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Olympus Stylus 850SW 8MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Black)
List Price: $249.99

Our Price: $219.89

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Product Description

The Stylus 850 SW is designed for active people who want a tough camera that can keep up with their on-the-go lifestyles. The Shockproof casing is a durable metal body that has an innovative shock-absorbing construction with a floating circuit board that can protect the Stylus 850SW from drops up to 5 feet. If you ever wanted to take pictures of aquatic life now you can, the Stylus 850SW has Waterproof seals and gaskets that keeps water out so you can take pictures as deep as 10 feet underwater. When you're skiing or snowboarding you will enjoy the Freezeproof and Digital Image Stabilization features that allows you to take perfect photos of fast moving subjects in cold climates up to -10c/14f. Easily view photos on the 2.5" HyperCrystal LCD display at extra-wide viewing angles even in direct sunlight. Incredibly durable, sleek and stylish, the Stylus 850 SW is a must-have vacation and party accessory. Focus Range Normal mode - 0.5m - infinity, Macro Mode - 0.2M - infinity, Tele - 0.3m - infinity 1/1000 -1/2 sec. (up to 4 Sec. In Night Scene mode) Shutter Speed Auto, 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 ISO 14.8MB Internal Memory (additional memory recommended to store more photos and video) Media Card Slot - xD-Picture Card (1GB,2GB), microSD (MASD-1 is required) Built-in Flash with Auto, Red-Eye Reduction, Fill-in, Off Flash modes Flash Working Range - 0.2m - 5.3m @ ISO 800 Wide, 0.3m - 3.7m @ ISO 800 Tele USB Connector, Audio/Video Output, DC Input System Requirements - Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.3 or later, USB port Approximate Battery Life - 190 Shots Approximate Unit Dimensions - 3.7(W) x 2.4(H) x 0.84(D) Approximate Unit Weight - 4.8oz (without battery & media card)

  • 8.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints
  • 3x optical zoom; Face Detection
  • 2.5-inch HyperCrystal LCD; Perfect Shot Preview mode
  • Waterproof to 10 feet; shockproof to 5 feet
  • Stores images on xD Picture Cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • OK, but not great
    I didn't realize this camera took xD cards. Ugh. To get good movie mode, you have to buy M+ xD cards. M+ xD cards max out at 2GB, limiting the movies you can make. Given that this camera is for water use, I don't want to be swapping out memory cards in the water!

    Also, the power recharger is a corded model. I'm probably just spoiled with Canon and Panasonic cameras that have a recharger pack that just plugs right into the wall. No cords.

    Will not buy Olympus again, but for a used camera just over $100 that can get wet, it was pretty much my only choice....more info
  • Olympus 850SW
    Terrific camera -- fast, great exposures, sharp macro shots. Movies cut off after about 10 seconds, and sound is weak, but otherwise extremely competent, once you figure out all of its capabilities and how to use them....more info
  • Works as a vacation camera, but water gets in!
    I bought this as a vacation camera so I don't have to worry about it getting roughed up or wet at the beach (I was always paranoid about getting my "good" Sony camera wet). I am very pleased with its performance.

    I already had a couple of xD cards from an old Olympus camera, and I was able to get a 1G card at WalMart for pretty cheap, so don't worry about availability of the card. After reading some negative reviews about this camera not being truly waterproof, I decided to take "dry land" photos with one card, and then change the card for "wet" photos, so I wouldn't lose all my pictures if the camera decided to stop working.

    The camera has a neat setting (not the default, so you should check the manual) whereby the photos are numbered sequentially as you take them even if you change the card (rather than starting the numbers over again). This helps you to keep your photos chronological after downloading into your computer even if you switch cards several times in one day.

    I took several underwater photos in the pool, which turned out really nicely. I was very pleased, as this is the first time I have ever had a waterproof camera. At the beach, I was still leery of using it under the salt water, but I did use it to take swimming shots above the surface.

    Several hours after taking the underwater pool shots, back in the hotel room, I removed the battery to charge it and it was wet!!! There were droplets of water inside the battery compartment as well as on the battery itself! I dried everything thoroughly and left the compartment open to air dry overnight. Everything still worked the next day, but I was pretty freaked out about water getting in. So you should check right away after the camera's been underwater to make sure there wasn't leakage. My battery was sitting there wet all day and I didn't know it. I've used it for several days since, but not underwater. I just hope this doesn't affect future performance.

    Read the other reviews about the battery. You have to be careful which way you insert it. Also, it does show the low battery light even when the battery is newly charged. Just turn it off and back on, and the battery light will be green again. This was a problem in my old Olympus camera too. Battery life is not that bad. I only had to charge it once in 6 days.

    It seems that you need an Olumpus M+ 1G or higher card to get a long video. It's worth it. I like taking videos. My biggest beef with this camera is that you need to press the button twice before the video starts recording. I only need to press it once on my other camera. I missed some good action because I neglected to press twice.

    Overall I am extremely satisfied with the picture quality. A lot of time the quality of the photo depends on the skills of the photographer as well as the resolution setting. Don't blame this camera if your photos are blurry or dark.

    My favorite thing about this camera is the cheery yellow color. It is perfect to take on a beach vacation....more info
  • Good for price
    I owned another Olympus which was broken and needed to replace with a simular one. Not as happy with this one. Takes good pictures but does not have a good zoom. Hopefully this one will not break as easily as my other one....more info
  • Great camera for its intended use
    This camera can take some great pictures under most conditions (low light not one of them). If you are just looking for a pocket size camera for general use, there are better options. But if you are looking for a waterproof camera for water sports (kayaking, canoeing, snorkling, etc) this camera can take some pretty impressive pictures. Its scene mode offers a vast array of options, including 3 underwater options. I had it down to 10' repeatedly and in the water for hours during a recent Caribbean cruise. No leaks. You will however need to turn the monitor brightness to max in the sunlight and even then I found the monitor unuseable underwater. You just can't see it through your mask. That said, it didn't stop me from taking some great pictures. Just extend your arms out, point and shoot. Relatives were all impressed with the pictures I took. For its intended purpose, this camera works great. I highly recommend the floating arm band option. I used whenever I was in the water and intend to use when kayaking....more info
  • OLYMPUS Stylus 850SW Camera
    What a great product!!! It is wonderful to be able to take it into the water and not worry about it getting wet. Have not dropped it YET, but the shock feature is a bonus, too. It takes great pictures. The many features are a plus, too....more info
  • this camera is great for all ages !
    i got this camera because my daugther wanted it badly. but i got the sw1050 in stead. and very dissapointed in the bad quality picture return back. i got this one and the pictures are so nice and colorful sharp and good. my 9 year girl is really happy. she takes it to school when the teacher haves picture day and video tapes her friends and the video is very good. it even haves music ! she loves it.
    ...more info
  • Not Idiot Proof!
    I bought this camera on August 30, 2008. I bought it from [...] with the 2GB memory card only because I could use my Best Buy credit card for the purchase. The entire reason I wanted this new camera was my old camera was 8 years old (Also an Olympus) and it was just time for a new one. I wanted it in September because I would be going to a few New Kids on the Block concerts (Don't knock 20 year love!) and really wanted a good camera I could take to the shows to take photos and video.

    I received the camera on September 4, 2008. The color is BEAUTIFUL. The camera was so light. It was fantastic. So I took the battery out and I took the camera out and I went to put the battery in.

    Mind you, I did not look at the directions because who really needs to look at the directions to put in a battery!?

    So I try to put the battery in, it wouldn't fit. So I turn it around. Still won't fit. So I turn it another way and the battery slides right in.

    I close the door, but the battery door won't close. Hrm. maybe I put the battery in wrong? Wait? Why won't the battery come out!?

    I get out the directions and lo and behold there's a big X indicating how NOT to put the battery in and a little note that says "If you put the battery in the wrong way, you will not be able to get it out".

    I had my camera for 5 minutes and I had to send it immediately to the shop to get it fixed. I had to spend my own money to ship it UPS (about $10) on September 5th but fortunately it was covered under warranty and I got it back on September 17th.

    Maybe I am the only person out there who would figure that if a battery slides in easily, it means it's the right way... and figures that batteries won't fit in the wrong way. But I think the fact that, if you put a battery in WRONG and it won't come back out unless you send it to the shop, is absolutely ridiculous.

    Aside from that, I have had no issues with the camera. Except the battery does say it's low when it's really nowhere near being low.

    Basically, I'm just giving you a fair warning that if you're an idiot like me, make sure you put the battery in the right way :)...more info
  • Camera Features Locked to OEM Memory Cards
    The camera equipment is fine...

    However, the "Scene" and "Panorama" modes are locked to an Olympus branded memory card.

    Those functions will not work without an OEM card.

    That is the reason for my poor rating....more info
  • Kayak Fishing Olympus Stylus 850SW Review
    I purchased this point and shoot camera to replace the Olympus Stylus 300 that I purchased back in 2004 to use when kayak fishing. I like the durability of Olympus Stylus cameras. I have taken over 10,000 photos with my Stylus 300 and expect to get the same results with the 850SW. I have only had the 850SW for about one month and have taken about 25 kayak fishing photos. So far the quality of the photos appear to be similar and meet all my expectations. I have only one problem with the camera. It does not have a viewfinder. In bright sunlight,the 2.5" display is very hard to view. I like that this camera is water, shock and freeze proof. I purchased the camera on sale and was happy with the price from Beach Camera. I also purchased the clear skin, an extra batter and carrying case. After owning the camera for about three weeks, I saw the same camera in a kit, at Sam's Club, with the carrying case and floatation strap for about $30.00 cheaper that what I paid for just the camera. I recommend the 850SW as a good all around outdoor point and shoot....more info
  • perfect gift
    this camera is a blast. fun and enjoyble. pictures with an amazing quality, easy to use, its really water proof....more info
    BUY IT! You will have no regrets. The only thing I don't like about the camera is that it does not have significant zoom from a far distance. THAT IS THE ONLY CON I HAVE ABOUT THIS CAMERA!! I purchased this camera in Sept. of 2008 and have waited to review until I got through most of the trips I was looking forward to with this little guy. I have brought this camera along with me to Cancun (in the ocean), the mountains (with heavy snow), college parties (dark light), & pro football games. I have shot video of myself (this means holding the camera in my hand) while cliff diving, snow boarding (with a nicely captured wipe out), and first person view of various rides at Disneyland. It's size is incredibly convenient and perfect for any lifestyle. This camera will capture the moments you want to remember for years to come with quality, speed, and ease of use. I am leaving out A LOT of GREAT details about this camera, but if you would like to know more about this camera and its features or if you would like to see the videos or picture quality from various environments just let me know. I love talking about my camera and showing off the product it gives me in return. ...more info
  • But I really LIKE the 850SW & I'm glad I bought one!
    When the 790SW first came out, I read a positive review in a newspaper on it. At the time, I decided that its ruggedness & water resistance were worth having but I wasn't in the market for a new camera at the time.

    This summer, I started researching the Stylus SW's and decided to buy an 850 from Amazon, based mostly on what I read here. I took it on a two week cruise to Europe as soon as I got it. The xD card is not a problem for me - even my local supermarket carries them. I bought my 2 gig one from Target but would have bought online if I'd had the time. I've had the camera since October 8, 2008.

    In Italy and Croatia, xD cards were readily available in the local camera shops.

    A bigger problem for me is the battery. It is tiny and fairly easy to recharge but I found I need to recharge it every day that I use the camera. My next purchase will be two additional batteries. I would accept a bit more camera bulk for a more capatious battery and the ability to charge it without removing it from the camera.

    You DO need to be careful not to put the battery in the wrong way but if you look CLOSELY at the camera, it's pretty obvious. I wonder how long the tiny red plastic catch that releases the battery so you can get it out, will last?

    Picture quality is plenty good enough for my purposes and I take all my pix on the 4MP setting. I was especially pleased with the low light capabilities with the flash switched off.

    I DID read the manual but I found that it was just as easy to push buttons on the control panel and scroll through the menus to do what I needed to do. I tried the video once & it's OK but I can't see me using it much.

    I haven't used the underwater capability yet and I do have the floating wrist strap but would want to have the floating neck strap before taking my 850SW to the beach.

    I would like to have the option of an optical viewfinder but this is in no way a deal killer for me.

    This should really be a 5 star review but I never give ANYTHING 5 stars!...more info
  • Olympus 850SW This is a AWESOME CAMERA
    I purchased the Olympus 850SW on 8-25-08 for my trip to Sea World. I was impressed how easy this camera is to operate. This is one of the best camera I have ever had. The pictures come out very sharp and clean. I just the anti-shake option for all my pics, and everything came out clear. Shamu came out very clear as he was jumping thru the air. I love the large viewer display it was easy to see what I was taking a picture of. Even in bright light!!!!I love the fact it shock proof, water proof. so you don't have to worry about any of that kind of stuff. Even tranfering the pictures from the camera to my pc was a breeze. I highly recommend getting this camera you will not be dissappointed. ...more info
  • Everything I hoped it would be
    WATERPROOF - Felt funny putting it underwater the first time, but I was truly impressed by the quality of the pictures. One added advantage I never thought of or heard about was rain. I was always used to protecting my camera in the rain, but now I couldn't care less!
    QUALITY - So far, I have taken several hundred pictures and the few disappointments have been my fault. The quality is great.
    EASY TO USE - Everyone in my family has taken great pictures. The menu system is intuitive and simple.
    ZOOM - 3x zoom is a slight drawback, but the other features make it worthwhile.
    MOVIE - Pretty decent. The ability to take underwater picutres is great. Nothing like taking a movie of yourself jumping in the pool and having the camera catch the action above and below water.
    OVERALL - I am very happy with my decision to buy this camera.
    ...more info
  • LOVES IT...!
    I love this camera. It is so durable and so much fun to take in the pool. It has great editing features and I like that you can edit the picture before you even hook it up to your computer. The only thing that I can say is that I wish the battery lasted a little longer or that it came with a cradle so it was easier to charge. Other than that I love it!...more info
  • Broken after 4 days
    Well, I bought this camera soely for my Cancun trip so to take it with me for snorkeling. The first 3 days the camera works perfectly, even under water. But starting the forth day, somehow the water has gotten into the camera (I used it properly, which all slots are closed and didn't go under water deeper than 5 ft) and started to fog up inside the len and the screen. I tried to dry it in the hotel but still didn't work. I end up went to snorkeling and some other places without a camera. I returned now and looking to buy a "normal" camera, don't trust those underwater camera again. ...more info
  • Olympus Came Through
    It worked great. Then it stopped working. I sent it in to Olympus for repair, they fixed it no questions asked, and returned in 2 weeks. Just a receipt from Target was needed. They even replaced screen because of scratch that wasn't under warranty. ...more info
  • What a piece of junk.
    I bought the Olympus 850SW to replace a Canon Powershot A740 and to take advantage of the Olympus underwater ability.

    Custom memory card (Picture card) is required for videos longer than 10 seconds. I believe this is also the reason many photos are out of focus because the memory writing speed is not sufficient to keep up with the 8MP.

    Main complaints about the Olympus 850:
    1 - About 40% of the pictures are always out of focus.
    2 - Picture color saturation is not heavy enough
    3 - Grainy pictures at 8MP is not acceptable. At 8MP, the pictures should look as good as they do from my Canon 20D SLR. Even the Canon A470 shot much nicer pictures.

    The firmware I have on the Olympus is 1.1 which is probably the only one Olympus will release.

    The camera's overall speed is slow. It takes it a while to focus and then shoot. If you try to shoot too often, say faster than 2 shots a minute, your pictures will ALL be out of focus. I am very disappointed with this camera.

    The only good part of this camera is its underwater capability. It does do that and it does that "okay".

    If you don't need the underwater piece, skip this piece of junk....more info
    This is a great camera for the price. I am so glad I went on and purchased it. I LOVE the color. I received so many comments on the color of the camera, but that's not why I bought it.
    The pics are fantastic, but movies are great and the color and clarity of the pics and movies are wonderful.
    I just loved the fact that I could go from beach to water without a underwater housing unit. I've been reviewing all the pics and movies I took and they are really quite good.
    If you are considering buying this camera, don't hesitate, it's a great buy for the money.
    I took this camera on a cruise and took pics and movies all day. I even bought an extra 2 gb card because I was afraid I'd run out of memory, but I never did.
    Again, great pics, great movies, above water and underwater. Get this camera, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • stylus
    Being in the military presents alot of opportunity to travel and you never know what your going to get into could be skydiving to diving to being in the desert doing the role that many others are afraid to do. I bought the stylus790SW over 2 yrs ago and have taken it on deployments... aswell as jumped with it and dove with it. it is the only camera with the flexibility to withstand the abuse that it gets put through for someone on the go like myself. i highly recommend this camera to anyonw who is adventurous and doesnt want to bother worrying about his electronic items breaking at every bump. By far the best camera ive seen out that can take clean clear pictures aswell as the sheer abuse and they continue to get better. i look forward to getting the newest one in a yr or so....more info
  • Sweet, rugged, pocket camera
    I picked up this little gem for travel and the holidays so I wouldn't have to carry my SLR kit and it was a perfect choice. I've had a lot of small, pocketable, digital cameras over the years but this is easily the best built of the lot. It doesn't feel like a toy or a gadget. Olympus was right to rename the series "tough", not that I tested the claims other than to take it outside on a cold day.

    The lens and image quality are fine for prints. Pixel peepers will find flaws but the camera wasn't intended for the gallery or pro crowd. It's a real people, real use camera. Most folks email images, toss them online, print a 4x6, or maybe an 8x10, and for that it does what it does well.

    Yes, XD cards are a dinosaur and they're slowly fading away. Fortunately, this camera also uses MicroSD cards. You give up panorama mode and long movie recording. In all my years I've never shot a panorama or a movie with a pocket camera. I have far better cameras for that. With a 1000+ pictures on a 4gb MicroSD card I can live with the trade off.

    There's been some chatter about battery life. I don't have the problem. Yes, after a bunch of flash shots the battery indicator would flash a bit. Then it stop's flashing and all is well. My guess is the battery level indicator is a bit overzealous and the battery take a bit of time to recover after heavy use. I've seen this before on other cameras.

    Probably the only negative is the battery charger. It's a big, slow thing with an insanely long cord. The whole thing is bigger than the camera. Swap the cord for an Apple "duck head" (used on their laptop power supplies) and the charger is a lot more compact (but not any faster). A note of caution about batteries: there are many 3rd party batteries out there for this camera - many have less capacity than the Olympus battery.

    Overall, a very nice, practical, take it anywhere camera....more info
  • style with a purpose
    I bought this for our daughter for Christmas as it was on her list. It has been the best camera we have owned in our family. It has so many options its cute and it take awesome pictures. The price was reasonable and you can pick out what ever color suits your fancy...thats important to high school girls! ...more info
  • Amazing
    I love love this camera. Amazing photos above and below water. so much fun to use and have. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I was impressed by the specs, features, compact size, and reviews and bought this camera in hopes of taking great pics on a trip that would involve lots of snorkeling and other outdoor activities.
    I was disappointed to discover that I could at best barely see the images on the monitor (this camera has no view finder other than the montior) either above or below the water if there was any sunlight.
    I am also wondering just how waterproof it really is since air bubbles are emitted whenever it is used under water.
    Luckily, a few of the pics turned out OK, but my old and much cheaper but more cumbersone Minolta Weathermatic 35 mm film camera is equipped with an underwater view finder, has never leaked, floats without a floating camera strap, is more reliable, and takes better pics.
    ...more info
  • Best Camera Ever!!
    I've always wanted a digital camera and one day I went to the beach with a friend. she had this cute little camera that i thought was amazing already. we went in the water and I noticed she still had the camera so I yelled "O my God your camera"...she then informed me it is waterproof. So after finding that out, I was hooked. The icing on the cake was finding out it comes in pink!!! I LOVE this camera!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Fantastic vacation camera
    We bought this camera before our trip to Belize. On the first day we were already in love with it. It was the perfect camera to take to the beach and on snorkeling trips. We got so many more pictures on this trip since this camera could go everywhere with us. Absolutely love this camera.

    I also bought the underwater housing (Olympus PT041) for my scuba trips....more info