Cradlepoint CRADLE-PHS300 Personal Hotspot (Black)
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Product Description

Connect a data-ready cellular phone or USB modem into the USB host port, and the PHS300 automatically establishes a connection to your cellular provider's data network. It works similar to the way a home router manages a DSL or Cable modem - just connect and forget. After connecting your cellular device, you can associate your PC with the PHS300 just like being in a public hotspot - and you're on the Internet. With the PHS300's built-in Li ion battery, you can enjoy hours of Internet connectivity in more places than you ever thought possible.

  • Travel Router

Customer Reviews:

  • Cannot share iPhone internet connection
    I got this as a gift for someone and there is no indication on the page that it is only compatible with certain phones and certain networks. The iPhone (which she has) is not compatible with this product to connect to the internet. It is quite misleading since you CAN connect to the device with the iphone, you just can't share your iPhone's internet connection, which is what I got it for. This is definitely not made clear on the Amazon product page so be sure to check the Cradlepoint website for phone compatibility. Also, beware of purchasing through Ace Photo as their return policy is only 14 days and if you get it as a gift, 14 days may not be sufficient....more info
  • Revie of the PHS300
    This is an excellent product and can be used anywhere in any country. I only had to buy a US to UK plug to fit the charger which is a minor detail. As soon as you plug in a USB Modem soon after you have three green lights and your own WiFi Hot Spot. Trust the Americans to invent this. It will put commercial hot spots out of business if it catches on widely. I recommend the Cradlepoint PHS300 to anyone in need of their own personal WiFi Hot Spot....more info
  • Fantastic Gadget
    I bought this item a week ago and I totally love it. A battery (li-ion) powered portable WiFi unit, whodathunkit?

    Setup was a breeze, I just plugged in my AT&T 881U and after a minute we were online. I logged in and ran the wizard, then the firmware update and we were all set.

    As with all routers, if you use WEP, your range will drop. Use MAC filtering or the "web page" login options for security.

    I have multiple iPhones and laptops hooked up to it and it handles them like a champ. I'm going to try to use VOIP through it VIA my iPhone next.

    Highly recommended. Oh, the the Cradlepoint website has a lot of helpful information too....more info
  • Easy and Useful
    Excellent product with easy instructions. Allows me to use my itouch with my verizon broadband connection at any location.
    ...more info
  • Amazing Little Product
    I have been looking forward to the day when a mobile router would have a built in Battery! This little device will last up to 12 hours on a charge. I used both an Alltel UM175 and a KPC680. Both cards were easy to setup and use. The one thing I am going to invest in is a good car charger for this device so I can us it on long trips.

    I am looking forward to bringing it to the airport, I am going to charge people $2 to use it while we are waiting for our plan. I have an old KR1 and a KR2 router but this is so much more compact and easy to use. Plus it has the all important battery....more info
  • Works
    Works as specified. I use a VERIZON aircard and travel a lot. I'm able to easily create my own "hotspot" almost anywhere. Ah yea, I do carry more than one laptop with me and an iPod iTouch 2nd gen. They all can connect simultaneously without much of a bandwidth impact.

    There is an added benefit that by not having the aircard powered by the computer, it conserves the laptop's battery life....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Easy to set up, east to access and I use it for several laptops. I have had absolutely no problem....more info
  • Hot Spot on the Go
    This device is great! I am using it with the Verizon USB727 modem. I had to first activate the modem in one computer using the Verizon software that came with it before it would work with the PHS300. But, then it worked immediately when I attached it to the PHS300. Verizon software finally works in the Mac OS without having to go through Parallels....more info
  • Should get Nobel Peace prize
    My Cradlepoint PHS300 has led to peace and tranquility at home (well, almost.) I can't get DSL or cable based or radio broadband at my home. My USB aircard and 3G were the alternative to dial-up. The next problem was everybody wanted to fight over who got access to the aircard. It was darn near the end of the world if my college daughter living at home locked the air card in her room after wee hour sessions. The PHS300 is functioning wonderfully to share that one 3G connection. It is used everyday, most hours of the day, works all throughout the house, upstairs and downstairs. We have had no problem and I recommend it to everybody. I chose the battery over the alternate ethernet access as I figured with snow and ice season coming my daughter can do college work even if the power is out. I can't wait to take it on vacation at Christmas....more info
  • Verry happy with this router
    This is awesome!!! I can now share my Verizon USB727 broadband modem with all of my computers.

    Works perfect, easy to set up, very portable.

    I use it for a mobile hotspot. My wife keeps it in her purse. When She or I need to look something up while out and about, we just turn it on, then use our iPod Touch to broswe the web.

    Comes in so handy when price comparing, etc.

    I plan on buying the larger Cradlepoint MBR-1000 to keep in my cabin. Then I can just plug the USB modem into it, and have a much larger hotspot for those great weekends in the woods.
    ...more info
  • Great for Mobile Office!
    I like to work anywhere. With the PHS 300 I just whip it out of my pocket and my office wireless is up. Everything works. No cables. I have it on in my briefcase, SUV, fifth wheel, Hawaii, wherever. It fits in your laptop case pocket, briefcase, pants pocket, purse. I just whip it out and insert my verizon usb 727 modem. I'm in my own hotspot. I can share it with my friends for free. We can all go online and power shop, etc. find the right products real fast with separate laptops. It's faster than the modem direct. Also, I don't have to bring up that annoying Verizon access manager prograam to connect. I don't have to have the verizon access manager program monitoring my websites and logging everything I do, like it does. I find I much prefer to use the Verizon modem through the PHS300 router, even if I'm simply using one lap top. It's done. I don't have to think about what laptop I might want to use later. If I'm in the middle of downloading, or have a screen up that I want to show someone or take home, I know my PHS 300 router will be just fine staying up while I drive and I can resume where I left off when I arrive at my destination. I can also turn off the router's wireless with its switch. I called support once. They were great. American. Patient with me. My first one got hot. They took it right back and sent me another one, right away, with software updated for US and Europe, and a sincere apology. I will buy their next product, also, so I can leave them in different vehicles....more info
  • Works great and super simple
    Super simple to hook up. When I had put the battery in it had some power, i connected it to my Verizon Blackberry 8830 World Phone and in a few seconds it was working. You just need to enter the password (last 6 digits of the MAC address) to connect to the PHS-300. The MAC address was printed on the outside of the case and inside by the battery.

    I am using this with my MacBook Pro and an iPod touch and they both hooked up in seconds. MUCH easier than messing with BootCamp or Paralles and Verizon Access Manager.

    ...more info
  • Works
    I had to do a firmware update to get it to work, but after that it works okay. Distance is very limited, I don't get a Excellent connection unless I'm less than 5 ft away. ...more info
  • Amazing Broadband Product
    Very useful little product. I connect with my Apple iPod Touch and Apple MacBook without fiddling with anything.

    Very easy to setup and use. The CradlePoint customer support is excellent. Fast response and American. The documentation for using the unit is good too.

    I use it with my Verizon Wireless Broadband account and my UTStarcom UM175VW ( Verizon ) USB broadband modem. It does work with many other USB broadband modems and phones. See the list they have on the CradlePoint Website

    Creates a WiFi access point anywhere your mobile broadband works.

    I also bought the car power adapter and travel case. I can create a WiFi access point in the car, RV, or boat. Works really nice !

    My only wish is that they make it better looking to complement my Apple products. It is just a plain, rectangular, black box. Way too drab and boring for how cool a device it is. Come on guys, let's see some style.

    Highly recommended for its usefulness, ease of setup and design....more info
  • Amazing
    I started to set the PHS300 about 5 minutes ago expecting the typical runaround of conflicts and frustration. Unbelievably it worked first time in seconds.

    Connected my Verizon USB720, powered it on, connected through browser based software and Voila! - am online with both MacBook Pro and iTouch.

    Super simple. PHS300 slightly bigger than I expected (same footprint as iTouch but twice the height) but despite that it has my guaranteed place in my bag of tricks for when I am on the road.

    You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Great product
    This is one of the handiest gadgets I have. Works right out of the box with my Sprint 595U modem, no setup, just connect and go. Only drawback is I was hoping the battery life would be longer. I get 2-3 hours of constant use, but it's a good trade off for the convenience....more info
  • Your personal Hotspot
    I often do work at a coffee shop that refuses to get wifi because they are afraid people will linger. I regularly have meeting there with others that also need access to a broadband connection. This is the perfect solution as we can all easily share the same EVDO modem!

    The coolest feature is the login authentication webpage, where you can grant guest users temporary access to your broadband connection. Also, this may be just my perception, but my connections seem faster with the Cradlepoint than when I plug my USB EVDO modem directly into my laptop.

    Coffee shops beware, thanks to cradlepoint, you may have wifi and not even know it!

    ...more info
  • Have hotspot will travel!
    This is a great device! I've purchased both the CTR350 and this device to create mobile hotspots using my Sprint U595 devices. It was dead simple to set up (literally charged it up, plugged my device into it and it worked). After playing around a little bit, I decided to use its web interface to set up security - and discovered a very nice, very complete router/firewall implementation. Cool!

    For anyone wondering if T-Mobile UMA works over this thing - it does! I've tested both the CTR350 and the PHS300 and they both work nicely with my Blackberry 8820....more info