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Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote
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Product Description

Logitech knows who you are. You have a half-dozen remotes on the coffee table. And you're the only one in the family who knows how to use them. Logitech can help with the Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote. Enjoy a full-color touch screen. Intuitive button layout. And an ergonomic design. So easy to use, the whole family will love it.

  • Easy Internet-based setup
  • Dedicated on-screen activity buttons
  • Color LCD touch screen
  • Contoured backlit buttons
  • Can learn IR codes from existing remote controls

Customer Reviews:

  • Best remote you'll ever own
    I'm a former Circuit City Manager and this is the Best remote you'll ever own...more info
  • worth every penny
    Great remote! I was hesitant to pay this much for a remote but my home theater wouldn't be complete without one. I'm so glad I bought this One. The wife is extremely happy we're down to one remote. Programming was a breeze. I use it control a Pioneer Elite AVR, DirecTV HD-DVR and Samsung Plasma TV.

    I gave it 4 stars since it doesn't control the PS3. I bought the blu-wave remote for the adapter but it's still cumbersome. But with the soon to be released Harmony Adapter for the PS3, this will surely be a 5 star remote. ...more info
  • Totally worth every single penny!!
    We've had this remote for about two months now and I can honestly say it was the best purchase I've made for our home theater. Forget the Sony 1080p flatscreen, forget the Klipsch speakers, forget the Monster cables, and forget the Yamaha receiver... this was the single best purchase by far. Going from 2 remotes all the time and 3 when watching a dvd to 1 remote all the time is priceless. I have got not one complaint about this product.

    It was super easy to set up, I was able to program every little detail about each setting on the remote. I was really worried that I couldn't have preset sound fields through the receiver for each activity and that things would just be left on all the time when switching back and forth between activities, but I just programmed those things in with a few simple clicks and I was done. If something is on or off when it's not supposed to be or something just isn't correct for that activity, the Help menu will generally fix it. On the occasion it doesn't, it's really easy to just select the device on the remote, and fix it myself. I was even really impressed that I was able to program my dvd. It's old and an off-brand dvd/vcr combo and I've never been able to program it until now.

    It works perfectly all the time and it's simple to program. People who talk about taking a long time to program must not have any computer knowledge or the knowledge of how their system works. I was able to program 5 different activities on the remote for 4 different components in about 15 minutes and I haven't had to do anything to it since. It was worth every penny I paid for it and I would do it again today if I had to without hesitation. I would recommend this to everyone I know. ...more info
  • Great Replacement Remote
    Controlling the TV in a darkened room was frustrating, because I couldn't see the buttons on the remote that came with it. Aside from the 'universal' factor, back-lit buttons was one of my main considerations for purchasing the Harmony One. The buttons and display turn off after 15-20 seconds of non-use (presumably, to conserve battery power). Conversely, they turn on whenever the remote is moved or a button is pressed. The battery lasts approximately 5-7 days before needing a charge. Programming the remote was simple and straight forward, and I had none of the problems others had stated in their reviews. You create a list of equipment make and model numbers, connect to Logitech via the supplied program, and the remote codes are downloaded into the remote (it even accepted my video camera which was listed under VCR). You then set up the interaction between your media equipment by creating 'activities' (eg. Watch TV powers up the TV, cable box, and stereo, sets the TV input mode to the cable box, and audio input to the stereo). The 'activity' appears as a list item on the touch-screen display. The sculpted feel of the Harmony One body and its buttons is a real pleasure compared to the rectangular, box-like remotes that came with my equipment. After a month of using the Harmony One, I recycled the other remotes. I highly recommend this's well thought out and engineered!...more info
  • Best remote I have ever owned
    Before this remote I owned two sony universal remotes and neither one could hold a candle to this one. Out of the box it took me thirty minutes to program it for a receiver, dvd player, cable box, and two 400 disc cd jukebox cd players. It is a joy to use and unlike the sony remotes only requires one hand to operate. I definitely recommend this remote....more info
  • I do not understand all the positive reviews for this
    In theory, this is an excellent product. It does everything I want it to do. Unfortunately, I have my third one in my hand and it is broken.

    The first one recharged two or three times, and then stopped recharging.

    The second one worked for two weeks and then the screen turned white. I had to return it to Logitech.

    Five days later, the third one arrived. It worked great for two weeks, and now none of the buttons work on it.

    It's too late to get my money back, so I guess I'll return it to Logitech again and wait five days. I'm sure that one will break after two weeks, just like the other three....more info
  • Truly "The One"
    I have a whole basket of remotes now collecting dust... Unless you hit the lottery and can afford some crazy universal remote system that controls the space/time continuum, this is definitely the universal remote you should have. It feels nice, looks nice, and sets up easily. It is intuitively designed and the IR range is good. I think everything we buy should be so well thought out. My wife mocked me when I expressed interest in it (I realize that this ain't cheap), but she quickly converted to a Harmony One believer. I don't give five stars out for many things, but this one gets 'em for sure. Amazon's price is the best -- take out your credit card and buy it now!!!...more info
  • Perfect replacement for all those remotes
    The Logitech Harmony One universal remote is exactly that - universal. I found the software easy and intuitive, the touch screen easy to use, and the remote is well-organized and feels comfortable in the hand. It only took me about an hour to charge the remote's battery, install the software, program it to work with all of my equipment, tweak the setup, and be up and running. Believe me, when I go so far as to endorse a product to my Facebook friends, it has got to be good. ...more info
  • Harmony One - The ONLY One!
    Wow - a remote with a real brain! One button does it all. First, enter your devices by name and model number (I think they have over half-million devices by 5,000 manufacturers in their database! And, you can set up 15 different pieces of equipment.)

    Then, you easily set up your activities ("Watch TV", "Watch a DVD", etc). It asks you intelligent questions about each piece of equipment you add to the activity (like "Is sound controlled by your Harmon-Kardon?" or "What input is your Samsung TV set to?"). From then on, all one button to set your equipment to a particular activity (on the touch screen) and then the remote sets to the controlling commands for that activity! Some say they don't like having to program through your computer. I say - it will make programming my second remote (when I receive it!) easy.

    I have only owned this for 4 days - wait until I become an expert! I highly recommend it....more info
  • Logitech remote
    Great remote. I've had an older Logitech for years and this one is 10 times better. Highly recommend....more info
  • Once its set up it's pretty good.
    I got this for my parents, to replace their multiple remotes. And hopefully make it easier to change between the 8 TV inputs their TV offers, their cable box, DVD, & VCR. It took some effort to 1 get the Cable Box to work. It just seems like I need to keep the remote pointed at the entertainment center for a while to make it do the activity macros. I bet if I had it at my home, I'd be able to experiment more with all the settings... But for what it cost, I wasn't expecting to need to experiment....more info
  • Best Remote Control EVER!
    This is the second Harmony One we have purchased. The first one was for our home and this one was purchased as a gift for my dad. He saw our remote and loved it so much, it is all we have been hearing about since we got ours. So, for his birthday we bought him the same one and he is thrilled! It is very user friendly (even for a 65 year old) and it elimiates all of the remotes laying around the living room. This is a great product and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has a lot of components and doesn't like to use a bunch of different remotes! ...more info
  • Very good, room for improvement
    This is the best universal remote out there. The ability to update and program with a computer make all the difference. But it could still use some improvements, esp on advance customizing when operating multiple devices at once. Also Play, Pause, Stop, etc buttons should be larger, or be easier to differentiate from menu buttons. This device easily recognized all my devices except one, a European satellite receiver. I programed it manually using the original remote, following the instructions. But it still makes errors when operating this receiver. But like I mentioned, this is by far the best universal remote sold today. And Logitech makes great products....more info
  • Control your life one remote at a time
    This was a gift for my wife so there would be peace in our house. I thought one remote to be able to watch TV or play a DVD, WOW!
    I looked at the other universal remotes out there before deciding to purchase the Harmony One.

    The Harmony One has a great company backing it up, Logitech.
    The functionality is definitely there.
    The price was reasonable.
    Tech support is available if needed.

    It setup on my windows machine easily enough (I still haven't got the software to work on my macbook). The software guides you though the question and answer phase of programming the remote. Be careful when selecting your make and model of components, though. I have a newer 40" Sharp LCD that was not in the database, but it suggested another model that was close. After updating the remote with the correct programming, it was good to go.

    The software that programs the remote can use secret codes that the original remote does not offer, but the component manufacturer has built into their equipment. This will allow the remote to quickly do things that normally you would need to scroll through a menu to accomplish.

    Another cool feature is the ability to add icons to the touch screen for your favorite TV channels. Logitech does not offer the icons but you can find them easily on line. The Harmony One gives you space for 24 favorites on the touch screen menus.

    The best part about this remote is being able to put away all of the other remotes that clutter the coffee table.

    UPDATE: I am able to use the software on my Macbook. Instead of using the enclosed CD, download the software program from Logitech and install it. After it installs follow the instructions and you are all set to go....more info
  • Super Easy
    I bought this primarily for my Technically Challenged wife. but now my 4 year old is using it without my help. the great thing is that I can program all my equipment to do the obvious stuff and also fine control them as well.
    There was a little problem setting up my Phillips Reciever but once I used the troubleshooting on the remote I was able to set the controller correctly.

    Overall this was well worth the money and exceeded my expectations. Here's hoping Logitech add's the RF extender to this line as well....more info
  • Makes life easy
    This Remote is fantastic. It's extremely easy to program (which is all done via computer interface). My wife and our extended family can all use the remote to operate our somewhat complicated setup. One button press on the touch screen switches from TV watching to DVD, including changing the audio channel on the receiver. I had a Harmony 890 previously. I liked it until the volume button stopped working. This remote has touch screen, which is really nice. I like that feature more than I thought I would. Only knock is no RF support, which is useful if you want to put equipment behind a wall or in a cabinet. Overall, extremely satisfied....more info
  • GREAT!
    After watching the video review, I was sold! I picked one up that day and I have to say, it does several things I was really looking for. Such as renaming everything, creating your own buttons with custom names. Learns new commands and uses the software to assign that learned command anywhere or just leave in software for later. You can even create sequences in software such as 2 or 3 button presses required to switch inputs. Delays for everything are all customizable. About the only thing you can not do is upload custom icons into the remote. ...more info
  • So far I like it, but . . .
    I wish you could program individual steps in the activity. But I DO like it so far. I bought it eliminate my 10+ remotes and it does that quite well, and is certainly better than anything else I've tried to date. I recommend it....more info
  • Creates Harmony in your Living Room
    The Harmony remote is, quite possibly, the best thing since the advent of the remote control. Sure, there have been other "Universal" remotes, but none has ever approached the level of sochistication of this lovely little slice of heaven. Logitech makes some nice products, and I can say that without a doubt, this one has greatly simplified my life and the life of my less techologically advanced companions. (IE, My girlfriend.)

    The remote works very simply. You tell it what you own on the included computer program. You tell it what setting you have your components on when you watch TV, play DVDs or Blu-Rays, listen to Music, play video games on your 360 or PS3, etc, etc, etc. Then the program uploads all this onto the activites screen of the remote.

    Now, instead of having to set my receiver to DVD, my TV to HDMI3, etc, I just press Watch DVD and the remote does everything for me while I grab a handful of popcorn. Of course, I still have to put the DVD in, but I doubt there will ever be a remote for that.

    You can also program the nice little touchscreen to display other buttons, for instance, I originally set one up to turn on the ON DEMAND channel of my Comcast cable box.

    Then I happened onto the ability to program in channels for my cable box.
    Another nice little feature. I set it up with all my favorite channels, including ON DEMAND. I was even able to add logos for all the channels from a website made expressly for adding channel buttons for the logitech remote. THANKS GUYS! I use this feature a lot. It's easier than punching in the numbers, and I'm very impatient... Instead of punching in 202 for ESPN, I just press the little ESPN logo, and BAM, I'm watching Sportscenter. My girlfriend doesn't like that feature, since she usually had the TV set to Lifetime.

    The remote also turns itself on when you pick it up, or you can just give it a little shake to wake it. Also, you never need to buy batteries for it, since it has a dock that charges it. It's never run out of power on me, and I've left it off the dock for days at a time. It does have a power level symbol, so you'll know when it's time to dock it.

    The remote is also nicely shaped, and fits in my hand nicely. All the main buttons are in the perfect positions, and channel surfing is a breeze.

    Also, you can upload pictures to the remote to be displayed when it's docked. Not exactly the biggest thing in the world ever, but sorta neat. (I guess.) Don't really see the point, but whatever.

    One slight caveat is that the remote can't run the PS3, since it runs om bluetooth. There are ways to get it to control your PS3, including the Nyko Blu Wave remote and the recently released Logitech Harmony Adapter for Playstation 3. I avoided buying the Blu Wave remote, since you have to plug it into your PS3, and mine only has two USB ports I use to keep my controllers charged. I'll update everyone when I have to Logitech Adapter set up. (I bought it from Amazon today.)

    All in all, this remote is wonderful, and it's worth every penny. You won't regret buying one....more info
  • Harmony logtech remote
    Very good remote that is easy to use although it does take a little time to set up on the computer but well worth the time....more info
  • Best Universal Remote I've Ever Owned!
    This remote is by far the best universal remote I've ever owned. It's great to be able to create "activity" buttons, eliminating the need for the user to power up and change the inputs on multiple devices. One button does it all!

    The remote is highly customizable which is great for a geek like me, but may be a little daunting for the technically challenged person when it comes to programming it. That being said, the included software does do a good job of walking you through the process. And once it's programmed, even my grandma could operate a complex home theater set up.

    The rechargeable battery is also nice. It has good battery life...I've left it off the charger for days with no problem at all.

    This remote is a great buy, I highly recommend it! ...more info
  • Replaced an old Pronto
    This is the easiest remote I have ever used. Programming took less than an hour and everyone has been enjoying its use. Highly recommended....more info
  • Not impressed and out $185
    Setup was easy to follow and fairly intuitive, but even after sync with current remotes, the Logitech still fails to consistently power on my Samsung HLR5667W 56" dlp and my tuner. I have to turn the devices on manually then manage them from the logitech....more info
  • Another satisfied customer
    Add me to the list of satisfied customers of this Logitech remote control solution.

    I just added a new Samsung HT-BD1250 home theater (HTIB) system to my existing configuration of a 2-year-old Samsung HD TV and Motorola HD/DVR box supplied from my cable company, and decided with the addition of the HTIB that I was finally ready to have a single-remote solution. This unit came highly recommended to me by a trusted friend, and then the many reviews I read here and elsewhere on-line solidified my purchase decision.

    My existing TV and cable box were already in Logitech's database, so their configuration to my new remote was instantaneous and complete. My new HTIB system, however, is a brand-newly released model, and so while the Logitech software was able to configure it to the remote as closely as it could based on other info already on-hand about previous Samsung HTIBs, the configuration of all the functions was still incomplete. It took me 1 phone call to Logitech's excellent fluent-English-speaking tech support to help me "fill in the blanks", and then after I "taught" the remote the missing features button-by-button, I was good to go.

    As others have documented, I have also found the PC-based software to be a little bit intuitively lacking (and I make my living as a software professional; I could definitely see non-technical users being even less patient with it), but the functionality *is* in there once you learn the quirks of the software.

    At the time I have written this review, there were already several hundred reviews in place here, the majority of which were overwhelmingly positive like mine. However, many of the negative ones were "vehemently" negative. I believe that these extremely negative reviews are for the most part the result of either (a) unrealistic product expectations, and/or (b) lack of user patience to fully learn and exploit the complete feature set of the product. As others have documented, with literally thousands of combinations of old and new remote-controlled products on the market, it is impossible to release a "plug and play, works immediately right out of the box" universal remote control product. This product comes as close to, or closer than, any other product in attempting to do so...but it's still a technical product/solution, and requires some technical effort to truly get it to work the way any given user would desire or require. Going in with any other expectation is setting the user up for disappointment....more info
  • I'm in love
    I had a Home Theater Master MX-500 universal remote for several years, and I thought that thing was pretty slick until I met this Harmony One. I love everything about the HO. She's so easy, in so many ways. Easy to program (and she never forgets your favorite settings!). Her buttons curve in shapes that you'll never forget once you've known them (making them a snap to find in the dark). She turns on instantly (via motion sensor), and then off just as quickly -- the dream of any man. She'll do just about anything you ask: Most devices she knows already, but she handles unusual requests by learning from other remotes if needed. I had a frustrating time getting my old remote to learn the color buttons from my Directv remote, but my HO had them waiting on her touch screen right from the start! And to top it all off, she weighs significantly less than my old remote (which was an older model, so it wasn't her fault).

    Finally, my HO recharges quickly and painlessly by just laying her in her cradle whenever I'm not using her. But don't be thrown by the word "cradle" -- she's no baby -- she's as mature as they come.

    She's not just an object to me. Can you tell? I'm in love....more info
  • Is it me?
    It could be. I'm a journeyman electrician who also has a degree in computer electronics. And, it's still taken me about 40 hours to figure out all the little adjustments necessary to get this thing just how I want it. I should say that I am a perfectionist. So, if it ain't just right, I'm going to keep messin' with it.

    However, when this thing is "just right", it's a wonderful thing. A little spendy but, it does everything as advertised, and more. I got a little stuck when trying to set up complex activities that utilize multiple devices - like a Media Center PC, Tuner, Cable Box, and TV Monitor. After spending several hours changing the various settings, downloading them into the remote, and testing them out - I ended up deciding to leave my cable box on 24/7. Minimizing the devices controlled in any given activity will make your setup go more smoothly.

    I use this remote daily and I would buy another Logitech product in a second. In fact, I'm typing this on one of their cordless keyboards. But, if you're the type of person who is challenged when it comes to setting up electronics in your home - you may need the "Geek Squad" to help you set up this device.

    ...more info
  • Awesome Universal Remote
    There are some people that will look at the price tag for this remote, gaffe at the price, and continue on with their date, possibly noting to someone else that they just saw a $200 remote. I will be the first to tell you that yes, this remote is expensive. Very expensive, in fact, for just a remote. Don't let that deter you! This remote, while expensive, is very, very good. It will save you a lot of headaches when friends and family come over and want to watch TV on your complicated home entertainment setup.

    A word of caution though: if all you have is a TV and a DVD/VCR/blu-ray player, then you're probably better off just using the remotes that came with it (if you have them).

    What's great about the Logitech Harmony line (and this remote in particular) is that it works for pretty much everything. If you have a device that has, or once had an IR (Infrared) remote, you can control it with this remote. If you've got a complicated set up at home, possibly involving an A/V receiver with surround sound, a tv, a dvd player, an xbox 360, a cd changer, and other things, you can control all of them with this single remote without any difficulty. If you've got a PS3, you can buy an add-on to control that as well. Maybe you've got remote controlled lighting? This remote (possibly with an add on) can control that as well. Maybe you've got some super obscure, possibly homemade IR device? It can even control that.

    What separates this line from other universal remote lines, however, is the level of control offered, combined with the ease of use. You don't need to remember all of the commands and the order of the devices you need to use. You don't need to remember to switch back to your receiver to adjust the volume, and then back to the cable box to change the channel. The remote handles all of that seamlessly. All you (or more importantly, anyone using your system) needs to know is to press the "watch TV" button, or the "watch a DVD" button.

    If your home entertainment system consists of 3 or more devices with separate controls each product, then you really don't need to look any further. Grab a harmony remote, and stop having to put up with the hassle and clutter of multiple remotes.

    Which Harmony remote to get is a tougher question. If this would be your first harmony remote, and you really aren't sure if it's worth it (it is worth it), then I'd recommend getting the Harmony 550, or similar remote, which can be found for about $50 refurbished, or on sale. The feature set is similar enough for you to find out if you'll like it. If you already know you want a harmony remote, here's how the One compares with other remotes in it's line:

    * As mentioned, all of these remotes have a similar feature set that control a large number of devices, in the neighborhood of 20 devices. This remote is no different.
    * Compared to many of these remotes, this remote feels far more comfortable to hold. It's very ergonomic, with nice curves.
    * Compared to the 800 line (880 in particular), it is much easier to find the right button in the dark, and it's easier to tell if you're holding the remote backwards.
    * Compared to the 800 and 600 lines, the button responses feel much better. You know when you've actually pressed a button.
    * Compared to the 880 in particular, this remote charges much easier (no fiddling with placement on the charger), and seems to hold a charge better. I had a poor 880 though, so your mileage may vary here.
    * Compared with the 500 and 600 lines, this phone has a rechargeable battery built in, along with a charging station that helps prevent the remote from being lost (as default behavior is to put the remote back on the charger when finished). This is both a positive and negative, depending on your behavior.
    * Compared to practically all other lines, this remote features a touch screen system as well.
    * The touch screen is a little slower than it's button controlled counterparts (but it's also a little more intuitive)
    * Compared to the 500 line, the screen area is much brighter and in full color.

    Ultimately, what sold me on this remote were several factors: The 880's charger wasn't any good, and I didn't like the button layout on that line. The 550, although a solid remote, has a dim LCD screen that makes it difficult to use. The 670 had very uncomfortable buttons. The Harmony One corrected all of these issues at a reasonable price (when compared to the 890 and the 1000). It featured buttons that were comfortable to use and had a more physical response when used. I would highly recommend the Harmony One to anyone that was considering an advanced universal remote, with 2 caveats:

    1. They MUST have a computer. There is software involved with this remote that requires a Windows or Mac operating system.
    2. They MUST have an internet connection, at least during the initial set up. For some unknown reason, Logitech created an account based system to use the remote, and needs to receive updates from a central server for new devices. After this set up, the remote operates just fine without an internet connection, but updates and adjustments probably require these as well....more info