Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution
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Product Description

The speed you need. The control you crave. This is the only Cordless Desktop to feature the rechargeable MX Revolution hyper-fast scrolling laser mouse, and a dynamic keyboard display.

  • Connectivity - Wireless
  • Keyboard Color - Black
  • Mouse Color - Black
  • -- Precise, click-to-click scrolling: Switch from rapid scrolling to click-to-click for navigating lists, slides, and images.
  • -- Rapid charging stand: Eliminates the need to change batteries.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good - But Bluetooth Not Compatible
    I have had this product for about a month now. It has met my expectations in every way except it is not compatible with standard bluetooth adapters. You must use the adapter that it comes with. Additionally, their adapter is not able to recognize other bluetooth devices. With this being the case what is the point of the bluetooth?...more info
  • Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution
    Got this because, I had read in other reviews, the mouse was the most accurate for games. I beleive it is, the best one I have ever owned. The bluetooth usb connection actually works well, ulike the packaged crap that came with my hp desktop. Only complaint is the built in battery in mouse should last a little longer. Just remember to plug it up every 7 days or so, depending on the use. Keyboard is also a good product, very responsive and not touchy like some. Worth the higher price. Overall great product ...more info
  • Great Keyboard & Mouse
    Replaced an eight year-old Logitech wireless system with this model and it worked fine right out of the box. I don't do games with the mouse ... just a lot of scrolling, pointing and clicking. I use about half of the keyboard functions. Ergonomically, this new system is a great fit for me....more info
  • Works well with Macintosh
    I purchased this keyboard/mouse combo for use with an Intel iMac running 10.5 (Leopard) with integrated Bluetooth. It paired instantly and with no difficulty using the operating system's integrated Bluetooth setup tools and has consistently maintained an uninterrupted connection for the last three weeks or so. The keyboard and mouse will go into a sleep mode when not in use so I haven't had to charge the mouse up once since I got it, but admittedly I don't use my computer more than an hour or two per day on average.

    On the plus side, some of the buttons which I was not expecting to work do, such as the F1 - F12 buttons and one of the side buttons on the mouse (it moves all windows to the side to show the desktop). The volume buttons on the left side of the keyboard work as well.

    On the downside, some of the advanced features do not work which I expected. This includes configuring the LCD display and some of the other buttons (i.e. clicking the scroll wheel will not open Dashboard the way it does on Apple's mouse). The configuration software that comes with the keyboard is for Windows only so I cannot attempt to do any advanced configuration or programming of other keys. I expected this for the most part so this wasn't upsetting.

    What is a little disappointing, and what kept me from giving the keyboard 5 out of 5 stars is the number keypad doesn't work in all cases. For instance, I cannot rename files in the Finder using the number keypad; I have to use the ones on the main keyboard. Even when the number keypad does work (which is actually most of the time), the computer will play the alert noise when I press the buttons (when filling out a form on the Web for instance). I presume it does this because it doesn't fully recognize the keys. This is slightly annoying but I overlook it since I am at least still able to use the number keypad most of the time.

    Overall, I would recommend this keyboard/mouse for use with a Macintosh....more info
  • great keyboard
    great keyboard. very easy to set up and operate. wish it had backlighting for the keys to use at night but everything else is perfect....more info
  • Very Nice Combo
    I have been using the Logitech MX 5500 Revolution for a few months and would say it is the best keyboard/mouse combo that I have ever used. Be aware, I am not a gamer and have not used a multitude of these combos in the past. The mouse in particular has a great feel and I love the fact that it is wireless bluetooth technology with its own charging dock that only takes about an hour to fully charge the mouse battery. There are a number of functions on the mouse and some can be programmed to your liking with the supplied software.

    The keyboard is also wireless bluetooth and has a good feel while typing. There are numerous functions on it that I haven't even touch the surface with them yet. The only disappointment is that the LCD display is NOT backlit and is nearly impossible to read in low light.

    There are many other detailed reviews here that you can read for all the specific pros and cons...I can only say that I am very pleased with this somewhat pricey combo and would highly recommend it to anyone who can afford it!
    ...more info
  • Works from anywhere in my house!
    I had to move my office to make room for a baby's room, so I had to relocate my computer. I decided to put computer tower in my laundry room and then run SVGA monitor cables to my computer monitor and my 46 inch LCD TV. I was concerned that I would have problems with the keyboard and mouse because I have two walls between my 46" TV and the computer tower. I bought the MX5500 after reading one of the earlier reviews stating that the customer had no problems with walls interfering with them. I hooked up the keyboard and mouse (which is extremely simple) and tried it out. The keyboard and mouse work great. I have no problems with either of them and it is no different that using the connected keyboard and mouse. I tried the keyboard and mouse all over my house and found that it works anywhere. Thru walls, thru floors this product is great and works exactly like I wanted it. I would definately recommend this product to someone who wanted to place their computer tower in another room from the monitor....more info
  • Works Great
    Arrived within 5 days and worked straight out of the box. The mouse is very comfortable and the smooth and hard scrolling is very useful for scrolling through web pages very fast. The LCD is not back lit but is got a built in Calculator and counts your keys pressed with some other useful features.
    Overall good product...more info
  • Amazing Combo from Logitech
    Before owning this keyboard and mouse combo I had the older MX 3100 which I was really impressed with and lasted me a good 3-4 years of heavy use, but the batteries just don't hold the charge they used to. So when looking for a new keyboard Logitech was again a logical choice with their track record of reliable products, and I must say that this MX 5500 set is superior in every aspect to anything I've ever used.

    The hardware feels really solidly built, and looks very sleek, while also being very comfortable to use. I liked the idea of a screen on the keyboard that would constantly display the date & time, give e-mail alerts, show media information, and even show the room temperature, but was sceptical after reading many reviews saying that it was hard to see. Maybe it has something to do with lighting, but I have to say, I have no trouble reading the display at all. I have tested the display playing media in both Winamp and Windows Media Player; both worked flawlessly without any effort on my part. When the calculator button on the keyboard is pressed, the display shows the results of whatever operation you have computed, so you don't have to open the windows calculator and deal with another window, which is really conveinient. The keyboard's keys are also really soft and barely make any noise when typing which I really like. The built on palm rest is also a welcome addition, and has a rubbery texture to it that feels nice to the touch. The keyboard's media keys and other shortcut keys are really well integrated into the keyboard design, and are not huge and gaudy annoyances. The old MX 3100 set essentially had exactly the same key layout as this MX 5500 set, and I really preffer the bigger delete key and half-sized F keys that also serve as shortcuts to office programs etc.. I do not miss the NUM lock or Scroll lock keys which have been integrated into the setpoint software instead of receiving their own dedicated keys. I also like the fact that the keyboard shortcuts are written on the front of the keys such as copy, paste, open, find, etc... The battery life for the keyboard also seems to be exceptional, as I've used it for a few weeks and the counter in the setpoint software which tells you how many more days the battery is good for has only reduced by 2 or 3 days. With my old set I only had to replace the batteries in the keyboard once in 3 years, so this really should not be a concern for going wireless. Also, Amazon seems to have given the dimensions of the product box in the product information which can be misleading. I was worried that the screen's added height wouldn't allow the keyboard to fit in my pullout tray, but it fits fine. The actual keyboard dimensions are 19"x9.25"x2.38" (LxWxH). Overall the keyboard is very functional and has a really good feel of quality and durability.

    The mouse is also an excellent piece of hardware and is very comfortable in your hand, assuming you are right handed :) It seems to track perfectly on every surface I have tried, and the fast scrolling wheel is a really neat and useful feature. I am still experiemnting with it, but the wheel can either react in the traditional manner or set to a free spin mode. However it seems to have a hard time staying engauged in free spin mode for me. Clicking the wheel down re-engauges the free spin mode again, but Logitech may need to perfect this a little more in the future. Again the mouse, like the keyboard, also seems to be really well built and the thumb rest area also has the same rubbery texture that the palm rest of the keyboard has, which is a nice addition. The upper edge also has forward and back button, easilly reachable with your thumb, for ease of browsing the web. The second wheel on the side of the mouse doesn't turn fully; it rotates about 45 degrees forward or back to switch between windows, and clicks inward to make a window selection. This works well and gives the mouse a unique look while also being very functional. One of my main qualifications for a new wireless keyboard and mouse combo was a rechargeable mouse, and the MX 5500 is the only Logitech product to include one. Batteries are just an annoyance I would rather not buy and deal with. The rechargeable battery seems to be holding a charge vey well and has only worn down one of it's three bars on the meter displayed on the mouse after a few weeks of use. The Bluetooth has worked flawlessly for both the mouse and keyboard. Both devices were automatically connected as soon as I plugged in the Bluetooth USB receiver, even without the SetPoint software being installed. I haven't had to mess with them at all since. Everything just works the way it should the first time which is great; cudos to Logitech!

    SetPoint Software:
    The setpoint software gives you the ability to change the basic tasks of the buttons on the keyboard and mouse along with other various common settings you would expect for a mouse and keyboard. Not too bloated, but yet it gives you the control of the things you need control of. While the keyboard and mouse will work without the software, some of the shortcut keys and keyboard display require it to function correctly, which is really no big deal and is to be expected. Installation of the software went really smooth and I just used the latest software off Logitech's website instead of the CD. I had everything installed and fully functional within ten minutes or so. It also had no problem handling having both my old MX 3100 set along with me new MX 5500 connected at one time, while allowing for customization of each. I really have no complaints about it!

    Bottom line:
    The MX 5500 is a really solidly built, sleek, and quality set that you shouldn't hesitate to buy. While the price may be a little high it has a reassuring 3 year warranty and will probably last longer than that anyways. You get what you pay for! With wireless in particular, a quality product that is reliable and doesn't require you to mess with all the time because the connection keeps dropping or because of other issues other issues is worth the price. It just works...exceptionally well!!! ...more info
  • Almost Perfect
    This keyboard and mouse desktop has so many good things about it, such as the ultra quiet keys, the soft wrist rest, and even the built-in calculator - I haven't even used all of its many features. The mouse feels great in the hand (although I'm glad I'm not left handed!) and the scroll wheel can really speed through a page. The only thing I don't like is the fact that you have to take up one of your USB ports for the bluetooth receiver, or whatever it is. I never understood why that was necessary, when I have bluetooth built into my laptop, but this set won't run without it. Nevertheless, I'm happy with this desktop and with the price I paid as well - about half of what Best Buy wanted.

    I recommend buying this set, but keep in mind that you will have to devote a USB port to use it....more info
  • Pricey - But Good
    Although the keyboard & mouse combo is a bit pricey, the look, feel and performance are everything I have come to expect from Logitech. Performance is superior to that of comparable offerings from MS....more info
  • Too expensive for the features
    This product its nice, as a keyboard and mouse, they are ok, nice looking, some nice features, but the money, well the product is really overvalued, its no worthy unless you want to pay for the "brand" instead of a keyboard and mouse....more info
  • good keyboard/ mouse combo
    Works really well... the installation is easy - just hook up the usb stick and you are ready to go... very well thought out features... never been this geeked out over a keyboard/ mouse... but it is pretty cool... well worth the cost...
    - I don't like the volume/ zoom controls on the left side of the keyboard, would have perfered them on the right or the to of the keyboard...
    - Delete / End keys on the keyboard are in different positions so takes some getting used to...
    - Internal calculator is a good feature but sometimes you forget that you are using the keyboard calculator and not the one on the computer......more info
  • Logitech MX5500 Wireless Keyboard & Mousse
    I felt I needed a wireless keyboard and mouse. I had a Logitech MX Revolution mouse, which has been superb for more than a year. It has a load of features, doesn't hurt my hand and is very easy and accurate. It charges quickly.

    My concern about the keyboard was the touch. I have RSI and some pain in my hands. I've tried several keyboards that literally made my fingers numb and had to return them.

    The logitech keyboard is one of the best I've ever used and has a very soft touch. I like the date and time feature and the single function, programmable keys. It's very hand to pull up a frequently used Word document file with one touch on the keyboard; ditto for several favorite websites, mail and photo files. Also, the delete key is long, well positioned and very easy to hit.

    I am very happy with the keyboard/mouse combo and would highly recommend it. I have a second Logitech MX Rev mouse (travel/back up) and when the charger died recently I called and they replaced it within days. Turns out these have a 5 year waranty. A happy bonus to a great product. (Amazon also had the best price I found.

    ...more info
  • Logitech Cordless Keyboard
    Excellent wireless unit! Surprised at the excellent quality and feel. Keys respond with excellent touch and no lag. A somewhat more compact layout than the conventional keyboards, but not difficult becoming accustomed to it. Very customizable, but if your memory is as short as mine, you will need a cheat sheet to remember where/what you programmed. Have had this unit in use nearly a month now and the battery still indicates 'full.'(requires 4 alkaline batteries, included) The revolution wireless mouse that comes with the unit is excellent, tracks precisely, with no lag, and also has programmable buttons and wheels. Two small nits to pick: 1) Like most keyboards, the plastic elevating feet are small and suspect in their survivability. Would like to see something more robust with at least a modicum of height adjustment selection. Mine are still intact, but did read one report that had a foot broken on receipt of the unit. 2) The palm rest, while probably an excellent fit for some women's hands, is a little short for most man-sized hands; however, the more I use the keyboard the less this appears a problem. Bottom line reads that this is an excellently constructed unit, easy to use, and NOT over-priced when you compare it to other wireless units! NOTE: Supplied with blue tooth connection device - NOT necessary to buy, as I did after reading about someone having blue tooth connectivity issues, a blue tooth adapter!

    ...more info
  • Just what I ordered and expected
    This set was just the right fit. It was a dramatic improvement and helped me to be more productive. Just what I needed and was looking for....more info
  • MX 5500 Revolution Bundle
    The MX 5500 Revolution combo is just amazing. Simple as that. I purchased it because of it's feature set, which includes BlueTooth(r) connectivity, media control buttons, and a recharging dock for the mouse. My laptop has BlueTooth(r) built in, and the connection works seamlessly - even on the log-in screen.
    Setup was a breeze, and I haven't had a problem with it since. I was worried because I run Windows Vista, and I'd heard that there were quite a few compatibility issues with drivers and so forth, but I haven't had so much as a hiccup since installation.
    Buy it? Yes, definitely!...more info
  • awsome
    works great, using it about 20 feet from source, battery life so far
    is very good. no problems at all. this is my first wireless keyboard &
    mouse & i love it. will use again if needed....more info
    Super-fast response time. Low-noise keyboard. Best-ever shaped mouse with every possible function. Bought this to replace Logitech's top-end model from 5 year's ago. I was disappointed that I needed to get a new one because I wasn't sure I would get to keep all the functions. But this model has even more to offer. The mouse fits the hand perfectly and holds its charge for longer than I can sit in front of a computer... and it stills works the next day when the kids leave it out of the charger overnight. And Bluetooth is always worth the extra money.
    My only complaint is that the letters on the keyboard are in an unusual font which confuses my aged eyeballs sometimes....more info
  • Wonderful Range, Amazing Performance, Cool features
    We did hours upon hours of online research looking for a wireless keyboard/mouse that would work with our HTPC for a reasonable price. This unit is perfect. It works flawlessly from distances >15 ft. away and on a different level than the receiver (our HTPC rests on top of our TV cabinet). Battery life is great, we've been using the keyboard heavily (the HTPC is used for all of our TV watching and regular computing needs) for over a month now and it's showing no signs of slowing down. The LCD on the keyboard has some really nifty features. It shows the track information in media center or media player. It shows the computer time and has an onboard thermometer to show the current room temperature. The calculator function is also neat. The keyboard functions as a stand alone calculator, it doesn't just open the windows calculator on the PC. There are great HTPC buttons on the keyboard so you can zoom, adjust the volume, and change the active windows without any effort. You can also reassign all the keys and the scroll wheels on the mouse.

    Overall I was disappointed in our HTPC, but this keyboard/mouse combo changed that. I love it! ...more info
  • Logitech MX5500 Worth the Money
    Great keyboard and mouse, worth every penny, but did get it cheaper on Amazon with free shipping. Charging station for mouse is a big plus. Still haven't had time to play with all the features on the keyboard but am sure I will like it even better when I get a chance. Installation was a breeze....more info
  • Works Very Well
    Like the last logitech keyboard/mouse set I purchased, this one works very well. I was a little concerned with the Bluetooth implementation through Vista but I've had not hangups.

    Keys have good tactile response and is not clacky. The only thing I dislike are the media control keys. They are a bit small and placed very close together. I haven't memorized the placement yet so that annoyance may be resolved down the road.

    The mouse is very comfortable and I utilize all the extra buttons.

    Overall, very solid product....more info
  • Top Marks for Logitech's Cordless MX5500 Revolution!
    Over the years I've owned 4 or 5 Logitech keyboard and mouse combinations. The MX5500 is clearly the best one I've owned to date. The only slight drawback is that because it is cordless, the keys are not backlit (this would really be handy when game playing in the dark!). It would draw too much power with backlit keys and batteries really wouldn't last long. It has many excellent features, such as assignable tasks to hot keys, incoming e-mail alerts and a clock, among many, many others. The "Setpoint" software allows the user many setting variables for both the mouse and keyboard. Excellent piece of work!...more info
  • Logitech keyboard and mouse
    Installed this on my computer without a hitch.(Running Vista) Great product. Very pleased with purchase....more info
  • Not for Mac's
    I have a Mac Mini with an Intel Core 2 Duo. I regularly switch between the Mac OS and Windows XP using Parallels Desktop. For this reason I prefer Windows rather than Mac keyboards. In the past I've used Logitech mice and have liked every one. At this point I wanted a cordless keyboard and mouse, so I turned to Logitech and decided to try the MX 5500 because I wanted to try Bluetooth and my prior experience with an MX mouse was excellent.

    Logitech makes it clear at their web site that they don't recommend using this product for Mac. However, they don't support the Wave Pro for Mac, either, but if you read the comments here on Amazon there are many Mac user who find the Wave Pro works fine for them. Therefore, I decided to try this in spite of the lack of Logitech support.

    The basic keyboard and mouse functions worked fine right out of the box. Because of this I can say this is a very high quality product, and for that reason I spent many hours trying to make the added features work on either or both the Mac and Windows OS on this Mac Duo. I failed. I downloaded the latest software for Mac and Windows from the Logitech site. I sent an e-mail to their support group; this was not very helpful. Finally I called their support group; this was VERY helpful. In the end, however, I had to send the product back.

    A few of the special function keys work. It is possible to turn iTunes off/on and change the volume from the keyboard. The keyboard calculator works on both operating systems (i.e. calculations are visible in the LCD), but the keyboard was usable to enter numbers into Word or Excel documents only on the Mac side, not Windows. Only the right and left click and the scroll wheel worked on the mouse. The only other LCD function that worked was the temperature (always in centigrade). None of the other function buttons, such as insert, print screen, etc. seem to work.

    Neither the LCC on Mac (with Windows completely turned off) or the Setpoint on Windows would recognize the keyboard or the mouse. I could connect using Bluetooth (e.g. everything showed up in System Profile) but neither keyboard or mouse showed up in the LCC and Setpoint. For this reason it was not possible to program or use the F buttons in any way.

    In summary, I think this is probably an excellent product for Windows running on a PC, but it didn't meet my needs at the most rudimentary level for Mac alone or for Windows running on a Mac Intel Core 2 Duo. ...more info
  • Great Desktop Set, TERRIBLE Installation
    I'm running on WinXP Pro 64-bit. This keyboard and mouse worked right out of the box with the included Bluetooth hub. However, that was using Windows' native Bluetooth drivers, and not the specialized program Logitech provides that really gives this desktop set its customization power. This is where I ran into major problems (probably 6-8 hours total of troubleshooting before finally finding a solution).

    Installation Woes:
    I installed the latest Setpoint software for my OS, and immediately both mouse and keyboard completely stopped responding, and would not work till I had uninstalled Setpoint and rebooted a couple times. THIS IS NOT GOOD! On top of the actual hardware not responding, the Setpoint program itself was missing the Mouse and Keyboard tabs that give you the functionality Setpoint is made for. I tried many things - searching the Logitech forums, the product documentation, Google, installations on a clean boot, everything! I tried installing previous versions of Setpoint with the same bad results. Then I came across a tiny gem of a Logitech support article - people who were having problems getting Setpoint to display the Keyboard/Mouse tabs were told to try changing a particular driver file with a ".sys" file extension to a ".bak" file extension, and reinstall Setpoint.

    ...IT WORKED!!!! Keep in mind that this fix doesn't work for everyone having issues with Setpoint, but the fact that I had to do such a backdoor type of fix to get Setpoint to install correctly brings this desktop set down to 4 stars for me. I have a pretty good amount of technical experience, but for someone that doesn't, that fix might not have even been possible, resulting in a returned product and a bad experience with Logitech. So if you are prepared for the fact that this desktop set's software might not work out of the box and requires some troubleshooting, you will probably be happier.

    Overall Impressions (Mouse):
    After getting past the hurdle of installing the set, it has truly become my dream keyboard/mouse set. The mouse is of course the main reason I and a lot of people buy this set. The scroll wheel is unique to the pricier Logitech mice, since it's made of metal and has a two different scroll settings - free spinning and click-to-click(ratcheted spin). Setpoint provides functionality to customize all the settings on a per application basis. I'm used to a smooth-scroll action on Microsoft mice which is not ratcheted, but has a decent amount of resistance. The MX Revolution mouse has no such resistance... give it a quick flick and it will spin for several seconds. This takes some getting used to, so be warned. However, it is an amazing feature and I'm loving it so far. If you use Setpoint's option to enable the mouse to freely switch between the free spin setting and the click-to-click setting, the mouse will decide when you are trying to scroll quickly or slowly and will adjust. This is accompanied by a mechanical sounding click from inside the mouse when switching between modes - particularly when going from free spin to ratcheted.

    I have XP, so the document flipper thumb switch doesn't work quite as elegantly for me as for Vista users. It does still work though, and it's quite convenient, though really it works exactly like Alt+Tab. The other mice buttons are all customizable too, and I've actually set my browser to recognize left and right scroll wheel motions as forward and backward in the browser. This is a function I pined for on my older Microsoft mouse, and I couldn't be happier. My one beef with this mouse is that it's rechargeable, meaning I can't remove the batteries and replace them. Battery life should be approximately 2 weeks per charge, and I'm planning on turning the mouse off at night to extend this.

    Overall I am very thrilled with the mouse and I think you will be too. It's just SO customizable that anyone can make it work exactly as they wish.

    Overall Impressions (Keyboard):
    If you require a crisp, louder typing experience, this is probably not the keyboard for you. I've seen the typing experience described as "mushy" and "soft" and both terms describe it pretty well. However, the keyboard is quiet, the key response is great, and quite honestly, I find it a refreshing change from my extremely loud Desktop Elite keyboard, especially since I'm a particularly hard typist. As far as the customization of the keyboard, there are nearly as many options as there are for the mouse. All function + extra keys can be reassigned, and the LCD screen is an oddity, but not so bad. I'm still trying to figure out all the different buttons and how they work! I'm a little disappointed that the keyboard requires 4 AA batteries, but the battery charge counter in Setpoint claims that the batteries will last at least half a year, which I guess isn't so bad. I'd like an on/off switch on the board similar to the mouse, to lengthen this lifetime when I'm not using it. The positioning of the media keys is great but strangely enough none of these buttons are customizable. However, all functions work perfectly in Winamp 5.5, which is more than I got from my Desktop Elite, and they should work great in Windows Media Player or any other common media program. Setpoint also allows you to disable certain buttons you may never use and could hit accidentally, such as the Insert, ScrollLock, and CapsLock keys.

    Here I'll address some of the common complaints about this keyboard in its layout, etc:
    1. Calculator button - yes, the dedicated calculator button only uses the LCD, not the Windows Calculator. However, Setpoint provides functionality to assign the value to the system clipboard whenever you hit enter, which is adequate. Any one of the other buttons can be reassigned to use the Windows calculator anyway - I changed the Gadgets button, and there's no problems.

    2. Lack of direction keys in the numeric keypad. Yes, this is true. I've never used the numeric keypad to do directions, so for me it's not an issue. However, if you do, look somewhere else. Because of this, there's no Numlock key, and good riddance!

    3.LCD is not backlit. This is also true - the LCD is kind of strange since it's white text on a black background, by default. However, by hitting Fn+Insert, you can actually change the LCD to be black text on a lighter background. At this point I'm not sure which one would use more battery power, especially since this LCD screen never turns off, even when the computer is off. However, by changing this setting it makes the LCD screen to appear to be off center... as in, there's a pretty wide (1cm) black vertical band on the left side of the LCD, but only a very thin one on the right. The wider band on the left is meant to notify you of such things as new mail (blinking envelope), CapsLock being on, etc, but do not change to black on white like the rest of the LCD screen, which I find strange. I like the thermometer, key counter, and media options on the LCD screen.

    4. Cannot use during boot time - NOT true. As long as you have updated your BIOS recently, you should be okay. I was able to use this BT keyboard to get into my BIOS settings, and my BIOS is about 6 months old. If using this keyboard during boot time is important to you, ensure that your BIOS is updated, and you should be okay.

    Bluetooth Connectivity, etc:
    I originally decided on getting a Bluetooth desktop set because my netbook has bluetooth, and I wanted a mouse that could work on both (obviously not at the same time, that's unnecessary). My desktop does not have integrated Bluetooth, so I'm using Logitech's supplied BT dongle. It's a good thing, too, because in the documentation, it says that Setpoint is only available for those using Logitech's BT dongle hub, and if you're using some other type, such as internal BT, you can't get the same customizability. I haven't specifically tested this yet, but that is a concern. However, I was able to pair up my netbook to this hub, so as long as you have Setpoint correctly configured you can use this BT hub for any of your devices, including cell phones and BT headsets.

    No drops yet in connectivity, other than the odd times when I've booted up the computer before turning on the mouse. This was remedied by just turning on the mouse and hitting the BT connect button on the bottom of the mouse, and Setpoint recognized, paired, and I was using my mouse within 10 seconds. I've also tested this mouse with my EeePC 1000H and got them to pair together with minimal effort - using the native Windows Bluetooth stack, of course.

    Bottom Line:
    If you're looking for a desktop set that has a HUGE amount of customizability, and you do not currently have Bluetooth capability in your computer, I recommend this set! I'm afraid that without the Logitech hub as your Bluetooth source, you may not be able to get your money's worth from this set. However, for those who are willing to spend a little time customizing and playing with all the possible settings for this combo set, you will be well rewarded... as long as you can get through installation. ;) Happy typing and mousing!...more info
  • Outstanding Cordless Combo
    Between work and home I use and demo about a dozen keyboards or mice a year. Have always wanted an efficient and functional cordless combo. The Logitech Cordless MX 5500 Revolution is by far the best I have found to date. Great functionality, hot keys, wireless/bluetooth connectivity, and a few bonus fun features. Would love if they could transition to no battery replacements for the keyboard (charge like the mouse somehow) - but still a great accessory package....more info
  • Works Great!
    This keyboard and mouse works better than any other bluetooth set I have tried. The hookup was seamless. The display on the keyboard is a very nice feature. The mouse is comfortable and very responsive. I have had only a few minor issue with the setpoint software (no more than I had with MS intellipoint). The programmable keys and buttons allow the user to set this pair up for very efficient use. I am very pleased with the set....more info
  • Logitech's Flagship Keyboard and Mouse Combo
    I got the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution to replace my Dell Bluetooth Keyboard-Mouse Combo, which I strongly advise you to steer clear of.

    The Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5500 Revolution comprises the MX Revolution mouse and the MX 5500 keyboard. I have evaluated each unit individually (under the headers, MX REVOLUTION MOUSE, and MX 5500 KEYBOARD) and in combination (under the header MOUSE & KEYBOARD).


    - Function
    The MX Revolution has, of course, the usual controls on a mid-range to high-end mouse: forward button, back button, and scroll-wheel. The scroll-wheel is clickable and can be rocked from side to side (default function: horizontal scrolling). In addition, there is another button located right behind the scroll-wheel (default function: Internet search). The mouse also has a thumb-wheel (default function: Document Flip). What sets this mouse apart is its much-hyped hyper scrolling feature.

    - Hyper Scrolling
    I didn't understand what all the fuss over this Hyper Scrolling business was about, but after I saw it in action - boy, was I impressed. The Hyper Scrolling feature is used thus:

    1. A quick flick of the wheel in either direction sets the wheel spinning like a flywheel, and correspondingly, sends a scroll bar moving very rapidly in the designated direction - a useful feature for speeding through those arduously long Web pages or documents with ease.

    2. For regular scrolling, turn the wheel as you would normally. The wheel actually responds with feedback so the user feels each notch as the wheel is turned ("click-to-click" mode). What's amazing is the feel of the wheel is indistinguishable from that of a regular mouse.

    3. The wheel can also be set (using the SetPoint application) to scroll smoothly ("free spin" mode). A smart electronic mechanism in the mouse controls whether the scroll-wheel is in "click-to-click" or "free spin" mode. Nifty!

    4. Hyper Scrolling can be disabled with the SetPoint application if you choose not to use it.

    - Tracking
    The MX Revolution uses a laser for tracking instead of an optical sensor that picks up images taken by a built-in camera. The primary advantage of laser over optical mice is that laser mice can track on any surface. This mouse took on surfaces that my optical mice had trouble tracking - with no problems. The tracking resolution is 800 dpi, which some people find to be slightly low. I find that it provides very smooth and accurate tracking regardless.

    - Customization
    For whatever reason, Logitech decides that you should have complete customization on all the buttons except one, namely, the thumb wheel located on the side of the mouse. For this button, you're limited to the following choices: Document Flip, Zoom, Volume, Media, Thumb Scroll, and keystrokes customization for each of the forward, back, and wheel-click motions of the thumb-wheel.

    - Power Consumption
    A full charge of the mouse usually lasts me about 6-7 days with heavy use (8 or more hours a day). The mouse fully charges in about 2 hours. The battery indicator in the Logitech SetPoint software shows the battery level in terms of "days" and "percentage" of remaining power. When the mouse is fully charged, the indicator always shows "9 days" and "100%" in remaining battery power. I reckon with moderate use, the battery indicator should be a fairly accurate gauge.

    - Ergonomics
    The MX Revolution continues the tradition of Logitech's line of exceptionally well-designed and ergonomic mice. The placement of the scroll-wheel, the thumb-wheel, and all buttons are perfect for me as they are within comfortable reach of my fingers. The mouse is ergonomically shaped and fits very comfortably in my hand (I have average-sized hands). Last, I should also mention that this mouse is designed for right-handed use only. Sorry, lefties.

    >> MX 5500 KEYBOARD <<

    - Size
    The keyboard has a sizable footprint. The dimensions are approximately 18.5" x 9" x 1.5" (Length x Width x Height measured at the widest points). The wrist rest is, unfortunately, not detachable.

    - Weight
    The keyboard isn't what I would call light, but it's not intolerably heavy either. In terms of the ease of portability, I wish it was just a tad lighter. On the other hand, its moderate weight also helps to keep it securely weighted down on its rubber feet so it doesn't slide around while you're typing.

    - Ergonomics
    The wrist-rest helps a little with fatigue. Its has a rubberized texture and has a nice soft feel to it. The tactile feel of the keys is more like that on a "regular" keyboard rather than on a laptop keyboard. The keyboard is fairly quiet when in operation.

    - Power Consumption
    The keyboard uses 4 AA batteries. The battery life is pretty decent. I've owned the combo set for 2 months now and I'm still on the same set of batteries (I'm using 2400 mAh rechargeables). At this point, the battery indicator on the Logitech SetPoint application says it has 30 days' worth of battery life left.

    >> MOUSE & KEYBOARD <<

    - Connectivity
    The keyboard and mouse both use Bluetooth wireless technology. I was able to set them up very quickly and easily - without a hitch. The Bluetooth connectivity has proven to be extremely reliable. Neither the keyboard nor mouse has lost connectivity since I had them set up - not once - a pleasant surprise, considering my old Dell bluetooth combo dropped out of connection several times a day. The wireless range is equally amazing. I tested the Bluetooth connection by bringing the keyboard and mouse to a room adjacent to the one my computer was housed, and lo and behold, both the keyboard and mouse worked!

    - Response
    I am unable to perceive any lag in the responses of both the mouse and keyboard. Even after the units have gone to sleep after a period of inactivity, it takes no time, or at most a split second, to wake up and respond to any keystrokes or mouse movements.

    >> Conclusion

    The keyboard is more on the large side for me (larger keyboards seem to be the norm now). Otherwise, it is top-notch and one of the best keyboards I've ever used. The mouse earns high marks for its ergonomics, styling, performance, and innovative hyper-scrolling feature - It's the best mouse I have ever used, and I've run through quite a few from Logitech. Overall, the desktop set has performed exceptionally well and I have never encountered any quirks or annoyances. I don't think you can go wrong with this one!...more info
  • Works very well
    This keyboard and mouse linked up perfectly with the built in bluetooth in my Acer machine. I initally used the dongle and thought I would try the bluetooth in my laptop, worked as if the dongle was plugged in. Now I have my USB port back....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    Mouse is somewhat comfortable to use, and it is not too heavy. Its battery lasts for about a week under normal use, when fully charged, and not the 14 days that its application indicates. The recharger base is a nice thing to have, and can charge the mouse in a few hours. But, it would have been nice if it was designed in such a way that it was easy to use. Whoever designed the charger's base must have been on something very strong. Good luck trying to get the mouse to line up on the charger.
    Mouse's pointer is not 100% accurate, and sometimes it takes a bit of back-and-forth moving to position the pointer on a small icon or object. Free-spin does not work well at all, and it does roll back most of the times. Sometimes, I have to manually set it to Click-to-Click so that it stops rolling the opposite direction. It automatically switches between Free-Spin and Click-to-Click, when it is setup to do so, but I cannot tell what makes it switch between the two options. Sometimes it seems like it just switches as soon as you touch the mouse, and without even touching the wheel. It seems like that the Free-Spin function does not work right.
    The keyboard is already in the trash after about 4 months of using it. It was just not usable, and the feel of it was terrible. I had to get rid of it. I just could not type on it. It drove me crazy enough that I just finally got mad and throw it away.
    So, overall do not waste you money on this set. It really is not worth the money, and even if you buy it cheap, it does not work well. The biggest problem is its bad design. They should have tried to keep it simple, and normal. When a keyboard does not feel and look like a keyboard, then it is not a keyboard....more info
  • Amazing!
    ive had the logitech mx55oo for wuite some time now, and i havent had a single problem with it. batteries last forever on keyboard. mouse recharges easily.
    i do wish there we more hot keys available on the key board.
    aside from that.
    2 thumbs up! way up!...more info
  • Just Super
    This keyboard is simply great; wireless and portable so it travels well with your laptop, I just adore it. THE INSTRUCTIONS, HOWEVER LEAVE AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT TO BE DESIRED, REALLY. From the fold/pull out to the manner in which they are written. It is the only thing lacking in this keyboard. Otherwise, however, I am in love. Truly....more info
  • Don't Buy a product full of bugs
    I bought this thing and it do not work as expected - the email display don't work due to a bug on software and Logitech don't care on updating it after 10 months!!!

    Don't buy a product that its desktop software is full of bugs and a company like logitech will not update it after 10 months!!...more info
  • Great Setup With A Few Nuisances
    I have been using Logitech cordless mice for decades and their cordless desktops since pretty much the first one. Each Logitech set tends to be 'best of breed' in their time and the MX-5500 Revolution is definitely one of the best configurations currently on the market. I purchased this to use on a new system and was recently using the MX-5000 on my work and home computers so some of my comments will reflect comparisons to the MX-5000. Also, be aware that I am a self-proclaimed 'keyboard junkie' and use a ton of keyboard shortcuts to limit the time I go to the mouse so I can work a little faster so some comments may not apply as much if you are a heavy `mouser'. Simply put, I like the setup and even with some of the cons I note I think it is really nice and worth the money.

    *** PROS ***

    The display text is a little larger and a little better angle than the MX-5000 was. That said, less info shows on the display so you have to scroll between settings to see additional info. For example if you want to go from the temperature to see the time or the current track playing you have to press a button below the display to do so. I like the display though and think the increased visibility is a nice change from the MX-5000.

    This was very easy to setup. The keyboard and mouse work just fine by doing nothing more than connecting the dongle to a USB port though you don't get some of the more advanced features without installing Set Point. As always, do not install the Set Point software that comes with the combo - go to the support link at www.logitech.com and download the latest version. Each version of Set Point has added features and stability over the previous versions which was very important with the MX-5000. I downloaded version 4.60 (shipped with 4.26) and it updated the Bluetooth dongle firmware without any interaction during the installation. I was not prompted for a reboot when the install completed and I found the keyboard a little flaky until I reboot the computer. After the reboot everything worked perfectly.

    I love that Logitech got away from the touch system on the MX-5000 for media controls and used real keys. For volume, mute, track and play/pause it is much better to have 'real' keys instead of the touch variations on the MX-5000.

    The entire system works very cleanly with almost no lag. This is a combination of the new bluetooth dongle and the enhancements in recent versions of Set Point. With a recent version of Set Point the MX-5000 had almost no lag, but it seems that the MX-5500 is even better.

    This system is highly configurable. That said, you will see some issues in the CONS section with regards to configurability. Despite those issues, this is by far the most configurable combo setup from Logitech. I love changing the thumb scroll wheel to control volume (push is mute) and being able to change the main scroll wheel to click or fast spin per application is great. Even with the default setup this is nicely configured and I think most folks will really like the options.

    The one touch search is a fairly nifty feature as well. Basically you highlight a word or phrase, aim the mouse at it and press the button below the scroll wheel to kick off an Internet search. It defaults to Yahoo search, but you can change it to Google, AOL or live pretty easily.

    *** CONS ***

    No power switch on the keyboard. Many of the previous cordless keyboards from Logitech included this feature. No matter how power efficient the keyboard is, it drains the battery faster turned on than if you shut it off at night, on weekends, etc. You can always remove the batteries, but that is not very realistic on a regular basis. Without a power switch the keyboard should `hibernate' or go into some other power saving mode after being unused for a period of time.

    The power cable is permanently attached to the mouse cradle. The previous versions had a cable that plugged into the cradle which made running the wire through desks or around obstacles a little easier. I found it a bit annoying trying to run the power cord so it was fairly hidden as the wall plug was on one side and the cradle the other and neither part easily fit through the cable cutouts in the desk.

    I have found that the keyboard is not responsive before booting into Windows. This can be an issue if you need to boot into safe mode, modify the BIOS, etc. If you get this set, make sure to keep an old wired keyboard handy just in case you ever need it. Actually, it is not a bad idea to keep an old corded keyboard and mouse with any wireless set as it seems that the batteries only go out when you don't have spares.

    The Windows right-click button (AKA "App Menu") is missing and replaced with a Logitech FN key (this key is typically found between CTRL and ALT to the right of the space bar). You can access this feature by pressing the FN+PRINT SCREEN or SHIFT+F10. Multiple keys are definitely more hassle than it is worth for most keyboard junkies. It would be nice if the FN key could be remapped as a right-click key, but that is not possible per Logitech.

    Using the main scroll wheel to scroll side to side is a bit tough. Many higher end mouses include the ability to `push' the wheel to scroll left and right. This works, but I have to move my hand around on the mouse to do it. Folks with different hand shapes may not have this issue and it is not the most commonly used mouse feature anyway. This is likely not a huge negative unless you just love doing this type of scrolling.

    The sleep button above number pad can be a problem. While this button is more out of the way than many of their previous keyboards, it is still fairly easy to hit it if you do a lot of 10 key work. All it takes is one 'fat finger' moment and you have put the computer to sleep. For some less savvy computer users they will have a `what is happening' panic moment that could be fairly stressful even though they likely won't lose anything. It would be optimal if you could remap this key or disable the feature, but that is not possible currently.

    The missing NUM LOCK key is just plain annoying. This has been discussed by a number of people so I will not harp on it here. The number pad is enabled by default and you do have arrows in the middle of the keyboard, but for gaming and some other applications is it nice to turn on the navigation keys on the number pad. Not a huge issue for me, but something to consider if this is a deal breaker for you.

    There is no USB extension cable for the bluetooth dongle as came with previous versions. I often didn't use the USB extension cable, but it was handy for some desks where the monitor, keyboard and mouse are fairly distant from the actual computer. An extension cord is easily available and it may be just as easy to have a small USB hub for convenience if you really have connection issues. I was able to use the keyboard and mouse much further away from the dongle than with the MX-5000 so I don't think this will be much of an issue and the increased distance is likely why the cord is no longer included.

    I miss the scroll up/down buttons above/below the scroll wheel in the MX-5000. That was pretty handy when scrolling through a large document. These buttons helped when reading something lengthy so I didn't burn out my index finger scrolling a lot. I think it would have been tough to include these buttons with the design of the Revolution mouse, so I can understand why they are no longer there but I still miss them.

    The inability to change the one-click search to a different engine than Google, Yahoo, AOL or Live is a bummer. If you love a different search engine, this really restricts you. Since most folks probably use one of these engines it is likely not a huge issue. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a 'tweak' to change this, but geek tweaking is probably more hassle than it is worth for most.

    *** LOVE IT OR HATE IT ***

    Mouse scroll wheel switches between hyper spin and click spin. I have enjoyed this feature and it is great that you can configure it to click spin a little slower in a program like your browser, but do a faster free spin in programs like Word or Acrobat where you have a lot of info to scroll through. I can see this being something some folks may get annoyed with though.

    The Revolution mouse is definitely a love it or hate it. It is a different feel and the scroll wheel where you thumb rests takes a little getting used to. I have grown to like the mouse, but you may want to stop by a local retailer that sells mouses or combo sets so you can be sure the feel works for you....more info