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Kingston Apple 4GB Kit 667MHz DDR2 SoDimm Dual Channel Memory (KTA-MB667K2/4GR)
List Price: $71.99

Our Price: $59.99

You Save: $12.00 (17%)


Product Description

Kingston is your best source for Notebook memory. We offer not only the most reliable product but also every value-added service you need, including free technical support and a free lifetime warranty, to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership. With a component-locked build of materials determined to work in each system, we guarantee compatibility.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Tested for Reliability
  • Free Technical Support
  • Easy to Follow Installation Instructions
  • Designed to Meet or Exceed Industry Standards for Performance and Reliability

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to install, works as advertised
    I purchased the 4GB Kingston RAM expansion for my early 2008 model Macbook Pro. Installation involved removing the battery at the bottom of the laptop, unscrewing a few tiny screws, then popping out the old RAM. Installation was very easy - taking a total of 15 minutes tops.

    With 2GB total, the Macbook Pro ran decent - with 4GB the machine feels so MUCH more responsive. Amazon's shipping was fast, and the price ($45) was right. Money well spent. Highly recommended....more info
  • Works Just as it Should
    This RAM was easy to install and the computer booted first time, recognized the memory, and is working great. This is a super value and an easy way to double your RAM and speed up your computer....more info
  • seamless performance increase
    Purchased to refresh a two-year-old MacBook Pro 15 inch. Modest performance increase, especially when multi-tasking. VMWare Fusion runs with less impact on overall system performance. Excellent value overall....more info
  • More is better
    The extra RAMs allow me to open more applications concurrently. Video seems to run a little smoother also. The price is the lowest I've seen and is a very good buy....more info
  • Great memory upgrade for MacBook Pro
    We purchased this set to upgrade the memory in our MacBook Pro. My husband easily installed in in the laptop, and the speed difference was immediate. Definitely worth the money and a great deal for the price. I would recommend this to anyone with a Mac Laptop. (It is easy to install, but you can also take it to a computer repair shop if you are nervous. Just search the internet for a how-to demo and you are on your way!)...more info
  • Kingston 4gb rocks!
    Great memory at a great price. If you are getting a Mac, I highly recommend upgrading to 4gb, especially if you are doing a lot of video editing or other ram-intensive tasks....more info
  • It Worked, so its good!
    I wanted to upgrade my i-Mac memory and this did it. Programs load faster and I have no memory issues now. Highly recommend for the price....more info
  • Excellent Memory Expansion Solution
    I ordered this memory for my Macbook Pro because Apple memory, which is the exact same specifications, is way to expensive. I received the product in the mail and within 10 minutes had installed and running. My Macbook booted with no problems and has been working great. Definitely the way to go. Install is extremely easy. The only thing you need is a very small screwdiver to access the memory slots. Great product!...more info
    Not only was the 4GB's cheap but it was easy to install as well. I own a Macbook and even though I haven't noticed significant upspeed in performance; I've noticed that it's been able to run several programs at once without slowing down.
    I edit films and usually I would have to close every program to run that app but with the new 4GB I can leave everything running.
    Plus, you can't beat the price on this for Kingston RAM. ...more info
  • Save some money!
    if your iMac needs more ram and you need to save some cash, buy this product in lieu of the Mac memory units. Mac wants about $100.00 per Gig. These are totally compatible with the iMac systems and plug in per instructions given with the Mac and Kingston packs. They took about 15 minutes to install.
    I am very satisfied with these ram units as is my computer. i installed them into an iMac w/2.8 Intel processor. The iMac was shipped with the standard 2 gig of ram. i do a lot of photo work and needed greater speed. Delivery was quick, installation easy and my iMac is quicker. What a deal!...more info
  • 4gb
    this has helped my macbook a lot with the installation of Windows XP on it and it runs great....more info
  • Easy to install on my MacBook MB403LL
    It's a very easy to install process, it took me less than 10 minutes to install and test it. As soon as you remove the battery, you will see an illustration explaining how to remove the old memory cards and replace it by the new ones. After that, you just re-start your computer and done. The MacBook looks faster and the applications loads quicker than before. I used to have 2GB, and now upgraded to 4GB... Excellent buy!! I recommend!!...more info
  • Works as it should, it's certified after all.
    I bought these because I purchased some OCZ 800MHz sticks which didn't work. I held my breath once I installed these certified sticks and very relieved to see they work. In fact there was a short pause on startup and when it booted for the first the speeds were noticeable (it could just be me too).

    The reason I upgraded from 2GB to 4GB is running iPhoto, Firefox (with 7 tabs), VMware Fusion, Mail, iTunes, Word and whatever else at the same time, chews up all your memory until you have around 20MB left over. Now I have plenty of memory available for all these applications, especially running windows on VMware which was very sluggish. Considering the price you pay for the upgrade it's a no brainer....more info
  • Good value, easy install... No problems
    Good value for 4GB of RAM from a trusted name in memory. Popped both the 2GB sticks into my 24-inch aluminum iMac Core 2 Duo and away I went. Kingston labeling it an "Apple 4GB Kit" made me feel a little more comfortable purchasing it for the iMac even though I've had Macs for years & years and feel like I know my way around them just fine. No problems so far after a month of running the iMac non-stop. I guess RAM is kind of taken for granted... it's not really thought about until something goes wrong. ...more info
  • A great, inexpensive upgrade
    No complaints; works like it's supposed to. Gives Parallels and Photoshop much more breathing room to run at the same time without bogging the whole system down....more info
  • Works Great
    I bought for my Apple MacBook works great. If you have a Apple MacBook like me I would recommend it....more info
  • Cheap Upgrade
    I got this before DDR3s came out. I don't know if they are compatible with the White Santa Rosa Macbook. Anyway, really easy upgrade, just remove the battery and replace the stock RAM with this - instant turbo boost! It felt like I had a new laptop, and it only took me 5 minutes. Maybe less.

    Find out if DDR3s are compatible with the White Macbook before buying. If they aren't then get these. I have no regrets. One of my better purchases last year....more info
  • Great RAM even for old macbook
    This one is perfect for my macbook. My macbook is said not to support 4G. It is bought in April 2007. But actually it works very well with the memory stick. ...more info
  • easy
    This was a snap to install, and really helped my laptop's performance. Nothing to be afraid of and far cheaper than going to Apple....more info
  • it works
    How else do you rate memory? It either works or it doesn't. This worked as soon as it was put it. I honestly can't tell much of a difference from 2GB to 4GB, but hey, there you go....more info
  • Kingston Apple 4GB Kit 667MHz DDR2 SoDImm Dual Channel Memory (KTA-MB667K2/4GR)
    I put this into my iMac (20") with the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.4 GHz (mid-2007 model per Apple). I originally purchased the iMac from Apple with only 1GB of memory. I have noticed a significant difference in the speed of my iMac when I have multiple applications running at the same time. I also run VM Ware Fusion and now that I have installed this memory it no longer bogs the Leopard side of the computer.

    It was very easy to install (you can either use the owners manual or get the steps at [...]). I would highly recommend this product. The only down side is that I have a 1GB memory module that is just sitting around collecting dust....more info
  • Fast Memory, Affordable Price
    I purchased this memory for my 17" Macbook Pro as a cheaper alternative to the memory you can purchase at the Apple store. I must say that this memory is fantastic. Great timing and speed, and it's easy to install yourself. Overall another great product from Kingston. I highly recommend this over other memory options for Macbooks....more info
  • Kingston Apple RAM
    I use Apple computers for my own personal tasks but build and maintain some PCs for friends.I always rely on Kingston for quality and reliability. This is a very good buy on a very good product. Doubled the RAM on my own MacBook Pro....more info
  • Amazing speed and reliable
    Kingston is going to be one of the best brands as far as reliability and performance. This RAM has finally gone down in price to where its silly NOT to upgrade. I have 4GB in my second gen black MacBook which "officially" only can support 2GB of RAM...and it reads all 4GB. This machine is a beast now. Worth the money...10xs over. Add this to your machine you'll be amazed at the results....more info
  • speed speed speed
    i purchased this for my hp pavilion dv6000 notebook that was running vista basic so i also purchased vista premium along with it and i have to say everything is faster load times and launches. i went from 512 to 4gb u do the math. the only thing is on vista premium your computer only recognizes 2.68gb out of the 4gb so if u dont plan on updating your os past premium just get the 2gb ram and combine it with wat u already have much cheaper. ...more info
  • Works great in a MacBook Pro
    I bought this RAM for my MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo, 2.33Ghz. The installation of the RAM only took about 5 minutes to do and my computer instantly recognized the RAM when I turned it back on. So far, there have been no problems with the new RAM, and my computer runs much faster. (Not all of the RAM is recognized by my computer, only a little more than 3GB, but apparently this is due to limitations by other hardware components in the computer). For the price, this RAM is a great deal....more info
  • Great RAM, Great Price
    As the title states. Great RAM, great price. I wanted to crank up the RAM in my MacBook Pro so I went with Kingston as my trusted brand of choice. (The fact that Kingston backs their RAM with a lifetime warranty against defects is peace of mind.) Amazon had the best price & installing it was a snap. (literally). Just follow the Apple instructions for replacing/upgrading RAM & you're good to go....more info
  • Worthwhile upgrade
    I wasn't sure there would be any big benefit to upgrading from 2GB to 4GB for my Macbook Pro. I looked in the Activity Monitor and it seemed I normally had a reasonable amount of memory free. But the price was reasonable, so I figured I'd try it. It's made a huge difference. The moral of the story is that computers can always use more RAM. Always. Everything works smoother now, particularly virtual machines like VMware fusion....more info
  • Fast like Nascar!!!
    Background information:

    13 inch, white Macbook
    Mac OS X Tiger (10.4)
    1 GB RAM memory

    Resource intensive apps:
    - Parallels Desktop with Windows Vista OS
    - Adobe Photoshop and InDesign CS 4
    - The GIMP (open-source)
    - Scribus (open-source)
    - Citrix Remote Client

    I bought the 4 GB Kigston RAM for my 13 inch white macbook because I was tired of running a sluggish Parallels set-up with Vista that would freeze both systems. Also, my macbook was extremely slow when running Photoshop and InDesign CS4. Running one of these three applications was asking for a total system freeze.

    Parallels would take about 5-7 minutes to load and would not restart properly if paused. Photoshop was a disaster as the application would become unresponsive when loading InDesign as well.

    The Solution

    I decided to upgrade my laptop's RAM by purchasing the Kingston product. The installation was very simple. All you need is a screwdriver small enough to remove the metallic strip protecting the RAM compartments. Once I replaced my original RAM with these 2x2GB thunder horses and put everything back in its place, I immediately started my macbook.

    The Results

    The results were immediate. Loading Mac OS X is fast enough but with the new RAM it's twice as fast. Running Parallels with Vista now takes 2 minutes and there are no problems when pausing the application and restarting it later. Photoshop and InDesign are both running at the same time and there is no lag at all. I can even run all three apps and the system still works very effectively.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the results. The Kingston 4GB kit is affordable and user-friendly. It sure beats the outrageously expensive upgrades from the Apple store (~$400). I've been able to maximize the utility of my laptop even for job-related tasks that had me chained to my iMac desktop while also extending the computer's life a few more years.

    Product has been used for 2 months now.


    3 out of the 4 GB are used by the Mac OS X Tiger system. This is a limitation of the laptop's hardware and not the product manufacturer's fault. I can only imagine how fast the system would be if it would be able to use all 4GB. However, with Mac OS X Snow Leopard coming out later this year as a 64-bit system the problem should be fixed with some more hardware upgrades.

    Video playback becomes somewhat unstable while it is streamed online. I believe this is due to hardware compatibility issues. No observable problems with DVDs or large h264 or mkv video files. ...more info
  • mid 2008 17" MacBook Pro - Plug and Play
    What can I say it was a very cheap upgrade for my MacBook Pro 17". Opened the door on the bottom of the MBP and instaled in about 2 minutes with a tiny screwdriver! very easy! anyone can do this upgrade, and I mean anyone! for mac laptops go to: and go to ram upgrade. I have been using the ram for about 5 months and no problems!...more info
  • Macbook Pro 2.2 Cut out fan noise with virtuallbox
    My MacBook Pro 2.2 had 2GB of Memory and Virtuallbox running a guest Windows XP on Mac OS host was a noisy experience, don't know why, maybe the memory was being over used and the Mac OS was trying to cool it?

    I installed this Kingston Memory for a total of 4GB and now Virtuallbox runs Windows XP without the fan spinning up.

    Amazon is fantastic, BTW, they shipped the memory to me in about two days, I installed it and it my mac would not start. I returned it and they sent me the replacement the same day and it arrived in 1 day! I installed that memory and everything is now fine, my Mac immediately recognized that is had 4GB.

    I must have just gotten a bad pair the first time....more info
  • Excellent value, install couldn't be easier
    Using this on MacBook Pro 17" from about a year ago. Installation was a breeze, chips work like a charm. Couldn't be happier....more info