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Garmin 010-00658-20 Forerunner 405 GPS-Enabled Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor (Black)
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Product Description

Garmin International is pleased to announce the Forerunner 405 GPS-enabled sport watch. During a run, this slim, sleek watch accurately tracks distance, pace, calories, and displays it all on the easy-to-read screen. Tap or slide a finger around the innovative touch bezel to change information without fumbling for a button. The optional foot pod can also be used to gather speed and distance information indoors. ANT+Sport wireless technology automatically transfers workout data to and from your computer when your device is within range. No cables, no hookups, the data's just there. Users can upload data to Garmin Connect, a web-based application that lets them analyze, share and store workouts. Zone training, heart rate zone training, supports 5 heart rate zones Compatible with GSC 10 speed/cadence bike sensor - monitor pedaling cadence and wheel speed Compatible with foot pod - measures speed and distance and runners cadence when indoors Watch features - time of day (12/24h), dual time zone, (day/date), daily alarm Training and motivational features - Virtual Partner, courses, workouts, goals GPS features - mark waypoints, back to start, save location ANT+Sport wireless technology lets you automatically transfer information back and forth between the watch and the PC Unit-to-unit - transfer workouts and locations to other Forerunner 405's Dimensions - 45.75mm x 70.5mm x 16.4mm Weight - 2.11 ounces (60 grams)

With the Forerunner 405, Garmin has finally put the power of GPS location-based date into a sleek sport watch that can be worn all day. Runners no longer have to choose between function and fashion. Garmin's ANT + Sport wireless platform that wirelessly sends your data to your computer and a touch bezel that lets you change screens with a simple tap (no more fumbling for buttons) run make this not just a leap forward in GPS-enabled fitness devices, but in training devices period. Forerunner 405 comes in two color options — black or green.

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The Power Of Location-Based Data

Anyone who has used Garmin's Forerunner 205 or 305 already understands the power that attaching location data to traditional measurements like distance, speed, time, calories burned, and heart rate can provide. Knowing exactly where you worked hardest, ran fastest (or most slowly), and lets you tailor your workouts to improve for specific distances, conditions, and types of terrain. It gives a complete picture of how you interact with every portion of your run.

Forerunner 405 comes in two color options — black or green
virtual partner
Train with a virtual partner

Watch Results
Loaded with serious training features, Forerunner 405 continuously monitors your time, distance, pace, calories and heart rate (when paired with heart rate monitor). Each run is stored in memory so you can review and analyze the data to see how you've improved.

The high-sensitivity GPS receiver sustains satellite reception, whether you're tackling a trail or jogging through the urban canyons of skyscrapers. The Forerunner 405 is water-resistant (IPX7) and can be used outdoors or indoors (with an optional foot pod), making it the ultimate year-round, all-weather training tool.

Forerunner 405 is available with or without a heart rate monitor (see the versions tab) to help you make the most out of your training. Versions with a digital heart rate monitor continuously track heart beats per minute. Train in a certain heart rate zone to improve your fitness level or compare your pace and heart rate to past performance on the same run.

The revolutionary patent-pending touch bezel on the face of the watch makes navigating the options easier than ever. Simply by tapping, holding or running a finger along the bezel, runners can begin a new workout, access their training history or challenge a Virtual Partner. The Forerunner 405 makes training with a Virtual Partner easy and efficient. Runners can adjust the Virtual Partner's pace without stopping in the middle of a workout, and the Virtual Partner is always on and ready for a challenge.

Run, Sync, Store and Share
One of Garmin's most ambitious decisions has been to approach fitness devices as a total platform with their "ANT + Sport" connectivity system. All of Garmin's new fitness devices, including the Forerunner 405, Edge 605 and 705 bike computers, and Forerunner 50 heart rate monitor watches, will interface wirelessly with any devices that are compatible wiht the "ANT + Sport" protocol, including devices from other manufacturers.

Once you've logged the miles, the ANT+Sport wireless technology automatically transfers data to your computer when the Forerunner is in range. No cables, no hookups. The data's just there, ready for you to analyze, categorize and share through Garmin's online community, Garmin Connect or optional Garmin Training Center software. You can wirelessly send workouts from your computer to Forerunner, too.

Share Wirelessly
With Forerunner 405 you can share your locations, advanced workouts and courses wirelessly with other Forerunner 405 users. Now you can send your favorite workout to your buddy to try, or compete against a friend's recorded course. Sharing data is easy. Just select "transfer" to send your information to nearby units.

Take your training inside with the versatile Forerunner 405. Pair it with an optional foot pod to track your speed, distance and running cadence indoors when a GPS signal is unavailable. This new design clips onto your laces for easy removal and automatically turns on when you start moving. You can also add a speed/cadence bike sensor to track the speed and distance of your cycling workouts.

Be Part of A Community
In 2007, Garmin acquired Motion-based, the largest shared repository of customer-generated gps-based routes, courses and maps. This was a significant move for Garmin to support the gps user community and bring a wealth of route options to gps users. With a simple connection to your computer, you can join a worldwide network of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts through Garmin Connect our new, one-stop site for data analysis an sharing.

You can also upload to optional Garmin Training Center software for further analysis. Garmin Training Center stores large quanities of workout and ride data. Some of the things you can do are

  • Review your workout data, including pace/speed, distance, time, calories burned; and if available, heart rate, cadence and detailed elevation.
  • View a detailed graph of your workout data, plotted over time or distance.
  • View a map of your workout that shows the exact path you traveled.
  • Categorize your workout history according to type of activity.
  • Review previous workouts, which are saved by day and week.
  • Create customized workouts with specific goals and rest intervals. Then send them to your fitness device.*
  • Schedule workouts for a specific day with calendar.
  • Get custom workout templates designed by the experts at

What's In The Box
Forerunner 405, USB ANT stick, Heart Rate Monitor, AC adapter, Charging clip, Owner's manual, Quick reference guide

  • Round 4-Level Gray Fstn, 124 X 95 Pixel Display
  • Accurately Tracks Distance, Pace & Calories, & Displays On Easy-To-Read Screen
  • Ant+Sport(Tm) Wireless Technology Automatically Transfers Workout Data To & From
  • Computer When Device Is Within Range
  • Heart Rate Monitor

Customer Reviews:

  • garmin forerunner 405
    this is a fabulous training tool. easy enough to use - even for the computer challenged. tech support is great too. you can use it as simply a watch, a heart monitor,a great pace setter or have all the information scroll continuously thru out your work out. then simply insert the ant stick and study your workout information to better define your next training effort....more info
  • Upgrade with caution from the forerunner 305.
    I bought the 405 after my 2.5 years old 305 fell apart last week. The upper part of the watch with the screen separated from the wrist strap. I've had the 201, 301, and 305 previously and liked each new release more and more because of the improvements. The GPS reception improvement between the 301 and 305 was like night and day. The 305 didn't have any problems poor gps coverage areas like trails. So now to the 405. I like the new smaller form factor and the wireless data transfer. It has most of the functions of the 305. One thing it's lacking is the pace smoothing function. During my run, the reading for current pace skipped around quite a bit.. One second, the watch read 5:40 min/mile and the next second, it would read 10:40 min/mile. Because the 305 still worked with the assistance of tape to hold it together, I wore them both on my 16 mile run this past weekend. The 305 was reading was .13 longer than the 405. I decided to return the 405 and pay the standard $99 Garmin repair fee to get my old 305 fixed. ...more info
  • Best GPS running watch
    A lot smaller and lighter than the previous version. GPS works just fine. Nice display and scroll bezel. Best GPS running watch available in the market today....more info
  • Great running companion!
    I had asked for the 405 as a present & had second thoughts based on the negative reviews. Fortunately my wife had already purchased it... I'm glad she did. I've been training with it now for the past 5 months & believe the negative reviews that I read must have been about some other watch. I've never take the time to write a review - ever - but thought I needed to come to the defense of this product. It fully exceeds my needs in my marathon training (I don't use it for other activities so I can't help you there). First, I've found running with a GPS device to be very liberating... not having to map routes, being able to know your exact pace & distance, etc. I ran a 1/2 marathon last month & it helped tremendously with pace. I was concerned with the reports about the touchiness of the bezel - especially when wet - but I simply set it to autoscroll, lock the bezel, & never had a problem. It finds satellites quickly enough - just enable it while you are warming up. Battery life has been more than sufficient (remember to disable GPS when you're done your activity). The software interface is relatively painless. The only problem was when I had to re-load my operating system on my laptop, it couldn't see the ANT USB. There was a quick-fix on Garmin support that solved the problem. One final comment; my training buddy the other day actually thanked my wife for HIS present - since he benefits from it so much everytime we train toghether!...more info
  • How did I train without it???
    I hesitated to buy this because of the negative reviews I read, but went ahead and bought it from a place where I could return it if not satisfied. I will most definitely be keeping the 405!
    I have had this watch just over a month now and it is just great! I wanted to have something to give a measure of miles in areas where I couldn't drive or bike the distance before running. Now I use it every time I run, hike, or bike. I went out of the country a few weeks ago and I used the GPS to get record the mileage of my runs, as well as tell my altitude. Last weekend I ran my first Half Marathon and I was able to use the 405 to pace myself so I didn't head out too fast and burn out too early, I downloaded the race into my computer, I got my splits, I saw a map of where I ran - it's amazing!
    As for the negative reviews, I have not experienced any of the negatives - it took a little getting used to, but I don't have another Garmin to compare it to, so I think it was just me getting used to the unit. I LOVE the touch bezel controls, have used it in the rain, and used it when I'm sweaty and don't have problems with the bezel not functioning. When I was out of the country, I never took it off and wore it in the shower, while washing my hands, while working, it was just fine. And everyone who saw it said, "Wow, that's a cool-looking watch!"
    One thing about the accuracy that other reviewers have mentioned: the only problem I had was when I was in Central America and the GPS took a while to find the satellites - I was impatient, since I was on a tight schedule, so I started the training feature without waiting for the satellites to fully load, and the watch told me I was running a 16 minute mile (I KNOW I'm a little faster than that!) but the next day I waited for the GPS to find all the satellites and it worked just fine. Every other time I have used it, I have had no problems with the distance measurement accuracy (and I have known routes I have measured many times, plus the Half Marathon course) and every time I use it it is dead on.
    I have recommended this watch to several other friends and they have had the same reaction as I did - it is just an amazing piece of technology that makes a workout just that much more fun, and it is so good-looking, people think it's a regular watch (for the sake of security, let them go ahead and think that!)...more info
  • Nice device! Glad I switched from the 305
    I originally ordered the 305, but it was so big and awkward looking I returned it. Against some of the less than stellar reviews of the 405, I bought it anyhow. I love it. It just looks better, is lighter, and does not feel like a PDA on your wrist. Granted, the touch dial takes some getting used to, but chances are you are a gadget person like I am, and once you get it wired, it's pretty user friendly. I am bummed that the MAC compatibility is not handled yet, and their support team is fairly unresponsive on this point. When I asked about it their website's statement that the mac software would be out in 4th Q 2008, they simply apologized that they did have a firm date for this. When I asked for clarification as to if they would meet the 12/31 deadline, they had no response.

    Overall, I'm glad I bought it. I have had no accuracy problems with GPS and the battery life is better than my iPhone. As long as I do not do any 40 hour runs I should be fine, and there is no risk of that happening.

    ...more info
  • Forerunner 405
    I would recommend buying the Garmin Forerunner 405 as long as you don't sweat when you run/bike/workout. However, if you are like me and sweat when you take part in these activities: DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH! Yeah, you'd think that Garmin would have tested their watch on actual runners, but apparently not. Once you start sweating the watch starts "freaking out." It beeps incessantly for no reason. You can no longer switch between the screens because it totally locks up. This is not an isolated incident either. I took my first Forerunner 405 back for the same reason and foolishly tried another one. Same result. Moreover, I'm not so sure it keeps very accurate distance. I've run on a number of marked trails and even tracks and the watch is always 5-10% off. At least the watch looks cool and works great when you are sitting on your couch. All in all I'm very disappointed in Garmin and wonder how they can look themselves in the mirror when they are charging $350 for a watch that doesn't work. ...more info
  • great companion
    It took a couple of runs before I got the hang of it, and I'm still learning more of its features. What I want to know is at my wrist at the touch of a bezel or button...good running buddy....more info
  • Excelent investment
    I gave this Garmin 405 to my wife as a gift for the Mother's day. She loved it and uses it on every race that we go. It is excelent....more info
  • WOW!
    I was concerned after reading some of these reviews but decided to purchase anyway. This product is exceptional and greatly exceeded my expectations. The mileage accuracy is within 1% of my routes measured on bicycle. I have not had any signal blockage issues related to trees and I live in Oregon. Moisture on the bezel has not interfered with navigation of the screen. I had a Timex Ironman before and with normal vision, all numbers are easy to read WHILE running, and easier than the Timex. I have programmed 3 data elements on each screen and let the watch "autoscroll" so I'm not having to play with the controls. It takes under a minute to find the satellites at the start when I go big deal, fix my shoes, strap it on and ready to go. Works well sub 32 degrees. Love the elevation and percent grade data on the hills! Best of all: the HR monitor/strap and the automatic data upload into Garmin connect. I had tried Polar before and never really had success with HR monitors...poor contact, dropped signal, irregular performance, but this has worked perfect every time from the start! Different technology? Unfortunately, strap signal not picked up by my Landice L8 treadmill. The workout data automatically gets pulled into computer, and the Google map of your route is wonderful. One caution would be to try on the rather stiff wrist band prior to purchase. Might be uncomfortable if you are a very big guy. I am average size and have no problem.
    To sum, I never had any of the problems mentioned on the other reviews and give this item a very resounding double thumbs up!...more info
  • Love it, but quirks a plenty
    I recently got into jogging and decided I need a new watch to time how long my laps are taking. Being the nerd I am, I went hog wild and ended up with a full blown HRM, GPS and stop watch. Overkill? Certainly! Do I love it though? Of course! That said, I have a number of reservations that keep me from giving it 5 stars.

    The bezel is finicky, requiring very exacting presses. When I'm at rest I don't always get it to behave as I would like. When I'm running or biking, forget about it. How can I be expected to subtlely press the bezel? Some times I'll touch the bezel and nothing will happen, other times it'll take the wrong action. For example, I wear a biking jacket that seems to trigger the watch to think I hit the bezel when I didn't. Work around is to lock out the bezel while riding. UGH! A similar problem with pressing the lap button. I thought the lap button didn't work for the longest time, until I realized I was touching the bezel then the lap button. Silly me. The bezel is a neat idea, but it doesn't work for something you need when exercising. I think Garmin should replace it with a button or two.

    Transferring data to the PC is extremely slow too. Data from a 40 minute bike ride took 2 minutes to download. Come on! And where's the Mac support? Having to use boot camp or Parallels/Fusion isn't a real option....more info
  • Everything but the kitchen sink!
    Well, I now own both the 305 and now the 405. I really liked my 305 but what I couldn't stand was how extremely large and bulky it was. I am a petite female 5 feet tall and 115 lbs so running with the 305 was like running with a brick tied around my wrist, . . so obviously when they came out with the 405 I was excited. I first saw it advertised on one of my women's fitness magazine, on a woman, and I thought "Of course they come out with a sleeker version only months after I dished out some serious $$$money$$$ for the 305." Well, all compalining aside. I got this as a present from my wonderful husband who has now adopted my old 305. Okay so the good
    This one has a few more features than the 305 the obvious, . . counts calories, has a compass that can help you navigate around new roads or trails, goes into power save mode, has a face light. You have the option to program the watch to stop when you do, great for when you have to stop and tie your shoe or wait for a light. It also has a virtual racing partner which helps to increase your speed time. It also automatically transmits your information to your computer once you get within a certain range. With an optional foot pod you can take your workouts indoors on the treadmill. Now I know that this thing can do more than just what I've listed. These were just the obvious features that I have played around with since I got the watch only a few days ago. Now the bad. The touch bezel is nice but I prefer buttons, . . .I just prefer buttons. I would prefer them on my IPOD too but I guess it just wouldn't be cool enough. I just find that putzing around with a touch bezel while running is not exactly the easiest thing to do. Luckily I pretty much just push start and run. This biggest con to me is the weight and the comfort of this watch. I guess it is really hard to make a watch that fits comfortably around a man and a woman's wrist while still having the capability of GPS. I'm sure that as I type this review Garmin is designing a new generation watch that will be the size of a IPOD shuttle that can withstand wind, rain, jungles, wild animals and has a hidden army knife and voice activated options, and fits so comfortably around your wrist no matter what size you are. All joking aside for a woman this watch is bulky. Big and bulky and down right uncomfortable. The photo ad's with women wearing it are very misleading! Heck at least it looks like a watch and not a 5 lb brick. Overall, I'm happy with it. Do I reccomend it, . . . yeah I would have to say yes. I love to trail run, and run around my small little Napa country side. I'm no super duper marathoner, heck I never run more than 20 miles a week. I run because I love it and having my Garmin 405 makes running all that more enjoyable.
    Update****okay, I ended up returning my 405 what exactly does that mean, . . well I gave up trying to figure it out. The user manual is small and pretty self explanatory-their website is better but I've used it for 2 weeks now 6 times and every single time the watch would stop on me. Yes, I've checked my settings. This is truly irritating since it sure as heck defeats the point of measuring my distance and time. I also noticed that it would happen when I was in a really wooded area or when my ipod would get to close. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but heck I wore it on all my usual runs and if I can't use it during those runs then this $400 toy pretty much defeats the purpose. Hey, if you can get it to work it is a very nice watch with a heck of a lot of features. It IS possible I just got a defective one but exchanging it is just not worth the head ache. ...more info
  • Update with Mac Support!
    When I was trying to decide between the 305 and the 405, I read every single review from a couple of different seemed that there was a lot of negative reviews on the 405, but also some hidden gems that make regular use of the watch a pleasure. I was shocked by how much Mac users seemed to hate the thing...since I own a Mac I knew I was going to have to work a bit harder to get the data to my Mac. For me, the deciding factor for the 405 ended up being the usability of the watch as an actual does look pretty sharp...and for $350 it better get more use than for an hour a day on a run...

    Here is what I've seen with my own use over the last couple of weeks:
    The set up on my Vista PC was actually pretty simple...I followed the directions to the letter and went to the Garmin site which helped me get everything set up pretty quickly. There are some pretty good directions there...I can't see how anyone could screw this up honestly...but it seems that some folks have had trouble with it...I was able to update the firmware right then and that went well also (just be patient as it seems to update one firmware version at a time and not all at once)...

    Once I got my PC all set up, I downloaded Trailrunner on my Mac...which supports the .tcx files of your runs that you can export out of the Garmin Training Center software (which really isn't good)...I don't know if there is a similar software package for the PC, but since I rarely use my PC, I really didn't take the time to look...

    After I got done with some runs, I came home and was amazed at how easily the Ant+ stick picked up my even picked it up once when I left the watch downstairs...which I thought was pretty cool (but I haven't tried to see if I could do it again, I just bring my watch upstairs)...I would assume that if you have your watch in the same room as your computer it would pick it up pretty easily...

    From this point I really wanted to get the data back on my Mac and into Trailrunner...and this seems to be the difficult part for most Mac users (the Garmin site says to get VMware and run it through that way-which is insane, but some might not have a PC box in their house like I do, so it would be the only way at this point)...What I end up doing is importing the data wirelessly, then pull it into Garmin Training Center...then export it as a .tcx file which I email to myself and pull up from my Mac...then save it to a folder and "open" into Trailrunner from there...sounds like a lot, but takes maybe 5 minutes at the most...and the newest version of Trailrunner is awesome...

    I also have seen some reviews where the watch is not responsive to the bezel touching...what I ended up figuring out after watching the video on the Garmin site, is that when the watch is in powersave mode you actually have to wake it up before it will respond...which can be done by clicking either side button...then the bezel responds to touch etc...this is really a much cooler feature than you would really helps avoid draining the battery during regular "watch" use...

    As far as getting going on runs and using the picks the HRM and Satellites up really quickly...which is surprising based on what I've seen in some actually picked them up while I was in my house...and as of yet, I haven't had any trouble with using it on my shows my Heart Rate in huge numbers and the first screen shows pace/total time/total distance big enough that I can see it while on the move...I don't really need it to do much more than that as I am not what you would consider a fancy runner at this point with sprints or crazy heart rate work...I just have it auto-lap my time at a mile and call it good...

    The GPS has been darn near 100% accurate so far (I live in Houston TX)...and everything that comes through on Trailrunner is also within 1%...

    I took the advice of one of the reviewers and bought it from a running store in our area that is known for good customer service (Luke's Locker in Houston) and they have a 30 day no questions asked return policy that covered me in case anything crazy happened...I was nervous with all of the complaints about it not working when wet...but that hasn't happened to me yet (I even licked my fingers to see if anything strange would happen and nothing did)...

    I really like the watch and would hope anyone considering it would really do their homework...I really like the watch and give it a huge thumbs up!

    Garmin just released support for Macs...and after using it for about two weeks - it just blows away the Windows version. My Windows PC was never able to sync with Garmin Connect automatically...the Mac version does it without a hitch. The interface is better, it is way more stable, and it actually does what is intended. The Garmin Training Center for Macs is about the same as the Windows version - nothing special, but it gives all the info you would need for your runs or workouts...

    I've used the watch for almost 8 months and have had no's still as reliable as when I first got it and I still think to myself after literally every run, "What an awesome watch"......more info
  • Very Disappointing - Returning and Buying a 305!!
    I've used the Forerunner 305 in the past. It is an excellent GPS enabled sports watch/HRM. Sorry I didn't stick with the 305 when I bought a new foot-pod based/HRM. But I didn't and after a year of waiting and after saving the big bucks for the new and exciting Forerunner 405, I couldn't wait to get back to the GPS-based training world. How disappointed I am to realize that I spent major dollars on a tool that has some serious flaws. I like Garmin, but I am really surprised that this went to market with the many user-reported flaws that are out there. Shame on me for not reading them first! I'm boxing up the 405 and sending it back for a 100% refund tomorrow. Yes - I just ordered a NEW 305 to replace this stylish bugger!

    Problems: the 405 doesn't respond to wet (can you say sweaty) fingers! That bites! And the motionbased user forum has several user complaints about screen malfunctions, etc when the unit gets wet from a rain, etc. Never had that problem with the 305.

    The alerts don't function properly. I used the Training Center software to create my running workouts for distances and pace zones. When I first start my run, the 405 alerted me that I needed to 'speed up' and shortly thereafter alerted me that I was 'within my zone'. That's that last I heard from it. Even when I would slow below my defined pace zone while ascending a hill or exceed the pace zone when descending a hill, the 405 was silent. No audible alert or visual message was given to speed up or slow down as the case may have been. I called Garmin and we walked through all the settings that I had gone through to establish my Pace Zones and create a new 'advanced' workout. We all agreed that the 405 should be alerting me when outside the defined zone for the workout. They concluded they would have to escalate my problem to their engineering group to see if we were missing something. Hmmmm.

    I cannot wait to get my new Forerunner 305 tomorrow! If you are looking for a great and accurate GPS/HRM training system, save some money and buy the Forerunner 305! ...more info
  • Fantastic watch despite bad reviews
    I had been looking to buy the Forerunner 405 for some time, but was reluctant because of all the bad reviews on here. I had the Nike+, which was terribly inaccurate and quit working after a couple of month. I went ahead and purchased the watch, ignoring the bad reviews.

    First, I read reviews that said the bezel is hard to use. No, it's not. You have to sit there and play with it to learn how to use it. When it goes into sleep mode, it's not responsive, so you have to hit one of the side buttons a couple times to wake it up. Not a big deal. Personally, I sweat a lot, and have not had any problems with the bezel not responding when I run. It has never locked up on me either. You can adjust the sensitivity of the bezel. It's preprogrammed on medium and I haven't had any problems with this setting. People complain that the bezel is easy to hit accidentally, thus leaving it on and draining the battery, or whatever they complain about. You can lock the bezel so that this doesn't happen. If you lock the bezel and this still happens, then don't throw it in a gym bag or somewhere it can get knocked around. Personally, I wouldn't be throwing my $300 GPS-enabled sports watch around anyways.

    For the people who say that it's not accurate, I have had no issues with it's accuracy. Actually, I think it's very accurate. I was worried about it picking up satellites because when I had satellite radio in my car, it would frequently lose signal on a road that I run on. The Garmin has never lost signal during my run, and I live in WV and my route is right near mountains and trees. For those who complain about the way it displays information during your run, you can program it to show you what you want, and you can turn off autoscroll so that it stays on the one display. If you want to see the next page, just tap the bezel. It's really easy. I found that having 3 items on the page was too crammed and small to read, so I changed it to only show 2 items. I have it set to show my pace and distance.

    For those people who complained about how long it takes to pick up a satellite signal, yes it may take a couple of minutes. Do some light stretching while it acquires the signal. For those complaining about the battery life, I ran 14 miles with it over the course of a week and it got down to 38%, so I threw it back on the charge just in case. It's simple to check the battery life, so check it now and then, and if it gets low, charge it. Just like you charge your cell phone every night or every other night. Just be sure to turn the GPS off after every use to save the battery.

    Somebody complained that it doesn't read a steady speed/pace the whole time. No, it's not going to read that you are running a 10:30 pace exactly the whole 5 miles you run. Naturally, you are going to speed up or slow down and not realize it, and lets face it, it's a tiny electronic GPS device and may not be 100% in tune with every step. Mine will generally bounce around 15-20 seconds above or below my goal pace. What matters to me is that I know within 15-20 seconds what my pace is exactly when I'm running, and at the end it gives me very accurate pace averages for each mile. I have had no issues with transferring my data to the computer. The ANT stick quickly links to the watch, and it may take a minute or so to download. The software does what you need it to do. If you need something fancier, there's more software out there. Lastly, this watch is large. For the men that may not be a problem. I am female and I found this watch to be rather large, and I am not a tiny person. This isn't a watch that a female can just wear fashionably. If you think this is a small sports watch, it's not. But, the strap has plenty of notches to adjust to just about any size wrist.

    I'm sorry to complain about other people's experiences with the watch, but I just don't understand how they are having these issues and I am not. The issues that some complain about seem to be easily resolved by simply becoming more familiar with the watch or thinking ahead a little. This isn't a watch you can just throw on and run with right out of the box and it be perfect. It is highly customizable, and everybody is different. Once you customize it how you like it, it is a very accurate, useful tool to aid in your training. I am saddened that the negative reviews almost prevented me from purchasing this item, when it has been the best purchase I have made in a long time. I love this watch and highly recommend it. If you are not good with electronics, then maybe this watch isn't for you....more info
  • Works grreat, no support for Mac
    I bought the watch on July and although it works great I have experienced software problems such as it freezing up. Garmin told me the problem could be fixed by upgrading the software. They promised to have software available for the Macintosh Computer by this Fall and now say Winter 2009. If you use a Mac DON'T buy the 405 until they have the software for the Mac which might be never. Also if you call Garmin Support plan on being on hold for at least 30 minutes....more info
  • One should not buy this watch
    Unless willing to pay top $ for an unfinished product.

    The list of issues I ran into:

    1. The altitude and elevation gain/loss data is completely off. For example, once I ran an almost flat loop 7 times, yet the website shows that I have climbed 5,352 ft. during this run. That is impossible. Equally surprisingly, the elevation curve shows no pattern; I would have expected to see an elevation pattern repeating itself 7 times.

    2. The Garmin Ant Agent application is in the habit of crashing on my computer from time to time. This uploads the data from the watch to the Connect website.

    3. If the Garmin Ant Agent misses uploading one workout to the Connect site I can find no way to manually upload it from the watch. According to the documentation, one can force-upload all workouts, but I'm wondering if that will not overwrite the already uploaded ones.

    4. The Pace and Lap Pace functions are so off that one must not rely on them. This means that you have no idea on how fast you're running.

    5. One cannot press a key to manually record a lap (the Auto Lap/Lap Press Only function does not work).

    6. The automatic lighting of the screen in response to key presses and alerts works only sporadically: it does not work for approximately one hour into the run. As I start my workouts before dusk, it means that I see no alerts while it is dark outside.

    7. After I've upgraded the watch's software to version 2.3, I could no longer access the watch's second time zone: if I enable it from the settings, I stop seeing the first time zone.

    8. The Connect website is amateurish and seems to be eternally "under construction". Is this mentioned anywhere in the marketing documentation?

    9. If it rains, the bezel does not work: it does not take user input and flips screens randomly.

    10. The support staff is totally unresponsive: I did fill out two complaints on the website and I have heard no response.

    Please note that I did not use all the functions this watch offers, so chances are there are more bugs that I did not run into....more info