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  • This trilogy has its ups and downs, but it's certainly unlike other zombie movies.
    I watched all 3 Blu-Rays in order in one night. My review deals primarily with the third movie as it closes the trilogy (for now).

    The first film is an exciting, scary movie that's somewhat similar to the games but different from most zombie movies. Zombie humans, zombie dogs, and a computer-generated Licker all threaten the heroes, who are investigating a viral outbreak in an underground research lab. The movie introduces butt-kicking Alice (played by Milla Jovovich), who is not in the games. She ends up being the glue that holds this trilogy together as each film is quite different from the others.

    2 remains my favorite because it's just the most fun. The comic relief is appreciated and I like some of the situations that occur, like the tense church scene. It's also the closest to the games out of the 3 movies. However the writing is dumb at times, such as the graveyard sequence and the climactic battle between Alice and Nemesis. The Nemesis monster as portrayed here is not a frightening villain. He just fights with guns and other weapons and his costume fails to impress. Still, look at this movie as a simple sci-fi action flick instead of horror and you'll probably enjoy it.

    3 was a huge disappointment... Failing to explain the absence of two key characters from part 2 is really unsatisfying. The only possible conclusion within the logic of the movie's world is that they died, which is no fun at all. Then the post-apocalyptic setting - which would be fine for a zombie movie in general - doesn't work in the Resident Evil universe at all. So already it's just not Resident Evil any more. Throwing in the tyrant and the crows was a cool idea but it's too little too late. RE fans know those have been around since the timeline of RE1, so their introduction just further separates the continuity of the films and games.

    The movie also commits the crime of killing off every likable character, leaving the audience with no one to attach themselves to. Videogame protagonist Claire Redfield is wasted in this movie, and Alice has become so alien that it's hard to worry about her.

    And finally, Extinction's zombies look terrible. I know they were going for a sundrenched effect, but they still look like vomit. As I recall they also abandoned the CG-enhancement of the zombies (giving them transparent parts and such) that looked so cool in 1 & 2. Then the super zombies.... Oh man. Those fake eyebrows didn't look good in Buffy and Angel and they look even worse on brown zombies.

    As a whole, this box-set represents a good value. The movies are so different, it's hard to give a strong thumbs up or down (hence my 3-star rating). The picture quality and sound are awesome. The extras are fairly significant, with deleted scenes, alternate endings, and loads of featurettes. If you're really into the Resident Evil movies this box is a great and affordable way to show off your HDTV and Blu-Ray player....more info
  • Fun, but not as good as the predecessors .
    I like the Resident Evil series, they're a real guilty lowbrow pleasure and I'll admit to quite liking this the third and weakest of the set. But there are flaws, somebody clearly took the title of the second film to heart "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" and having decided that as the third clearly had to be a post apocalypse movie they headed to the DVD collection in order to rehash all the post apocalyptic movies there. A boy and his dog, Desolation Alley, Return of the Jugger and Mad Max all appear to have covered the ground before. In order to get to this point there's been a hell of a chronological jump that to my mind knackers the continuity. Eight years have passed, the attempts to contain the T-virus failed and then for reasons that make no sense and get no explanation, the world dries up and becomes a zombie infested desert with only a few normal survivors scavenging fuel for their convoys. Alice has separated from the group that rescued her and only two of the others make an appearance. Both wonder around finding the usual selection of psychotic survivors and some genuinely scary crows before their somewhat fortuitous reunion.
    At this point they come to the attention of the Umbrella corps mandatory deranged scientist, who's happily mass producing Alice clones in his secret bunker complex and killing them off, supposedly in the search for a cure. Battle commences, Alice wins hurrah ! She and one of her clones now get control of the clone plant and sends threatening holograms to the Umbrella CEO, scene for follow-up now set.
    So the scenario is stock post apocalypse desert, no clich¨¦ remains unturned and the chronological leap leaves much unexplained. Perhaps the CGI Resident Evil Degeneration will plug some of the gaps. But despite this it's a fun bit of escapism. ...more info
  • More Zombies than you can shake an Umbrella At.
    The Umbrella Corporation, a veritable Wal-Mart mixed-bagging it with Boeing, has unleashed something that will eventually murder the world. Unfortunately for the human race, it was not the cross-species horror that demolished hope or the bony fingers of the undead that picked away the last shreds of civilization. It was the fact that the Earth was a victim, too, and this process of victimization left the world a desert with humanity flickering in the breeze.

    As far as a continuation, I found the movie likeable and hope people understand that this is a sequel work off information passed down from a prior sequel. Accordingly, it is not Resident Evil and it does not have Raccoon City to work with anymore. Raccoon City is actually a tomb now, nuked for those who omitted it from their mental radar, and the spread of the T-virus follows what any layman would register as a "catastrophe and then some." This means that the world went from the happy tinge of forests and foothills and turned a shade of red, infected and to the point that humanity had lost. This means that people survive by not following conventions: Instead of stopping they avoid planting roots and have developed a convey system. Instead of raiding big depots of their former lives they always avoid large cities, hoping to stay away from concentrations of the dead because even a forest of bullets could not keep that many teeth at bay. Fortunately for them, this has worked in some ways and the little towns they scavenge have kept the tired convey rolling. Unfortunately for them, they also face another threat --- Umbrella is far from dead and needs Alice.

    On the plus side of the movie, everyone is here. Our comedian, our shout-out to the videogame, our Alice; every loose end is here and in play. Everyone save Alice has built a convoy and is practicing the "stay on the move" philosophy. I missed some of them, too, and was glad to see that they were all seen as important. The main players are here as well --- the dead are out and in force because food is probably harder to get a hold of and they really mean something. They look purty as well and that was equally important --- without some sexy undead, where would the world be?. On the downside, the story is somewhat weak, the dress of the people does not make me think "one bite means I'm dead!," and the bird portion of the movie is - well, if you watch it you'll know what I mean. I also saw a piece of the movie that was taken from Day of the Dead and wondered if this was incidental, but also had to ask myself if Umbrella might think this way.
    Following all the games and the movies, I would have to answers with a resounding "yes."

    If you liked the other movies, then you might like this one. Just remember that the focus is Alice, that the quality is lower in some ways, that you will lose some people you like, and that this is a videogame franchise. If you can deal with all of that and still say, "it sounds good," then you have plaything. I liked the movie BUT I like a lot of stuff so this isn't the focus. The focus is zombies, sexy little zombies and the T-virus that made them, and that makes me feel HaPPY inside. If it makes you feel, too, then perhaps we could get together and sing Imagine with an undead John Lennon.
    Or not.
    ...more info
  • Good Movie Series & good set
    This is a great set of movies with many good blu-ray features. A very good buy....more info
  • RESIDENT EVIL: A Successful Mix of Genres
    In RESIDENT EVIL:EXTINCTION director Russell Mulcahy continues the same kind of breakneck pacing, lots of gore, and the strong acting of Milla Jovovich in this the third entry in the post apocalyptic series. The first two present a world run amuck as a plague of mutant DNA creates a never ending supply of zombies who seek only to devour the flesh of the living. Jovovich is Alice, a bio-engineered super-human female who has added telekenetic powers to her repetoire. She is fearless, preternaturally nimble, and handy with a variety of weapons ranging from firearms to machetes. Part of the interest in this series that distinguishes it from numerous competitors lies in Alice's repressing her more human more female weaker side. In several scenes you can see that she is torn with self-doubt and misgivings that she must sublimate.

    In EXTINCTION, what has gone extinct is most of the human race. The virus that has been localized in the first two entries now has spread worldwide, turning most of the planet's plowable land into a barren wasteland. In scenes that are probably taken directly from MAD MAX, the nation's highways are limited to those normal humans who careen from place to place seeking fuel and shelter. But here there is no Mel Gibson to enforce whatever crumbling laws remain. There are the ubiquitous zombies and a scraggly few humans in a truck convoy who hope to go to Alaska via Las Vegas, hoping that the former gambling capital has sufficient fuel for them to get that far north.

    In most zombie movies, the flesh-eaters are a homogeneous assortment of indistinguishable scar-faced lumps. Here, director Mulcahy adds some pretty macabre humor as the film's bad guy scientist tries to train a select few zombies as docile servants. In a scene that smacks of Bub the Zombie in DAY OF THE DEAD, this wicked scientist actually succeeds in teaching a grinning zombie into using a cell phone and taking a picture--at least at first.

    With RESIDENT EVIL, the star is not only Milla Jovovich--although she is in nearly every scene--there are other lesser lights that insist that in the eternal battle between good and evil, it is not always clear which is which. The zombies at least have the excuse of the mutant virus. Those who trek with Alice or seek to intercept her must wonder on which side of the very fine line between good and evil on which they lie. In its slam bang action and surprisingly competent acting, RESIDENT EVIL suggests that this line may be as evanescent on the screen as it often is in real life. ...more info
  • Mad Mila; Beyond Zombie-Dome. A Sci-fi Channel Original.
    Ok, I know the Sci-fi channel had nothing to do with this. I'm obviously using their reputation for fine film making (tongue firmly in cheek) as a measure of this films quality. Is "Resident Evil; Extinction" really that bad? No, it's not THAT bad, but it's not so good either. To understand where I'm coming from, let's quickly rehash my thoughts on the first 2 films;

    Resident Evil: Original, edgy story, (despite cheesing off the video game crowd), creative visuals and fair characters combine to create a surprisingly good zombie, action, horror film. The Director did a nice job with a relatively tight budget.

    Resident Evil; Apocalypse: A simple story that appeased the video game fans, goofy monster effects and big budget explosions combine for an in-your-face silly action movie. Gone is the great tension and visuals of the first film; still fun in a stupid way.

    This brings us up to date on where I stand in the Resident Evil series... ...until now.
    "Extinction" suffered with, what I call, CREATIVE CONSTIPATION!! Dun, Dun, DAHH! (Very dramatic, I know). Let's get down to it...

    This film had elements from the first film that I enjoyed a lot (i.e.; the laser room; very cool) and elements from the second film (goofy monsters) that combined to make a more confused film than either of the first two. As much as the second film disappointed me it was, at least, consistent in its mood and values. As pleasantly surprised as I was with the first film, its best elements don't work when out of the context of the edgy story and creative environment. The only thing that translated well was the theme music, which is still effective at setting a mood.

    I can forgive copying in the context of homage or as a respectful nod, but the "Road Warrior" theme came off as derivative here. Certainly, in the context of a dying planet, copying "Road Warrior" would seem a logical choice. However, did they really need a skinny bearded guy with big teeth and a strange hat (i.e.; the helicopter guy in RW)? Of course, like most zombie films, the entire series pays respect to George Romero's zombie rule (infection by blood, head shots required, etc.), and clearly is borrowing concepts from Romero as they make sense (i.e. ; experimenting on zombies, domesticating zombies) without ever raising the social questions. Regardless of the intent; this film depended so heavily on past work that I could not help critique its lack of originality.

    The thing most frightening and disturbing about zombies is that they once were normal people. In the first film, with a lesser budget, zombie makeup was limited mostly to grey face paint, prosthetic wounds and an emphases on good zombie acting. This is the kind of zombie I appreciate the most; still human but lacking their humanity. These are the zombies that give me the creeps because they seem somewhat plausible. "Extinction" definitely had too much money to spend on makeup, because these zombies were so latex heavy that they lost all humanity and became monsters. Also missing was the attention to detail where zombie acting was concerned; just a bunch of people in masks running around and attacking people. More makeup does not mean more dead; just less human.

    Here are a couple things that I had to sneer at (SPOILER ALLERT for those interested).
    -In one of the least surprising moments in a film ever to be presented as a revelation, Alice (Mila) finds out that she is the savior of all mankind. If you didn't figure this out in the first film; shame on you. The ability to fry circuits in space WAS a surprise; ugh!
    -Apparently, too much vaccination can cause otherworldly mutations in humans infected with the "T" virus. When I say otherworldly, I mean you will be able to instantly heal, use bad breath as a concussion weapon and grow tentacle fingers capable of shooting across the room. This is amazing since it never did more than stop zombification before (sometimes it didn't help at all). The worst part is, the mutation looked pretty bad.
    -You shouldn't drive heavy trucks and Hummers in a post-apocalyptic world; fuel mileage will be a bit of a problem.

    So here's a list of things I thought were cool or interesting but only as stand-alone ideas that could not make this a good film on their own: (some more SPOILERS, beware.)
    -Zombie Crows; a scary proposition.
    -I liked the main characters for what they're worth; not great, but not bad either.
    -A zombie bomb (drop a dumpster full of zombies) was kind of clever.
    -The laser room (sorry, it's just so cool!!)
    -I give Mila credit for her ability as an action Heroine. She is very capable.
    -There was nothing inherently wrong with the production values.

    Yea, really; this film did not warrant such "deep" analysis. I thought the first RE film was very creative and creepy. I thought the second was crude and dumb but entertaining on a basic level. This third film was visually better than the second but lacked the cohesiveness and creativity of the first. As a result, you get a mish-mash of a film. Big Budget production values with a less than enthralling story. I can only recommend this for fans of the game and completists who must have the whole series.
    -Visuals......4 stars
    -Characters...3.5 stars
    -Story.........2.5 stars
    -Monsters....2 stars
    -Fun/scares..2.5 stars
    Average.....2.9 stars.
    ...more info
  • LIke the first two in the series, fairly good without being great
    If you want to get at the heart of what keeps all three films in the RESIDENT EVIL series from being very good it is this: the assumption that surface is everything. The mark of good movies is the number of subtexts that they generate, but with the RESIDENT EVIL franchise, there is a powerful resistance to subtext. For instance, even if you want to do an analysis of the tropes that attach to the main character of Alice, you will find resistance at every point. Why? Because the film itself has lingered in every frame on surface alone, completely resisting imbuing the film with more than just a succession of glittering images. There are entire visual sequences that have no function whatsoever but to merely paint a pretty picture. As a result, human elements are left entirely aside.

    This obsession with surface and spectacle is unfortunate because Alice is potentially a fascinating character. Very occasionally the films in the series almost begin to toy with character development, but always pull back immediately after toying with it for a brief second. At the hand of more gifted filmmakers, Alice could have had the potential to become a poor man or woman's Ripley or Buffy or Max Guevera. At the hands of only moderately gifted filmmakers, we get little or no sense of her character, no real idea of what makes her tick, utterly no hint of what she wants, and very, very little about how she feels about things. Milla Jovovich is so gorgeous that she manages to make us forget how poorly drawn her character is. But the weak writing and poor direction never allows the films to ascend above slick spectacle.

    These first two movies tell the first two parts of Alice's descent into her own nightmare land. The Alice in Wonderland imagery is reinforced at several points, not least in the original by naming the Hive's computer The Red Queen. And in the third movie in the sequence, EXTINCTION, a version of "White Rabbit" by Collide plays over the closing credits. During these films Alice, who initially suffers from amnesia, first learns from physical memory that she is a surreally gifted martial artist and weapons user, then recalls that she was head of security at the Hive, and later learns that her blood bonds to the virus that is killing everyone else, enhancing her strength, reflexes, and senses to absurd levels. What keeps the series from being very good is that the films continually focus on what these powers mean for what she can do to the bad guys, never on how it is affecting her. Contrast this to the way that this would have been done by any of a number of men (and why is it always men -- why haven't women helmed movies or TV shows with female heroes?) like James Cameron, Joss Whedon, Luc Besson, Ridley Scott, or Ron Moore. Under any of these there would have been as much or more about what all of this was doing to Alice. But then, all of these writers/directors/producers are more (or at least as much) concerned with the inner as the outer.

    In short, these are extraordinarily superficial films. All surface, no depth, no interesting characters (mainly because of no character development). Having said that, the film does present superior surface. Once you accept that the films have nothing to offer but sheer surface, you can moderate your expectations and just go with that. Once I realized that these films would not/could not be more than a succession of spectacles, I surrendered and moderately enjoyed them. Was I ever truly entertained? Of course not. Was I bored? Not really.

    This third film in the series is a genuine change of pace from the first two. The first was restricted to the somewhat claustrophobic locale of the Hive. The second moved out of the Hive into Raccoon City. The third moves into the deserts of Utah and Nevada. Much of the action takes place in a Las Vegas that has been reclaimed by the desert. I haven't played any of the games so I can't comment on how closely they adhere to game play, but the real influence on this third film is the second MAD MAX film, better known in the U.S. as THE ROAD WARRIOR. Though Alice isn't as cynical and certainly isn't amoral like Mel Gibson's Max was, like Max she is an unredeemable loner who can only enable others reach the Promised Land, without going there herself. Unlike Max, there is clearly something that she has to do, namely deal with the hierarchy of the Umbrella Corporation, as well as distribute a cure for the virus that has rendered most of the world's populace zombies. And if the ending of the film is accurate, she'll be engaging an army of her clones to achieve her goal.

    There is also one of the best raven attacks since Hitchcock, as a huge flock of ravens, turned flying zombies by eating off infected flesh, attack the convoy of humans led by HEROES's Ali Larter. This and other scenes set in the ruins of Vegas give this film a visual energy somewhat lacking in the first two. All in all, the film sustains what started in the original: providing flashy, entertaining, but ultimately empty entertainment.

    I will add one last observation. The three films that make up the RESIDENT EVIL trilogy (soon to be a quartet, with the addition of RESIDENT EVIL: DEGENERATION) easily comprise the most interesting films ever made based on video games. That would be a more impression achievement if there had been some really good movies based on that source, but it is unlikely for some time that another game will produce such a film franchise. ...more info
  • A Must Have For Resident Evil Fans
    This is a good addition to your Resident Evil collection, and one that I do not regret buying. I would recommend this movie if this is your type of movies....more info
  • Cool set of movies
    I think it's a good series of movies. Not really scary, but more sci-fi thriller, maybe. Great action, and of course Milla Jovovich is just hot!!...more info
  • what a beautiful image and she looks so hot on blue-ray :P
    have mor action than the video game, but is for good, and this babe is a gift of good...more info
  • Brandon C. Dickson
    I received this product in a timely manner and it was in very good condition, the price was just right. ...more info
  • Movie: 3.5/5 Picture Quality: 4~5/5 Sound Quality: 4.5/5 Extras: 3.25/5
    Version U.S.A / Region A,B,C
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50 PIP/Bonus View
    Running time: 1:34:05
    Movie size: 28,529,375,232 bytes
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    #Audio Commentary
    #Beyond Raccoon City: Unearthing Resident Evil Extinction (HD, 31 min)
    #Deleted Scenes (SD, 9 min)
    #Resident Evil: Degeneration Trailer (HD, 1 min)
    #Picture-in-Picture Commentary - Under the Umbrella
    #Blu-Wizard...more info
  • Resident Evil Trilogy
    Three awesome movies on blu ray disc. I would buy more if they weren't area coded....more info
  • Excellent
    Great movies! Needed to replace reg. dvd with BluRay. Price was very reasonable, much cheaper than retail stores. Shipment was very fast and dvds in excellent condition. Thank you very much!...more info
  • Much Better The Third Time Around
    Fans and critics alike notice the Resident Evil films strong departure from the game series, but much in return a new flavorful yielding story plot to work with. While being bashed for not following true 'zombie' scenarios (Living Dead series), Resident Evil still holds up as a great adventurous adrenaline pumping scare.

    After "Apocalypse" (the 2nd film of the set), we found that Alice (Milla Jovovich) the protagonist had received incredibly powerful telekinetic abilities. Her powers grew to a much larger extent, she is more powerful,intrepid, and willing than the last film. She's more or less a super hero at this point!

    Unfortunately not even our 'super hero' could predict or prepare for what has happened to the world... the entire world. The Zombie transforming T-Virus has infected the world, becoming an epidemic, and vastly reshaping the land. What were once lively friendly locations are now dry deathly terrain. To make things worse, zombies make up the population! Five years have passed and Humans are becoming extinct, save for a few survivor groups. These groups hit the road in an attempt to seek salvation or to at least be able to greet the next day.Alice has become a lone wolf, hiding from Umbrella's satellite controlling probe that manipulates her as their very own weapon. She must remain incognito to avoid hurting any survivors. Days of peace have long come and gone.

    While the hip LJ and combative Carlos return leading the convoys, characters such as Jill and Angela are absent. Absent too is any information of their departure, in real life actress Sienna Guillory (Jill) was working on the film adaptation of Eragon. I wont spoil what happened to them, just look it up online if you are curious. Claire Redfield comes into play as one of the convoy leaders, she is on the more serious side in contrast to the other leaders. She was often known in the games as a bold individual, and had an older brother Chris Redfield (wonder if he'll ever make an appearance?). The convoys have their team sniper, medic, electronic/radio junky, and soldier(s) to help provide for one another. The group is slowly dwindling, common day objects are becoming a rarity as they scrummage through the desolate towns.Avoiding big cities of large population at all cost, they ran dry all the small towns... Las Vegas may be their last hope, but it may cost them their lives.

    Even the largest corporate industry in the world, the creators of the T-Virus, Umbrella are feeling the tremors of this. They have been forced underground into tunnel connecting facilities till it all blows over. Or till they can concoct a remedy for the virus. Leader Albert Wesker will not stop till the cure or an alternative is made. Sending his tyrannical (no pun intended for people who've already seen the movie) somewhat psychopathic partner Dr. Sam Issacs to deduce the situation.

    Resident Evil: Extinction is a great horror/action flick, the visuals are top notch, the casting is great, and music is eerie as can be. The film though does suffer from unexplained events, a rushed ending (come on it's a short movie why not dose up/lengthen the ending!?), and a rather weak final 'battle'. Extinction is said to be the final Resident Evil film of the story ark, but after watching the ending how can one call that finished! Imagine reading a book that doesn't scream for a part two, it's necessary as it says "to be continued" get the idea. Overall a great buy, and nifty extras make this a sure good addition to ones collection. The picture quality must be mentioned a second time, it's phenomenal. Some effects on characters faces have been note as heavily air brushed, some wont mind. At the end of the day Extinction holds all the key elements to making a successfully entertaining flick.

    ...more info
  • Mila Jovovich!
    Mila once again makes the bad guy zombies pay for their violent nature!
    All of the resident eveil movies have been action packed and fun to watch.
    5 star rating...more info
  • Better than expected
    I usually hate movies like this, but there was an element to all the RE movies that I liked. I saw this in the theater, so I'm not commenting on the quality or features of this UMD disc. A solid 4+ star movie despite being somewhat predictable and another sequel. MJ's character is amazing and believable. Yeah, the outfit rocked too....more info
  • This was a great movie
    I enjoyed all the resident evil movies there were great, so this was a great movie, resident evil degeneration is comeing out, but this was a great movie....more info
  • No Reservations
    Here you will find post-apocalyptic visions, living (and hungry) dead, a mad (and bad) scientist, and tons of Hollywood gore. There's also a beautiful superwoman who gives the crazy affair a bright focus. If you want to escape an even grimmer reality for 94 minutes, here you go.

    It's skillfully directed with great attention to detail. It's Alice in Rotting Flesh Land....more info
  • Better Than The First, Worse Than The Second
    The second Resident Evil movie was a lot better than the first. Seeing as this is the third movie in the film, you'd either expect it to be a complete flop or keep with the momentum of the second movie and be even better... well, it was neither. It wasn't close to being as good as the second, but it was still better than the first.

    This movie is a bit thin on story line. It is the first time that a plot from the actual games wasn't used, and I thought that was pretty interesting, but they certainly could have done a lot more with it. The premise is that the virus has leaked and the world has pretty much ended, becoming a vast desert land. Meanwhile, some of the cast from the second movie (plus some newbies) are out there, constantly moving, trying to survive. Same with Alice. The Umbrella Corporation, persistent as they are, are underground working on some pretty bad things. As it happens, the good guys and Umbrella will clash once again, though the conflict and the ensuing battle in the climax of this movie isn't nearly as exciting or tense as the second one...

    ...but I think that's because this movie was almost all action. In fact, there is so much action that the story suffered a bit for it. Don't get me wrong, what story there is is actually pretty good, and the films makes a nice little bookend to the series with the way it ends, but what we get here is a lot more punch than plot. This movie makes for a lot of interesting ideas, but those ideas could have been elaborated on if the fight scenes were cut down a tad.

    Overall, this movie is definitely worth seeing. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one better, as long as you don't expect it to surpass the level of the second.

    6/10...more info
  • Resident evil blu-ray trilogy
    awesome movies for any fan of the zombie genre or for any fan of the resident evil video games quality is excellent and the movies keep me entertained time and time again i highly recommend this trilogy...more info
  • "Raccoon City was just the beginning..."
    By the time the third instalment of the film adaptations of "Resident Evil" came about, I had stopped hoping that they were going to make the movies faithful to the games, and this probably saved me a lot a grief: "Extinction" is the least like any of the classic video game titles, and is generally a bit old-hat when it comes to what you can do with a zombie film...but, for the most part, it manages to be a decent action-adventure.

    Set some time after its prequel, we find Alice (Milla Jovovich) traipsing an earth that has been devastated and turned to desert by the leaked T-Virus. She meets up with a convoy of survivors headed by Claire Redfield (Ali Larter, "Heroes") and returning pal Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr, "RE: Apocalypse"), and after heading off an attack by infected crows, they decide to make route for Alaska, where the infection supposedly hasn't spread yet. In the meantime, the heads of the Umbrella Corporation, hiding underground, seek Alice's blood in hopes of procuring a cure for the epidemic.

    I must give credit where it's due: Milla Jovovich kicks butt. She alone is the best aspect of this film, and continues to hold the title of greatest female action hero by way of some nifty battle scenes (Alice vs. dogs, Alice vs. zombie horde, Alice vs. Tyrant, etc.). All of the action scenes are thoroughly exhilarating, with the scene where the crows attack being one of the most visually fun-to-watch spectacles I've recently seen.
    In addition, the desert location works better than I thought it would, and the contrast involved in going from extreme brightness to underground darkness helps create necessary in the film's more edgy scenes.

    However, when the fighting ceases, so does the fun, and we're left to try and comprehend some of the rather silly choices of the filmmakers: logic-defying bits like nobody noticing that L.J. (Mike Epps, "The Fighting Temptations") is infected and zombies able to be dropped by a slit throat are the backdrop to the completely aberrant notions of turning zombies domestic and Alice being psychokinetic. Also, the fact that the movie is almost nothing like any of the games continues to bother me: Claire and Wesker (now head of Umbrella) look nothing like their designs, Las Vegas is as alien to the series as Kathmandu, and the entire film feels more like something out of the "28 Days Later" franchise than "Resident Evil".

    While "Extinction" remains a better-than-average game adaptation, it's a shame that not even the third time could be a charm when it comes to faithfulness. May the upcoming CGI attempt be the definitive one......more info
  • Death, Destruction, Despair, and other Holiday Tidings
    The deadly T-virus has now escaped the Umbrella Corporation's rigorously controlled environment and infected the world. There are few who can remain alive in such a hostile atmosphere where nature has reclaimed her own and flesh hungry zombies seek the warm life blood of the living. Earth is desolate. The entire planet shown from afar is now visible as a barren Necropolis of broken dreams, empty lives, and the fruitless pursuit of existence. It's over. . . or is it? Operation Alice is back, bigger and better than before. The fight for earth has begun . . .

    Continuing the ever growing Resident Evil franchise, the latest installment in this seemingly endless movie series has actually managed to redeem much of the harm done in prior movies. While this is still not a "thinking man's" film by any means, the numerous action sequences, interesting special effects, and superior scenes of zombie carnage combined to produce an entertaining and enjoyable film. Perhaps there is hope for the Resident Evil venture after all.

    The story continues the very lose plot line established in earlier movies, that is, Alice runs around in skimpy clothes, as before, and engages in random acts of violence while taking herself very seriously. Meanwhile, the ever devious yet massively inefficient Umbrella Corporation tracks her, thinking to take on a monster that they have created, yet have proved time and again that they cannot control. So much for the whole notion of hindsight. But, if you have already seen the first two Resident Evil movies and are still coming back, then you already know all this. Let's face it, the movies are just dumb, but they are fun if you can put aside your thinking cap and indulge in a Friday night flick with friends. And besides, there is one new theme that has emerged in Resident Evil: Extinction that is actually quite appealing in a macabre sort of way, the entire destruction of the world. While Resident Evil has never minded killing off large populations for the pleasure of a disturbingly blood thirsty public, no one ever quite anticipated that they were ready to eradicate the world. Yes, it's been done before, but for some strange reason, this same old concept has a uniquely revolting attraction. The new theme works. Freud might have some interesting theories as to why, but let's face it - - - no one really cares, we just want to be entertained.

    Now, what about the characters? I, for a lack of anything better to do (thus are the trials of being nineteen) have unfortunately watched both of the original Resident Evil movies more than once and, despite this, still haven't a clue as to what the character's personality's are really like. Apparently, Resident Evil: Extinction decided not to remedy this problem. We still don't care about these people. As far as we are concerned, they are just future zombie bait or, as I prefer to say, zombie chow on parade. But wait! What about the elusive Alice? Yes, she is still "cool" with her no nonsense mannerisms, incredible and totally unrealistic fighting maneuvers, and her ultra sexy clothes but let's face it, she's just not a talker. Does anyone remember her ever saying more than three words? I rest my case. Resident Evil and characterization are not synonymous and they probably never will be. As I said, this is not a thinking man's movie.

    So, now that my poison pen is warmed up, I sadly must switch gears and move onwards, leaving my delightful cynicism behind and explaining the good qualities of this movie to any of you out there who were unfortunate enough to land on my review (laughs maniacally.) Resident Evil is mainly known for its concentration of high drama, edge of the seat tension, unpredictability, and special effects and in all these areas it delivers marvelously. The action presented in this movie far surpasses the first two films keeping the viewer hooked to the screen and diverting their attention from the actual lack of a deep plot. The action is non-stop and for the most part realistically depicted. The special effects have improved over the years and the directors were not afraid to capitalize on this especially since if all these scenes of carnage and mayhem were removed the movie could be recapped in less than three sentences. The combination of horror and action that is unique to the video game to movies franchise that is booming of late is presented most effectively in this film creating a very tense atmosphere and resulting in many unexpected deaths, mutilations, and zombiefications.

    The conclusion was both oddly disappointing and strangely satisfying at the same time although it was obviously the prelude to yet another sequel (what ever happened to succinctness?) While Alice's final battle with an unnamed but many clawed creature was abrupt and vastly disappointing especially considering that half the movie had been building up to this grand battle, the "surprise conclusion" that was presented afterwards was most unique and quite interesting thus redeeming the entire conclusion.

    Ending Thoughts: The expert manipulation of effects and the inclusion of hordes of flesh hungry zombies and heart stopping action packed scenes will of course appeal to any cynical teenage audience; however, an older crowed will probably find it most banal. If you are more into the thinking man's type of film, then this is not for you. If you are looking for a meaningless yet fun film, then Resident Evil: Extinction is definitely worth seeing.

    - Ravenova...more info
  • Very enjoyable in my opinion
    If this movie could have hundreds of zombies running around who were played by real people, why couldn't I Am Legend? This is a movie where CGI was used effectively and without butting into the main plot of the movie. I didn't particularly care for the second in the series, but this one and the first "Resident Evil" were my cup of tea.

    ...more info
  • Best picture and sound on Blu-ray
    I could not believe the audio content I was missing until I bought this set....more info
  • 3.5 stars...I liked it more than I thought I would!
    There's a certain pointlessness to my reviewing RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. First, this is not the kind of movie that anyone thought would win Oscar's in the first place. Second, people who REALLY want to see it will do so regardless of what anyone says and third, I had never seen the first two.

    However, I do feel it's worth noting that there were fits of surprising competence in the film, which plays like THE ROAD WARRIOR meets...well...a video game. Despite the utter unoriginality of the story, it managed to be a fitfully entertaining, action packed, gore fest.

    I'll admit right now that I never totally understood the powers or backstory of Milla Jovovich's lead character. Is she a human or a robot of some sort? A clone? She appears to have psychic (psionic) powers...but they were undefined for the uninitiated. I certainly wouldn't have objected to a more thorough recap of past events then we're given...but I certainly had no trouble understanding that except for a few isolated pockets, zombies have taken over the world. Evil quasi-government/industrial agencies are trying to affect a cure...but it's tough to tell what their motives are. It's hard to believe they expect to make a PROFIT by marketing a cure...since there isn't an economy in place any more...yet they sure don't seem to be doing their research to benefit anyone but themselves.

    Jovovich's striking-looking lead character is reintroduced to the viewer as a loner, riding a motorcycle across an endless desert. She stops at a ruined radio station, because she's picked up an SOS broadcast. Apparently, she wants to help, but it turns out to have been a trap. She's captured by a group that we so often see in these kinds of movies...the bikers who've gone bad. They capture her and are prepared to feed her to a pack of zombie dogs...for no reason other than their own amusement. The scene plays out like a sequence in a video game...but Jovovich's escape is well staged and sufficient to get the blood pumping. The movie has gore, but doesn't dwell on it. (I'm not saying it's for little kids...but I've sure seen worse, too.)

    Later, Jovovich meets ups with a rag-tag group of survivors, led by Oded Fehr and Ali Larter, looking pretty tough herself in her khakis. This group could be the same folks Mel Gibson let to "the promised land" in ROAD WARRIOR...they've got reinforced buses and heck, even a gasoline tanker! Too bad that gas has become nearly impossible to find. The realize that they will have to brave a "big city" because they've drained all the gas in the small towns. But big cities are where the zombies have congregated the most, naturally, so we anticipate a bloody showdown.
    And the film delivers one. They arrive in Las Vegas and immediately unleash hundreds of the hungry creatures. Lots of shooting, lots of creative ways of killing zombies, lots of sad moments as one beloved character after another falls under a swarm of the flesh-eaters. There is no originality to the idea...but again, it is staged with a sincerity and a visceral quality that make it work. (An earlier scene, involving an attack by a flock of infected ravens shows more originality, and also works well.)

    So the action is good. The "quiet" scenes of dialogue are pretty hokey...but the actor's play them about as well as anyone could. The movie doesn't "wink" at the audience at any time, nor does it have any "in-jokes." It is a straightforward videogame brought to life.
    The final scenes, involving a confrontation between Jovovich and a diabolical doctor...are perfunctory and not as fun as the scenes earlier in the film. If we had more invested in this character, I think it might be different, but just because she's now starred in three films doesn't exactly make her the fleshed out person that, say, Hellboy has become.
    Jovovich is well suited to the role. She looks great in her silly costume. And even though a few of her stunts clearly benefit from the aid of wires...she mostly looks like she could be doing what she does without help. Larter matches her well, and Fehr (THE MUMMY RETURNS) is always a striking figure.

    The movie is far from the embarrassment I thought it would be. While I can't simply heartily recommend it...I do think if you're looking for some good, "clean" zombie killing could do worse!
    ...more info
  • Resident Evil
    Not as good as the first two Resident Evil movies, but entertaining. If you liked the first two you will like this one, and if you haven't seen the first two start with those first before you watch this one....more info
  • Lots of flash, little sense.
    For a series of movies built off of a horror video game, Resident Evil has been an enjoyable ride.

    Too bad this version has so many people who have supposedly survived for literally years in a world gone to hell making so many horribly bad life & death decisions.

    Biggest gripe was with how the movie seemed to dumb down the returning characters to fit the "plot" they developed for this flick rather than raising the stakes to meet up with the characters they chose to revisit.

    Poor L.J., not my favorite character, has my sympathy in this outing as yet another abused stereotype when he should have gotten the "heroic sacrifice" role that was given to Carlos....more info
  • A Great Collection For The Blu-Ray Owner
    I have both the standard and blu-ray trilogy set and have to say I love all three movies yes there the standard zombie movies we've seen but being a resident evil fan I still say the are great. The blu-ray dvds are a vast improvement with the standard especially with the sound I was hearing more
    background and noises and effects than I did with the regular dvds. The video was much sharper as well with the first two movies you can see that they are much clearer than before the third movie you really did not see to much of a difference except maybe for brighter colors and more sharper details in some scenes. The price I also see is starting to go down so
    I say to all Resident Evil fans now is the time to get this great set ...more info