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Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat in Matrix
List Price: $179.99

Our Price: $144.96

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Product Description

Help keep your child harnessed as long as you can and if you can do that without buying a procession of car seats, even better! The new Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat is the only forward-facing car seat your child will need. It helps keep him safe in a 5-point harness longer than most car seats ? all the way up to 65 lbs.

Later, the seat converts to a highback booster then backless booster, for comfortable, custom protection up to 100 lbs. Extensive crash testing and a steel-reinforced structure give parents peace of mind, while the height adjusting head support and extra-comfy seat with wide armrests, cup holder and side storage help your precious passenger relax and enjoy the ride.


  • Extended 5-point harness fits kids up to 65 lbs. to keep them safer longer
  • Converts from 5-point harness to High-Back Booster for children 30-100 lbs. and Backless Booster for children 40-100 lbs.
  • Steel reinforced structural frame: Steel reinforced frame provides strength and durability
  • 3-position recline to get the correct installation and comfort
  • Wider, padded armrests are extra comfy
  • Head rest can be easily adjusted in one hand so it changes with child's growth
  • Engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed US standard:
    • U.S. Compliance Standard FMVSS 213
    • New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) ? peak Crash Force approximately 2X Car Seat Standard
    • Extreme Car Interior Temperatures
  • EPS, energy absorbing foam
  • Cup holder and convenient side storage keep must-haves handy
  • Open loop belt guides easily position your vehicle's seatbelt
  • Recommended Use:
    • 20 - 65 lbs. 5-point harness
    • 30- 100 lbs. Highback Booster
    • 40- 100 lbs. Backless Booster
  • Dimensions: 20" x 22" x 29"

Once your child outgrows her rear-facing infant car seat, she's still required ride in a car seat or a booster for several more years to come. So rather than investing in a succession of seats and boosters, try the Graco Nautilus 3-in 1 Toddler Car Seat, the only forward-facing car seat your child will need. Its five-point harness accommodates children up to 65 pounds, and its convertible booster/backless booster can hold children up to 100 pounds in weight--longer than most other convertible car seats.

The Graco Nautilus 3-in 1 Toddler Car Seat (Matrix) offers:
  • Forward-facing car seat can accommodate children up to 65 pounds.
  • Conversion to back booster and backless booster for accommodating children up to 100 pounds.
  • Meets or exceeds US safety standards.
  • Integrated cup holder and side storage.

The steel-reinforced structure ensures your child's safety. View larger.

By removing the back, the Nautilus will accompany a child up to 100 pounds.
Versatile, Convertible Design Lasts through Early Childhood
The Nautilus features an extended five-point harness design that can accommodate children over the age of one, from 20 to 65 pounds in weight--a wider range than most other forward-facing car seats. As your child grows, the seat easily converts to a high-back booster and then, lastly, to a backless booster for a child up to 100 pounds in weight. A steel-reinforced frame and superior construction help to ensure safety and durability through years of use.

Built for Comfort and Superior Safety
You can rest assured that your child will have superior protection while riding in the Nautilus, thanks to extensive crash testing and a steel-reinforced structure. The car seat meets or exceeds US Safety Standards, including U.S. Compliance Standard FMVSS 213; the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), with peak Crash Force approximately twice the Car Seat Standard; and tests for Extreme Car Interior Temperatures. EPS energy-absorbing foam provides additional security and comfort.

As well as being secure and safe, your child will feel extra-comfy, too, with an easily adjustable head support, cushioned seat, and wide armrests; a cup holder and side storage keeps snacks and treasures close at hand.

About Graco
In 1942, Russell Gray and Robert Cone formed Graco Metal Products, in Philadelphia, PA. For 11 years, the firm fabricated machine and car parts for local manufacturers. In 1953, Gray left the firm, leaving Cone as sole owner. Cone decided to manufacture his own line of products, but had trouble coming up with ideas. Enter David Saint, an engineer, tinkerer, and stained glass artisan who worked for Graco. Saint, himself a father of nine, was intrigued when an associate told him how his wife would soothe their tired and cranky baby while swinging in a backyard glider swing. Acting on this inspiration, he went to the drawing board and 18 months of hard work later, the world's first wind-up infant swing, the Graco Swyngomatic, was born. Graco sold millions of Swyngomatics in the coming years, becoming one of the world's leading manufacturers of juvenile products in the process. Today, Graco is a Newell Rubbermaid company, with 1500 associates worldwide. While a half-century has brought many changes to Graco, their dedication and commitment to designing and manufacturing top-quality products remains, and continues on.

What's in the Box
Graco Nautilus 3-in 1 Toddler Car Seat (Matrix).

  • 3-in-1 multi-mode Car Seat for longer use 20 pounds to 100 pounds
  • Extended 5-point harness for children 20-65lbs.
  • Converts to High-back belt positioning booster for child 30 pounds to 100 pounds
  • Converts to backless booster for child 40 pounds to 100 pounds
  • Steel reinforced frame for durability

Customer Reviews:

  • graco nautilus car seat
    my son loves this cvar seat. On long trips, he does not freak out anymore like he used to before we got this car seat for him. Thank you Graco!...more info
  • Great, truly "convertible" carseat
    We had the Alpha Omega Elite for DD1 when DD2 came along and I realized we needed to graduate DD2 to the Elite and get another convertible seat for DD1. While DD1 is close to being able to just use a booster, I liked the idea of keeping her in harness as long as possible. Nautilus goes to 65# in the harness, and I love we won't even have to buy another booster (however cheap they are) when she outgrows the high-back. The cupholders are great, better to be built-in than removable (like the Elite) so they don't stick out/fall off. The cubbyholes are nice, too, for storage. My only criticism is that I wish it had the ability to adjust the harness height without taking it out (like the Elite)....more info
  • So far so good
    I purchased this seat about a month far my daughter likes seems comfortable and the fact that it has a cup holder....I feel that it is a good feature for future purposes....I am hoping this car seat will last me a good while....more info
  • Great Product
    We have been using this for last 7 months and our daughter just love it. She always looks to be very comfortable in it.Great product ...more info
  • glad I got this seat
    I did lots of researching between this and Britax. This one won for its reviews and the price difference. I wanted a seat for my little guy that could keep him harnessed as long as possible. We are stationed overseas and I appreciate that this seat could be shipped to an APO for free. My son loves the little compartments to keep his cars in and I love that there is a place for his sippy. It use to just belong between his legs. I had no problem putting the seat together or installing the seat in the car. I recently had to take the padding off to clean it. It washed well. You can't even tell and was a breeze to get back on the seat. I liked this seat so much we bought the same one to keep in the states for when we come back stateside for visits. I have only used this with the harness so I can't review on the booster or backless booster part of this seat. Some people complain the fastener between the legs is short. It is short but that has not posed a problem for us yet. I hope that for our next child we can get this seat or something similar when it comes time for their toddler seat. ...more info
  • Great for our tall preschooler!
    Our son is big for his age. He is almost 3 years old and is in the 98th percentile for his height and weight. We needed a carseat that could keep him in a harness for longer and we found this one! We love it so much that we bought 2 in 2 weeks! The only downfall is that the clp that hooks the harness together can be easily slid up and down his chest and he adjusts it as we are driving. I suppose he can even unlatch it, but he hasn't yet. Maybe Graco could fix that...besides that he loves it and so do we!...more info
  • only downside- no easy latch
    This is a great basic convertible booster - the only downside, was that it doesn't have the easy latch clips (those that you can just push against the latch hooks in your car to click in) - which I was used to with my Britax seats. It has Latch clips but they are the kind you have to work a little harder to get open and then loop through the base hook....more info
  • Great seat but . . .
    There are a few annoyances you should be aware of. First, the harness straps are made from a thinner and more coarse material than that of infant carriers. Feels a little chintzy. It also makes the straps twist more often. Second, putting the child into the seat can be tricky. The harness straps and belt clip want to rest on the seat itself, which means you have to wrestle them out from underneath the child. You can tuck the harness behind the sides of the body pillow, but they can become twisted that way. As for the belt clip, there is a removale velcro cover that you can take off and leave off, or put back on after the child is seated which may or may not help keep the belt clip forward. The last annoyance is that the chest clip is huge, and the prongs on one side could easily poke your child if you aren't careful. They could stand to knock 1/2" or so off of it. That said, I still love the seat. Other stores have different colors but they are more expensive unless you can get them to match. And with the LATCH and tether, this seat won't move at all. It's tighter than my Chicco car seat was and it wasn't loose! My son loves to see where he's going, not where he's been, so as soon as he hit the 1 yr/20 # mark I put him in it. He loves it! ...more info
  • Good Value
    I think this is a great car seat for the money. Sure it may not be the most comfortable for plus 4 hour car rides but that is why you take breaks. Also, I do agree the recline function is almost non-existent, however, my sonata's seats have a fairly decent recline to them to begin with to the point where he actually pulls himself up a bit since he is reclined "too much." Therefore, I would blame the car manufacturer before the car seat....more info
  • good toddler carseat
    comfortable, well cushioned, sturdy. my skinny two 1/2 year old fits well in it, climbs in and out by himself, and sleeps comfortably. had been concerned about the limited incline, but it's fine. MUCH BETTER than the Eddie Bauer high back booster which wasn't sturdy, didn't fit well (the seat base was too long so my son was sitting almost straight legged)and was not easy to buckle on and off

    buckles are a bit difficult to open. some reviews say the buckle's placement pinches legs and needs to be farther out. Not an issue for us yet, but the buckle's placement is inconvenient since my son is usually sitting on the buckle after he climbs in and i need him to get back out to retrieve it.

    conclusion: happy w/ the nautilus. not perfect, but w/ 2 kids, didn't want to spend the money on another britax (esp since we'd need two... one for my husband's car). ...more info
  • Great Car Seat!
    I purchased this car seat for my daughter who just turned 1 & we are very satisfied. She loves her new big girl seat & my husband and I love how safe it is & the fact that it converts so she can use it until she's about 8 years old. The price was great, too & we've never had problems with any of our Graco products. It's a great seat- I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Very Good~
    I recently bought this product for my young daughter (~ 1 yr).
    It was simple to use, and my daughter seems to enjoy sitting on
    this....more info
  • a fine choice
    loved the Amazon price and I love that the 5 point harness will keep my toddler safely in his carseat for a while before we switch it to booster use later. It was a little confusing straight out of the box (what kind of carseat is it when you have to read the instructions just to put it together?!) but it works fine now. It is a challenge getting the buckle out from underneath the kid but the shoulder harnesses are easier to get over his shoulders than our previous Britax Roundabout. Plus Jon and Kate + 8 use it! :)...more info
  • My kid loves this car seat!
    This car seat is perfect for my small 3 year old. The best part about it is it will grow with him, and we should not need to buy another booster or car seat again. He loves the cup holder and the head rests. We went from a Britax Boulevard to this, so we had pretty high standards. ...more info
    Both me and my 6 month old love this seat!!! He can face forward and see out the windows... I was weary at first because he was so young and facing forward but this seat is very sturdy and well made. It is absolutely the best seat that I read reviews on. The only con that I have to complain about is that it's very heavy, but I know that it is made well. As long as you don't have to move it from car to car, it will be ok....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I am very pleased with this product. My 2 year-old daughter loves this car seat. We had a little trouble adjusting the recline. If she is sitting too upright when she is sleeping her head leans forward, but by adjusting the recline we were able to fix the problem....more info
  • Great seats
    I love these seats... I bought one for my 2 1/2 yr old and one for my 4 1/2 yr old. I love that they will be the last seat I ever have to buy. My kids love them, they seem very comfortable and they love the little cubbies and cup holder!...more info
  • Couldn't unbuckle my child
    The latch would not unbuckle. My son couldn't get it. We could barely unbuckle him. My husband threatened to cut him out of it several times. My son refers to it as "THE WORST CAR SEAT EVER". I loved it until I had to get him out. I am actually am shipping it back to Graco in case they should do a recall, (at my expense). Honestly, it isn't safe due to the inability to get him out quickly. Test it in the store the ONE YOU ARE BUYING. Some work some don't and they don't "loosen up" as we thought. Gave it four months. Went and bought a Britax, (painfully expensive but safety is worth it). WHile the cup holder is better in the Graco and there is a place for small toys the Graco was a loser for us. Oh and once the child is old enough for a booster the child is too big for the Graco's crotch strap. It acually is WAY behind the child so the kid sits on it. That is even on the largest setting on a small for his age child. I couldn't imagine what that would do under tension on a small child in an accident....more info
  • best value
    This is the 3rd car seat i bought from Graco, for my daughter who has outgrown Graco cargo booster seat. this seat very well built and very comfortable to sit on. advantages: can use 5 harness upto 65 pounds.
    almost $80 cheaper than comparable car seat from Britax hence bang for the buck....more info
  • Great product
    We love this carseat and have actually purchased a second one so that we have one in each car. While it's easy to install our time is worth something and my husband usually drops of our son and I pick him up so we would have to spend time moving it around and with a 40 min commute we don't want to have to. Our son loves this, we put small toys in the little cubbies and he keeps himself entertained by pulling them out. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!...more info
  • Graco Nautilus Car Seat
    Comfortable, attractive, and practical. We bought this seat for our 2-1/2 year old we all and love it. The 5-point harness is easy to adjust. The seat is sturdy and the side guards not only protect her head, but give her a place to lean when she is tired.
    We haven't tried this as a booster yet, but it seems to work similarly to our Graco TurboBooster seats.
    It's great to know this is the last car seat she will need; this justifies the price. Amazon had the best price and free shipping, which saved us even more!...more info
  • GREAT seat!
    We bought this seat for our two year old twins. We love it! I want to keep them in a 5 point harness for as long as possible. This will be the last car seat we need as it converts to a booster as well. DH said it was easy to install and the cup holders are a bonus. Only one side note - we have a Honda Odessy and we can't fit a third seat in between these two on the back bench. (We had evenflow triumphs before and they were a bit slimmer as we could fit a booster seat in between them)...more info
  • Great Front Facing Seat....
    As anyone with a baby can attest gear can be very expensive. This seat was reasonably priced through Amazon and has a lot of features and options. Build and materials were solid. It's easy to clean and to take apart. And for those who are mechanically challenged, it's very easy to install. I also really like how easy it was to load and unload the child. The only thing that could be improved upon is the tilt or recline feature. A greater tilt angle would prevent a sleeping child from flopping its head when asleep during braking. Otherwise, this is a good product and I would recommend it to anyone looking to transition from a rear facing to front facing seat....more info
  • Good Carseat- Worth the Money
    This is a great carseat- we purchased it for my car and husbands pickup- didnt get one for our envoy only because it is what we use for long trips and our little girl is only 14 months old and sleeps a lot in the car! Which is the only downfall of the carseat that the recline which isnt very much but she has slept in the seat and her head didnt hang too much when the seat was reclined as far back as it would go! Very Sturdy and easy to put together and install:)...more info
  • Just fine
    I have to say, it's not so great as I've expected.
    As many reviews have mentioned, the belt seems to be a little short than necessary. Also, when my baby falls asleep, his head can hardly recline on the back of the seat.
    Except for that, everything is ok. ...more info
  • Great seats
    These seats are great. I researched these for months leading up to my twins' first birthday. Consumer repots had these reviewed pretty highly & they were right. I bought two & couldn't be happier. They aren't the cheapest seats out there, but when you think that you won't have to buy another seat EVER, it's actually a pretty good deal. And boy are they sturdy! And even with the all the extra reinforcement they're super easy to install. They boys seem to be comfortable; they fall asleep in them all the time. So they're happy with the seats & so am I. ...more info
  • Fantastic Car Seat @ An Affordable Price!
    My husband and I could NOT afford to buy the expensive Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Onyx. But we still wanted a safe, nice car seat for our 1 year old. The Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat in Matrix is THE seat to buy! It is very high quality and Amazon runs frequent sales on it with free shipping. We are very happy with this seat and it is the last we ever have to buy, thanks to the features that allow it to convert to hold a child all the way up to 100 lbs....more info
  • OH MY are these nice seats.
    WE really like these, so much that we have three sets (we have twins and we drive three cars)!!!! My mom bought Eddie Bauer seats for when they ride with her and they can not compare to these by a long shot. I would buy these again and I highly recommend them--last car seat you will ever buy again!...more info
  • Good seat
    Have had this seat for a month or so. Seems to be a good seat. Make sure you look around for prices. They really vary. ...more info
  • Great safety at a great price
    My daughter did a lot of research and found this carseat for me. This carseat has everything I wanted in a car seat! It is well made, safe, durable and my grandson loves it. I often drive my grandson and I needed a car seat that was easy for me and anyone else to use. I like how durable and well made it it. It is going to last him till he goes to an adult car seat. I am not wealthy but I want our boy safe and this is the best car seat at any price. I love the fact that I can adjust the harness straps with the touch of a button. With his last car seat it was hard to adjust for an increase or decrease of clothes. I am not going to go through a series of car seats for my grand daughter but buy this one as soon as she can face forward.Then drive them around knowing they are as safe as possible.

    ...more info
  • Like it but HEAVY!
    We got this for baby #3 when she turned one. We really like it! Easy to use, install, adjust, and clean. But it is really heavy! Fortunately this is the main car seat that stays in our family car and we have an extra one to put in other vehicles for her. We got it because of the name/quality of the manufactuer, and that it goes up to a backless booster, so no need to purchase another seat for her later....more info
  • Great Carseat at an affordable price!
    This carseat is great - the versatility and ease of use are top notch. Recline, cupholder, compartments for snacks/etc, convertible.. a great deal....more info
  • Great Car Seat!
    I am a big fan of Graco-- We had the Graco Infant Carrier Travel system, with the Metrolite stroller, then the Graco Comfortsport carseat, and now the Nautilus. They are a good value and I trust them. My only negative comment, which may happen in other products as well, is the twisting of the seat belt straps on a regular basis. But we have been really happy and plan to continue buying Graco products....more info
  • Wish I would have purchased it sooner!
    This is a great car seat! Easy to get a really tight fit in my Honda Odessy. My 3 year old (~32 lbs) loves it -especially the cup holder!- and she seems really comfortable in it. I installed it with the recline all the way back and when she falls asleep now, her head rests gently to the side rather than flopping over like with other seats. I also love that the straps are on a roller thing, which works really well. I've had other Graco car seats that were a pain to tighten the straps on, but this tightens and loosens really easily. There seems to be really good side head impact protection too. I also love the fact that the 5 point harness goes up to 65 lbs. We have a britax Marathan and I almost shelled out the big bucks for the Frontier but I'm glad I didn't. This is a fabulous car seat for WAY LESS $$$$ than the Frontier. I wish I would have just purchased this seat rather than messing with the Marathon. I'll be purhcasing another one of these when my younger child is ready to face forward. ...more info
  • great price but could be more comfortable
    I read many reviews on many car seats and chose this one. I am happy with the price, convenience and safety of the seat. The only problem I have with it is that my grandson falls asleep and the "recline" isn't much of anything. It still sits up so straight that he hangs his head forward and rests his chin on his chest.

    I switch it between my car and his mom's car with ease. It is lightweight and very easy to hookup. Much easier than his infant seat was. The adjustable straps for the LATCH system are extremely easy to use. We also connect the seatbelt through the back as added protection. It glides easily through the padding.

    It was easy to "assemble". The cup holder and cubby holes are convenient enough for him to reach even at the age of one. It holds a sippy cup or bottle without them falling out with the first bump.

    If I decide we need 2 car seats, I think I'll buy this one again....more info
  • awesome
    I brought this for 1 of my twin boys (the other is not 20lbs yet) and I love it!! He looks so comfortable and safe in it. It's very heavy though which is great...except when you need to move it! this thing is a monster!! but it also looks like it would hold up wonderfuly God forbid we were ever in an accident...I'll be making a purchase of another soon...I love this seat!...more info
  • Excellent choice
    My first concern in choosing a convertible car seat was safety. I spent numerous hours researching safety issues & other consumer reviews. The final decision was the Graco Nautilus 3-1 Car Seat in Matrix. This certainly was an excellent choice. It is a much heavier weight than anticipated, easier to buckle the belts, nicely tailored, & has the desired saftey features for a growing child. I bought two of these for my young grandsons, as I do not like the standard booster seats. They (booster seats) are easy for a young child to unlatch the seat belt & allow too much movement. I definitely recommend this car seat....more info