CNET CNTCIC-920W CAMERA Wireless IP surveillance camera
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Product Description

CIC-920W is a new addition to CNet?s line of IP surveillance cameras. The new stylish design, MPEG4 video compression as well as the 802.11b/g wireless feature makes CIC-920W an ideal product for home/small office surveillance needs. CIC-920W is a day and night camera that can be accessed remotely via its IP address using a standard browser. The camera can be installed in hard to wire areas of any home or office environment and provide high-resolution VGA images as well as audio to users from anywhere on the network. With built-in motion detector, the camera detects motion and forwards captured images via FTP or E-Mail.

  • Product Description CNet CIC-920W - network camera Device Type Network camera - fixedCamera Color -
  • Optical Sensor Type - 307,200 pixels (640 x 480)
  • Interfaces IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g Audio Support Yes : built-in microphone Power DC 5 V
  • Features Motion sensor, e-mail alerts, built-in microphone
  • Environmental Parameters (operating) 14 F ... 158 F ; 20 - 80% relative humidity
Customer Reviews:
  • Day/Night Cam gets the basic job done
    The reason I bought this camera was to monitor our kiddo while he's napping or sleeping. The room is pretty much pitch black day or night during these times so the Panasonic Network camera I tried initially was promptly returned.

    At the time of purchase, this camera was pretty much the only low cost IP Network camera with the night vision feature. The brand was unknown to me and there were no Amazon reviews or reviews anywhere at all, but for the price it seemed worth trying. It has been about a week and here are the pros and cons.

    It does work pretty well for a night vision indoor camera. Both my wife and I are able to monitor the kiddo anytime and get a decent picture and with sound via a browser.

    In addition, I was able to put the IP address for the camera outside our router's firewall and my parents were even able to view the kiddo, though at a much lower frame rate.

    The camera can be set to be password protected and you can record video and take snapshots. There's even a motion sensor option. The resolution is up to 800X600, but I found that the video was a bit choppy this way and toned it down to the 640X480 option which works fine. Currently I get about 20fps on a hardline to the router. My wife gets about half that and it's slightly choppy due the the fact that she is on a wireless connection. Still, it's not bad.

    The camera theoretically has built in wireless, but the range and strength are pretty much hopeless. I ended up just hooking the camera up with a network cable to a wireless internet bridge which had more power and it works great with this setup.

    In order to connect to the camera you must use Internet Explorer, something not required by the previous daytime camera I tried. It has an ActiveX plug-in that must be installed as well. We're a Firefox household so I was a bit bummed at this.

    Video quality with the nite vision is a bit grainy but overall pretty good. You have to be sure to have a direct view of what you are viewing. I first set up the camera on a table next to the crib and the bars of the crib reflected so much of the IR night vision light that we couldn't see our kiddo inside. I moved the camera and mounted it on the wall above the crib which worked well. Also, in terms of color, it's all pretty washed out greens and grays even when there is plenty of natural light in the room.

    The unit runs a bit warm but so far so good. I'm curious to see how long it ultimately lasts.

    There are a few LED lights on the front of the unit that cannot be turned off. In a pitch black room, they created quite the distraction for our baby and I put a piece of black electrician's tape over them which blocked the light fine.

    As mentioned above, the frame rate when putting the camera outside the firewall is a bit slow. For my parents, they get about 1 frame every 4 seconds and no sound, but it still makes them ecstatic to see him any time he's sleeping.

    If you do use the record video function, it records in a .av format, not .avi. This must be converted using one of their utilities to .avi and you have to find the conversion codec yourself. Haven't bothered with that yet.

    While you can find many night vision and other cameras that connect directly to your TV, that is not IP network cameras, it seems like this is a somewhat new and growing market space as home security and monitoring switches over to the IP standard. Seems long overdue.

    This camera does the basic job with minimal fiddling. Just don't rely on the built-in wireless.

    The bottom line is that it meets our requirements for a basic video sleep monitor....more info