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Entourage - The Complete Fourth Season
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Studio: Hbo Home Video Release Date: 08/26/2008 Run time: 360 minutes

The fourth season of Entourage follows Vincent Chase's quest for legitimacy (and Oscar) through his dream project, the Pablo Escobar biopic Medellin, whose development deal was the focus of season three. As expected, the production is riddled with troubles: Vincent (Adrian Grenier) and Eric (Kevin Connolly) clash over the ability of the film's director, Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro), to handle the grand scale of a film. Eric even flies in Oscar-winning screenwriter Stephen Gaghan (playing himself) to the shoot in Colombia at Billy's request in order to rescue the script, only to send him home when Billy comes up with the ending himself. ("I've never had anyone pay me not to work before," says Gaghan in a hilarious cameo. "It was nice.") But as the pet project puts strains on their friendship, Eric finally takes a step off of Vince's coattails to become a manager in his own right; his first step is snagging actress Anna Faris (as herself) as a client (in true Hollywood form, after she hits him with her car). As buzz on Medellin ebbs and flows, Eric and Vince's agent, Ari Gold (Emmy winner Jeremy Piven) wheel and deal to lock in distribution and spin the behind-the-scenes drama to their advantage. Key to the negotiations is a swaggering, hotheaded studio magnate named Harvey Weinhald--the caricature is obvious--who threatens the life of any agent who double-crosses him. And that's right where our boys land, but is it a gamble that will pay off? The fourth season, as always, is rife with celebrity cameos (Dennis Hopper, the late Sydney Pollack, Kanye West), but the Medellin plot pushes out any chance for other Entourage cast members to get a storyline (Johnny Drama gets a condo! Buys a hat!), which ultimately becomes a detriment considering that Medellin, as the big finale at Cannes attests, may not have been worth all the hype. Bonus features include commentary by the cast and creators, a panel discussion, and the Medellin trailer, which with its slo-mo, self-important music and bad makeup, is a gem. --Ellen A. Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • Loved it!!!!
    I'm a huge Entourage every season on then all the time. Season 4 is just as awesome. Can't wait for saeson 5 to come out on dvd!...more info
  • Awesome Season!
    One of the best Tv Shows...Season 4 is even better than Seasons 1-3.
    Too Bad it's a shorten Season due to writers strike.but still.......more info
  • Best Season?
    This is actually my favorite season of Entourage. My only disappointment was the disappearance of Debi Mazar and Emmanuelle Chriqui, (I think they were only in like one episode). Anyways, I don't want give anything away, but I am really excited to see what happens. If you are a fan of Entourage, you will enjoy this season!...more info
  • Soars To New Heights & Sinks To New Lows
    I press "Play." The HBO static kicks in. Yet, the "Superhero" theme by Jane's Addiction is nowhere to be found. Before we begin, ENTOURAGE's 4th season presents a mini-documentary (like THE OFFICE) detailing the trials and tribulations of getting a dream project made. This change of pace promises great things to come; the premiere episode of ENTOURAGE's fourth season will undoubtedly go down as one of its greatest.

    As the show continues, it continues its solid streak for a while. Although the remaining 11 episodes are shot in the traditional style we've seen this show use for years, things become even more desparate and challenging for Eric, Vince, and Ari than ever before. Their domestic lives and careers are really put through the ringer this time.

    Eric continues to try to expand his career, but struggles to get what he wants most: Respect. Vince actually matures more than the rest of the cast this season. His optimism is no longer a boyish laziness; he actually steps up to plate when the line is drawn in the sand. Ari Gold has plenty of issues on his own. If you thought his financial woes in seasons' past made him a bitter man, wait until you see how his domestic life tests his aggressive masculinity.

    You may have noticed I haven't mentioned Turtle or Johnny Drama yet. Well frankly, ENTOURAGE really drops the ball with them this season. While the gang's rapport is still very funny, I'm frustrated that neither of these two characters have shown any growth since the show began in 2004. Seriously, does Turtle really only think about sex, weed, and assorted materials? Gimme a break! Drama's insecurities are becoming pathetic, but at least Kevin Dillon's brilliant performance still sells it. Never once did I think that Drama wouldn't behave the way he does.

    I don't want to give away any cameos, but be assured that they all pay off. Remember Scarlett Johannson's pointless bit from the Season One finale? Don't worry, you won't find any of that useless "Hey-Look-It's-Him/Her" garbage.

    Special mention also has to go to Rhys Coiro's turn as crazed auteur Billy Walsh. While I can't believe a man like that is inspired by a real person, he's given just the right amount of screentime (and madness) to be effective, but not overstay his welcome. Also, Perrey Reeves and Rex Lee (as Mrs. Ari and Lloyd, respectively) get to kind of "star" in their own individual episode. While neither really contributes anything significant to Season Four's overall story, they were a nice change of pace.

    I guess that last sentence summarizes my overall reaction to Season Four. I found these 12 episodes to be very entertaining, and with plenty of neat ideas thrown in to keep things from getting stale. But when I look at the season from beginning to end, the middle patch really doesn't have much to with the bookends. For example, there's a nice small angle involving Anna Faris. While it works the way it plays out, there were so many lateral moves the writers could've done with it. But in the end, very little has changed.

    That's the problem with Season Four - Nothing's Really Changed.

    The creators had one of their best plots when Ari Gold wasn't in Vince's good graces. That's why that particular season was so excellent. The writers and creators took a chance. But in Season Four, the chances are merely temporary. For four years, I've watched these characters take small steps into uncharted waters, only to return to shore. It's time to shake things up again before ENTOURAGE starts getting stale. That day hasn't come yet, but be assured that this series is still a very slick, entertaining comedy.

    SEASON ONE --> 7.0 / 10
    SEASON TWO --> 8.0 / 10
    SEASON THREE > 8.0 / 10 (Part 1)
    SEASON THREE > 9.0 / 10 (Part 2)
    SEASON FOUR -> 8.5 / 10...more info
  • entourage season 4
    i love this show...if you havent watched this season you will love it i show on tv...more info
  • Possibly the greatest show of its day!
    Season 4 of Entourage begins and ends with the Boys from Queens finally making the movie Medellin, the story of Pablo Escobar. Vince and Eric have been chasing this script around since Season 2 (Aquaman), but were never able to land it. Now, with Billy Walsh behind the camera, they hope to recreate the magic so wonderfully employed in Queens Boulevard. Certain that it's a hit, and after a leaked trailer stirs up Hollywood hype, Walsh puts the movie on the open market in Cannes for the highest bidder. Ari, being Ari, creates a bidding war even before the film is debuted, and everybody is (about to be) rich and happy. This season entertains beyond expectations, involving more of our beloved characters than ever before. Of course, the boys are always a hoot with their specific antics, such as Johnny Drama faking cancer just to get a hat. Mrs. Ari finds a much larger role as well, and Lloyd (Rex Lee) is credited in the opening title. Any follower of the show must have this season in order to appreciate the new Season 5 currently airing on HBO Sunday's at 10:00PM ET. Victory!...more info
  • great season
    I was surprised by how many people didnt like drama's and Turtle's role in this season. I didnt expext drama to cook for the group forever, his career takes off in this season, and he might have finally found his true love.

    I do have to admit little has change with turtle. He's just same old Turtle. This is something the writers should change next season

    Another major player is billy walsh the director of medellin and QB, and his struggle with producer eric.

    Even after a huge hit like aqua man vincent chase still has a hard time getting a movie role.

    Ari's character really changes this season as he becomes a little emotional about events that he cant control. By far my favorite character in the show.

    Eric is learning more about managing and producing and is trying to establish his career as such.

    All and all my wife and I enjoyed the season and this is one of our favorite shows....more info
  • Medellin - Production To Premier (Entourage Season 4)
    I have enjoyed the HBO series "Entourage" since its first episode, but its fourth season somewhat squanders the gains its characters made in previous series. Turtle and Johnny Drama have very little to do here; Turtle seems to have given up any chance at an outside career, and not only do we see little of Drama's television work, he doesn't even cook this season. When Eric finally extends his management talent, the enterprise is uncerimoniously squashed. And forget about relationships this season: Women only pop up here to fill the usual nudity quota.

    The series mostly focuses on the post-production and potential sale of "Medellin," the dream project for Vince, Eric, and unhinged director Billy Walsh, and the aside adventures of everyone's favorite agent, Ari Gold (played terrifically by Jeremy Piven). The Gold plotlines are great but isolated, often making one feel as if there are two different shows going on here. However, despite the season's narrow focus, you get the sense that these 12 episodes are preparing the viewer for some major changes in the lives of these Hollywood adventurers.

    The DVD has a few audio commentaries, a nice making-of featurette of the "making of 'Medellin,'" a terrific, complete trailer for the film within the series, and a solid, 45-minute sit-down with show's creative heads and actors Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, and Jeremy Piven....more info
  • Trying to make a transition, some bumps but successful
    After 3 stunning seasons of Entourage, the writers and producers seem to be trying to make a transition for the show and the characters. Episode 1 is the making of Medellin and the show uses a technique where the characters are talking to the cameras as a "ghost" reporter takes their points of view. It is very well done and the Season 4 is off and running.

    As the season progressed, I found myself enjoying the shows, and here's the "but": They were going over much of the same territory. Yes, the guys have made some moves and changes, but there wasn't anything new developing. Ari is still stealing his scenes, and Lloyd is now coming around. There are some new character traits that are beginning to show - especially with Ari, but not enough to give the show its edge back.

    That is, however, until episode "Snow Job" begins. Everything changes. The writers have made a successful transition to an entirely new level. The season's finale, "The Cannes Kids" blows the doors off. The writing is superb, the filming is getting better and better. This is the best 30 minute show on television. Can't wait to begin Season 5.
    ...more info
  • Entourage - The boys from Queens
    Love it - I don't get HBO on my cable so I wait expectantly every few months for the boys' latest adventures to come out on DVD. Never disappointed!...more info
  • very good, very funny
    entourage is the best! the only complaint is there is too few episodes each season especially compared to other tv shows. good series...more info
  • Excellent Until Season 4...
    I bought the Entourage series on a Gold Box Deal--a whim. I don't have HBO and had barely even heard of the show, so I had nothing to compare to. The show starts off in Season 1 as a great watch. The cast is memorable and humorous, and the story line is pretty easy to follow however I'd be hard pressed to stay attentive week to week after a 30 minute stint for each show. I tell my friends who've never heard of it that it's a male version of Sex in the City--but not really. This show doesn't focus on relationships, rather an actor and his brother, cousin, and best friend and their "lavish" life in California. Vince, the main character plays the excellent role in being a "not so perfect" actor who in the end tries to stay true to his original game of what he was born to do--acting. Drama, his brother is absolutely hilarious. Check out the "Saigon" episode; I still chuckle at him in Walsh's hotel room.

    Turtle and Eric's characters are true staples in the show. They do more in providing the assists for the humor rather than being the punchlines themselves.

    Ari is the absolute quiet thunder in this entire show. He starts out as "Vince's Agent", but is really so much more to the group. His antics and quips are the most hilarious. His funniest line (to me) is in one of the episodes where he's trying to land Vince the huge movie. (I'm not into spoilers)

    Watching all the shows together lets you see the evolvement of all the actors. While Seasons 1-3 had some great runs and a nice ending, Season 4 actually kind of milked itself. I've got all of one sentence to say about Season 4 (out of them all). Although it had the same amount of humor as the others--it did evolve in that sense, the actual plot took 12 shows to hash out! The show kinds of leaves you to carry out your own assessments: Turtle isn't working with anyone since Saigon and Drama probably isn't cooking because he's so busy with the new show. There's more, but I won't dwell. I don't plan to watch Season 5 until it finishes, then I'll probably download it from iTunes or something to that effect.

    As I say with all movies and DVD packs, it's better to wait until their cheaper or on sale. ...more info