Sony DCR-SR45 30GB Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder with 40x Optical Zoom
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You're always making memories, why stop capturing them? The DCR-SR45 Handycam camcorder is ready when you are, with a built-in 30GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for storage and up to 20 hours of recording time (LP). A generous 2.7" Touch Panel LCD Monitor keeps all the controls at your fingertips, while a 40x Optical / 2000x Digital Zoom keeps all the action up close and personal. And when it comes time to share your memories, it couldn't be easier than with the One Touch Disc Burn capability and the Memory Stick Duo media slot. The DCR-SR45 brings simplicity back to video sharing.

  • Capture video to hard disk drive; 30 GB storage
  • 40x optical zoom, 2000x digital zoom; Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens
  • 2.7-inch widescreen touch-panel Clear Photo LCD
  • Built-in zoom microphone with 5.1-channel recording
  • Memory Stick Pro Duo media slot

Customer Reviews:

  • OK, not much else
    This camcorder is a good camcorder in respect to size, but what it gains in smallness, it lacks in quality. Sony makes great camcorders, but the SR45 just doesn't cut it. It's highest quality video recording capability is 720x576 pixels, which is only 0.4 of a megapixel. The still photographs are even smaller - only VGA size. The 30GB hard drive is a plus, the "nightshot" infrared function is fun, and the Carl Zeiss lens and the 40x optical zoom are great, but the resolution cuts the product down to size. The recordings look good on the 2.7" screen, but as soon as they get on something much bigger, they plummet in quality. Sony messed up on this camcorder. I recommend to only buy this camcorder if you really do not care about video quality. I recomment buying a slightly more expensive version, say the SR220 (which I believe is being discontinued, unfortunately). Remember, be careful when buying camcorders! Only buy one that you have done proper research on and you're sure that it is perfect for your needs. I made the mistake of not doing that, and I found out quickly what a mistake it was. I'm returning the camcorder tomorrow....more info
  • Good camera for the price
    We did a lot of research before buying this camcorder. The reasons we purchased this particular camera were: (1) Sony name, (2) One button DVD burn directly from the camera, (3) hard drive. We have not been diappointed. The picture is good. It is not professional quality but you can't really expect that in this price range. We also purchased the Sony ACC-TCH5 battery/charger kit. Using both the battery that comes with the camera and the purchased battery - we were able to record video almost all day on our recent vacation. The small size takes some getting used to but is very convenient when travelling. Do not buy this to take digital still pictures. You will be disappointed. You will want to take your digital still camera for those pics. The zoom is GREAT but you will want (need) a tripod to take zoom shots. All in all this is a great little camcorder....more info
  • Good for the money, but went back anyway!
    Like everyone else, I researched this to death. Read all the reviews, compared prices, compared models, compared brands, etc. I ended up purchasing the Sony DCR-SR46 (same as DCR-SR45 only with 60GB harddrive instead of 30GB). The camera itself is really nice. It fits well in my hand, controls are easy to use. I particularly like the touch screen. It was easy to figure out - I don't like to read the instructions, and didn't have to. This is a really nice camera for the money. Unfortunately, it did go back, and I ended up purchasing an HD camcorder. So here's my two cents worth:

    I have three kids who are into sports and music. I was recording their games and concerts with my Canon Powershot S3-IS. It takes nice video, but it's not a video camera. So I decided to purchase a new one. (My JVC Mini-DV camcorder died on me, so I'm left with all those little tapes and nothing to play them on - come on JVC! talk about lost memories!) Anyway, I bought the Sony camcorder and took it to my daughter's basketball game. It was very easy to use, figured it out right away - not a big learning curve. I took some still shots and a bunch of video. The zoom was really great, the battery seemed OK for my use. It gave me 115ish minutes at full charge. The display was clear. I really liked the camera and how it felt in my hands. The problem came when I got it home and plugged it into my TV. I have a Sony 46" HDTV. The picture quality was very grainy. Video was shot on the highest quality setting (per previous reviews). I will say that it seems to perform better on close up video; the larger the image,the better the quality. But when I zoomed out to get the whole game, the girls were too small on the court and the quality went way down. Had it not been for her number, I would not have been able to point her out. I transferred the video and photos onto my computer thinking the quality would be better being a smaller screen. It was a little better, but not much. The photos were terrible, but that's not a deal breaker for me. I have a good camera, so if I really want a good picture, I'll use my camera (it would only be an added bonus to do dual duty). As far as the software, I can't comment too much on that. I'm not that big into video editing. I did burn a DVD and it was no problem at all. And the DVD plays on my DVD player without any problems.

    Bottom line: I can't say it's the worst camcorder I've ever seen (the reason for 3 stars instead of 1 or 2). Sony makes a lot of fine products, and I really wanted to like this one. We have a house full of Sony products and love them all, but the video quality just wasn't great for me. I may have higher than normal expectations. I was going to wait for Sony to release the HDR-CX100/B, but by that time, basketball and wrestling season will be over and I'll have missed out. So back it went and I purchased the Canon HG20....more info
  • Great product for home videos
    Ease of use on this camcorder is awesome! Nothing fancy to the settings - which make it very nice to pull out of the box and start using. Download softward is pretty user friendly, and 30GB capacity is great - I have been able to record 3-4 of my son's football games on the HD before even getting close to running out of memory. Picture quality is acceptable for long distance, but much better at close up recording. Easy to view, delete your videos. I recommend getting a larger capacity battery than the one that comes with it - you only have about an hour of recording time. Size and ergonomics are wonderful!...more info
    I was able to score this camera for the price of $340 brand new through my employee discount and was let down by the quality of the camera. This Sony model feels really COOL in your hands thanks to the cool design but when you get down to analyzing the camera, the QUALITY just SUCKS. It's so grainy under almost all conditions that it makes you WISH you bought a cheaper camera from which you expect the quality to be sub-par. Let me repeat that so you don't dismiss my review. You will REGRET getting such an expensive camera which such CRAP quality.
    Most reviewers on this site do a good job of balancing their review with pros/cons sections and thoroughly repeating everything the sony website says, but don't WASTE your time. If the video quality does not meet up to its price tag, there's no debate here. What should you get instead? I would suggest the Canon F100 or something like that. The only reason I bought this one over the canon is due to the memory storage. The Sony has 30GB which is awesome, Considering you can take 5 hours of HQ video. Just be WARNED: ITS REALLY REALLY REALLY! GRAINY. And just in case you don't take my warning, buy the camera and review your footage on the LCD and go "that guy on Amazon was wrong. The video looks great," just wait until you get it onto a computer. I have a state of the art mac and all my footage was not what it should have been. Good luck with your purchase and I wish you get the most for your money....more info
  • Cool-sleek handycam!
    Best yet camcorder--excellent hard drive, zoom and pc transfer...and compact...only setback...low pixel on still pics. However, still a great buy!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    My main motivation for buying this product had been the brand name and also since I didn't want to spend on recurring costs like tape/DVDs.
    After many trips shooting with this handycam, the video quality has been consistently amazing.
    Coupled with an additional battery, it can last hours of shooting.

    I wouldn't recommend anyone to take pictures with this since it's clearly not meant for it. The photo quality is abysmal at best and is no substitute for a regular camera.

    Happy shooting if you buy one :)...more info
  • software!!!
    i'll make this short. why does Sony insist that you use their software to download these video files? it makes transferring an absolute HEADACHE. i work off several different machines and forget about giving others my video. it's a nightmare; am tempted to trash this thing....more info
  • DCR-SR45 camcorded
    This is a great camcorder. Easy to use with touch screen. the clearity of picture is fantastic, even at full zoom. A tripod should be used for this purpose. By using a svga adapter I am able to transfer execellent digital picture dirrectly to dvd via dvd recorder. If you don't have a lot of money to spend and want quality video this is the camcorder for you. Would suggest you purchase an additional battery....more info
  • Hard Drive Failure
    I really wanted to like this camcorder. I've had Sony products in the past and the quality has always impressed me ever since I got my first Sony Walkman. Once I received this camcorder, I was able to get going without even reading the manual - so intuitive! Just the quickstart guide sufficed and I was on my merry way recording the burps and stares of my newborn daughter.

    Then I got an HDD Format Error. I've treated this camera as carefully as possible, setting it down gently every single time I've used it.

    But this error basically means I've lost all the video I have not downloaded, something like an hour's worth chronicling the first two weeks of my daughter's life.

    I'm not new to technology (I'm an software engineer by trade) and I've used other camcorders/cameras/computer notebooks. I know the inherent danger of recording on HD but I've encountered very few HD crashes in products I've used (iPod, the 5 notebooks I've had in the past, desktop computer, etc).

    Either this camcorder is a dud or the quality/design of this product is one of the worst I've ever encountered.

    Now I've lost moments that cannot be replaced - a cost far more than just the camera.

    HD products have been fairly reliable for me in the past so I'm not swearing off HD equipped camcorders.

    However, I'm swearing off HD equipped camcorders by Sony for the immediate future.


    I raised my review of this product because Sony Customer Service is exceptional. They spent almost 2 hours trying to help me diagnose this problem but to no available. They then created an immediate work order for repair if I choose that route. This might be a one time dud.

    ...more info
  • Great device (except for editing purposes)
    I love everything about the camera except for one aspect. I cannot use my previous video editing software since the Sony MPEG output file does not include sound (Sony must have a unique format that encodes sound differently). As a result, I have only been able to use the software it has come with to edit the video. The Sony Software is easy to use but somewhat limited in features. Oh well, it forces me to spend less time editing which is probably better anyway. My next camera (when funds aren't as tight) will likely have better lighting capability and software capability....more info
  • Not the Sony I know
    This Camcorder is Compact, lightweight build; stores video to 30GB hard drive or Memory Stick Pro Duo cards touch screen. The standard-definition video quality is disappointing to say the least. theirs no optical image stabilization. However it's a good design and reasonable feature set for its price, but the video quality doesn't measure up to the rest of the package. I'm a loyal Sony customer and I expected more out of this camcorder, and I have to say that I'm disappointed in this item. ...more info
  • Good for price, but grainy still pics
    This is a great little camera for the price, but be forewarned: it will not replace your digital still camera. The maximum setting for stills is 640 x 480. This is one of the lowest settings on my Canon A540. The SR45 is about half the price of my old 8mm, so I wish now that I had spent $100-$200 more for the SR65 or SR85 which both have higher quality settings. Even so, there are many great features: easy to learn and use, no more tapes, easy to transfer pics/videos to a laptop or DVD, the "Quick On" button remembers your current settings and powers down into a standby mode. Beware: there is no viewfinder, so recording in bright light is almost impossible....more info
  • Sony Handycarm DCR-SR45
    The good:

    - 30GB HDD.
    - Comapct.
    - Can use Memory Stick flash cards alternatively.
    - Image stabilization.
    - Long zoom.
    - Takes single photo shots.
    - Touch screen viewfinder LCD.

    The bad:

    - Can't use the more popular, cheaper, widely available SD flash cards.
    - Single photo shots are TERRIBLE quality. Not even worth taking.
    - Battery life with supplied battery is TERRIBLE.
    - No recording flash/light.
    - Cannot edit videos in Windows Movie Maker (you can probably find the video codec somewhere on the net, but after 10 minutes of searching I lost patience (if it's even possible). Sony website offers no support for that. No one should have to waste hours of their time converting videos to some other format or finding some third or millionth party plug-ins to make this work. Incompetence on Sony's part.
    - Barely standard definition.
    - DISCONTINUED MODEL as of early 2009 (maybe earlier).

    Bottom line:

    Don't waste your money unless you need only basic video capabilities, with very basic quality format and decently compact package. This is a discontinued model, so beware. I wouldn't pay more than $200 for a brand new, discontinued item like this either. I made a mistake buying this even at $300 with a discount, but I'm returning it after two months (thank you 90-day return policy, Target).
    ...more info
  • Sony DCR-SR45 Handycam
    I had put the purchase of this device off for over a year because it is such a big investment and I did a lot of research prior to the purchase. I made the plunge prior to the family roadtrip and I haven't regreted it once. The camera arrived two days before we left and I never had to take the time to figure it all out. The kids did it for me and showed me on the road. I am amazed at the simplicity and easy of carrying! I love the size. We used it hard for ten days of touring California and it never missed a beat. I purchased the additional battery which was recommended and we charged both batteries each night. Battery power was never an issue. Downloading the video was easy as well.
    If I had to mention one con, it would be that the power switch was a little difficult to turn. Other than that I am extremely satisfied with the product and highly recommend it....more info
  • Great camera !
    I was able to understand the easy directions and use this video camera as soon as it charged . VERY easy to use . Am really surpised at all the extra features ! A real great deal !...more info
  • works good
    Bought this for our Summer vacation and I am happy with the price. Cheapest price from Electronic Expo and delivery took about 1 week or so. This is our first handycam and overall we're happy with the performance. Well, it's our first experience though. We recorded the Grand Canyon view during sunset and sunrise and the images was good enough. I guess, for the price it worth it. Night time vision also looks good and it is small enough to carry around with two energetic children. I wish we had more hard disk space but we did bring our laptop to transfer all the video. You must installed the software provided in your laptop to do the process....more info
    Bought this camcorder to take on cruise. Realy liked the compact size and ease of use. When I got it home it was a breeze to down load and burn a DVD but that is all the softwear allows you to do, no special effects.The screen in sunlight is useless and with no view finder sometimes you are just guessing what you are getting.Qualitity of video is good and with the 30GB hard drive video time is no worry.The zoom was not bad either and the built in stabalizer really helps when you zoom out.I dinged it one star because of the screen and softwear. Sony can do better....more info
  • Good camcorder but a couple of points to note
    Overall good camera but couple of flaws:
    1. Picture quality is nice for digital but don't expect miracles - if you want crisp quality go for HD
    2. Goes out of focus when moving the camera around while recording.

    Will probably get HD once prices are more reasonable.
    ...more info
  • Great family-use camera
    This is a great camera. It is much smaller than I had realized, but very lightweight, and fits perfectly into the palm of the hand. Very comfortable. Takes great quality video, and we're really impressed with it overall. Comes on quickly for those candid moments, and the microphone is surprisingly strong for a video camera. The only downside is that the videos are very large size files when uploaded to a computer, but I'm working on figuring that part out still, as I'm sure there's some way to compress them or something similar. Overall, we are very pleased with this camera, and are glad we chose it! ...more info
  • Low Cost - Low Quality Images
    I thought I was upgrading from my Sony TRV 25 Mini DV camcorder (circa 2001). turns out the video quality on this is not good at all. I suspect, from what ive read on the web is that Hard Drive cameras compress too much. Seems that may be true. i did not want to spend $ on High Def camera but it looks like i will have to.

    My hand cramped when using the camera for about 5 minutes walking around the house. Its too Small.

    Also, even though i never buy a video camera for its still picture capabilities, the still pictures on this camera are terrible. Why do camera makers waste their time with this?

    I am going to return this camera, not becasue of the model or the maker, but becasue i suspect bottom of the line Hard Drive cameras deliver the same cruddy quality.
    Will have to look at a Hi Def camera....more info
  • Sony DCR-SR45 review.
    I am very pleased with this hybrid Camcorder. Very handy for one handed operation. The touch screen feature appears to be flawless. One negative thing that I noticed is the recording volume seems to be hampered in some way. Replay of video at maximum volume on recorder is appropriate for a quiet room. The clarity of video footage and also of stills is great. Battery life does not seem to be an issue as power usage is not too bad. Getting familiar with the controls and functions was painless with a little repetition. All in all, this seems to be all it is said to be...
    Thank you...more info
  • Camera doesn't look new
    I received my camera today but looking at the packaging it seems it is not brand new. It seems that a re-conditioned camera has been sent instead of a brand new one....more info
  • A great camera for a great price
    I've only been using my camcorder for a few weeks now, but I really love it. It is very light-weight and user friendly. One of the best features, and one of the most important to me, was the generous onboard memory. I can shoot hours and hours of video without messing with cards, tapes, or discs. This camera doesn't take as crisp still pictures as my Kodiak Easyshare, but the video looks great. I just pack both the camera and the camcorder when I am away on trips; both are very small and lightweight, so there is no problem there. I shopped endlessly for a lightweight digital camcorder with lots of onboard memory for less than $500, and this is the one. It has worked out great....more info
  • Decent, but not as good as expected
    After much research trying to decide between this one (the price/value performer) and spending about $350 more on the JVC Everio (HiDef), I chose this one for the price and for the user-friendly touch screen panel. I haven't purchased a video camera in over 6 yrs.

    I've only had it for a couple days, but the picture quality is not as sharp as I expected indoors. I trust it looks fine outside. I shot videoclips of my 1-year old in the living room at 5 pm, and much to my dismay, it was a bit grainy and dim (not extremely, but more than I'd like). The optical zoom however is excellent.

    I did some more research but after seeing the others in the price range, i know i got the most bang for my buck. I'm almost thinking about shelling out another $300 to get a Hi-Def to hopefully get better quality res. on my HD TV screen when I'm watching our clips. I guess you get spoiled if you're a flat screen HDTV watcher!

    ...more info