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Melrose Place - The Fourth Season
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Product Description

A nighttime soap opera about the lives careers trials and tribulations of a group of young people living in an apartment building in the trendy neighborhood of Melrose Place. The show was a spin off of Beverly Hills 90210 and starred Heather Locklear as the scheming Amanda Woodward head of her own advertising agency and owner of the apartment building.System Requirements:TRT: 1528 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 097361325446 Manufacturer No: 132544

The fourth and the last essential season of Melrose Place literally begins with a bang, as a deranged Kimberly detonates the bombs that lay waste to much of the titular apartment building. But this being Melrose Place, it is hardly the only dramatic upheaval that will shake this addictive prime time soap to its very foundations. Where to begin? Framing this season are two great movie homages. The season opener echoes Silence of the Lambs with Kimberly (Marcia Cross) channeling Hannibal Lecter. The season finale recreates Carrie's ultimate shock, a classic "no they di'nt" cliffhanger in tune with Melrose Place's increasingly over-the-top aesthetic. In between are episodes ripe with left-turn character developments (Josie Bissett's doormat Jane vows to do a little "stepping" herself to further her career as a fashion designer) and outrageous plot twists (Kimberly somehow beats the rap for her act of domestic terrorism and becomes a radio talk show host--recruited by no less than Dr. Joyce Brothers!--and later, develops a split personality as a really desperate housewife.) But you haven't seen anything yet. Allison (Courtney Thorne-Smith), temporarily blinded in the blast, uses her disability to score pity points with Billy (Andrew Shue) while his new wife, the willful, spoiled, and manipulative Brooke (Kristin Davis) burns, especially when Allison marries her father! Matt (Doug Savant), the resident gay character, has a particularly eventful season, what with trying to clear his name after being framed for murder, suing for sexual discrimination, getting a new boyfriend, and becoming a drug addict. Michael (Thomas Calabro), much more evil and vicious in previous seasons, is not really a serious threat, but he does team up with Sydney (Laura Leighton) to Gaslight Kimberly. Jake (Grant Show), reeling from the death of his rotten brother, is vulnerable to the machinations of Shelly (Hudson Leick), his vengeful sister in law. We haven't forgotten Amanda (show savior Heather Locklear), who begins the season uncharacteristically compassionate. Not to worry; she reverts to her bad self after Brooke uncovers a secret from her past and blackmails her. "Kiss the nice Amanda goodbye," she coolly threatens Brooke. "I'm back." Which is just the way we love her. This whopping nine-disc set contains no extras, but, really, with all the backstabbings and betrayals, hook-ups and, yes, hauntings, do you really need commentary? --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Disc number one scratched on arrival and not secured in case
    I had waited and was worried from reading packaging issues on this. Wheni received item (very fast !) I was upset that I had same problem others had written about, season 4 disc one was scratched when i open the case it was not secured on the plastic nub it should have been sitting fiirmly in. I have never had a problem with Amazon, and have ordered for years from the company. it must be a manufacturer issue. please be warned. Now I have to go through a return process i am slightly uncomfortable with. The only good thing is that Amazon is a reputable organization and I hope I can get a replacement for the first disc of season 4 easily and as timely as the package came in the first place ....more info
  • New Packaging
    Finally Season 4 is here! It's been nice to revisit this season and it's crazier than I remember it! While the show doesn't disappoint the packaging does. Unlike the previous releases, the whole set is tucked into a cheap plastic case. No individual cases and episode summaries. No extras!! The epsiodes are listed on the inside of the cover. As a previous reviewer asked, did I purchase a bootleg? The cover pictures are very blurry! If you purchase this dvd from a store double check the case. I had to return my copy because the case was broken. I hope they release the rest of MP on dvd. I only hope the next season isn't made so cheaply. I was glad to get this on sale. The quality of the packaging is definitley not worth $60.00!!...more info
  • Case is sturdy, hard plastic....stop whining!
    I ordered this and after reading some of the comments i had expected to receive a flimsy case. What i did receive was a more than acceptable sturdy, hard plastic case. Infact it is easier to get to the discs with this case and i think it would be easier to damage the older cases from seasons 1-3.
    Those cases always get dinged corners, that certainly won't happen with the new cases. Also the new cases keep the discs securely in place even if you might a slight clanking sound. I have seen cases that were simlilar to these but, those cases were black and very flimsy and basically crap. The Melrose cases are white and very sturdy. It is the same case that Family Ties and Dynasty use.
    If you received a broken or cracked case i would have to think it was defective to begin with or was not very properly prepared before shipping. All my Dvds i receive from Amazon are always shrink wrapped to a sturdy piece of cardboard that's larger than the Dvd case and then it's put in a box that doesn't allow it to flop around during shipping.
    It is true that you do have to remove the discs or the paper insert (which is easy) to look at the episode info. And sadly they now only state the episode title and air date with no episode description. However, on a show like this you would be watching it in order and not looking for a specific episode.
    I'm just thrilled to be able to have this wonderfully trashy show available on Dvd and also have it in complete seasons. I would not hesitate to tell someone to order it. I'm very pleased with mine!
    ...more info
  • Melrose Place Season 4
    More action and drama then season 3... very entertaining. Stayed up late most nights watching till I finished the season....more info
  • Perfect
    Delivery was very quick, a few business days.
    Product was delivered in perfect condition....more info
  • Melrose Place
    Love it. Everything I expected from Amazon. No flaws. Would highly recommend if your a fan....more info
  • One of the best seasons on Melrose
    This season of melrose place is just as good as season 2 and 3. Brooke gets more and more crazy leading to a deadly end. Jane having a stroke which was caused by Sydney and Jo dating janes ex richard hart this season got a good mix of drama and romance....more info
  • Honestly...
    The packaging is not that bad. Yes, it's different. It's not the same cardboard box that the rest of the seasons came in, but it's still nice. Be happy that we have season four at all! All of my discs came secure in the case, no problems.

    I've read a lot of complaining about the packaging but I haven't seen any mention of what everyone has been waiting for: the short recaps after each segment! I was so excited to see that they've included them with season four.

    In short, yes the packaging is different but the episodes (AND recaps!) look fine. If you love Melrose Place, you won't hesitate buying this set....more info
  • No Frills DVD Set for Melrose
    Just when I thought the quality of a DVD set couldn't get worse than Melrose Season 3...readers: I present to you Melrose Place Season 4! Season 3 had a few short and crappy extra "featurettes", whereas this set has zilch, zero, zippo. Not even the worthless season recaps. And the quality of the video itself is marginal; definitely watchable, but as before looks like it came from an old video master and not film, with a fair amount of artifacts. So, as for the quality of the packaging & dvds, give this set a hearty 2. On the plus side, just the fact that this set made it to DVD is great. What a guilty treat to watch the return of some of TV's favorite characters. As before, Heather Locklear carries the show as ad exec/apartment building owner Amanda Woodward. She is ably supported by Laura Leighton's character Sydney (definitely one of my faves!) and Marcia Cross as the crazy Dr. Kimberly Shaw. There are the usually bad performances by Kristin Davis (Charlotte "Sex In The City"), Patrick Muldoon (formerly "Days of Our Lives"), and worst of all Daphne Zuniga. Still, the show holds up extremely well with its over-the-top-but-can't-stop-watching-plots. Plenty of guest "stars" in Season 4: Priscilla Presley as a "frumpy" nurse, Patrick Muldoon is back as Jane's very aggressive boyfriend, Julie Newmar (PLEASE stop the facelifts! Wow!), Loni Anderson, Denise Richards, and Antonio Sabato Jr. as Amanda's ex. Enjoy this set folks, because after this one, the show just couldn't live up to its reputation and it began to go downhill. Plenty of quick and fun plot twists in this one, which begins with the explosion of Melrose Place that we saw in Season Three at the hands of crazy Kimberly. Hard to keep up with the bed-hopping though; Amanda in particular goes back and forth so fast on who she's in love with that it'll give you whiplash. A solid 5 stars for campy entertainment, with an overall rating of 3 stars for the quality & episodes. Enjoy!...more info
  • My fave season of Melrose on dvd at last
    Hey everyone!

    So, thankfully the wait is over and our Melrose Place Season 4 sets have arrived.
    I can't wait to see all of the 34 episodes in this set now that I have started- season 4 was the season I discovered MP on t.v. and it remained my fave one after I caught up on seasons 1-3 and after seeing the rest of the series (seasons 5-7). It's the best season for me because they really pushed the characters to new extremes this time and it is the best season for some of the characters (Jane, Kimberly) before the mass exodus that occurred during and towards the end of the last truly great season (season five).

    I agree with what other people have been saying about this release- it is poor indeed this time in many ways (namely poor packaging and no extras) but it doesn't surprise me.
    I know everything about this release is cheap and basic but at the end of the day, packaging means little to us. The dvds themselves contain the real content we are buying... and all 34 season 4 episodes are present and i don't have any complaints about the quality of the episodes themselves, sure they are not in mega-pixled blu-ray quality but such technologies weren't around at the time of filming. There is nothing wrong with the quality of the episodes... they are here in the condition they aired on t.v. originally.

    Yes, the cover pictures are blurry on the packaging and this is sloppy, careless and avoidable, but it's no big prob, the dvds are just plain grey this time- again not the end of the world and actually i think they look better than the other sets, the episode summaries are gone too- no big issue either for me anyway. I know people don't like the new way of storing the dvds themselves too- i too prefer separate boxes but i suppose it's cheaper for CBS DVD and better for the environment too and i know other people have said their holders were broken inside when they got them but mine arrived fully intact all the way to ireland from the us via new zealand so they should be okay if you get em in one piece! As for extras, well there are none this time. But I don't really mind this either, the ones on previous sets were just lame attempts to make you think you were getting something extra, really they were scenes from the season edited into little clip shows with fancy little titles to make it look like something interesting. So no extras this time and I don't care. I don't doubt they could have made some/ found old footage etc. but why would they bother? I figure we should just be grateful we are getting any further releases at all.

    I really hope they don't abandon the series- at least not until the last good season (five) is released. But they could easily do so, they aren't releasing anymore already for my region since they stopped after season two (I'm in region 2 for dvds which is a substantial market: taking in Europe, Japan and South Africa and I have been surprised and annoyed that no more Melrose is being made available here) and other late-night soaps (like Knot's Landing) haven't sold well and have been abandoned entirely too.

    I mean the last three seasons hardly were bestsellers and I guess CBS DVD like every other big commercial company is just thinking of the bottom line- profit. So, all things considered, I just feel lucky that I am able to get my hands on more episodes/ seasons of the show.

    As for the show itself, well I like anyone else buying this (I figure) knows already what we are getting- 34 gripping episodes of one of the best 90's t.v. shows. Other reviewers here have excellent season and episode summaries so I won't bother but
    My Personal highlights this season-
    Kimmy working her way back into everyone's trust by showing her sane side for most the season and then losing it again in true Melrose style by the season finale!,
    Alison going for Brooke's daddy!,
    Brooke being her usual spiteful and manipulative self until being axed mid season,
    Billy changing into a male Brooke after her death,
    Jane becoming a stronger and more manipulative force after being duped by so many sleazy guys in the past, she really knew what she want this season and went for it!
    Sydney being Sydney! Cunning and devious as always and showing everyone not to write her off as a young wannabe in their world.

    Anyways, I hope u all enjoy reliving this season regardless of poor packaging and no extras etc..

    ...more info
  • action
    More action. Hate theme song but rest of music was great. Packaging on first three sets were so much better. Should stick to what works. ...more info
  • Best Show / Worst Packaging
    I'll start by saying that this cheap plastic packaging in UNACCEPTABLE!!! At least mine wasn't broken like alot of other peoples, but really what can I say that hasn't been said before.
    I am an avid dvd collector and a huge MP fan but this is disappointing.
    All the other seasons have been presented is the classic cardboard box with slimline covers inside and they really do look great sitting on my shelf beside other tv series I have purchased through Amazon that are all packaged the same way.
    21 Jump Street, Las Vegas, The Shield, OZ, 24, Family Guy, American Dad, Dr.Katz, King Of The Hill, Drawn Together, and Melrose Place, all in cardboard boxes, all looking the same. Except for MP - Season 4.
    The question I have to ask is why? Do they suddenly realize that MP fans are so die hard and have waited so damn long for this to even come out on dvd that we will buy anything. Especially after we have 3 seasons already, we have to have them all.
    Yes, Maybe. This maybe all true but it doesn't mean we're happy about it.
    Blurry picture on the cover, Blank grey discs inside, all wrapped up in a cheap plastic cover. Yes it looks like I just bought a pirated copy from a local market.
    The 3 star review is only because it is "Melrose Place" there is no prettier or sexier address in the world.

    Michael Mancini for President !!...more info