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Linksys WUSB600N Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter
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Product Description

The Ultra RangePlus Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter is the simple way to add or upgrade wireless connectivity in your desktop or notebook computer. Just plug it into your computer's USB port and enjoy incredible high-speed wireless network access. The Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter uses the very latest wireless networking technology, Wireless-N (draft 802.11n). By overlaying the signals of multiple radios for each band, Wireless-N's "Multiple In, Multiple Out" (MIMO) technology multiplies the effective data rate. Unlike ordinary wireless networking technologies that are confused by signal reflections, MIMO actually uses these reflections to increase the range and reduce "dead spots" in the wireless coverage area. The robust signal travels farther, maintaining wireless connections much farther than standard Wireless-G. And with Wireless-N, the farther away you are, the more speed advantage you get. It works great with standard Wireless-G, -A, and -B equipment, but when both ends of the wireless link are Wireless-N, the throughput can be increased even more by using twice as much radio band Dual-band wireless networks operate in both the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz radio bands at the same time, effectively doubling the available wireless bandwidth. For instance, you could set up your network to handle video streaming on one radio band, and use the other band for simultaneous data transfers - avoiding any interference or collisions that would degrade the video performance. The Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter allows you to connect using whichever band works the best for your situation. Operates in the 2.4 and 5GHz radio bands - choose the one with least congestion in your area Also connects to Wireless-G, -B, and -A networks

  • High-speed Wireless-N (draft 802.11n) networking for notebook and desktop computers
  • MIMO technology uses multiple radios per band to create robust signals for maximum range and speed, with reduced dead spots
  • Operates in the 2.4 and 5GHz radio bands -- choose the one with least congestion in your area
  • Also connects to Wireless-G, -B, and -A networks

Customer Reviews:

  • very happy
    i upgreaded to Linksys WUSB600N Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter
    and Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N router, i now have a super network extremly pleased free shipping and low priced items.
    ...more info
  • Linksys just lost a customer
    Well, it all started ok, but ended very badly for my WUSB600N. First thing I did was install the drivers and Linksys Connection Manager. Then I used the WPS wifi protected setup built into my router WNR834B v.2 and the Linksys software which almost worked as it found the router and connected, but could never obtain an ip address from the router. So then I used windows zero config and was able to get a connection and it worked until I switched beck to the Linksys software. I now call a connection manager the connection mangler because every time I tried to connect to my NETGEAR RangeMax NEXT Wireless-N router with the Linksys software it locks all further communication with the 600N and I have to reboot and use windows wireless network zero-config utility. This device has also caused my Dell Precision M90 with XP SP2 to blue screen three times.

    My Dell came with a Dell wireless g card built in and I am back to using that to write this review. I hope Linksys realizes that they are starting to get a reputation of making some bad products. If Cisco is involved with this company then they need to bring more product verification back to Linksys to improve customer satisfaction.

    BTW: this device seem like it will break easily, however mine did not break but it does flex at the USB connection way to easily so if you are brave and want to by this device then be aware to use the supplied base and do not plug directly into a Mobile device such as a laptop. My 600N also came with a wonderful rattle of loose solder inside the device so again beware Linksys WUSB600N. ...more info
  • Never worked right
    I bought this item along with the Linksys WRT160N Ultra RangePlus Wireless-N Broadband Router. I play online poker and after I went wireless with this product I was constantly getting disconnected. It was extremely frustrating. And after 2 months, it just stopped working altogether. I'm using the wireless card that came with my Dell computer now, and I've been playing poker without getting disconnected. Coincidence? Doubt it....more info
  • Beta Product
    I was very excited to move into the world of *faster* wireless connectivity with the purchase of three WUS600N adapters and a Linksys WRT610N router. I figured that any cross-manufacturer incompatibility issues would be moot if I used all Linksys products. I was upgrading from a WRT54G (I think that's the model - it's a combo wired/wireless 802.11g router from Linksys). I am running a HP Pavilion Vista desktop (directly downstairs from the router), a Gateway XP desktop (also directly downstairs from the router), and an XP Acer laptop (anywhere from the same room to four rooms away, about 30' max range). I don't have any cordless phones or anything else that takes a wireless signal. I live in a suburb with quarter acre lots, and to my knowledge, there's no big issue with interference from anything in the area. Here's my experience:

    Out of the box, the laptop didn't work at all, the Vista machine connected great and continues to have great connectivity (184 MBPS, I believe). The XP desktop had reasonable connectivity, but tended to hang with connections, and I've started getting memory allocation errors at odd times (could be a coincidence, but nothing else has changed since I installed the drivers for the adapter). The laptop is an absolute disaster. I couldn't get a connection at all. I disabled the internal Broadcom wireless adapter, then changed to 40 MHz wide channel for both 5 and 2.4. This permitted me to finally connect, although the signal strength at both 5 and 2.4 are far weaker than my old router. I had issues with dropped signals, and it seemed like I had to constantly refresh the connection and reenter the security passphrase to get back on line - annoying!

    The latest/last straw has been that my latest Windows "Automatic Update" (just a couple days ago) seems to have killed my ability to connect at all. I can't find anything on this anywhere - I have not dl'd the update for the XP desktop out of fear that I'll lose my connection there as well. Grrrrr.... So... I think I'm going to can the adapter, or at least using the N protocol, and revert to G again. I have to say that this has been a very frustrating ride. I've wasted a good deal of money in the hope that getting name brand stuff (which is not my usual MO) would minimize the risks of problems. Not the case. I am also seeing the down side to being an early adopter.

    I'm not sure if it's the router, the adapter, or the combo/both/either, but this package is without question *not* ready for prime time. Wait a while for the final protocol to come out, and wait for some reviews confirming compatibility across platforms, systems, and different ranges. I'm hopeful that a firmware update will cure some of these issues, because I don't really have the time to fight with compatibility issues. I've had the set up for less than a month and tried all kinds of things to make it better, but I'm thinking about returning everything - it just doesn't work....more info
  • BEWARE THE SOFTWARE !!! SHAME on linksys
    The software will REMOVE all your existing wireless settings making it impossible to switch back to using your existing wireless built into a laptop. Spent hours trying to restore it then gave it to my IT guys who also spent an hour. They found some blogs online of people who suffered the same problem and offered solutions. After installing this and finding no difference in speed/connectivity given the distance from my router in my home, I tried to remove it from my laptop. TERRIBLE. SHAME on Linksys for making one dependent on their product. SHAME on them....more info
  • Awesome
    i have been using this product with my 3yr+ desktop for about a month and i have been impressed all the way. installation was quick and painless. it connects to my WRT160N and 270Mbps at about 15m none line-of-sight and it even sees over 5 other wireless networks around me, most of which are wireless G and over 30m away. i can only use the 2.4Ghz frequency cause that's all my WRT160N can do and i just hate that my installed easylink advisor software did not allow the bundled WUSB600N software to install, it only just allowed the usb driver. all the same, this adapter works great and i'm suprised some customers are having problem with it, they really shouldn't be having any problems...more info
  • Worked
    This was bought along with a Linksys wireless router. It worked better than expected and had better range than the wireless that was built into my laptop. It also comes with an extention with is very usefult for being able to put it a little ways away from the computer....more info
  • Great adapter.
    My GF had her HP laptop wireless card give out (which seems to be a commen problem with those machines after 1+ years) and I picked up this adapter becasue she did not want to buy a new computer yet as her HP still runs great except for the wireless. Anyhow this product installs and sets up very easily and works great in about 10 mins. Very pleased. Linksys makes great adapters (this one anyhow) but they make horrible routers that die a day after the warrenty expires, for the best routers get D-Link, this product also sync's to D-Link very easily....more info
  • Excellen Product! Highly recommend
    I have a Dell Latitude D630. Its my work computer and basically a standard work laptop for most large companies. I started working a lot from home, so I set up a small home office. Even though I was only 50ft from the router in another room, my connection would drop and/or I would lose my IP frequently due to noise.

    I got fed up, read reviews and bought this Linksys WUSB600N. Let me tell you, what a relief! No more dropped connections in the middle of conference calls or during netmeetings. This is an excellent product and I highly recommend it! ...more info
  • Great product
    I wanted a faster internet connection so I bought the Linksys WRT160N Ultra RangePlus Wireless-N Broadband Router with that I also bought the USB Network Adapter. It was an easy setup, took less than 5 mins with the disc in and connecting it to the USB port. After that, I setup the connection with my router to reccognize the adapter to input the password. Afterwords, boom! I was online within seconds! Reccomended!...more info
  • Vista Winner
    bought it, brought it home, installed software and fired it up...once you get it unwrapped, the rest was easy. I have no idea how some reviewers made a meal out of the install and then complained...

    this is a winner on Vista. Other results may vary....more info
  • Great Product - Buy This!
    I was hesitate to buy this item with all the negative reviews, but I was desperate. My wireless G adapter wouldn't work with my new computer. Ordered this. Received it overnight. Installed the software. Plugged in adapter. And it has worked perfectly since. I don't know what all the negative comments r about....more info
  • Wireless N Adapter
    I have purchased several Link sys adapters, and this wireless N is the best one to date. You can stand it up on your desk for better reception or just plug directly into a USB port on the computer. The speed was noticably faster then G and the range for finding our home network signal was better as well. Easy to install, and the price for N is coming down....more info
  • drivers out of date
    After returning the first adapter as defective, and after many hours on the phone with the tech people on the first adapter and its replacement, a tech rep finally admitted that the driver for the WUSB600N is not compatible with Microsoft Servicepak 3, which I assume has been installed on virtually every pc in existence. This means that installation requires you to substitute the microsoft drivers, which in turn requires you to type out a very long numerical sequence twice, while seeing only a series of dots. If you make one mistake anywhere along the way, you must start over and do it all over again, without being able to see where you even made the mistake.

    After returning the second unit, I finally got smart and bought
    the Netgear XAVB101 Powerline AV Ethernet ADaptor Kit, which uses electric lines to convey the signal. Installation was a non event and I have been extremely happy with the speed and reliability of the units.

    It is irresponsible for a name brand manufacturer to intentionally sell equipment which it knows to be incompatible with the equipment it is supposedly designed to work with. SHAME on Linksys!

    Amazon customer service, by the way, was excellent....more info
  • Linksys Dual-Band wireless-N USB Network Adapter, WUSB600N
    Good Adapter!! buy it and you will be happy!!! make sure you read and understand what routers work well with this adapter....more info
  • Not the correct adaptor for my system,but exellent service!
    Due to a poor description of this product (my PC works on Win 98SE,this product works only on Win XP or Vista), I ordered it to find out on the packaging that I will not be able to use it.The Amazon was very helpfull, paid for the return of the part, and gave me full credit. Thank you very much.I have had nothing but excellent dealings with Amazon. Thank you....more info
    I bought this adapter for its name and reading about suggested performance from a circuit city sale outlet at a remarkably low price of 45 dollors.

    Now my PC runs on Windows xp and i have two other laptops, none of them mac, the adapter installation was smooth on my computer, howevevr when I tried to shift the location of my desktop away from my router within 15 meters the signa started weakning, despite my cable internet when wired is connected at a speed of 100mbps the MAXIMU adapter does is only 54mbps!!!!!, no where do they specify in the manual that it does only 54 mbps???, dual band is a daylight robbery if you buy this adapter for the LINKSYS name associated with this.

    If you are installing on XP PC use the installation that comes with XP do not connect using the adapter mode it will not connect!!!.

    Howevevr on the positive side my connection remains stable howevevr the speed of my computer had halved!!!

    This adapter doesnot work beyond 25 meters from any router, I have checked with my own laptops when they can pick up all 5 bars in any remote corner of my house this adapter picks up only 1/2 bars except within 15 meters when it picks up all 5 bars though speed seems to be slower than when the adapter is near the router....more info