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Xonar D2X Sound Card
List Price: $256.45

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Product Description

Asus Xonar D2X is the world's first PCI-E interface high-end audio card featuring SNR up to 118dB. The Xonar D2X will undoubtedly provide your best gaming experience ever, with the intuitive DS3D GX to solve Vista gaming audio issues, and Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) for best voice communication quality. The DS3D GX extension in the Xonar D2X driver provides full support for surround sound and hardware accelerated features by translating DirectX to the DS3D GX standard. Gamers can enjoy DirectX gaming with hardware enhanced surround sound and EAX effects automatically and immediately after installation. The Xonar D2X also includes an innovative Acoustics Echo Cancellation (AEC) technology to facilitate the best online voice communication quality. AEC can eliminate up-to-40dB of speaker echo return and suppress noises that would otherwise enter the users' microphone - making the Xonar D2X the best audio card choice for online chatting in VOIP applications or online gaming. The ASUS Xonar D2X also features a signal- to-noise ratio (SNR) of 118 dB for both audio in and out - reaching the maximum limit of audio quality on most PC platforms. Unlike generic audio cards in the market that provide the highest SNR to only the front stereo outputs, the Xonar D2X is able to deliver 118 dB quality audio for all 7.1 channels. Besides delivering impressive audio quality, the Xonar D2X is also packed with multiple sound technologies from Dolby and DTS to deliver outstanding entertainment experiences. DTS Interactive for real time AC-3 encoding DTS NEO - PC stereo to multi-channel expander Hi-Fi class audio quality with SNR up to 118dB Dolby Home Theater Technologies & DTS Connect

  • Device Type - Sound card
  • Interface Type - PCI-E
  • Sound Output Mode - 7.1 channels
  • - Hi-Fi class audio quality with SNR up to 118dB
  • - Dolby HomeTheater Technologies & DTS Connect

Customer Reviews:

  • The choice was easy...
    Sleek EMI shield. PCI-e slot. Smart volume normalization (SVN). S/PDIF coaxial/optical in & out and both directions play nicely with my Denon 3808. DSD3 GX 1.0 for Vista, which brings back DirectSound 3D and EAX 1&2 effects since MS undid that type of support in the kernel, doesn't require OpenAL. Up to 24bit/192KHz res/rate. Massive bundle including RMAA so you can do your own quality tests and PMP, which isn't the user-friendliest tool, but after you develop your method, it will get the job done. I love the audio center GUI, plenty of functions. Plenty of connections. Most important, everything works. Tweaked C-Media chip dubbed Asus AV200 and HQ Burr Brown DACs = excellent performance ratios.

    Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD MA? I consider this card design HTPC first and gaming second, so I would like to have seen the aforementioned licenses. Still, I appreciate the licenses included and they should suffice. Asus had to add a PCI to PCI-e bridge chip due to C-Media APU, but doesn't seem to be damaging, except this might be the reason for the +5v extra power cable. The X-FI chip from Creative has it built in, but I won't open that Pandora's box.

    Asus has beta drivers out for DSD3 GX 2.0, which will try EAX 5. Haven't tried them yet, but I will eventually. For this price, I just appreciate that Asus is improving it instead of sitting on their butts with a finished product. Make sure you D/L the manual from Asus, it lists and explains a lot, as the included manual leaves you going, huh? Installation went flawlessly in my dual boot XP Pro x86 and Vista Ultimate x64 with a Gigabyte EP35-DS4. This card has some length, on the DS4; you can only use the two PCI-e x1 between the x16 slots. If your GPU is a double wide, that leaves you the one PCI-e x1 slot. You will not have a problem with the extra power cable needed and the south bridge SATA connections. You could use the lower PCI-e x16 slot for this card, but keep in mind on this mobo, that will disable your three PCI-e x1 slots. Plan accordingly. Compare products and do the research, weigh the pros & cons, but for me, the choice was easy.
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  • Card fails expectations
    First problem I came across was getting power to the card: The box didn't ship with a power cable which is ridiculous considering it requires a mini four-pin that has been impossible to find (even online). Anyhow I finally daisy-chained several MOLEX Y-connectors to reach the board. The last in the series is a Y-connector that converts to a mini-4pin. The card was recognized on boot but complained it still required an extra power supply. Ugh!

    The drivers installed without any errors (I think) but the card is barely audible so I can't tell what could be the casue. I have every possible volume control max'd out but I still can barely hear anything. As well, the instructions show that for a 5.1 surround the rear speakers plug into the side channel jack...? Not only is this strange to me, but the rear speakers crackle when they do play.

    I've been losing interest in Creative since they refuse to create a card that is truly a step forward (PCI-X, optical and SP/DIF, etc.), and I thought this Xonar would be the answer. Sadly it is not, so my search for an affordable alternative will continue.

    I'm not telling you to avoid this card since others have obviously made it work, but if you end up suffering from similar inadequacies with this product then know you aren't alone.


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  • Great sound card
    Great sound card. Once you understand what your doing this sound card sounds great. I have this paired with my logitech z5500 and its the best option i think for Windows Vista. Recommend it for Vista users....more info
  • Flawless
    This sound card is fantastic. I am so happy to see a company contend with Creative; Creative is good, dont get me wrong, but they need competition to make themselves more "creative" and drive down costs for the consumer. The Xonar D2X is Great for PC Games, recording, and Movies and is more capable than any Creative product to date at doing all three....more info
  • Great sound card
    Great sound card. Once you understand what your doing this sound card sounds great. I have this paired with my logitech z5500 and its the best option i think for Windows Vista. Recommend it for Vista users....more info
  • High Quality Audiophile Grade Card
    I bought this card for my HTPC. I wanted the feature for Dolby Headphone.
    I like to watch movies and listen to music with headphones over separate speakers, so much better detail and clairity. This card looked like it would give me the quality I was looking for. Nice headphones like Sennheiser, Grado, Denon, etc. need to have good processing. This is well built and very clean dynamic sound. The processing is next to your hi end receivers in quality sound. To many features to list, Blu-Ray movies are like a dream when listening through this card, games are UNREAL. Better than the X-FI's. Just buy it!...more info