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Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing
List Price: $219.99

Our Price: $194.00

You Save: $25.99 (12%)


Product Description

Bring baby a sense of comfort with the motion he enjoys most - whether it's rocking side-to-side or front-to-back. Surround him in softness - soft fabrics, a variety of music and the soft, gentile motion of the toys on the mobile.

For you, the function is two-fold, because the plush seat is removable, with wood handles that let you take baby from room to room! Whatever room you and baby end up in, the rich textures, earthy colors and beautiful wood accents will help create harmony in your home. Additional features include three-point restraint, two-position recline and machine-washable seat pad, pillow and attached blankets.


  • 2 swinging motions - side to side cradle motion or front to back swinging motion
  • Open top design with swing-away mobile for easy access to baby
  • Removable infant seat provides flexibility
  • Mobile with 3 patterned characters taht move gently on their own to soothe baby
  • Deep seat with soft blanket wrap, recline and 3-point restraint
  • 6 speeds
  • 14 songs in classical and lullaby style to Zen-like orchestration and 2 sound effect tracks
  • Volume control
  • Legs for storage
  • Requires 3 "C" batteries - not included
  • Dimensions: 30"L x 36"W x 44"H
  • Maximum Weight: 25 lbs.

The Zen Collection Cradle Swing from Fisher Price offers a variety of ways to comfort and soothe infants. And with its lovely, contemporary design, it's designed to integrate nicely into your home's interior. The swing is built for infants up to 25 pounds who cannot yet sit unassisted.

What We Think

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The Good: Swing provides versatile and comfortable options for soothing infants

The Bad: Large footprint may be problematic for smaller living spaces

In a Nutshell: Contemporary design, comfortable touches, and versatile functionality let you soothe your infant in style

At a Glance

Ages: For babies who cannot sit unassisted, from birth
Requires: 4 D batteries, Phillips screwdriver for assembly

The cradle swing provides a safe, comfortable place for baby to rest. View larger.

The Zen Collection features soft fabrics in rich colors.

A Secure and Soothing Place for Your Infant
Yes, it's lovely to hold and cradle an infant in your arms -- but even the most dedicated parents need to put the baby down and take a break! This is why we love the idea of a baby swing; we've seen how they provide a comfortable, safe place for an infant, with soothing, rocking motions to help maintain a very important sense of security and calm. If you're familiar with older models of baby swings -- with their creaky mechanical noises and uncomfortable seats -- you should know that the Zen Collection swing definitely takes baby swings to another level.

The swing's seat is designed for infants who cannot yet sit unassisted. Its basket shape provides security and support for the youngest babies, and it can be adjusted to sit the baby up or recline down. A plush seat cover, padded head support, and built-in cover keep baby comfortable. The swing seat can be positioned to move back and forth or from side to side, and it has a speed-control dial to allow for a variety of graduated speed settings. The swing is powered by battery or can be plugged in with the included adapter. It moves in a smooth, quiet motion with minimal mechanical noise. While baby is swinging, he can listen to one of 14 different soothing sounds with adjustable volume, including Muzak-esque remixes of classical favorites and unobtrusive nature sounds, like chirping birds and babbling brooks.

Knowing parents will especially appreciate that the baby seat is removable and portable. So once baby falls asleep in the swing, you don't have to disturb him by removing him from the seat. Just lift the seat out of the swing to carry him with you to different rooms in your home.

It's So Lovely!
A baby swing is not small -- it's basically a piece of furniture. So we're delighted to find that the Zen Collection swing offers a contemporary and sophisticated palette that can complement your home's d¨¦cor without making your house look like one big nursery. You won't find any frills or pastel colors here. Its contemporary pattern features sprays of leaves and dragonfly silhouettes in stylish tones of cream, chocolate brown, and moss green with ruby-red accents.

Its lovely textural touches include wood-finished handles, satin accents, and embroidered detailing on the cover, as well as on the mobile toys, which are cute and stylish. The toys include two plush dragonflies and a plush turtle, topped with matching umbrellas. It stands on a sturdy, dark brown, metal frame that's heavy enough to provide good support and security. Not only is this swing good looking, it also makes a great choice for unisex decorating.

Easy Assembly, Sturdy Construction
The swing took us less than half an hour to assemble and required only a Phillips screwdriver. One minor problem: we had to re-thread the mobile so it could hang properly. The assembled swing has a 26-by-33-inch footprint and stands 47 inches tall with the mobile attached, so it takes up quite a bit of room. This is something to consider if you have limited living space. However, the base folds together easily, so you can lean it against a wall when it's not in use.

What's in the Box
Removable infant seat, mobile, swing motor, swing frame components for assembly.

  • Part of the new high-end exclusive Zen Collection for Baby, sophisticated look has upscale materials and all the must have features moms look for!
  • Features a seat that rotates 90 degrees to provide side-to-side cradle motion or front-to-back swing motion together with a range of speeds
  • Features two sound effect sound tracks and 14 songs in a unique Zen-like orchestration - 6 lullabies and 8 entertaining musical tracks
  • Beautiful accents and fabric design
  • Uniquely designed mobile with three fun patterned characters that moves gently and freely on their own to soothe and captivate baby

Customer Reviews:

  • Phenomenal Swing!
    I am so glad that we spent the extra money and bought this swing. I put this swing together in about 30 min while I was 35 weeks pregnant and on modified bed rest. It was a cinch, and the directions were self explanatory. I never had the slightest problem.

    The design and color of this swing is a perfect match for our homes decor and paint. The swing itself feels sturdy and comfortable. The cover comes off easily to wash and the mobile is just enough to keep baby entertained but not restrict the view for him to look else where and for us to see him. The seat comes off so easily and turns directions without any effort. It is so easy to place the seat back on the swing, no need to jostle baby around. I was very pleasantly surprised how high the seat actually sits up off the floor when not on the swing. It is almost chair or couch height which is perfect. It is also good if you have pets walking around. All in all we are so pleased with this swing. If I had to pick one thing that would make it better, would be the music is a little low at full volume, but considering the rest of the perks. I can live with that.

    Update on swing since our son arrived:

    I can't say enough about this swing, it is literally worth it's weight in gold to us. Our son is 2.5 weeks old and he has slept in the seat since he came home from the hospital. He LOVES it! I can take him anywhere with out waking him and he sleeps like a rock in it. He hates to be swaddled so this swing gives him the snuggled feeling that makes most babies sleep well but keeps his arms free like he wants. He is in the seat or swinging day and night. Our pediatrician told us while they are newborns that whatever makes them sleep and is safe to let them sleep there, so this will be our most used item for a while since he is not very comfy in his crib or playard yet.

    He loves to swing also. It's nice that it rocks both ways. The cover on the seat is so soft and the blanket on it is very nice to have. It comes off and washes in a cinch. The music if very nice a soothing, however I do wish it would go a little louder.

    This swing was by far our best purchase for our son!

    ...more info
  • would have helped...
    I remembered to read the reviews here about ending up with the warning sticker in front, and still screwed it up! I think this would help people do it correctly: Make sure the warning label is next to the strap- that way they are both in the back and you don't end up with the warning label in the front. Seriously all Fisher Price has to do is show the strap and warning label in the instruction and you don't have to guess!...more info
  • Fantastic Swing
    This is a great swing. Our twins love it. It is worth the price and it looks good too -- the brown and sage colors works for either a boy or a girl....more info
  • Peace of Mind
    I have to admit, what drew me to the collection was the style, colors and look of all of their pieces. The swing, however I had my doubts about just because it seemed so big and bulky. After putting it together, which was not hard at all, I placed my 4 month old in it and he snuggled right in. He hasn't liked many of the other swings I have tried, but this one nestled him close and seemed to offer comfort.

    Having new music, was a comfort to me, as all the other swings play the same o same o tunes. I am on my third lil boy and they were becoming quite redundant. I also thought at first the very simplistic mobile which hangs above his head wouldn't be enough to capture his attention, boy was I wrong. He is captivated by the mobile which moves only from the swings movement.

    Another handy feature is the plug in, no need for continual replacement of batteries! I haven't had to use them yet!

    Overall I would highly recommend this product, looks, functionality, and the ability to occupy my child without driving me nuts with repetitive annoying songs wins me over....more info
  • Best Infant item I Own
    When this first arrived, before our baby was born, we were concerned about the size of this swing. All of our concerns went away on the first night home from the hospital. Our son would not sleep in his crib, but loved this craddle/swing. He is now 6 months old and I can't tell you hom much value I have gotten out of this product. He absolutely loves it. I love the high quality fabrics (I throw it in the washing machine and it looks like new) and that it plugs into the wall. I also detach the seat and use it by itself all the time. My only suggestions for improvement would be an improved mobile (it doesn't turn on its own) and a more upright sitting position (it has 2 positions -- flat and slightly upright). Overall this product is high quality and worth the money. ...more info
  • Won't last long, baby will outgrow it quickly
    Overall this is a very nice swing, and I agree with other reviewers on the assembly instructions. My one buyer beware comment... your child will quickly outgrow this swing/seat. It does not incline very far so baby is stuck looking at the ceiling. This is fine for when they are little, but once they start to be more alert and wanting to see things around them, the swing becomes frustrating. I do love the swing, but for the money we paid, I wish I could use it for longer than a few months....more info
  • I love it and baby loves it too
    The swing is great, I really love the colors and of course there could be a few improvements, but nothing I can't do myself to make it more unique. My baby loves it and naps in it really well. So, the mobile doesn't move, but you can really add some things on it to make it more interesting like some reflective stickers on the underside of the cone-shaped plastic pieces. Just having something that you can plug in and something comfy for your kid and does not make your living space look like a playpen is totally worth it for me. I would recommend sewing on a snap, tie or velcro to keep the kimono like cover closed b/c before I did that my baby did kick it up over his face which could be a safety issue. I just took a bib clip and clip the top cover snugly to the side handle so it doesn't budge and I put the babies arms on top of the cover. It's easily remedied. The music selection is great and I've noticed that if you keep it plugged in, the music does not stop like it says that it does after 20 minutes, which doesn't bother me a bit.
    Great buy, even my husband agrees now, even though he didn't like the price in the beginning...more info
  • Best Swing Ever
    We love this swing. It is the only place our daughter will take a nap. It moves easily from room to room. The rotational seat is also a big hit. Some days she likes the side to side swinging motion and other days the front to back. The A/C adapter is excellent. The last swing we had for our son ate up batteries. ...more info
  • We're enjoying the swing
    The swing is well made. The material on the seat is heavy duty and stylish. It does get a little hot for our son, as we live in Hawaii. Otherwise, this is a great swing for our mealtimes. I gave it 4 stars due to the cost - it's pretty pricey....more info
  • Great baby shower gift
    We gave this for my son's baby and it is really nice--soothing music and the seat can be carried from room to room--now awaiting his arrival!!!!!!...more info
  • FIsher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing
    My daughter loves this swing! I like it because it has two different swinging motions (side to side and front to back). Has both electrical cord and battery options for power. The only bad thing is the base is big. Make sure you have a big area!...more info
  • Absolutely the best
    This swing is high-quality, high-design and is eminently useful. I was impressed the moment I opened the box. The industrial design is first-rate, and the assembly was very simple and straightforward.

    I love the detachable cradle, it's very user friendly to insert and remove, needing no button pressing or anything.

    My new baby will calm right down when put in it; the dual direction swinging is a big plus as is the continuous speed control.

    I'm really glad I went with this even though it's more expensive. It's definitely worth it and I feel I got what I paid for.

    Happy baby, happy father. ...more info
  • Great Swing!
    I received this swing as a baby gift for our little boy due in September. My mom purchased it for me because I was looking for a different looking swing then I see everywhere, and that everyone I know with kids has.
    I put this together myself last weekend (7.5mos pregnant), and had NO problems! It seemed overwhelming at first, with all of the pieces, but it went together great!
    I do agree that the styrofoam paddings for the swing part, that have a no scissor sign on it, is confusing...I accidently cut them off at first, but they were super easy to just tape back on.

    I love that this swing can swing both ways, and that you can take the swing part out and it is a seat that you can carry around. I also love the colors!!! The only thing is...with me having a boy, I thought the maroon bow on top of the blanket looked a little girlie, but my mom was able to unstich it very easily and you can't even tell!

    I give this swing great reviews, and for anyone who is looking for a different type of swing then everyone else has, this is a great choice!!!...more info
    This swing is even more beautiful in person! I have not seen another like it. Very sleek, mod, contemporary look. We have this set up in our living room. Music is wonderful, friends & family that have seen it have made the comment that they wouldn't mind coming over to nap at our house with the soothing music! We love that we can use batteries OR that it can be plugged in to an outlet. Save buying batteries! The front to back or side to side swinging motion is wonderful. I love that you can remove the whole seat once baby has fallen asleep and move it to another room with you. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

    The directions do not show the strap while assembling this swing -- it goes in the BACK. Much less hassle if you don't have to try and rub out the warnings with acetone later if you snap it in wrong. Easy to put together too. I did it myself at 35 weeks....more info
  • Good swing...a few questions
    I just put the swing together. My music is not working while it is plugged in. I have not tried batteries yet. Does the swing need batteries to make the music work?

    Looks good so far. I wish there was a little more suppost in the base. It is just a fabric sling support. We'll see how baby likes it! Love the way it looks anyway!...more info
  • Never buy from this seller
    Never buy from this seller. You will not get the item you buy. I have paid for the swing but I did not get it. I did not get my money back....more info
  • Good, but not perfect
    We got this swing with hopes that it would LAST (the motor of our other fisher price swing died twice!) and loved the idea that it could be plugged in to save on batteries. So far so good! It's a beautiful swing, but I do wish it was a bit more masculine-- what looks like a deep red in the photos is actually more of a magenta purple. It's ok for a baby but still more feminine than I'd like for a boy. We like that the seat can be removed, and the music is really lovely and calming. All in all, it's a great swing!...more info