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Stephen King's Cat's Eye
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  • Cat's Eye, like Creepshow 2.
    CAT'S EYE is a great little anthology. Three horror stories, "Quitters, Inc.", "The Ledge" & "The General".

    Stories from BEST to WORST:

    1. Quitters, Inc. *****
    2. The Ledge ****
    3. The General ***1/2

    If you like CREEPSHOW 2, you'll enjoy CAT'S EYE.

    My rating overall: 80%...more info
  • A cat is a God in the wings of life
    Three short films in one long film tied up by the perigrination of a cat looking for the girl who is going to adopt it as a pet. The cat will find the girl. The first adventure reveals the obsession of smoking in a society that considers that activity as a quasi-crime. Some people are ready to do anything to quit and the society is also ready to do anything to force the reluctant candidates to quitting to quit. The procedure is to punish the people the smoker loves to make him - in this film it is only men that are concerned, and we do have to question why - quit and stick to his decision. This reveals a society that has privatized such a mission and this mission becomes criminal in its own way, even if the ethical aim is to be considered. To torture innocent people may be effective but it is unethical in all possible ways. The second adventure has to do with betting among high life criminals : the rich who make their dough from all kinds of illegal activities, such as drugs. And what happens when the stake of the bet is the wife of one crook ? Criminal challenges, murder and vengeance. Breath taking and unbearable for people who suffer of vertigo. Funny too in the reversal of the situation from one vengeance to the next. The third story is more humane and dark at the same time. Cats are nice pets but here a mother has a fixation against such an animal and is ready to do anything to get rid of it. But cats are obstinate and children, here a girl, are also very powerfully determined to get their ways. The ? Kobold ? is absolutely charming in its evilness though I prefer the good ? Kobolds ? I have met so often in germanic traditions. But its end is definitely Dante-like. There must be a special hell for these vicious and obnoxious beings that only want to hurt and wound if not even kill poor little defenseless children. But cats are definitely not defenseless, far from it. Careful with children : to watch such a film might give them nightmares with many boogeymen in them.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU
    ...more info
  • Mostly a comedy, but definitely not a horror.
    I think it is odd that people view this movie as a horror and then get upset by it. The movie cannot be completely categorized in any one genre since each story attempts to create a different mood. The only pervasive style, however, is dark comedy.

    The first segment is nothing but humor, with a slight touch of morbid moments. A good example of the type of humor that's in this story is when James Woods' character has tried to quit smoking and he goes to a party. The room is completely smoke-filled and everybody offers him a cigarette every three seconds. Soon, he starts to hallucinate--and sees a giant pack of cigarettes walking around and taunting him. Obviously, this isn't horror.

    The second segment is the most serious of all three. It is supposed to be a suspense story, and it is mostly successful. I've always enjoyed it, but given that it is surrounded by much campier material, it seems out of place here.

    The third segment is an adventure story. It could, because of the presence of the troll, be considered a horror by some viewers, but it is incredibly silly. It's the story of a cat fighting out a duel with a little monster, replete with Howie-Mandel-esque voice-overs. It alternates quickly between humor and adventure, but it is not scary unless you are a small child.

    The movie suffers only for two reasons: one is that some special effects shots have suffered greatly (although quite a few are still amazing). The other is that whenever the movie does try to be serious, it never works as well as it should. It's like watching a clown do a routine with seltzer water, and then trying to recite a soliloquy from "Hamlet" without changing his make-up. By the time the movie does reach its more serious moments, you'll already be in a laughing mood....more info

  • Cat's eye dvd
    I had this movie a long time ago - could only find it on Amazon! Love it!...more info
  • Deliscious Stephen King - meow
    This highly entertaining film presents three interwoven stories centered around a cat and a child. If you are a Stephen King fan, you will love Cat's Eye. If you aren't, I still think you will love it. Along with the movie Maximum Overdrive, it is my favorite Stephen King based movie.
    Don't miss this well directed and acted film. You will laugh, gasp, and be totally entertained. A great film for those who want to quit smoking!...more info
  • Cat's Eye
    As a child, I watched "Cat's Eye" without blinking. From the opening sequence with the smoker to the ending sequence with the troll, it held my attention for over an hour. As an adult, however, it doesn't do the same. Don't get me's still a good flick, but that's exactly what it is -- a flick. It's one you might watch on a rainy afternoon when there's nothing else to do or in the middle of the night when sleep just won't come.

    With the opening story, I'm not sure why anyone would want to pick up smoking after watching it. If you knew all of this was going to happen to you and to your family, you'd think twice. The second story is probably the one that will be skipped most often. It's not that it's not good, but you can easily anticipate what's going to happen and how it will end. The last story, however, is the one to watch. The acting in it isn't all that great, but the story line is amazing. I'm not so sure why this story wasn't used to make a full-feature film. Any adult who had nightmares about trolls or monsters will definitely want to keep their feet up off the floor when watching this one!...more info
  • Drew Barrymore in a Stephen King Comedy? Inane, Loopy Fun
    Drew Barrymore in one of her first starring roles isn't exactly a great invitation to watch a movie, but I bought this anyway because it was apparently adapted from a Stephen King work I had never even heard of. Is it any good? Yes and No. All the best parts have nothing to do with Drew, and quite honestly, she didn't even have much to do in the movie.

    To call this a `movie' would be incorrect. Its more of a `collection of vignettes'. The film is divided into three broad sections, and each has nothing to do with the other, except for the fact that one single cat plays the observer in all the segments. The cat `sees' Drew ask him for help in the first scene, and he goes through various situations all trying to find her. The final piece of the movie is when the cat finds Drew and is adopted by her. But not so quick! His destiny is finally revealed. Turns out there is an evil goblin that comes out at night in Drews' room to `take away her soul', and the climax is a hilarious fight between the cat and the goblin. No prizes for guessing who wins.

    This is by no stretch of the imagination a `horror' film. With all its' early 1980's `special effects', it borders on camp, and really, its quite watchable. The middle of the film sags (it has nothing to do with the cat, instead its all about one man being tortured by another, by making him hang off the edge of a high-rise building) but I really can't hold it against the makers if this was all in the book that Stephen King wrote. Remind me never to read that book though! Ah yes, the first part of the movie has an inane segment where a mans' wife is forcibly tortured unless he quits smoking (??). This sort of bizarre theme might work if handled differently, but here it becomes satire.

    And yes, Drew Barrymore acts terribly and is in the film for maybe ten minutes.

    Three Stars. Despite being thoroughly idiotic and dated, this is one of those perfect drunk-night movies where you can point to the screen and laugh out loud with all your friends. Its that hilarious.
    ...more info
  • A Mew-sing
    Our local membership store was selling this for $3.36 and, as the neighborhood cat person, I bought it solely on that basis. We're not Steven King fans but my wife & I both liked this film. If nothing else, you have to appreciate the talent of the people who trained the cat(cats?) for a very significant role, especially in the last story. Using the cat's perilous journey to save a young girl as the anchor to tie the three stories together worked well. The acting was, for the most part, excellent although the young Drew Berrymore didn't show the level of terror you'd expect in her situation. As a child actor, though, you can forgive that.

    Cat people could like the film based on the cat actor alone and be pleasantly surprised to find it's also a truly good film. We now have hope that Cookie & Phoebe will save us from the monster in our walls....more info
  • one of my own favorite Stephen King's
    It saddens me that this film was not a box office success. It's one that I can wath over and over again, and will always have fond memories of. The framing device is a stray tom cat that is visited twice, in some of the more surreal moments of the film, by the spirit of a young girl, (8-year-old Drew Barrymore,) who is, in fact, still alive. (Perhaps she visits the cat while asleep, in her dreams.) The first two stories a non-horror, non- supernatural, (unless you count the scenes where the girl appears,) cliff hanger stories, in the vein of REAR WINDOW and NORTH BY NORTHWEST. The first is about a company that helps smokers quit, no matter what the cost. The second is about an ex- tennis pro who, after being caught trying to run off with a mob boss' wife, is forced to walk a five inch ledge at the top of a twenty-story building. The last segment is the horrific supernatural tale, when the cat finds the girl, Amanda, just in time, as a miniture troll is about to sneak into her room and suck her life force while she's asleep. However, this isn't really any scaryier than GREMLINS, and it might help to watch it as more of a comedy during the scenes with the troll. Still, a film not to be missed....more info
  • It's the cat's meow!
    I watched Cat's Eye last night, for the first time in at least 15 years, and I'm happy to say it STILL doesn't disappoint. Not as dated as you'd expect after all this time either. Cat's Eye isn't scary, though has some suspenseful moments. I don't think anyone would be scared except small children (in particular for the last story) but they shouldn't be watching this sort of thing anyway.

    As a smoker, the Quitters Inc. segment made me wish they had some sort of smoking cessation program such as. And for the gambling segment, I about died when he kicks the pigeon! Hilarious! The final story is also quite fun with the little monster. If you're looking for something unusual to keep you entertained, give this movie a try. It's a classic!...more info
  • Hokey 80's stuff.
    This is a very mild mid 80's horror film. Most Stephen King based films seem to have a distinct style. Cat's Eye is another classic King along these lines, a little bit of a hokey production. Another movie adapted from one of King's novella style short stories in his early days, a la; "Tales from the darkside" and "Creepshow". A story in 3 parts from a cats point of view, These tales eminating from Kings fertile warped imagination, seem to be a milder form of horror than some other works. Although not realy a comedy and not realy a horror, it's nowhere near his quirkiest. Sometimes the simple stories are transfered better than others from his literature and suited the theme at the time, to come up with a collection of short stories with a twist. As a Stephen King fan I can watch and enjoy anything based from his work , so if you're expecting to be thrilled by this film, check your allegiance as a 'King' fan first. Otherwise it could be mistaken as realy bad 80's film!...more info
  • Cat Tales...
    Another great anthology from Stephen King (Creepshow)! This time out we get 3 dark stories of the bizarre, all tied together by a cat that's trying to get from NYC to North Carolina to save a girl in distress. QUITTERS INC. is about a poor schmuck (James Woods) who is convinced by a friend to try a new cigarette smoking termination program. What he doesn't know is that the founder was a mafia-type, and that mob tactics are used in order to make people quit their nasty habit! Alan King is perfect as the guy who will utilize any / all methods of persuasion at his disposal to keep his clients honest; including abduction, torture, and bodily mutilation! Next is THE LEDGE, about a washed up tennis pro (Robert Hays) who is given a deadly ultimatum by the mob boss who's tired of him sleeping with his wife. He can either get busted for the heroin that's been planted in the trunk of his car, or walk all the way around the outside of the building on the five inch ledge that's about a hundred feet above the ground! This is an excellent story of twisty revenge. Finally, we have the third segment with a young Drew Barrymore (E.T., Firestarter) as a little girl who has an evil troll living in her bedroom wall. In this one the cat emerges as the hero. Candy Clark (American Graffiti) is exasperating as the mom who thinks the kitty is up to no good and almost keeps it from saving her daughter's life! CAT'S EYE is well done and well worth owning... ...more info
  • Great horror trilogy from the master of terror!
    Stephen King ( whom wrote the screenplay for this movie) brings you three terrifying tales of horror done in the "Creepshow" style as told from the eyes of a traveling stray cat. The first story " Quitters Inc." is about a family man ( James Woods) who just can't stop smoking as he signs up for a program called "Quitters Inc." which secretly monitors his smoking habit, the next tale is in Atlantic city called " The Ledge" which a tennis player makes a bet with a boss to walk a hotel ledge. Then finally our title cat in " The General" must protect a young girl ( Drew Barrymore)from an evil goblin who wants her soul.

    Entertaining and well-made collection of comic-book stories with Hitchcock-esque and Twilight Zone-esque tones to them. Good acting and some good special effects for it's time especially the goblin make this worth watching.

    Highly recommended if you enjoy the works of Stephen King, Creepshow 1 & 2 and Tales from The Darkside: The Movie.

    P.S.: Look for cameo's by Stephen King's other famous characters like " Cujo" and "Christine"....more info

  • Catseye: A great trilogy
    This is a fine piece of mental chewing gum. The first one is a wry commentary on quit-smoking programs, but THIS one is the ultimate. The second (the weakest of the three) involves a Mob boss at a casino, a frame-up, and an inveterate gambler's end. The third (the best one of them all) stars Drew Barrymore as a girl who's terrorized by a troll living in her wall. What holds the three pieces together is a cat (hence the title), which travels from one to the other, and is the hero in the last. The troll animation is superb....more info
  • a highly underrated movie
    I`ve introduced friends to this movie, and they like it. Many of them didn`t want to watch it because it was by Stephen King, and were afraid it was scary. I`ve always liked this flick, and give it the five stars it deserves....more info
    Stephen King's CAT'S EYE is reminiscent of the seventies anthology movies like TALES THAT WITNESS MADNESS or HOUSE THAT DRIPPED BLOOD. King's dark humor pervades throughout. In the opening sequence, the cat is chased by a crazed dog (Cujo) and almost run over by a car (Christine). The cat's misadventures frame the three stories involved. In the first, "Quitters Inc." the cat finds himself a guinea pig at a weird smoke cessation outfit, run by a sinister Alan King. James Wood stars as the man who finds out that kicking the habit isn't quite so easy and the repercussions for failure painfully wrought. The cat escapes from here and ends up the new companion for a weasly gambler who is about to extinguish his wife's tennisboy lover in a most unique fashion. He makes him walk the five inch ledge of a high rise and offers him everything if he can make it. Kenneth McMillan is the gleeful gambler and Robert Hays (Airplane) the unfortunate lover. Tabby once again escapes, however, and ends up with Drew Barrymore and her parents (Candy Clark, James Naughton). Tabby has to fight a nasty troll in this one.
    The movie is well paced and entertaining with good performances especially from Wood and McMillan. The special effects for an early 80s movie are appropriate and CAT'S EYE emerges as one of King's better film efforts....more info
  • Cat version of Creepshow
    Much like the Creepshow series, I'm sure there will be a lot of people who argue about which part of the three part Cat's Eye is better. Though in my opinion the first and third segments of the series are the best, w/the third being my favorite; only the first two segments are realistic, but your self in that situation segments.

    The first segment, called Quitters, stars a young James Wood as he tries to break the habit of smoking cigarettes. He is just arriving at a Quitters facility that uses a bit of an abstract technique to get you to quite. If you cheat, and smoke a cigarette, someone in your family gets hurt, real bad. Yeah, a Sopranos type clinic that actually reminded me of an old Tales from the Crypt episode. However, this is a very well done segment, as I stated above my second favorite. The cat has little airtime in this segment.

    The second segment (The Ledge) stars Robert Hayes as a man who slept w/the wrong guys wife. A betting man captures Robert Hayes character and tells him he has to walk along an edge all the way around a building. If he makes it he will be let go w/no harm and a bag full of money, if not, well he falls. Once again, the cat plays a very small role, and though parts of the scenes are a little sadistic, the drama in this segment is not what I believe it was intended to be.

    The third segment, and my favorite (maybe because it's the closest to the Creepshow series) stars Drew Barrymore as a kid who discovers the cat and wants to make it a pet. The cat is needed because a troll has invaded the house, and lives in the wall. Only the young Drew Barrymore and the cat know of the intruder. However, the mother sees the cat as the intruder, and the cause for all the problems. This is the most exciting episode in my opinion, and made the series worth owning.

    In conclusion, this may be a very average movie over all, but has some very cleaver aspects, and some enjoyable scenes. Definitely a rent before buying type movie, but worth having for all Stephen King collectors.

    Grade: B
    ...more info