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Robin Hood - Season 2
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The contemporary retelling of the popular legend is back for a second series with more breathtaking archery, incredible swordplay, lots of humour, fun and energy, a smattering of brute force, and the raw determination to right wrongs. The Sheriff is in the final stages of a plot to kill King Richard upon his return from the Holy Land. The Sheriff also wants Robin Hood dead and with his devastating sister Davina, sets about catching him once and for all. It seems only a matter of time until Marian escapes to the forest and she and Robin can be together. Until that is, Gisborne turns up at Knighton Hall and razes it to the ground, seizing Marian and Edward and placing them under house arrest in the castle. Marian and Robin now separate for the good of England, Marian as the castle spy, and Robin leading his gang in the forest and villages of Nottingham...

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The Sheriff (Keith Allen) puts Operation Shah Mat (translation: Kill the King) into action. He assembles a garrison of hundreds of men, the dread Black Knights. He commissions the development of indestructible armor that will turn his army into Iron Men. To fund his plans, he plots to cheat a high-rolling Bavarian aristocrat, while Robin (Jonas Armstrong) and company try to pull an OceanĄŻs 11 and rob his impenetrable Strong Room. But big picture: The Sheriff is determined to intercept King Richard upon his return to England and kill him. Robin receives the clandestine help of Marian (Lucy Griffiths), who, with her ailing father, is being held under house arrest in the castle. After the mostly rollicking romp that was Series One, Series Two of this royally entertaining BBC series takes a decidedly darker, Empire Strikes Back turn (let's just hope that next time around, Robin and his men don't find Ewoks in Sherwood Forrest). Along with the daring rescues, swashbuckling fights, and anachronistic dialogue ("Get with the program, Gisborne") that are this series' stock in trade, RobinĄŻs tireless campaign against the Sheriff gets very personal. In the first episode, the Sheriff's snake-fancying sister is killed while trying to administer "death by fanging" to Robin, and Gisborne (Richard Armitage), still smarting from being jilted at the author, burns Marian's home to the ground. Later, Robin discovers that one of his men, not so merry, is a Gisborne spy. And there is a shocking death in the finale that will rock the series to its core. Despite several cheeky episode titles ("Booby and the Beast," "Show Me the Money"), Series Two mostly keeps a straight face. Purists may blanche at the liberties taken with this centuries-old legend, (Marian, moonlighting as the vigilante Nightwatchman, demonstrates some wicked martial arts moves). But for anyone who, like the kids in the exciting episode, "Child Hood," spent childhood afternoons dashing about the forest pretending to be the outlaw folk hero, then the Sheriff's departing words in the season finale will make you quiver with anticipation: "This isn't over, Hood." --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Robin Hood - Season 2
    Delivery time was OK but one of the CDs is not watchable and others are falling off the box. I am dissapointed with the quality of the packaging and defective CD. ...more info
  • Robin Hood 2nd Season
    We had seen the first season and truly loved it. However, due to cable problems we were unable to see the entire season 2. This DVD fulfilled the need to complete the story line. We were not disappointed....more info
  • A series for all who love good storytelling
    This series is medieal adenture and modern tech at its best. It captures the heart of the legend of Robin Hood and at the same time uses
    on the edge dialogue with the old story line. I like the moment when Marian has on a sweater that looks like it comes from J. Crew but mixes with her medieval garb and blends. Each episode serves a modern purpose in helping to clarify what is good and what is evil and the importance of sticking to your personal values. ...more info
  • super fast delivery, just what the Dr. ordered
    I ordered this as a gift, it show up very expediently,
    I'm truly pleased.

    Thanks....more info
  • How could they??!!
    My husband is happy that I like a series with no sex and limited violence (I was watching too many HBO and Shotime series, apparently), but plenty of action and romance (and occasionally a very annoying slow motion scene). Do not read any further as I may spoil something for you. I thought this series was wonderful. Is the series ended? Because when you kill a main character (not really sure if they are dead, hoping not) and abandon 2 more in the Holy Land, why would I want to watch Season 3? They killed the only person, man or woman, who was actually attractive on that show. A character that needs to live through the tale. Again, not sure if they are dead. And I guess the series can't be over until the 2 baddies are dead or banished. I was glad that the wayward Robin companion returned (I knew they would), but not enough to lose three main characters. I'm disappointed. ...more info
  • Robin Hood 2nd Season
    We had seen the first season and truly loved it. However, due to cable problems we were unable to see the entire season 2. This DVD fulfilled the need to complete the story line. We were not disappointed....more info
  • The most entertaining British serial I've ever seen
    I think this is brilliant serial, because: 1) It's interesting for the whole family; 2)The storyline is very exciting; 3)Richard Armitage is perfect for the Guy of Gisborne role! ...more info
  • Good sequel
    Robin Hood Season 2 is all that I expected. The characters are authentic and lively. The discs were in excellent shape....more info
  • Oh look, Marion has a new dress!
    Just a silly as the last series, only this time the Sheriff is fiendishly plotting treason instead of just exploiting the people of Nottingham. Once again Robin knows in advance of his latest scheme and drops from the rafters, or a tree, just in time.
    This time the Sheriff has new Robin busting tricks up his sleeve, like a snake pit and a tar pit and a suit of armour.

    Marion, under house arrest is always able to sneak out and warn Robin in time, then slip back unnoticed. Unlike most of the other characters she has some new clothes, like a triangular red hat with a single feather protruding from it, stolen from Errol Flynn perhaps? She is just as arrogant as ever, reminding us of her superiority over the male sex, and making sure they know she has no need of their assistance. Especially when chained up, surrounded by armed men, or caught by Gisborne.

    Djaq has stopped whining, as is reminding everyone of how wonderfully clever she is instead, Much is still cooking and complaining, and Allan has decided his career prospects are better under the sheriff, and Robin finally decides to propose to Marion.

    A little more sword swinging, impossible archery feats, plus a little ducking too, complete with plotlines that seem oddly familiar, maybe recycled from series one.
    ...more info
  • video purchase
    received product timely, it is a gift so did not review tape as yet. Appears never opened....more info
  • Thanks
    The Boxset arrived very quickly and was in excellant shape.
    Thank you so much....more info
  • Robin Hood Follower
    I've been a fan of anything Robin Hood since reading Pyle's version of RH at the age of 9. I like the fact that there are those out there who are willing to re-write the RH story. While this DVD of the BBC show is good, I can understand how it could disappoint. It follows the pure RH version very loosely, but in my opinion it is fresh, new and presents an interesting twist to the story. It has action, humor, and just enough seriousness to make it work....more info