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Trading Places
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  • Great DVD Edition
    I loved this edition of very funny and involved movie. The extras are very nice and very informative. The segment on the trading center was pretty good, although I'd hoped the director should have mentioned the fact that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange was approached for a location shoot, but turned the studio down because it didn't want any disruptions for its daily operation. That is why NYMEX was chosen. Also, there should have been a tribute to Aaron Russo who produced the film....more info
  • Great comedy, and a great revenge movie

    Format: Color
    Studio: Paramount Studio
    Video Release Date: August 19, 2003


    Dan Aykroyd ... Louis Winthorpe III
    Eddie Murphy ... Billy Ray Valentine
    Ralph Bellamy ... Randolph Duke
    Don Ameche ... Mortimer Duke
    Denholm Elliott ... Coleman
    Jamie Lee Curtis ... Ophelia
    Kristin Holby ... Penelope Witherspoon
    Paul Gleason ... Clarence Beeks
    Alfred Drake ... President of Exchange
    Bo Diddley ... Pawnbroker
    Frank Oz ... Corrupt cop
    James Belushi ... Harvey
    Al Franken ... Baggage handler #1
    Tom Davis ... Baggage handler #2
    Maurice Woods ... Duke & Duke employee
    Richard D. Fisher Jr. ... Duke & Duke employee
    Jim Gallagher ... Duke & Duke employee
    Anthony DiSabatino ... Duke & Duke employee
    Bonnie Behrend ... Duke & Duke employee
    Sunnie Merrill ... Duke & Duke employee
    James Newell ... Duke & Duke employee
    Mary St. John ... Duke & Duke employee
    Bonnie Tremena ... Duke & Duke employee

    David Schwartz ... Duke & Duke employee
    Tom Degidon ... Duke domestic
    William Magerman ... Duke domestic
    Alan Dellay ... Duke domestic
    Florence Anglin ... Duke domestic
    Ray D'Amore ... Duke domestic
    Bobra Suiter ... Duke domestic
    Herb Peterson ... Duke domestic
    Sue Dugan ... Duke domestic
    Walt Gorney ... Duke domestic
    B. Constance Barry ... Duke domestic
    P. Jay Sidney ... Heritage Club doorman
    Avon Long ... Ezra
    Tom Mardirosian ... Officer Pancuzzi
    Charles Brown ... Officer Reynolds
    Robert Curtis-Brown ... Todd
    Nicholas Guest ... Harry
    John Bedford Lloyd ... Andrew
    Tony Sherer ... Philip
    Robert Earl Jones ... Attendant
    Robert E. Lee ... Cop #1
    Peter Hock ... Cop #2
    Clint Smith ... Doo Rag Lenny
    Ron Taylor ... Big black guy
    James D. Turner ... Even bigger black guy
    Giancarlo Esposito ... Cellmate #2
    Steve Hofvendahl ... Cellmate #3
    Gwyllum Evans ... President of Heritage Club
    Eddie Jones ... Cop #3
    John McCurry ... Cop #4

    Michelle Mais ... Hooker #1
    Barra Kahn ... Hooker #2
    Bill Cobbs ... Bartender
    Joshua Daniel ... Partygoer
    Jacques Sandulescu ... Creepy man
    W.B. Brydon ... Bank Manager
    Margaret H. Flynn ... Duke & Duke receptionist
    Kelly Curtis ... Muffy
    Tracy K. Shaffer ... Constance
    Susan Fallender ... Bunny
    Lucianne Buchanan ... President's mistress
    Paul Garcia ... Junior executive #1
    Jed Gillin ... Junior executive #2
    Jimmy Raitt ... Ophelia's client
    Kate Taylor ... Dukes' Secretary
    Philip Bosco ... Doctor
    Bill Boggs ... Newscaster
    Deborah Reagan ... Harvey's girlfriend
    Don McLeod ... Gorilla
    Stephen Stucker ... Stationmaster
    Richard Hunt ... Wilson
    Paul Austin ... Trader #1
    John Randolph Jones ... Trader #2
    Jack Davidson ... Trader #3
    Bernie McInerney ... Trader #4
    Maurice Copeland ... Secretary of Agriculture
    Ralph Clanton ... Official #1
    Bryan Clark ... Official #2
    Gary Howard Klar ... Longshoreman
    Afemo Omilami ... Longshoreman

    Shelly Chee Chee Hall ... Monica
    Donna Palmer ... Gladys
    Barry Dennen ... Demitri
    James Eckhouse ... Jail guard
    Arleen Sorkin ... Woman at party

    Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) and Louis Winthorpe, the Third (Dan Ackroyd) are forced to see how the "other half" lives, when the wealthy Duke brothers (Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche - Winthorpe's employers, make a one dollar bet that they can take anybody off the street and make them a commodities broker. They do so, ruining Winthorpe in the process, and replacing him with Valentine.

    Can it work? And if it does, can Winthorpe get his revenge? This is good comedy.

    Ackroyd and Murphy work well together, and make a great comedy team.

    Joseph (Joe) Pierre

    author of Handguns and Freedom...their care and maintenance
    and other books

    ...more info

  • A perfect example of why the '80s rocked!
    forget the stupid and insipid works of this decade or much of the '90s. This along with 'Animal House' and its elk still stand as comic gold to this day. I'll find it somewhat impossible to find that anything now will hold a candle to what has come out from the past.

    Than again, the Black & White 'His girl Friday' is truly a classic that still has the side splitting gold to hurt me every time I watch it!...more info
  • Two Stars at Their Best
    This is an old movie but worth watching over and over. In my opinion, there was great chemistry between Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykyoid. This movie still ranks up there compared to some of the recent inane movies they have done lately. There is a great story as well as an excellent plot. All the supporting cast were a perfect match for the main actors. ...more info
  • Aaron Russo
    Interesting to note that the producer is mentioned not even once in the extras. Perhaps because of his activism in his last years ?...more info
  • Ridiculous comedy, Eddie Murphy at his best
    John Landis' comedy "Trading Places" is a combination of pseudo-intellectual farce, racism, power, nature vs nurture concept, slapstick and some deep look at social distinctions. Though it is a crowd pleaser, it has a good set of actors and is well put together. Eddie Murphy shows his genius here as a street hustler, when he is in prison and someone asks him, "How come you fought with 10 policemen and got slashed and did not have cuts?", he replies, "It is because I am a karate man. A karate man bruises on the inside." Compared to some of the comedies now like "Dumb and Dumber", this is a masterpiece. Every actor starting from Don Ameche, Ralph Bellamy, Delholm Elliot to the smaller actors play their parts very well.

    It is sad that Eddie Murphy does not realize his own talent and makes so many bad movies for every good movie of his. I see Shrek, I remember how much I loved him back in 48 Hrs and Trading Places, but when I see Daddy Day-Care or The Haunted Mansion or Pluto Nash or Boomerang or The Distinguished Gentleman, I just want to cry at the waste of his time and mine. His Donkey in Shrek and its sequel are the high end of this, but be warned: Bad Eddie will return in Daddy Day-Camp and The Incredible Shrinking Man. Will he ever grow up?

    Though the DVD does not have any special features, I am still glad that I have it. Whenever I am down, I can always pop it in my player and up goes my mood seeing the Dukes and Eddie and Dan shouting about the Haile Saleisee pavelion. I would recommend this DVD to anyone who loves comedy. Despite people complaining about its predictable storyline, the way it is played is superb and cannot be copied. In short, it is a classic....more info
  • 80's Comedy Classic that survives the test of time!
    Definitely one of the funniest movies I've ever seen... Not only are the characters ridiculous stereotypes and characters, but both the dialogue and the plot are absurd... Billy Ray Valentine, a street hustler-turned-Wall Street executive explaining why clients should buy pork bellies at 64 because the pork bellie producers are worried about their wives not making love to them or being able to afford a GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip for their sons right after starting his new job at Christmastime? "My God, Mortimar, he's right!" Or Billy Ray explaining three good reasons why not to long on April Wheat with everyone in the entire restaurant listening to his analysis? If that alone isn't the price of admission, I'm not sure what is... Plenty of over-the-top absurdity. I could watch this flick over and over!...more info
  • What about Aaron?
    Amazon has forgotten to mention the great, passed on Aaron Russo who produced this movie. We'll miss you....more info
  • movie
    You ever wonder what the others live like? Well you'll see when a rich white man and a poor black man switch lives based on a one dollar bet. Classic movie!...more info
  • "You know, it occurs to me that the best way you hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people."

    Whatever happened to John Landis, the man who is responsible for such gems as Animal House (1978), The Blues Brothers (1980), An American Werewolf in London (1981), Thriller (1983), Coming to America (1988)? He is desperately needed now when the situation with the comedies in Hollywood could be described as tragically horrible or horrifyingly tragic. Now when I think of it, even his less successful Spies Like Us (1985) and Three Amigos! (1986) were very funny and enjoyable. Landis has also directed nine episodes of the cult TV show, the first Sex and City, Dream On, and believe me, Dream On was fabulous. Of all mentioned films, Trading Places is one of the best, at least for me. I can't count how many times I've seen this funny and clever comedy. Trading Places tells the story of two men who were far from each other in any possible way as yes and no - one Harvard graduate, a successful snobbish commodity broker, the financial wizard with bright future in front of him, and great present that included a stunning fianc¨¦e, membership in a prestigious exclusive club, and even a butler, a true English gentleman. The other - a black street hustler, a small time drug dealer from the wrong site of the town. What could possibly bring them together and even make them partners out for revenge? You may say the fate or you may say, boredom and intrigues of two very rich, very arrogant, very shameless men - Brothers Randolph and Mortimer Duke (Ralph Bellamy, Don Ameche), the founders and owners of Philadelphia commodity stock Exchange who liked to make bets to prove their points about nature versus nurture theory and enjoyed watching how other people's reputations, happiness and even lives crumbles in front of them. The brothers were curious to find out what is primary, the environment or heredity in forming a human? What would happen if take a successful, well off man, ruin his reputation and throw him on the street and substitute him with a streetwise petty criminal? How would they adjust and what would they do to survive such unexpected turn of fortune? Well, it sounds rather dramatic but the movie is a masterpiece of comedy. It is not just good; it is timeless comedy that does not show a trace of growing outdated. It is based not only on the comic situations but on the changing characters, their communication, getting together and creating the team that would make revenge sweet, smart, and totally satisfying. The acting of two major players, Dan Aycroyd and Eddie Murphy is marvelous. Santa episode is among the funniest yet poignant I've seen. Just to think of Aycroyd, hiding behind a dirty Santa beard and growling like an angry animal over the smoked salmon that he stole from the Christmas party at his former company and hid on his chest made me laugh hysterically. There is also Jamie Lee Curtis with the legs growing from her ears, beautiful smile, and heart of gold. And she is topless in one of the scenes, too, which only adds to the movie's pleasures. There is the craziest New Year Party on the train that involves drunken James Belucci, a melancholic lovelorn gorilla, the coldblooded villain Clarence Beeks (Paul Gleason) who would become the object of unbearable desire of above mentioned gorilla, and two baggage handlers, marveling over how human the "gorilla" appears, and sending two gorillas to Africa in one cell. And there is incredible Denholm Elliott, the loyal butler Coleman to both Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd) and Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy). To top it all, there is the greatest (I am sure of it) scene of betting on future trading on the commodities trading floor that involves short-selling orange juice futures and turning an enormous profit for some characters and equally enormous loss for the others. For the life of mine, I can't get the idea but I enjoy the scene tremendously every time I watch this classic. Highly recommended.
    ...more info
    How do they get the crop report to the US government? Clarence Beeks is on a ship to Africa. Does the US Gov't accept the orange crop report from any old idiot???

    Seriously, I love this movie forever....more info
  • Trading Places
    This was made when Eddie was funny and hungry, before he started collecting pay checks for phoning it in. Compare him here and in Beverly Hills Cop with some of his recent work. Aykroyd and Curtis are fine here also. The director tries to create comedy out of the "nature vs. nurture" argument, but the cast hijacks the movie and turns it into a romp....more info
  • One of Eddie Murphy's Best
    "Trading Places" is an older movie (1985) starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akyroyd that is easily one of the best comedies ever made. I didn't even know this movie existed until a buddy recommended it to me and it's really great. Akyroyd plays Louis Winthorpe, an investor at the company of Duke & Duke. Murphy plays a homeless con man named Billy Valentine. The two wealthy Duke brothers who own the company (Don Ameche & Ralph Bellamy) make a bet that if the two were to be switched around, that if Valentine was given the chance to live Winthorpe's life while Winthorpe withers away, he would find the same success...While Winthorpe will find the same failure. Well, it turns out to be true but that's when Valentine & Winthorpe catch on the scheme and try to reverse it. Jamie Lee Curtis (who appears naked in the film...Not bad, actually) plays a hooker who helps Winthorpe and Valentine's scheme work. There's also Denholm Elliot as Coleman, the butler who probably has the most undderated performance in the movie. This is truly a great comedy, not to be missed. A...more info
  • Trading Places
    What's to say? Trading Places in Blu-Ray high just don't get any better than this!...more info
  • A funny 80's comadey that dosent get old over time
    I really enjoyed this film from start to finish. Thae story is great about to weathy brothers who make a bet about 2 diffrent men switching jobs and lives and to see how they both live or to see if they can survivie. The film has a great cast Eddie Murphy is great, Dan Akroyed is funny, the dukes are also great but the scen stealler and heart of the movie gose to Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis dose a great job from start to finish and let us know that she can act in comadey's and not just horror films. The dvd sadely dose not have no special features but it's still a great quality dvd....more info
  • Details of the rerelease of the Blu-ray edition due out June 3rd, 2008
    The Blu-ray "Looking Good, Feeling Good" Edition of Trading Places, which has been unavailable, is being rereleased. It appears to be the very same as before, with the same specs and special features.

    The plot of this comedy revolves around a wager between two very rich brothers over nature vs nurture, and specifically whether a rich, successful man and a poor man, if their fortunes were reversed (by "nurture"), would return to their former places because of their nature. To find out, they wreck the career and life of one of the most successful employees in their commodities trading firm (Dan Aykroyd), and take in a street hustler (Eddie Murphy) to train to take his place. (Thus the double meaning of the title.) While this obviously isn't a sociological study, some of the humor and pathos comes from pointing out ways attitudes are shaped by position, and changes in position. It's also a romance, with Jamie Lee Curtis playing the hooker with a heart of gold who falls for the fallen man. And it's a tale of sweet, poetic justice.

    Murphy was still fresh in this 1983 film, and Aykroyd and Curtis are also very fun. The script is clever and maintains its logic, in its funny way.

    The special features:

    -- "Insider Trading: The Making of Trading Places" featurette (18:27)
    -- "Trading Stories" featurette, interviews with the three main players (7:58)
    -- "Dressing the Part" featurette (6:30)
    -- "The Trade in Trading Places" featurette, on how the commodities trading in the movie works (5:24)
    -- Industry Promotional Piece, which was used to pitch the movie to theaters (4:17)
    -- trivia pop-ups, a running trivia option
    -- deleted scene: stealing the crop report, with optional commentary by executive producer George Folsey, Jr. (1:36)

    No commentaries.

    Specs: 1.85:1 widescreen transfer (1080p), Dolby Digital Plus 5.1, Dolby Digital Mono, subtitles in English, French, and Spanish.

    The video quality is quite good for a film that wasn't intended to be a visual masterpiece, improved over the standard DVD, with a clean print, fair detail and good color. The surround mix doesn't surround much, but it's clear enough, with good punch for the soundtrack.

    I'd give this four and a half stars, but round down for the lack of audio commentaries, which ought to be standard in special editions....more info
  • Trading Places
    Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd are perhaps one of the funniest duos of all time. They were hilarious together Saturday Night Live, so it's no surprise they repeat that same chemistry on the big screen. The movie ultimately about betrayal, greed, love, irony, friendship, deception, revenge, and comedy. The story basically tells you about two eccentric billionaires that decide to bet how two completely opposite individuals would react in different environments while cornering the stock market. Switching a homeless con artist Eddie Murphy to a rich stock broker while turning a successful businessman Dan Akroyd into a homeless drug attic. Upon discovering of this wager, Eddie and Dan form an alliance in their ultimate quest for revenge. The movie will take you on a great thrill ride that'll leave you begging for more. Overall, this is a must see film....more info
  • everything as expected
    nice dvd, as described, packaged well and shipped quickly. no disappointments. i would buy from again. ...more info
  • Classic
    If you have not seen this movie buy it and watch it enuff said
    Story 10 Acting 10 Direction 10 Action 10 Entertainment 10
    Overall 50/50 so good even my college professor recommended it...more info
  • You'd expect new CDs to be new...
    Well first of all, when I ordered the shipment, I payed for 3 day shipping. 2 weeks later I got the shipment. Amazon was great about it though, and refunded my shipping charge. My only other complaint is how the CD was damaged when I got it. Even though I bought it brand new, it had a tiny scratch in it which made the movie jump frame every few minutes. A bit distracting to say the least....more info
  • Better than expected visuals, but a tin ear
    I've always liked this movie and remember it as a pleasant surprise when I first saw it in theaters. It features a standout performance by Eddie Murphy (before he became a star in Beverly Hills Cop), a surprising career saver by Dan Aykroyd, and with a brief topless scene changed the public perception of Jamie Lee Curtis from scream queen to sex goddess. All this while skewering American classism.

    As far as the blu-ray specifics go the video, while not spectacular, features a substantial improvement over the standard DVD. The real problem here appears to be the film itself which, frankly, looks more like it was shot as a TV movie-of-the-week. The print has really been cleaned up, removing all the scratches, dirt and hair that plagued my previous DVD. Thankfully there is no evidence of the rampant DNR or edge enhancement that detract from so many older catalog titles. Overall a solid hi-def upgrade.

    On the audio front you get a Dolby Digital 5.1 remaster that sounds both dated and flat. While this is a dialog heavy film, even the classic R&B tunes in the soundtrack sound both tinny and lacking in low-end. Even though it's 5.1 it sounds just like stereo.

    As far as suppliments go, you get an upgrade from the previous DVD (which had almost nothing) to a set that is still pretty bare bones overall.

    Trading Places still holds up as one of the better comedies from its time period. Its class battle is still relevant, its got a fun cast, and big laughs come regularly throughout the film. All in all it is a fairly solid Blu-ray reissue. While the video is better than expected, the audio is really lacking.

    Normally I'd suggest a rental unless you're an avid fan of the film. But at $8.88 here on Amazon if you like the movie at all you should just pick it up....more info
  • HD DVD looks amazing
    This HD DVD version looks amazing. It's not a slick, highly detailed action flick. But, this HD image is smooth, sharp, and film-like. Worth the great price Amazon is selling this movie at right now to see this looking like it did in theaters on day one from a pristine print. ...more info
  • this is 1 of eddie's first really funny movies
    eddie murphy was da star in this as was other saturday night live star dan akrol was this movie apart da two of them living different lives eddie was a homeless person while dan akrol was a upper class business man two old men who are business brothers who have a network estimated in the film of 394 million dollars ruin dan arkol life while turn needy eddie turn a successful black bill gates but it was all over a bet of 1 dollar but da goes around comes back around 4 these 2 as they both lost all of their money and went broke 2 live on da streets while all da millions and maybe a billion went 2 eddie and dan and toward da end of da movie eddie and dan was in pardise with 2 pretty girls and da was da ending to a very good comedy movie Joe Brown...more info
    From start to finish, a wondeful film. No matter how many times you see it, always a joy to revisit. All the parts are perfectly cast with probably the best roles of their careers for Murphy, Akroyd, and Curtis. Ameche and Bellamy are hilarious as the Dukes and get off a huge number of great lines. A true classic....more info
  • Great Classic
    The Blu-Ray version of this this classic is great. It's the unedited version with the pop-up fun facts. I'd forgotten how funny this movie is. A terrific cast with a super-funny script and full frontal nudity from a 24 yr old Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't hurt either. Definitely reccomended....more info
  • The leads are great, but so is the supporting cast - FUNNY
    This is a very funny movie, not least because Eddie Murphy, Dan Ackroyd, and Jamie Lee Curtis give nearly the best performances of their careers. To me it is one of the classic comedies. It is built on the "switching places" storyline, but with a fresh approach, some terrific characters you never forget (even the minor roles - the big guy who only says, "Yeah!"), great images (the traders rushing out of the stalls at the sound of the market open bell and the opening title shots contrasting wealth, the working class, and the wretched poor), very good writing, and some fine acting (view Denholm Elliot having to turn Louis away as if he never knew him. There is some real subtlety in the face, eyes, and voice).

    Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche are PERFECT as the Duke brothers. Paul Gleason does a superb job as Clarence Beeks. Beeks is all bully, too clever by half, and ends up getting his just desserts along with the Duke brothers. James Belushi takes a small role and makes a mark for himself in one of his early roles. This performance is proof of the saying that there aren't small roles, just small actors. Louis' finance, Penelope, and the other rich friends are nicely overdone and enjoyable as for what they are and are not.

    But the movie belongs to Murphy and his brilliant opening scene as the hustler in that cart, when he looks at the camera when they try to explain pork bellies to him, and when he is being choked by Louis and is croaking out, "It was the Dukes, It was the Dukes!" To Ackroyd as a perfectly snotty rich kid who spends his days pretending that he is a player. I particularly like the scene where he is getting the checks signed by the Dukes and he starts off assuming he is in with them because he makes them tons of money, and they dismiss him as if here like any other servant - without a thought. Ackroyd as Louis registers some real surprised hurt there. And the classic scene of him in the dirty Santa suit chomping off bites of his filthy beard along with the smoked salmon he stuffed in his coat at the party. And Jamie Lee Curtis as Ophelia has many memorable scenes. She always has a sparkle and a sense of humor and vulnerability. She has the strength to laugh off the hurt she feels when Louis realizes and cruelly and contemptuously says out loud that she is a prostitute. She is much more than eye candy, though she looks amazing in that opening dress and the bikini at the end and everything in between.

    This disk has NO extras. Just the movie, some alternate language tracks and subtitles, and some choice of sound production. But no commentary or deleted scenes, or anything else. Still this is worth having and viewing every now and again just because it is funnier than most (not all) other comedies you are likely to find.

    However, it has some uses in business education as well. If you pay attention you can learn a bit about how to make money by going short high and buying long low. But don't take any of the trading too seriously. It really doesn't work that way. Just enjoy it as a funny movie.
    ...more info
  • Still Looking Good, Billy Ray
    Sometimes a classic movie is too dated to hold up. Fortunately that's not the case with Trading Places. Exceedingly enjoyable all over again and it's refreshing to hear the lines as originally spoken (instead of coming from me, or one of my friends incessantly for the past 25 years; "I'm a karate man. I bruise on the inside.", "I'm a #@*%ing gorilla, ya clown!", etc.).

    The extras are fun, too. Most interesting was how uncomfortable Don Ameche was about doing his line when Randall falls ill on the floor of the commodities exchange (since his delivery is so outrageous).

    The hardest part is deciding what the single best moment from the movie is:
    - Dan Aykroyd eating salmon through a dirty Santa beard;
    - Eddie Murphy looking straight at the camera after hearing the simplistic description of pork bellies ("...bacon, which you might find in a bacon and lettuce and tomato sandwich."); or
    - Jamie Lee Curtis topless (well, you actually get to see that more than once).

    This one is definitely a keeper!...more info