- you have to push from the front and back (of the connector piece) at the same time to release the harness which is a great safety feature. That way, my child can't just push the front "button" and release herself.
    8. Superficially- I love the color choice.

    Hope this helps....more info
  • Great, Quality Stroller
    This is a great quality stroller.

    Easy to assemble - just unlock it, flick it out and push down with your foot.
    Great ride - the wheels have a little give in them, making the ride much smoother than most plastic wheels.
    Secure - five point harness and a lock that needs Daddy to open (if you are having problems make sure you are squeezing BOTH from the front and back of the unlock button)
    Great to push - the angled handles make it more comfortable on your shoulders.

    Beats our old Aldi stroller anyday !...more info