TRENDnet Wireless Interent Camera Server (TV-IP110W)
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Product Description

The Wireless Internet Camera Server (TV-IP110W) transmits real-time high quality video over the Internet. View your camera from any Internet connection. Complimentary SecurView camera management software provides advanced monitoring of up to 16 cameras to protect what you value most. This stylish and compact Internet camera provides crystal clear MJPEG video streams. Mount the wireless camera on most surfaces with an included mounting kit. Intuitive software features motion detection recording, email alerts, and scheduled recordings. The camera's brilliant image quality, intuitive setup and complimentary software make it ideal for your home or office.

Customer Reviews:

  • absolutely will not connect to wireless
    The TRENDnet Wireless Internet Camera Server (TV-IP110W) sets up easily on a wired connection. The image is quite good for a camera of this price. Configuration interface is straightforward.

    Now the BAD part:

    1- camera does hang sometimes requiring rebooting.

    2- it absolutely would not connect to my wireless. This is not the only review that states this problem. I know my way around wireless networking, so the odds are low that the problem is not the camera. I had my router open in one browser tab, the camera open in another. Everything was perfect on both. No deal. No connection ever. No WPA, No WEP. I won't try it unencrypted. I don't want to run my network like that.

    I thought for under $100 this would be a good deal. Not so....more info
  • no secure email support
    Enjoyed playing with it - fairly simple configuration and setup, good image quality, lots of options to tweak.

    However, one option it does NOT have is the ability to use secure SMTP for email. Since most public email servers (e.g. Google, AT&T, etc.) require secure authentication for SMTP this means the only way you can have the camera email you when it detects motion is if you set up your own mail server and/or network tunnel. Since this was the main feature I wanted - email notification and offsite storage of the images, I returned it.

    Oh well....more info
  • Great for the price
    Had camera setup and working in minutes in my network. Instructions were clear and right on.
    Took four days to get it working over the internet (outside my network). does not have FAQ help for the 110W and the 100W screen shots are not the same Tech support by phone was fast but language skill was a problem. Online support was fast (same day) and somewhat helpful.
    I thought I had a pretty good understanding of network setups so setting up port forwarding and private IP addresses was not a problem. Also setup a dynamic dns address for free. Still no go after searching online through many forums.
    The solution finally came from my ISP tech support who had me bridge my DSL modem to the router and SUCCESS.
    I like this camera. It does what it says. Picture quality is good. FTP works well. I do not use motion detection so I can't speak to that. I'm thinking about buying a Trendnet PTZ for more control over the aim of the camera because I use this for weather photo uploads...more info
  • What's with the WLAN?
    Install and set-up went OK, test position close to the WLAN router went OK.

    Installed at the intended location the "W" started to act up within a day, unplugging and replugging would get it back to work for a few hours.
    Then it quit, won't even do "W" mode when close to the router. Works just fine when on the wire.

    Reading a few of the other "trials and tribulations" I think this one will go back. ;) :)

    Update on the above:

    I obtained a RMA from the seller and a replacement (naturally it's "pay up-front" for that! ;) :) ), but then decided that there had to be a solution to the WLAN problem.

    There sure was: get EVERY ONE of the settings correct and it works. That includes ALL the Wireless settings including the encryption i.e. if the router is set to HEX make sure the cam settings are in HEX too! The other pit fall: correct channel! for some strange reason the channel setting will revert back to the default (6) unless one sets the channel, selects mode as "ad-hoc", then "apply". After the "Apply" go back and reset the mode to "Infrastructure". The channel setting finally stayed!
    Next project will be getting the focus as clear as possible for the outside, the reviews keep mentioning the excellent picture quality ... not so far! ;) :)...more info
  • Excellent product!
    Picture quality is top notch. I would like this camera to work at night but is not designed for that. During day light is awesome. Recommended. ...more info
  • Took 10 minutes to setup and so far very stable
    It took me 10 minutes to set this up with wired and then wireless internet. I guess some people below had a trouble with wireless setup because of router address problem. If your router has address then obviously you should change your set up accordingly, instead of using default Your camera address can be I have a 4 year old D-link router. This will solve your non trendnet router problem. From internet worldwide, just type your STATIC ip address and password, then you can see what camera sees. Cheers....more info
  • Hangs lots, needs better firmware
    I bought this camera because I have had great success with many IP-100W cameras. This one (the 110W) has all new firmware, apparently, though, and it is NOT ready for prime time. I am using the latest "build 80" firmware dated September 2008 (from the website) and the camera hangs up frequently, particularly when you are messing with events like ftp or email. the time server works sporadically, and the built in web server has problems with all 3 browsers I tried: firefox-mac, Safari-mac, and ie-win xp. It is totally useless with Safari.
    The picture quality is excellent but for now I will stay with IP-100Ws. This one is going back....more info
  • Hmm... verdict still out
    Got it to work on the wire (network cabling) but I am having problems getting to work on my wireless network... Did a firmware update but still no luck....

    It works great on the wire and has some pretty cool features... Since the wireless does not work yet, have not been able to deploy it in my garage for security... May just need to pull a network drop out to the garage......more info
  • Beware of Motion Detection alerts
    Installation is straight forward and intuitive (It's even easier if one got computing and networking savvy). If you sign up for one of the Dynamic DNS services which are available on the net, then a static IP from your ISP is not required. However when I activate motion-detection email alerts, the camera tends to hang frequently and a reboot is necessary. When motion detection is disabled, the hangs go away. Same thing applies to a 212W model which I also use. Guess Trendnet were short on cash when it came to choosing CPU components for their cameras....more info
  • I am not a router expert...
    ...but I guess neither are their customer support "experts." To make a long story short, after finally getting a hold of someone that spoke english, I was told to call ATT and then call them back. After calling back with ATT's instructions and still not getting any results, I was finally told by these "extremely helpful" individuals that "oh yeah" if you have an ATT (2wire) modem and you cannot get a static IP address from them then you are basically out of luck. I would have to purchase a static IP address from ATT if they would sell me one (which he doubted they would). Considering that not many people have ATT DSL lines (yes, I am being sarcastic) that should not be a problem and they obviously don't see a need to warn consumers. If you want to lose your shipping charges and waste three hours of your life go for it and buy the camera. P.S. If you have a case number assigned, such as when you call back a second time, be prepared to wait much longer for assistance....more info
  • Easy to setup and decent quality
    For the price, it's a great little camera. Setup is easy for anyone who knows their way around a router. The software is good. No compliants....more info
  • Excellent Camera Server
    I bought this on a Gold Box deal and am very glad I did. First, the image quality is superb. TRENDnet supplies software to assist in setting up the camera but people with a bit of technical experience can go straight to the web interface and set things up there and there are some great features that allow you to set this camera up pretty much however you want.

    All of the camera settings are configurable - brightness, contrast, saturation, frame rate, resolution, and even settings to synchronize with 50 or 60 Hz lighting or outdoors. It also supports WPA2 encryption and three levels of password-protected access. You can have it grab images based on movement (requires accessing the camera with Internet Explorer to configure that for some reason) or on a time schedule, and either have it e-mail the images or ftp them somewhere. And it supports dynamic domain name configuration so you can access the camera even if your IP address changes.

    It also supports time and date stamping the images - pretty much a necessity - but it also supports accessing an NTP server to make sure the onboard clock is accurate.

    And once you get the camera all set up the way you want it, you can save out the configuration file to make it a snap to reconfigure it in case you ever do a hard reset that restores all the defaults.

    Not that it will matter to most, but this camera server is actually a full ARM-based computer running Linux. If you go to the TRENDnet website, besides getting the latest firmware, you can also get the source code for the camera OS for those that want to tinker.

    The final issue is just the value. You are getting a video camera and a web-serving computer with both wired and wireless interfaces for this price. I'm glad I got mine and am using it to monitor my front porch for visitors and also as a way to monitor the weather at home. With multiple cameras, it's easy to monitor all sorts of things if someone wants to....more info
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