Pioneer DEH-P3000IB In-Dash CD/Mp3/Wma/iTunes AAC/Wav Receiver
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Product Description

The Pioneer DEH-3000IB Car CD/MP3 Player is a well rounded unit with a host of amazing features. Don't let your favorite music downloads sit on your computer hard drive. Burn them to a CD-R or CD-RW and play them on the DEH-P3000IB. Each disc you burn has the capacity to hold up to ten complete albums of MP3 music and twenty for WMA discs. That's a lot of music! With its built-in MOSFET 50 watts x 4, Supertuner IIID AM/FM, iPod control built-in connecting and listening to your iPod has never been easier, and HP/LP x-over allows you to adjust the sound field to you personal taste. All this and a detachable face security system make this a great unit for any vehicle. iPod control is now built-in the DEH-P3000IB Pioneer receiver - once connected to the CD-I200 cable (not included), you can control your iPod through the head unit and even view album, artist, and other music info on its display. USB Control Capability Yes (CD-UB100 option Required) Optional (IP-Bus) Auxiliary Input CD-RB10 or CD-RB20 required XM Radio Ready (GEX-P920XM Required) / Sirius Radio Ready (SIR-PNR2 Required) and service subscriptions are also required AM/FM built-in 24-Station/6-Button (18FM/6AM) Presets Built-in Auxiliary Input for adding an MP3 or other audio player as an external unit Pioneer 1-Year Warranty Professional installation recommended

The Pioneer DEH-P3000IB is a perfect receiver if you want all the basics. With a built-in MOSFET 50W x 4 amplifier, you'll get plenty of power along with the CD player, playback of MP3/AAC/WMA/WAV files from data CDs, an AM/FM radio, remote control, and auxiliary input for external devices. And when you're ready to expand, Pioneer has you covered with support for adding Bluetooth, iPod Direct Connection, Satellite Radio, CD changers, and more--not to mention two RCA preamp outs for growing your system. Start out right, and expand when you need it.

Detachable Faceplate
The DEH-P3000IB features a detachable faceplate with a white on black one-line, 16-character LED display.

CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Playback
In addition to CDs, enjoy playback of MP3, WMA, AAC, and WAV audio files burned to CD, with ID3 tag support--title, artist, and album info will be scrolled across the display.

AM/FM Radio
Always have your favorite stations at hand with six user presets per band.

Best Stations Memory
Setting your radio presets can be a real pain while you're driving--especially if you're in an unfamiliar area. So, let the tuner do the work for you by activating the Best Stations Memory (BSM) function. The tuner will seek out the six strongest stations in the area and set them into the tuner presets.

7-Way Rotary Commander
The 7-Way Rotary Commander is like a musical joystick: with one central dial, you can actually control 90% of the unit's functions and features. Scrolling through your MP3/WMA/AAC files and folders is now very easy. In addition, when controlling an iPod, the operation is easy to learn--it is similar in all respects to the actual iPod.

AUX-In Connection
Use the built-in AUX input for connecting any portable digital player or other external auxiliary devices. For extra-convenient access, the DEH-P3000IB has this input on the front panel.

Full-Featured High Performance
The DEH-P3000IB is intelligently designed to expand your system, customize your experience, and provide superior sound quality and easy operation.

  • Two RCA preouts for adding on external amps and speakers simplify system expansion.
  • Two-Way Crossover with separate High and Low Pass settings
  • Built-in MOSFET 50 W x 4 amplifier for excellent sound quality, minimal distortion and efficient power handling.
  • Supertuner IIID advanced analog and digital processing assure superior imaging, less distortion and noise, and stronger, smoother broadcast signal reception.

Wireless Remote
A wireless remote is included for use while watching the road.

iPod Direct Connection (CD-I200 required)
Connect an iPod to the DEH-P3000IB using the optional CD-I200 direct control cable, and you can control menus, shuffle function, songs, podcasts, and audiobook chapters in the iPod through the headunit interface as quickly and easily as you would on the iPod itself. Don't worry about your iPod battery running low on power--this direct connection also recharges the unit during playback. In addition, Pioneer has developed the following new features to make using your iPod in the car extremely easy and convenient:

  • Link Search--While listening to a specific artist, you can hold "List" button down and it will pop up folders containing that specific artist.
  • Passenger Control Mode--Allows passenger to use the iPod directly to browse and select music, while connected to the headunit for playback.
  • Random (Shuffle) Key--Physical Random Button on faceplate (Shuffle) makes it easy to hear something fresh.

Ready to Expand
The DEH-P3000IB gives you all the basics, but there's plenty of room to grow. In addition to the iPod Direct feature, it's compatible with Pioneer's Bluetooth adapter, USB adapter, XM and Sirius satellite radio tuners, CD changer, and more. Start out small and add more features as you need them.

What's in the Box
Pioneer DEH-P3000IB, remote control, sleeve, trim ring, wiring harness, installation hardware, operation manual, installation guide, warranty sheet

  • AM/FM radio, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV receiver
  • 4 x 50 Watts maximum power with 4-channel preamp output
  • One-line, 16-character LED screen
  • Includes front panel auxiliary input; add Pioneer adapters for SAT Radio, iPod Direct Connection, Bluetooth, USB Device Adapter
  • 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • eh
    I didn't buy this on Amazon, but I do have this in my car. I love it, except for the controls. They can be extremely complicated sometimes, but once you can figure it out, it's a little easier to use. The equilizer settings are good and the as far as playability is concerned, I feel it works great. But, if you don't want really confusing controls, I suggest maybe looking at other players....more info
  • Pioneer DEH-P300IB
    This unit has good sound and some pretty nice features. Very deep, rich bass. High treble tones could be cleaner. one big drawback is that the internal "menu" is cumbersome. Don't even think about trying to make any adjustments other than a simple volume change while driving. Before taking your car on the road, do yourself a favor and toy around using the menu for a while to get used to where settings are....more info
  • Not simple to operate
    I bought this head unit to go in a Honda Accord. Ive been happy with the sound output, and the FM sensitivity, Pioneers are known for. However, it seems you need an MIT degree, to figure out the operation of the unit. I have yet to figure out how to preset my favorite stations. I have owned over half a dozen various units in the past, including pioneers, and this one will take alot of button pushin before I figure it out. The manual is not much help. Pioneer needs to go back to the KISS principle!...more info
  • Much better than FM Transmitter
    I bought this for my wife to replace her Monster FM Transmitter. It was driving her crazy, because she would drive down the road, and the reception would start to static, or a station would break in all of a sudden. So, I shopped around and found this, so that she could use with her iPod without all of the hassle. It was the answer to all of her frustations.

    Along with the iPod adapter cable Pioneer CDI200 Direct Cable for iBus Headunits and iPod (Black), this thing works like a dream for the iPod. She has a 2nd Generation Nano, and I have an iPod Classic. It works great with both of them. When you plug in the cable to the iPod, it automatically starts playing from where you left off. It also charges while you are connected. All control to the iPod is through the stereo unit itself (though you can give control back to the iPod and forego all us of the stereo buttons). You can even go through the menu options and choose by song, album, artist, playlist, etc...

    Another frustation that my wife had when she was using the FM Transmitter (and so do I using the tape adapter), is that when you switch from listening to your iPod through either of those methods on the old stereo, if you decided to switch back to CD or Radio, (or tape in my case), the volume was WAY too loud after using the adapters. With this new unit and the iPod adapter cable, that is no longer a problem. The volume is the same, no matter which function you have it set on.

    My wife only has one concern about this particular unit after a month of use. The main button of the unit is used for a lot of things, to change the volume, to search through menus and artist lists, to change the song, etc... She feels that at some point down the road, this button will eventually break, leaving the unit fairly useless. But lets hope that they put a little more quality into this button since it was going to have most of the wear and tear. Although, all would not be lost since the unit comes with a remote control. :)

    I have a 6 disc CD changer and tape deck in my car, and I am now jealous of my wife's car since I installed this for her. I would definitely buy it again if I had to....more info
  • Awesome Head Unit
    Totally awesome head unit. It is iPod compatible and I can control the iPod from the head unit controls and it charges the battery on the iPod too. Also displays the name of the songs on the head unit display...........more info
  • Pioneer Deck
    Took me a little bit to figure out the controls, but overall it is a great deck. It was exactly what I was looking for and sounds great!!!...more info
  • Worth the money
    I purchased this item for my 17 y/o son's car and this system is great. I also have a pioneer system in my car and thats what prompted me to purchase this one for him. The remote control is large enough to fit the hand and easily learned. Great System. Im no longer is kuwait I am back in the Us, Thank God!!...more info
  • Pioneer killed the game
    This is my first time writing a review on Amazon. I don't normally do reviews, but after three days (and one call to customer support) of trying to configure this thing I must say that it is an absolute blast to play in my car. I have a system composed of a Rockford Amp and Sony XPlod speakers. I am a mid level car audio enthusiast. After figuring out how to correctly ground the head unit (isolated ground is a must!) set the loudness, source level gain, equalizer, subwoofer crossover, subwoofer center frequency, pre-out setting, as well as the center frequencies and gain for all of my other speakers...I was blown away with how good this head unit sounded when properly tuned. There is absolutely NO distortion in ANY of the speakers all the way up to the max "62" volume level setting (I have aftermarket speakers). The only complaint that I have is that burned cds don't have as high of audio quality on this system. It makes me want to go out and purchase my favorite burned cds just to see how they would sound on this monstrous system. I believe with this newest generation Pioneer is definitely giving Alpine a run for it's money. All of these features in a $100 head unit was unimaginable just a couple of years ago, but now it's all here.
    Other head units I have owned are Alpine, Clarion, Panasonic.
    I would say that the Alpine comes closest, but is it really worth the extra money? no.
    The menu settings can be a little tricky as people here have noted, but its easy to learn. Plus the sound quality justifies the complex menu system. ...more info
  • Good, but could be better.
    Pioneer always has really great, high-end products. I was only slightly disappointed with this one. Whoever they have in their usability/user interface department, they need to fire them. The controls on this deck are absolutely counter-intuitive. I consider myself pretty much a gadget geek and computer nerd, so I'm usually able to figure out how to use things without reading the manual. However, I had to read the manual to figure out how to use it, which generally means it hasn't been designed very well. It's very difficult to navigate through the menus of the deck.

    I would say whoever wrote their user manual should also be fired, since it's extremely confusing and hard to read. I still don't know how to change the clock on it.

    Overall, it's a great upgrade. I miss my stock Honda one, but some of the buttons didn't work. Once you get the Pioneer deck installed, I suggest just using the included remote, as it's much easier....more info
  • Best CD Player and Ipod
    Is a good cd player and the compatibility with iPod is very good except for the latest generation of iPod (Ipod Touch 2nd Generation) you can hear the music and control it but you can not charge the iPod because is not compatible for charging....more info
  • Very nice radio for the money
    Radio sounds very nice. Comes with nice remote. I also got the iPod adapter so I can play my iPod through the car spears and the works really well too....more info
  • ok, but...
    It does what indicated, but ...
    1. there isn't separate channel equalization, that by 2008 should be mandatory. So I still have the same EQ on the rear speaker and on the front ones. Really bad.
    2. the USB is available only if you buy a $100 kit... too much for USB option.
    3. no RDS on radio stations (I had it back in Europe in 1995).
    4. The knob/wheel isn't very intuitive and the interface is quite hard to use. The remote instead is quite good.
    5. It sounds ok, could be better.
    6. It does play CDs with AAC/iTunes well but the navigation isn't too intuitive. Many characters in the song names or artist names aren't available so they get replaced with annoying "?".

    Overall, it is cheap but with today technology at that price you can offer USB, rear/fwd separate EQ, RDS and a better interface.

    ...more info
  • Very pleased with this great stereo
    I have had this for about two months and could not be happier. The stereo is very easy to use, sounds great, and looks great.

    I got this to replace a Sony that went bad about two days after the one-year warranty expired. So with this, I purchased (at Circuit City) the extended 4-year warranty for $30 for peace of mind. So of course, my opinion of this could change drastically if it goes bad, but Pioneer is a well respected brand so - fingers crossed - that won't happen.

    I noticed some of the other reviewers complain about the user interface. Are they using the same stereo that I am?? I think the joystick is a great idea, the menus are all easy to work through, stations are easy to flip through. I love it. By the way, I always play MP3-CD's. It also has a connection to plug an mp3 player but I have not tried that feature....more info
  • Great Receiver
    I ordered the Pioneer DEH-P3000IB In-Dash CD/Mp3/Wma/iTunes AAC/Wav Receiver and installed it myself. The installation was pretty easy. It comes with instructions and stuff to help remove the old unit from its case. All you need is a screwdriver, wirestripper and something to connect the wires from the receiver to the car (Make sure you disconnect the car battery first so you don't get shocked! Also, the manual says to connect the black ground wire to the car's chassis but you can just connect it to the ground wire already available from your old radio.) The unit itself is great so far. It plays burnt cd's and doesn't skip on bumpy roads. The buttons take a little getting used to but they aren't too bad. The center multicontrol button is pretty cool. I am satisfied with its performance compared to the price....more info
  • Very good unit
    I just installed this unit in my Jeep last week and it works great. I use it mainly for XM radio, so the fact that it doesn't have conventional preset buttons doesn't bother me, but it is a very odd feature of the receiver. The multi-control is good once you get used to it but I can see how some people may have a hard time with that. Last, the in-face aux jack is great -- gives it nearly unlimited versatility. It's not the best, but it's a very good unit for the money....more info
  • Just a great product
    Well worth every penny. Pioneer delivers so well with this stereo, I can see why it's such a popular buy on Amazon. Great price, amazing sound quality. Totally satisfied....more info
  • All I need and more
    I had read quite a few reviews where some people found the control wheel complex to use and to configure the audio settings, but I can honestly say that once I got the gist of the multilevel folder-like structure of the menus, it was a piece of cake.

    Regarding the features of the receiver, I find it amazing that it has so many options for configuring the sound so that it comes out just perfect.

    I appreciate the personalized equalizer and the way you can just navigate through hundreds of songs in different folders and just press on the wheel once you find that track you were looking for.

    I've had this awesome receiver for a month now and I haven't even used the remote yet! I also like the detachable faceplate that beeps so you don't forget to take it out.

    In a few words, I would recommend this receiver any day due to the quality of sound, looks and tons of useful functions....more info
  • Pionner DEH-3000IB
    I bougth this Pionner CD/Mp3/Wma/iTunes/AAC/Wav Receiver 10 months ago and i think is a great pucharse. I always buy Pionner Brand for my car sound and i will be.

    These receiver have many standar Pionner functions and other ones. You can connect your Ipod, MP4 or everywant by means of two points standar jack cable, using and aux input in dash. That is very cool. Also, you can control equalizer, Qset point and options thar let you improve the quality of sound.

    The only annoying thin is when sunligth reflect on car dashboard, you can't see at all the display and i thing that is a dessing issue because i had another reciever and this don't happen with them.

    I recommended this who wants great sound quality at very good price. If you looking total look's, large display or any other functions, don't buy it.

    They arrive on time and price was excelent ...more info
  • great item, great price, great sound
    I had to upgrade my car stereo and after some research I came to the conclusion that this radio was the best bang for the buck. I was right. Looks awesome with the metal details and also it sounds great!! I love it! would recommend this item to anyone. Of course this radio doesnt have bluetooth which is something that I wanted but I bought a Plantronics headset instead for about $30 to have that which I needed for the car.
    This is a great car stereo, its a Pioneer!!...more info