Pentax DSLR Sling Bag - Sling bag - nylon - black
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Product Description

The best of both worlds! The Pentax DSLR Sling bag combines the benefits of a camera backpack and a shoulder bag. This comfortable, single strap bag wears on the back like a backpack. However, unlike a backpack, you don't need to remove the bag to access your gear. Simply swing the bag under your arm, from your back to your chest, for ready access to your camera, flash, lenses, and other accessories. Around town or out in the country, enjoy the hands-free comfort of a backpack, but have your gear always at your fingertips like a shoulder bag.

Customer Reviews:

  • not as described!
    The bag i received is a tiny versions of the one pictured, and missing the bottom compartment. called amazon, told them the picture didn't match what i got, and am waiting for a replacement. told them to make sure it matched the image, asked that they make the page match the sent item, since others are having the same problem. was told it will happen, that the supplier is being notified, but please check first before ordering - as of 10-28-2008, the items shipped don't match the image. will try to update this after replacement is shipped....more info
  • Not as Described
    The bag I received had a product number on the sealed plastic wrap that correctly matched the Amazon description, but the bag inside was nothing like what was described or depicted. If you took the three- compartment bag depicted and cut off the lower compartment and generally shrunk the bag by maybe 20 percent, you'd have what I received. The bag could carry my K20D and a telephoto lens, but the included dividers are otherwise useless with the camera in the bag.

    Since this order shipped by Amazon (not a marketplace vendor) I have sent the bag back for a refund confident that Amazon always does what's right with their customers.

    They need to do something about the erroneous portrayal of the merchandise on their site....more info
  • Amazon doesn't have this bag
    I bought a K20D and as part of the special offer, they promise to send this bag for free, a $45 value. The bag they send is much smaller and only has two compartments (it is missing the bottom lens compartment). I tried to return the bag for replacement with the bag they have a photo and description for, but the replacement they sent was exactly the same, a completely different bag. It still has "Pentax Digital" on the wrong bag, but it's clearly a cheaper bag and possibly not even an official Pentax product (I can't find it on their website or being sold anywhere)....more info
  • Ideal small sling bag
    When I found the LowePro 200 was too big for a day's outing of snapshots (rather than photography) this sling bag demanded that I take it home. It's just right for my K10D with battery grip and 18-250 lens. (I told you it was for snapshot forays). There's even good room for AF540 FGZ flash along with acoutrements, small guidebooks and more.

    It fits comfortably and swings easily to make access quick.

    This missing star represents the missing raincover that the LowePro incorporates....more info
  • this bag is just right
    the bag is just perfect for my camera, an extra lens, a flash unit and the charger. I own several other bags and each has a time to be used. This one is just right for when I am on a car trip and don't need my laptop....more info
  • Stylish black, nylon bag with red PENTAX logo
  • Three compartment design. A curved top compartment is ideal for holding a flash and/or lens and has a separate battery pouch. A main camera compartment easily holds your DSLR camera body with lens, as well as some accessories. A dedicated lens compartment holds one or more lenses or accessories
  • Removable padded dividers in the camera and lens compartments are rigid to help the bag keep its shape and to protect your gear
  • The back of the bag and strap have extra padding for your comfort
  • The DSLR Sling Bag is designed to accommodate small and medium sized lenses, including the Pentax 16-50mm and 50-135mm DA SDM lenses