Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Entertainment System (Set of Six, Black)
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Product Description

This landmark Energy 5.1 Take Classic home entertainment system flaunts superior MDF cabinets finished in sophisticated high-gloss black. It includes a powerful 200-watt subwoofer with a front-firing port, 8" driver and patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround(TM) for well-defined bass reproduction. But the coup de grace is the newly added Convergent Source Module (CSM) with its 3" poly-titanium woofer and .75" Hyperbolic(TM) aluminum-dome tweeter. This proprietary technology provides a dynamic frequency range and an expansive soundstage, resulting in smooth, realistic sound that emanates from each satellite speaker as well as the center channel. Music and movie lovers can now rejoice because the Take Classic not only breathes life into every entertainment experience, it incites an intense passion in every listener.

  • 4 gloss black 2-way satellite speakers
  • 1 gloss black center channel
  • 200 watt subwoofer with front firing port and 8" driver and patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround(TM)
  • Perfect for a large or small space surround sound solution
  • Wall mountable

Customer Reviews:

  • Great sound (especially for the price)
    These are great speakers that sound terrific! I've these connected to a Denon 3808. I'm not an audiophile, so I can't spout stats to back up all my claims, but since sound is as much experience as statistics, here goes:
    The sats are really compact and look very sleek (polished/shiny black) and hardly 3 lbs. They can go anywhere pretty easily. The sound from the center channel and the sats beats anything else I've heard. (As a comparison, I could tell that the sound deteriorated with Bose at medium volumes.) Even at very high volumes the sound retains its tone and clarity. The subwoofer functions exactly as it should - more noticeable when it's off than when it's on.
    I shopped around at Magnolia, Best Buy & Circ City for various speakers, and I can tell you with confidence that if you're in the market for compact speakers and awesome sound without spending thousands, this is the system for you.

    I do have two minor complaints - both to do with the 5-way posts. First, the speakers are supposed to have 5-way posts, but I couldn't figure out a way to use banana plugs and had to settle for screwing down the speaker wire. Second, one of the posts was screwed down so tight (out of the box) that to open it up, I had to actually open up the speaker (forget the details) and then carefully get this post to function again.

    Overall - an easy speaker to recommend. And, the price can't be beat! Don't waste your time on expensive, overly marketed systems - just buy Energy....more info
  • Energy 5.1 take classic
    the take classic 5.1 system is the best surround sound system I have owned the satellite speakers are outstanding and nothing comes close to the capabilities of the sub woofer...more info
  • Great speakers
    These speakers are very compact. Given their size they produce very rich sound. Not quite what you'd get with larger speakers, but still very good....more info
  • Happy After 5 years
    I bought the Take Classic system 5 years ago (It was called Take Five then) and am happy to report it has been fantastic. The price has been cut in half (due to the move to China manufacturing) since then. These are great speakers and have not blow out or buzzed or anything even in Arizona 120 degree heat. Highly recommend....more info
  • Great Value
    It's tough to imagine finding a set of 5.1 speakers that sounds any better for this price - or double this price for that matter. That said, don't expect to impress any audiophiles with them. Also, as with most of these sets designed for 5.1 sound, they are better for movies and TV than music. Overall though, we are very satisfied so far. Just a great set of speakers for regular people at a great price....more info
  • Simply superb
    I bought this system from CC for $330 and paired it with onkyo TX-SR606 bought from Amazon $340. Added a couple of cables from Monoprice and I am absolutely bowled over with the results. I went to CC earlier and listened to the system and felt it beats the Bose Acoustimass 10 and Polk hands down. The highs are truly amazing. The subwoofer does an excellent job of reproducing the lows. For home theatre, this system is powerful enough to shake the walls of my 25x 20 basement when the system is at half the volume. I can feel the vibrations even when am on the upper floor. For music, the system will not sound as good as a bookshelf speaker but for small speakers, I have not found anything else that comes even remotely close in less than $1000 range. The tonal quality is excellent and the sound reproduction is natural, it does not unnecessarily amplify certain frequencies to make it sound better. There is hardly any dip in frequency response as speakers have a frequency range from 100Hz onwards and they are able to do which other small speakers can't. The only issue I have seen so far is that the wire posts at the back are a bit small for Gauge-14 wire which I was running in my basement. I had to kind of force the wire in the small slot. I think Gauge-16 wire would have been fine as well. The looks of the small speakers are pretty good and black glossy finish looks contemporary.

    Do yourself a favor. Go to a store and listen to these speakers by putting your own CD. It will be worth the trip.
    ...more info
  • excellent find!!
    Well, I brought this set 1 month ago. Works very well. The speakers r small and unobtrusive. The sound from the drivers are excellent not tinny as u might expect. The speakers r made in china for anyone who thought they were made in canada. I guess ow they keep costs down. The binding posts can accomodate 14g wire and r compatible with most speaker mounts. I broke them in for 1 week playing them continuously, they have really opened up. Good dynamic range, no tonal coloring, no artificial frequency push, pretty neutral overall. low distortion on the sub( the 8inch sub matches well with the small sats- larger sub might have left a frequency gap) I have been into audio for 20yrs now, and have owned or do own items from cambrige audio, arcam, b&w, paradigm, tannoy, Jmlab, marantz, mission, classe', sony ES, dennon, onkyo etc. While not in the league with full bookshelf or tower speaker setup, this is a good compromise for people wanting excellent sound for the money and unobtrusive design. Before i bought this i looked at similarly priced polk, jbl, infinity and yes even the bose am6 ( usually i dont go to best buy- but this is a bedroom system for me and i didn't want to spend bucketloads)This was the best- the jbl sounded flat/fat whilst the infinty, polk was pushy in your face car stero like. The am6 was very disappointing, it lacked bass. ( no powered sub u see) even with wall enhancement in a corner the bass was weak for my bedroom.
    go out and buy it! it wont dissapoint u.
    ...more info
  • Great Speakers!
    Picked these up from Amazon last week to replace my Polk RM705 (Polk sounded ok but has a weak sub). These speakers sound awesome, sub rocks the entire room. Room is 20x20 and is hooked to a Denon AVR-789, Samsung LNA52 120Mhz 52" using a PS3 for blu-ray. Best spks under $1000 by far. BUY THEM you won't be dissapointed....more info
  • Powerful!!
    I hooked these bad boys to my PS3 and Yamaha V665 Receiver. The power it unleashes is scary.
    Now what I need are some good speaker stands and a wireless rear speaker kit.
    Can you guys let me know what stands do Amazon have that are compatible and enable wire to
    be hidden.
    Also a wireless speaker kit. Is the Rocketfish kit any good?...more info
  • I had not heard about this brand but...
    The speakers look and sound good. I have always liked speakers made from a wooden box for the acoustic sound, these ones are made of MDF but are pretty good. Klipsch is the group that manages the Energy Speakers Brand so that gave me a lot of confidence when ordering. I'm using the speakers with a Denon 689 and so far so good. Use them 48 hrs at medium volume so you get the best of them afterwards. ...more info
  • Wow these speakers Rock!
    I bought this with an Onkyo TX-SR606 reciever. I could not be more pleased. I am not an audio expert, but I listen to enough music to know the difference between bad and good speakers. These are excellent.

    Pros: Nice looking black piano finish, perfect sound, easy to setup and install, nice clean bass. The speakers are so clear my dog thinks the doorbell is ringing for real when I am watching TV.

    Cons: None...more info
  • Absolutely Astonishing!
    I have recently purchased this system paired with a Denon AVR1508. And all I can say is WOW!

    I originally purchased the POLK RM705 package, and kept them all of 2 days, brought those back and got the Klipsch Quintet III paired with the KSW10 subwoofer, on both systems all the satellites' did was nothing but scream at you and the subwoofer distorted at low to medium levels regardless of what I threw at it, music or home theater (KSW10 not quite as bad). Needless to say they went back as well, I know I am picky! I was going to give up on the 5.1 package and go get bookshelf speakers or towers.

    However ENERGY has changed my view on the 5.1 kit! ENERGY has also made very nice high end speakers for a while now, which have always been very efficient, crisp and clean, and they have done it again! Music and Home Theater purely sound superb! The satellites' do not scream which helps the subwoofer compliment the overall sound, hence not missing the mid range. This helps in accomplishing the full sound that I believe we all desire.

    I do only have one small complaint. I do have to turn the subwoofer down when jamming normal music (stereo 2.1) or there will be slight distortion from the subwoofer, however for the money and the fact the 5.1 systems are pretty much entirely designed for movies... top notch! And a slight turn of the knob once or twice a year when the time calls for really cranking up the volume, not a huge issue!

    As far as home theater no subwoofer issues there! The subwoofer produces extremely clean, tight, deep bass, which makes any explosion or thunder shake the couch. The satellites' in any listening configuration are absolutely unbelievable, clean, clear, crisp, enabling you to hear fingers actually sliding over the guitar strings as they are being strummed, incredible!

    Do yourself a favor and go listen to these if you are in the market for a 5.1 system and make sure to bring the check book as you will need it, I did!

    I hope this helps as this is a fairly new HT system and there are not a whole lot of reviews out there, but the ones that are, seem to agree with mine!
    ...more info
  • Wow!!
    These speakers are incredible. I have them connected to my PC through a Denon 788 receiver and the clarity is unmatched for gaming or watching my latest Blue-Ray. If you are thinking about getting a new HT setup, I highly recommend these speakers paired with a high quality receiver. I went to a friends house who had just purchased a 'big box' from one of the large retail stores and it made me wish I had brought ear plugs. Do yourself a favor spend a little more and get years of satisfaction in return. ...more info
  • Wonderful Speakers
    The Energy 5.1 Take Classic speakers are just plain GREAT!! Just got them today with the Onkyo 507 receiver and they sound wonderful together. If you are in the market for a great home entertainment system for under $800 bucks you can't go wrong, strongly recomend....more info