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Panasonic SDR-H60 60 GB Hard Drive Camcorder with 50x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom
List Price: $549.95

Our Price: $419.99

You Save: $129.96 (24%)


Product Description

The SDR-H60's 50x optical zoom lens has the power you need to take dramatic close-ups or get remarkable shots of even distant subjects. Panasonic's Advanced Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S.) suppresses the effects of handshake as you shoot. The system uses gyro sensors to detect handshake, then shifts a lens and adjusts the optical axis to compensate. The SDR-H60's 60GB internal hard disk drive lets you record continuously for up to 54 hours in LP mode without changing a disc, tape or other recording media. Panasonic's Anti-Shock Shield helps protect recorded video data from damage due to jolts and impact. The Drop Detect function senses if the camera is falling and moves the head away from the hard disk. You can transfer the motion-image data from the SD card or the camcorder's hard drive right to your PC using your USB port. With the included VideoCam Suite 1.0 software, you can easily put scenes in a different order and delete the ones you don't want. Advanced OIS Optical Image Stabilization Focal Length - 1.8 - 90 mm 35mm Film Camera Equivalent - 40.9-2046 mm [4 - 3], 33.4-1607 mm [16 - 9] Motion Image, and 40.7-2036 mm [4 - 3]/33.2-1658 mm [16 - 9] Still Picture White Balance - Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, and White Set with IR Sensor High Speed Shutter - 1/30-1/8000 (Motion Image), 1/30-1/500 (Still Picture) Backlight Compensation LCD Monitor - 2.7 Wide (123,200 Dots) Pure Color Engine Soft-Skin Mode Easy-to-Use Mode Dial MagicPix Images Microphone Stereo Zoom Wind Noise Reduction Date Recording - Auto Date in Date Code Quick Start - 0.6 seconds

  • Capture video to hard disk drive; 60 GB storage for up to 54 hours of footage
  • 50x optical zoom
  • Anti-Shock Shield for hard drive protection
  • Panasonic's Advanced Mega OIS technology
  • Compatible with SD/SDHC memory cards

Customer Reviews:

  • Great camcorder at a great price!!
    I got this camera about two weeks ago and it is great! I had read some negative feedback before I bought the camera but went ahead anyway and purchased it. I am glad I did! It is easy to use, well designed and is a pleasure to use. Okay, the software is not too great but I use it just to convert into a video format and then edit the movie with Pinnacle software which I have been using for years.

    The price is fantastic, the image quality is high and it is easy to use. If you are looking for a simple camcorder with a huge hard drive that is affordable then this camera is for you. It is a GREAT VALUE!!!

    I am very pleased with it and strongly recommend it!!!!
    ...more info
  • WAY overpriced and bad design choices.
    The Good: I like the size and ease of use. The 60gb hard drive will store about 7-8hrs at the highest picture level setting. The option to shoot to an SD card, the 50X zoom and the "Copy to DVD" button are nice too. Although the "Copy to DVD" function comes with a serious caveat.

    The Bad: For starters, the laughable software. What are we, beta testers? I don't expect "Adobe Premiere Pro" to come with it, but the included software is wretched. It's impossible to describe the badness of the software. It makes Windows Movie Maker look like something Pixar would use.

    The picture is only adequate and doesn't look much better than the Sony camcorder I purchased nearly ten years ago. When the light gets low the picture becomes "jittery" in a "Time Lapse Security Video" type of way.

    You can't hook the camcorder to your computer or burn to a DVD unless you have it connected to the AC charger, even if you pop in a freshly charged, 3hr battery. Apparently Panasonic thinks that anyone who purchases their products must also lack the good judgment to determine the life of their battery. I can understand a warning prompt if you don't have the AC hooked up, but not a flat out refusal to work. To make matters worse, the "AC charger" is in three parts. The power cord, the battery charger AND the charger that inserts into the camera. More to carry, more to lose. You have to daisy chain all of them to the camcorder in order to copy to your PC/burn to DVD. Also, you can't charge a battery as long as you have the camera charger attached to it (even if it's not inserted into the camera).

    Worse still is that it doesn't come with a remote. I don't mean that you have to purchase it separately; it's not even an option. What the...? My ten year old Sony came with a remote. My $80 DVD player came with a remote. Even my $30 ceiling fan came with a remote! However, Panasonic didn't feel the need to add this as an option to a $500+ camcorder? If you shoot a video and want to watch it right away you have to connect it to your TV and either sit there with the TV in your face and the camcorder in hand so you can control it or simply just let it play as you watch from a comfortable distance. Forget about quickly pausing or rewinding to watch that great moment again. This may sound like a petty gripe, but in practice it's extremely frustrating. The lack of remote might be (barely) understandable in an entry level camcorder, but not at the price Panasonic wants for this one.

    Seriously Panasonic, that's lame and your products are pathetic.

    [...]...more info
  • Panasonic Camcorder
    This is a great camera. Be careful when you buy a spare battery. Some of the larger time batteries require an adapter kit that you must buy from panasonic and costs $100.00. It would be better to buy extra smaller time batteries and save some money. The larger time (7 hr) battery also costs more than $100.00....more info
  • Is not compatible with MAC computers
    I guess i should have searched the depths of the internet to know that these camcorders are not compatible with MAC computers.

    I hate it when certain important details are 'conveniently' either left out or shown in 5 point font size. ...more info
  • Picture quality looks like old videotape.
    I bought this camera for the long recording time, and no tapes needed. It is small and easy to use. Other reviewers noted the terrible software and good workaround (renaming file extensions to .mpg). But the picture quality on the highest setting looks like old VHS tape. The image is very soft, lacking detail. Also, the biggest battery they had at Best Buy was good for about 3 hours, for $80. I have to take the camera off the tripod to change the battery which goes in underneath. I'll try to prove myself wrong, but I think I'll be selling this camera soon....more info
  • The camera sucks!!
    Still photos look awful. Poor quality, dark, washed out. Details are hilarious. And the movies are recorded in a proprietary format which makes it very difficult to share. For whatever reason, each video has three files: one for video, one for audio, and one for who knows what?


    I regret buying this piece of garbage.

    People who are giving this a good review either have low standards, or know nothing about what constitutes a good camera.
    ...more info
  • Unimpressed with this video camera
    This video camera was very easy to use but the quality of the video was substandard in our opinion. Colors were not true and the pictures were very grainy. We got acceptable quality when we filmed outdoors in full sunlight. Other than that, the picture quality was very poor. We chose to return the camera and we're now researching some higher-end Sony cameras....more info
  • Excellent Camcorder
    Excellent Camcorder for the price, got it few days from 6th ave. Did lot of research and decided on this. Upgraded from Panasonic MINI-DV. Seen people complain about the software, but I found it good software. But you have to upgrade it from panasonic web site, go to support and upgrade the software and you will have the latest software for the product.

    Pros: Small size, nice optical zoom, BIG hard drive
    Cons: Video quality little grainy in low light, but all camcorders in this price have the same issue ...more info
  • Great Little Camcorder
    This was great for our recent vacation. The size is so convenient. We were also interested in automatic adjustment for the sun and it performed wonderfully. We have only used it for a short period but so far it is what we wanted....more info
  • Simple to use, great price
    I bought this camera based on a Consumer REports recommendation. IT is a great product, small, light and very simple to use. Simple functions makes it easy to use by everyone.

    I just wish it had a Flash for its still picture function. It doesnt include a memory stick, it should.
    ...more info
  • Panazonic SDR-H60 Camcorder review
    I've never owned a camcorder before this one, but I don't think we could have done a better job picking one out. It's not High Def, but we don't care because we don't have a HD tv anyways. The picture on it is great! The zoom is GREAT! And, we'll for sure never run out of memory due to it's expandible memory port and a 60 Gig built-in hard drive. Havn't got a chance to use it all that much, but from what I have experienced from it thus far, it's awesome! The only negative thing (and maybe it's not fair for me to say because I havn't spent much time trying to get it down) is converting the video to dvd format... One thing I don't like for sure about this product is that the only playback sound comes from the camera and not the tv when you hook it up.. The ultimate question: Would I recomend this product to people I know, YES!...more info
    This is the fourth camcorder I have owned over the past 20 years, and the picture is worse than the VHS camcorder I first bought 20 years ago! It looks fine on the LCD monitor, but when we tried to view it on our TV AND on our computer, it was terrible! It was grainy with low color. What a disppointment! Now I have to pay a 15% restocking fee to return it! We have five children, and video of them growing up is very important to us. I would rather have NO video than the video we get from this sub-standard camera!...more info
  • Works for us!
    We bought this camera to capture life with our new baby girl. So far, it has worked great. It seems to hold a charge for quite some time (we haven't ran the battery dead yet) and is very easy to operate. I was able to upload our videos to our PC with no problem.

    I know the big complaint has been the accompanying video editing software, but we're not "techie" folks, so we will likely never even attempt to use that software.

    I do wholeheartedly recommend buying and using a SD card with any camera; if you store only to the HD and something happens to that HD, you're out of luck completely, whereas with the SD card, you may be out whatever was on the card (which is why you should upload frequently), but at least you can get a new card....more info