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Men in Black
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  • All in Good Fun
    Firstly I'll agree with David a few reviews up in that they've stuffed up the concept of what the Men In Black are supposed to be. I too in my days of reading constantly about alien abductions and the like would always find that the MIB were alien life forms, not humans. But all I could do was sit back and say "That's Hollywood for you" and try to enjoy it for what it was.

    When I saw this in the cinema I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have as I went with someone who was not enthused to see it. Don't ever do that! Go alone if you have to. It's amazing how much that, even in a darkened room, a disenchanted person next to you can alter the atmosphere.

    That being said, since I've bought it on DVD and watched it many times since, it's got to be a favourite. My kids like watching it with me, which is great as it means we can sit down together to watch something and I don't have to be suffering through some kiddie stuff. Sonnenfeld seems to have found his niche of material with this sci-fi/comedy stuff, and he's hilarious on the commentary, and very insightful compared to a lot of other commentaries I've heard.

    The effects are great - Stan Winston is undoubtedly a master at big screen make up, and the cgi work wasn't overdone to the point where it bugged you, like a lot of films are getting to these days. I thought the pairing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones was pretty inspired - I'm a big fan of Tommy and it was good to see him have some fun (or as much as he can) for a change. Vincent rocked as the bug, he's so over the top he's hilarious! And so gross!!! LOL

    Look, it's Hollywood, so you can never expect too much. Enjoy it for what it is, and it's a movie where you can laugh, go "oh man, gross!" on occasion, and then have a sing to a Will Smith song at the end....more info
  • :)
    Was happy with the price I paid for the product. Fast delivery. Came in excellent condition....more info
  • watch it again and again....
    I loved this movie from the first time I saw it several years back. As some of the other viewer's have remarked, the move is good because it's so enjoyable and humourus. I know that Will Smith is often cast in the same type of role, but I cannot help but laugh at his character more and more each time that I watch this DVD. If you're feeling down and just need a laugh, pop this one in the player!

    Having moved to New York City, I can see how the storyline is at times frighteningly realistic. Half the people here DO look like the auto guy that Frank the Pug was hanging out with in the movie, and having ridden in way too many cabs, one can certainly understand Jay's assumption that cab drivers are aliens.

    Having the bonus DVD with this deluxe edition is cool as well to see more of the behind the scenes bits to see how everything was made/done.

    My final comment is that this one of those excellent movies that gets a little bit funnier every time you watch it, so it's definitly worth buying the DVD to have for your own. Enjoy!...more info
  • It's a bug-a-boo
    People go through life oblivious to the reality around them. As pointed out in this movie, at one time everyone knew the world was flat; and now everyone knows we are alone in the universe. But what if we are wrong? Who will protect us? "Men in black used to be the term for the bad guys. This movie shows they are our last line of defense. This is a fun movie and there are many great actors to add to the fun.

    Every one is so busy watching Tommy Lee Jones make his stoic looks and Will making one-liners that they miss the person that hold it all together. In addition, that person has to do act throughout the movie in an Edgar suit. Have you ever tried one on? Vincent D'Onofrio has to look unnatural and act natural. This was one movie where I felt sorry for the bug. He even drops his snack (Linda Fiorentino) near the end. It just shows that bugs lead a hard life.

    If you are into recent bug movies, look for "Out There" where they mention bugs in a rug

    Men in Black II (Widescreen Special Edition)...more info
  • "The difference between you & me is I make this look good"
    I originally saw this movie at the cinema, but it doesn't have the same impact on DVD. Most films don't, I know, but the impact is severely lessened in my opinion. The film is still great, and Will Smith does look loads better in the last suit he'll ever wear than Tommy Lee Jones.

    One of my favourite scenes in the whole movie is where Jay gets left in charge of delivering what can only be described as a baby squid. It's an absolutely hilarious scene, even though you're supposed to be concentrating on Kay in the foreground of the scene, you can't help but watch Jay get thrown about!

    One of the other brilliant scenes is the scene where Kay shows Jay some of the aliens on earth at the moment being watched, and Jay points out his old school teacher. Some of the more known celebrities on screen are: Danny DeVito, director Barry Sonnenfeld, Chloe Sonnenfeld (Barry's daughter), Sylvester Stallone (he's the one everyone spots), Dionne Warwick, George Lucas, and executive producer Steven Spielberg. I love all the jokes regarding the aliens on the planet, saying they're all cab drivers, and the very last scene is absolutely fantastic, and really effective.

    Tommy Lee Jones is also funny, particularly when the car is driving upside down, and he's singing along to Elvis (Jay: "You do know Elvis is dead, right?" Kay: "No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home.") The other shots you have to look for, but it's when Will Smith says something funny, and Tommy is trying to cover the fact he's trying desperately not to laugh.

    There's plenty extras on the 2-disc special edition (which means I'm probably not reviewing the correct one, as there's so many 'editions' of this movie out there), but my favourite is the "Men In Black" music video. I love the way Mickey dances. There's your usual, bog standard commentaries by Barry Sonnenfeld & Tommy Lee Jones; character animation studies; tunnel scene deconstruction; extended & alternate scenes; storyboard comparisons (I HATE these!); metamorphis of Men In Black documentary; theatrical trailers; art gallery; scene editing workshops; Edgar bug fight sceen deconstruction and creatures: concept to completion. So basically, you're getting more than your money's worth if you're interested in this sorta thing.

    This is a terrific movie, and well worth getting. I probably shouldn't say you should get the sequel as well!...more info
    This movie is the wrong interpretation of what "Men In Black" really are. They're not protecters of the universe by any means! In true retrospect & in my 16 year study as an Ufologist, "Men In Black" or "MIBs" for short are actually UFO aliens in disguise (pick up some of the old magazines of the 'UFO Universe' or get some old & new books about UFO's or watch the old show, "Sightings" on the Si-Fi Channel, or better yet, watch the show "Unexplained Mysteries" for a good lesson on this matter. I just couldn't believe they would make a movie (and another one) about MIBs who are human & go after aliens which is way out of proportion. That just stoops very low. Maybe some daring producer would make a movie about the "REAL" Men In Black & just scare the living daylights out of these people. I'll stick to "Communion," "The UFO Incident" & "Fire In The Sky." Thank you very much.

    Oh and lastly, if I had my way, this would get no stars at all....more info
  • Still Great, but Better
    I still like this movie just like I did when it was first out, but now with it being in Blu-ray it's even better. The picture is so clear and the sound is amazing. It's crazy what they can do with movies now days. ...more info
  • watch it over and over...
    I love this movie... Greta action, special effects are pretty good... and a great "corniness" to the movie. I love to watch it over and over... now I can!!!

    ...more info
  • Could be Smith's best movie
    Aww Will Smith at his best. That's what he is in Men in Black with his character J. This movie was a huge bright spot in the summer of 97 and is one of the best sci fi comedies ever made.

    James Edwards(Smith) works for the NYPD. He's a good cop despite what his peers say. After a chase with a criminal he meets a stranger Kay(Jones) who tells him to meet him. Edwards goes to the meeting at the strange building to find that it is a recruitment meeting.

    Kay gives James a proposition. Join the Men in Black and help them control the aliens on earth. James is skeptical about it, but in the end he joins. In the meantime an illegal alien has come to America. It's an oversized coachroach who is killing some princes looking for the galaxy. Now it's up to the Men in Black to kill the roach before the Princes family destroys planet earth.

    You have to love the two stars in this movie. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are amazing. The two are a great duo on screen. Their timing with each other is awesome and you can tell the two enjoyed working with each other. Smith plays the normal character we've come to see him play, but he plays that role so well and we love it. Jones is great as well and he plays Kay like only he could.

    The special effects are great in this movie. The team at ILM did a great job with all the space and bug stuff. Lots of credit has to go to Barry Sonnefeld for doing a great job.

    There isn't anything to not like about this movie. It's funny and the action is good. If you like Will Smith then you have to see this. If you want a good sci-fi comedy then strap in. Here come the Men in Black....more info
  • What if those tabloid space alien stories were true? Blu-ray due out June 17th--Update on image/sound
    Men In Black is a spoof/sci-fi/action flick about a super-secret cross between the Immigration and Naturalization Service, FBI X-Files division, and a disinformation office. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are, respectively, a seasoned agent and a new recruit who work to find, legalize, track and police aliens from other worlds, and to hide the fact that such aliens exist. Aliens are given disguises and allowed to live among us as long as they don't cause too much trouble. There is apparently a lot of latitude in enforcing that requirement, since it turns out that Newt Gingrich, Sylvester Stallone and Dennis Rodman are actually aliens.

    Beyond that set-up, the plot exists mainly as a vehicle on which to hang a bunch of gags, some very odd characters, and action sequences. And that's enough. The heroes fight aggressor aliens and save the Earth and a very small galaxy while remaining (mostly) cool and making wisecracks. What more could you ask for?

    This is a fun movie with lots of elaborate special effects and sets that ought to really benefit from the hi-def treatment. The new Blu-ray release will have a bunch of special features, but only a few not taken from previous releases. Here are the new features:

    -- Intergalactic Pursuit: Men in Black multi-player trivia game
    -- Ask Frank the Pug interactive game
    -- Alien subtitle track

    Probably not much there, for most of us, but the old features are still plenty:

    -- telestrator commentary with director Barry Sonnefeld and star Tommy Lee Jones (the telestrator lets them draw on the screen, as it were, like John Madden, but don't expect much extra excitement)
    -- technical commentary with Barry Sonnenfeld, alien make-up effects guru Rick Baker, and three folks from Industrial Light & Magic
    -- extended and alternate scenes (five scenes)
    -- "Metamorphosis of Men In Black" (on how the project developed, 23 minutes)
    -- Visual Effects Scene Deconstructions, with optional technical commentary (two scenes analyzed)
    -- Character Animation Studies (animation of three characters analyzed)
    -- Scene Editing Workshop (you get to edit some scenes)
    -- Storyboard Comparisons
    -- Conceptual Art Gallery
    -- Production Photo Gallery
    -- Men in Black music video with Will Smith and Mikey
    -- 2 trailers

    Specs: 1.85:1 Widescreen Transfer (1080p), English Dolby TrueHD 5.1, French Dolby TrueHD 5.1, Portuguese Dolby TrueHD 5.1, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1, Thai Dolby Digital 5.1, subtitles in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin Simplified), Chinese (Mandarin Traditional), Dutch, English (UK), English (US), French (Parisian), Indonesian / Bahasa, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Latin Am), Thai.

    Update (11 June): in a comment to this review (number 19), Kerry says he (or she?) has seen this Blu-ray DVD already and that it wasn't so much better than a regular DVD. This moved me to check several professional reviews to see what others who have already seen it thought. They all said that the Blu-ray is significantly better than even the older Superbit edition, with better detail and depth of color, and also really great true high-def sound. None of the reviews I saw had any significant complaints about the video or audio; all were very positive about it being worth it to upgrade....more info
  • Protecting the Earth From the Worst Scum of the Universe...
    After gaining box office and critical praise for his work in the smash hit "Independence Day", actor Will Smith was riding high as one of Hollywood's newest box office sensations. So, what does someone in that position do for a follow-up performance, perhaps something small, maybe an independent feature or something of the sort...on second thought, that wouldn't be Will Smith's style, so what did he do to follow-up his big screen success? Well, he went on to co-star alongside Tommy Lee Jones ("The Fugitive") in director Barry Sonenfeld's surprising sci-fi comedy hit "Men in Black".

    "Men in Black" is the story of a secret government organization whose job is to monitor and police extraterrestrial activity on Earth. Their agents are chosen from the best that government training has to offer, they work in secret, and most likely you'll never even know they existed. But when an NYPD detective (Will Smith) encounters an alien, he finds himself cast into the middle of an alien war that the 'MIB' are trying to prevent from spilling over onto Earth. With the help and training of Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), this former cop is about to get a crash course in what it means to be the last line of defense against the worst scum of the universe.

    Now, here is a case where a movie gets released and catches everyone off guard. Upon its release there were not too many people that knew much about "Men in Black", there were some that were aware of the little-known comic book, but most just thought it looked like a funny movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith against a bunch of aliens. More than likely the film would prove to be entertaining and possibly worthy of owning later on, but nothing all that original. Boy, were we wrong or what? "Men in Black" was incredibly entertaining, from the action to the sci-fi to the hilarious comedy spread throughout, there was never a dull moment in this movie, and the box office returns and praise from both audiences and critics were proof of just how good this movie truly was.

    The performances by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were enjoyable, their banter/bickering was always fun to listen to, and still is even after multiple viewings. Linda Fiorentino ("The Last Seduction") and Vincent D'Onofrio ("Law and Order: Criminal Intent") were excellent in their supporting roles, especially Vincent who was spectacular, and even creepy as an alien hiding out in a decaying human body. A few brief appearances by Rip Torn as the head of 'MIB', Zed, provided some humorous moments, especially in the scenes with the aliens known as the 'worm guys'.

    The story for "Men in Black" was probably the most surprising aspect of the movie, it was a rather basic plot wrapped in a very original package of a government organization tracking aliens hiding among us here on Earth. It's refreshing to see a movie where the writers were able to take a plotline that has been used many times over, the aging veteran must train a new partner who in turn becomes his replacement, and place it into a story that is full of energy, action, humor, and originality making for an incredibly enjoyable movie experience that audiences will want to go through again and again.

    If you enjoy action comedies or science fiction films then here is a movie that should entertain you from start to finish. Aside from a little bit of language and a few gross scenes that may scare younger viewers, this is a movie that for the most part the entire family can sit down and enjoy, if nothing else it seems to be aired regularly on TV so you can always see the slightly edited version without the grossness and language.

    "Men in Black" is rated PG-13 for violence and language....more info
  • Great light hearted comedy
    One of the better Sci-Fi/Comedy movies to come out in the last few years. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones make a great team as the Men In Black, but Jones steals much of the show. His dry humor is great.

    I'm being picky, but I spent half the movie trying to figure out how the giant cockroach fit into the "Edgar suit". It was a great concept, but I had a hard time suspending disbelief on that one.

    A classic that will be around for a long time. Should be part of every Sci-Fan's collection....more info
  • Very Funny, Original Movie
    This movie is reminiscent of Ghostbusters as it is a mix of sci-fi, comedy, and horror. The deluxe edition DVD is definately better than the other versions....more info
  • Science Fiction Send Up
    Just who are the infamous "Men in Black?" For certain paranoid individuals the "Men in Black" are members of a government agency that appear to cover up incidents involving aliens or possibly the paranormal. Barry Sonnenfeld takes the theory of a super-secret government agency to an effectively satirical extreme, generating a lot of laughs in the process.

    This movie opens with Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent D (Richard Hamilton) interrupting a group of INS agents from their interception of a van load of illegal aliens. For those who have never seen the movie the opening is confusing at first, because Agent K finds a particular individual in the group of illegal aliens and pulls him aside, and then allows the remaining aliens to go free. We soon discover that the illegal "alien" that Agents K and D have pulled aside is more than a little different from your average illegal alien, as the alien suddenly sprouts teeth and appears to be ready to chow down on an INS agent.

    Will Smith is New York City cop James Edwards. He encounters an extremely agile alien that he keeps pace with for a lengthy time, impressing Agent K. Agent K asks Edwards to come to a certain location the next day. Edwards's attempts to take a series of tests that make very little sense to him. Indeed, Edwards quickly learns that no one taking the test understands why they are taking it. While it seems to us that Edwards is doing poorly on the tests, he is selected to be one of the "Men in Black," and Agent K's new partner. Edwards is unable to believe that aliens exist, but he is quickly disavowed of that misconception as he meets a number of them in the Men in Black headquarters.

    While we are introduced to Edwards and the Men in Black, an alien has landed and taken on the visage of Edgar, played by Vincent D'Onofrio. The alien has come to Earth to obtain a jewel that is being sought by another alien race. If the other alien race does not get the jewel back, they will destroy the Earth. Agent K and Edwards, who has now been renamed Agent J, try to locate Edgar and the jewel and save the Earth.

    While my description of this movie makes it sound as though it is a cheesy B science fiction movie, this movie is actually a nicely plotted comedy that manages to make fun of the "Men in Black" conspiracy theory and science fiction movies and their aliens. Things we know can not be possible are shown matter-of-factly and generally always humorously.

    Take for example the car Agents K and J use to travel about town. It appears to be a non-descript government car; in other words, boring. However, the government car has a few little features that make is quite different from the typical government vehicle. Agent K asks Agent J to fasten his seatbelt. After a few comments about low-performing government cars, Agent J finds himself on the ceiling of the car while the car travels upside down through a tunnel.

    The casting of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in their roles was excellent. Tommy Lee Jones has an excellent deadpan delivery that allows Will Smith to twist into continuously humorous one-liners from beginning to end. When Tommy Lee Jones is the butt of Smith's jokes the expression on his face or the serious way in which he responds to Smith provides a number of laughs. Tommy Lee Jones also gets his moments. For example, Jones goes after a gun that the alien has swallowed. Later Jones says, with a straight face, that he really liked that gun, explaining why he asked a huge toothed bug-like alien to eat him.

    The science fiction story is a framework for a series of jokes, both verbal and situational, that are the heart of this movie. Because the Men in Black portion of the movie is played straight the humor is wonderfully effective. This government agency is very serious about what it does, but Will Smith sees the humor in their taking everything too seriously. Of course, we see the same humor that Will Smith sees in a bunch of stuff shirt government types taking themselves too seriously, and that makes this movie a comedic winner.
    ...more info
  • Great movie. One of a kind. A+++
    Very original movie with great special effects. Looks much better in blue ray. I love the pug dog. A lot of people own pugs due to this movie. ...more info
  • Enjoyable Comic Book Fantasy
    This is a fun and clever film about federal agents who police alien activity (some government sanctioned) in the U.S. The story is told more or less tongue-in-cheek so despite some scary alien make-up effects you're not going to jump out of your seat with this one. Tommy Lee Jones is suave as Agent "K" and, while amusing, Will Smith seems to be riffing off his Fresh Prince persona here as Agent "J". It's obvious from subsequent solid work he's done that he learned something from the tutelage of a seasoned pro like Jones. Vincent D'Onofrio does an amusing turn as a malevolent alien who inhabits the body of a rustic type. My only complaint is the film does not properly utilize the extremely talented Linda Fiorentino who plays the coroner and had done some solid work in independent film. If this is how she is underused by the mainstream film community she's better off in the independents....more info
  • The Best of The Best of The Best
    I had the opportunity to watch the new collector's edition of "MIB' the other night. What a great DVD with a lot of neat extras.

    Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and his partner Dee (Richard Hamilton) are two of the Men In Black, an elite force of men in a secret institution that are charged with "Protecting the Earth From The Scum of The Universe". Dee is unable to stop an alien from attacking, requiring Kay to blow it to bits. Dee wants out of the business. Kay needs to find a new partner. James Darrel Edwards III (Will Smith), a NYPD detective, is the best candidate. Kay sees something in him. Zed (Rip Torn), the director of the division, agrees to let Kay recruit Jay (Smith), despite his misgivings. Almost immediately, the Earth is threatened by an alien force that wants to prevent another galaxy from falling into the hands of Edgar (Vincent D'Onofrio), a hick farmer that has been killed by an alien. The alien, a roach like creature is using Edgar's skin as a disguise. Edgar is searching for the galaxy. The Men In Black must stop him, or the other alien race will destroy the Earth.

    "Men In Black" is a quintessential summer film, a film that works in so many ways. Released in July, 1997, the film cemented Will Smith's stardom. Smith is very good. He plays Jay in a somewhat somber way, cracking jokes, but in a more refined manner than we had seen him do to this point. He is actually trying for a character here and he succeeds. Tommy Lee Jones is just perfect as his partner, the aging, wiser mentor of the couple. Jones has many funny moments, allowing his dead pan persona to help define his character.

    The film is also aided immeasurably by it's brevity. So many films like this run in excess of two hours because they spend so much time establishing the characters and then telling a story. "MIB" does all of this in 98 minutes, moving along at a brisk pace, keeping us occupied and interested.

    Two of my favorite scenes both showcase Tommy Lee Jones. The first is the tunnel sequence. The Ford LTD that Jones drives zooms through the Holland tunnel aws Jones sings along to Elvis Presley. The catch? The car is riding on the roof, Jones is singing along merrily as Smith is frantically trying to get seated. The second is a scene in which Jones interrogates an alien that has disguised himself as a little dog. Jones is shaking the dog, trying to get information out of the alien. Very funny. Smith is also very good, perhaps best in the audition sequence. His character is participating reluctantly in the audition, trying to fill out a test with a pencil that breaks, no where to write. Very funny.

    The DVD presents a great print of the film, very clear and crisp, available in widescreen (yeah!) and pan and scan (boo!). It was a joy to watch the film again, so quickly transported into the world that director Barry Sonnenfeld creates along with the writer, Ed Solomon.

    The 2 DVD set has a second DVD with a lot of extras, perhaps the most interesting of which is a 'scene editing workshop'. I only had time to try one of the three options. This option presented three different takes of three different parts of the scene. You can preview each take, select one and then move on to the next segment. After you have selected one scene for each bit, you can play them back as you have edited them. Then you can compare them to the film.

    The second neatest feature is the 'special effects deconstruction'. Two segments are presented and you are allowed to view five different aspects of it, switching back and forth as you watch it. The first aspect is the original storyboards, then a blue screen strip, followed by a composite and so on. This allows the viewer to watch, in an abbreviated fashion, the process of creating these sequences. A lot of fun and a lot of information.

    There are also a lot of production photos, including a large segment of photos taken at ILM as some sequences were created.

    There are also the requisite trailers, talent files and commentaries.

    Interestingly, there is a teaser trailer for "MIBII", which doesn't reveal anything at all for the simple fact that they can't. The film has been delayed due to budget constraints and other problems.

    A great DVD. Check it out.
    ...more info
  • A good movie
    If you enjoy watch Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, then this movie is for you....more info
  • Great Movie
    Tommie Lee Jones and Will Smith in the same movie, what more needs to be said!...more info
  • Different type of illegal aliens in New York
    So much has been written about the brilliance of this gooey sci/fi comedy, that it would be redundant for me to tell you how great it is. But what I enjoyed most about "Men In Black" is that it is such a New York film.

    When Will Smith is being oriented to his new job by Tommy Lee Jones, he's informed that many New Yorkers are disguised space aliens. "Like cab drivers?" Smith asks. "Not as many as you think," Jones responds.

    The fact that the MIB have a car that can defy gravity is funny enough, but the fact that it needs such a vehicle to fight the perpetual traffic in the Midtown Tunnel is even funnier.

    An alien disguised as a dog in an I LOVE NEW YORK tee-shirt is fairly funny. But when it speaks with a New Yawk accent as thick as Bugs Bunny's it makes it funnier.

    When the edgar bug alien hauls a mideastern cab driver out of his cab, not funny. When he tosses his wooden-bead back massager at him, funny. But on top of that, when he throws the ubiquitous air freshner out, then its hysterical (without being racist).

    The whole concept that the World's Fairgrounds in Queens is a hangar for spaceships is just brilliant. And I've always wondered what that structure at the head of the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel was!

    Glimpses of the World Trade Center are a little bitter to take, even now. And there is that sense that this film is from an innocent pre 9/11 time but, really, the rest of the movie still rings true of the New York of today....more info

  • MiB: A Love Story!
    Say What? Hey, I'm serious here! Kay has a love interest from the very beginning of this bug fest. The pretty lady in the garden whom Kay sneaks periodic views of on his computer; the one who never got his bouquet of flowers.

    But what happens at the end of this film? "Junior" zaps him and he is now with her. The love of his life! And that folks, will be the only thing he will ever remember after his awakening from a so-called "coma."

    So what does all this bug chasing, inter-galactic "keggers", assassinated Arkelian princes and other worries ultimately amount to? Nothing! 'Cause no one involved ever remembers! "The only reason no one is afraid is because they don't know about it!" Kay exclaims to Will Smith (aka Junior). Us, nor anyone else for that matter.

    Nevertheless this is an extremely entertaining and fast paced film that belies its maybe unintentional love interest. The action and comedy is non stop and both Smith and D'Onofrio (The Bug) are outstanding in their rolls. You won't want to stop to get some popcorn.

    Don't miss this one. But just remember, it's only a love story....more info
  • It's a great movie, and it's barely more than the cost of a rental...
    Just buy it, add it to your collection, and enjoy the extra content on your own schedule....more info
  • MIB
    I love will smith he is a great actor he can do serious rolls as well as comedies. Tommy Lee Jones does a perfect agent always in control I also own MIB 2....more info
  • Light Fun
    Get out the popcorn and use real butter. Forget your problems and enjoy the possibility that earth is about to be destroyed by weird aliens. A fun movie all the way!

    Frank Scoblete: author of Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution!...more info
    Men in Black is fanastic film because sci fi, comedy, aliens, action, thriller.

    Men in Black story and script are excellent. It will make parent and kids will really really enjoy, very laugh and excite watch Men in Black.

    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are brilliant actor skills in Men in Black.

    My advice to you and everyone about big worth buy or rent Men in Black DVD because Men in Black is excellent film.

    Certain Men in Black are superhit and biggest blockbuster smash!!!...more info
  • perfect everything
    I don't know why I've been asked to write this review twice??! anyway, perfect item, perfect packaging, super fast delivery and I love the seller, ladyloromir. I would give 6 star if there's one....more info
  • Men In Black
    Are you kidding?! MIB is the best fantasy/sci fi/action/comedy movie to come along in a very long time. If you must know, this is my SECOND purchase of the VHS copy of this movie -- I wore the other one out (Yes, it is that good)....more info
  • So Funny
    This is another movie I purchased on VCR form years ago. I loved it and wanted to keep it so I upgraded it to DVD and got it at a great price too. ...more info
  • This One Never Gets Old!
    I have owned this movie for two or three years, and I still watch it maybe once or twice a month. It is fast paced, very funny, and full of slapstick humor and cliche'd lines.

    Very fun, watch this....more info
  • Great Sci-Fi Comedy
    Mixing Science Fiction with comedy is a risky proposition, unless the film in question is a sendup of Sci-Fi films (I still can't decide if "Mars Attacks" was worth the matinee price I paid to see it almost a decade ago). "Men in Black", however, is a near perfect blend of Science Fiction and comedy. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are two of the most watchable actors out there, and the pairing of the two in this film is ingenious. The supporting cast,from Linda Fiorentino to Tony Shaloub, is top notch. The special effects, from the dragonfly flight during the opening credits to the spaceship crash near the finale are excellent. The writing is also much more clever than one might expect from a Sci-Fi picture - the film has to be viewed several times to catch all the barbs and asides Smith and Lee throw at each other. All in all, one of the most entertaining Sci-Fi films to come along in quite a while....more info
  • Great Movie
    Men in Black - one of our favorite all-time Will Smith movies along with the sequel. I sent a few movies to a disabled child and this was one of them. Laughter makes the heart glad - this is a movie that makes you laugh and makes you glad.
    ...more info
  • Men In Black-One Helluva of Good Time!
    Men In Black was one of the biggest films of the summer in 1997. I remember seeing it at the cinema and laughing my head (substituting for another word) off. It brought in a lot of money at the box-office and continued to make Will Smith a star.
    This film is so wildly inventive and funny that you'll hardly care if it gets to be a tad silly. Director Barry Sonnelfeld is a talented filmmaker and has crafted a fun, highly
    entertaining film. So this may be one of my all-time favorite comedies, as well as one of my favorite sci-fi films.
    Will Smith stars as Agent Jay, who is recruited to be a part of a secret intelligence agency which deals with extra-terrestrials. Tommy Lee Jones is his partner and him and Smith embark on a mission to elimiate a lethal alien. Sure the plot is silly, but the film is hilarious. Smith and Jones have
    amazing chemistry and certainly prove to be a great buddy team.
    This film doesn't take itself too seriously which is a good thing, because as I've stated if you take this film too seriously you are certainly not going to enjoy it.
    Men In Black is rated PG-13 for Sci-Violence and Language. The action is bloodless, but the language is fair. Overall, a fun film which you'll have a great time with. The sequel, while not as good as the origianl, is still worth checking out too. Worth owning or at-least seeing. ...more info