Jesse Stone: Sea Change
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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 02/24/2009 Run time: 87 minutes

Tom Selleck's reliably appealing performance in the title role carries Jesse Stone: Sea Change, the fourth in the series of films based on Robert B. Parker's novels. His Jesse Stone is one gloomy dude; fired from his job as a detective with the LAPD, unhappily divorced from his wife (with whom he still talks daily on the telephone), and now police chief in a picturesque but sleepy New England burg ironically called Paradise, Stone has relieved his boredom and general disaffection by taking to the bottle. But things are about to change. First one of the local girls accuses a visiting yachtsman, in town for Racing Week, of rape, an allegation that may or may not be true (in a scenario straight out of Jaws, when the presence of a shark threatened to ruin a holiday weekend, the tourism-obsessed Paradise town council wants to sweep this one under the rug as swiftly as possible). Then there's a robbery-murder case dating back a dozen years or more, which Stone at first takes on simply so he'll have something to do but later becomes a good deal more complicated. Sea Change is a great-looking film, with a lovely setting, gorgeous cinematography, and a golden retriever that can be relied on for adorable reaction shots. But it's also a TV movie of the week, which in this instance means that it's almost entirely predictable, with professional but less-than-convincing performances by actors dealing with a script in which the characters simply don't talk like real people (Kathy Baker and Kohl Sudduth as fellow cops are among the few exceptions). As for Jesse Stone, well, this is Tom Selleck we're talking about, and drunk or not, he is still thoroughly likable, not to mention a major chick magnet. That alone will be enough to entertain viewers looking for some easy escapism. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • Great place to purchase movies.
    Great prices & availability of hard to find movies are what keep me coming back. Thanks guys!...more info
  • Courage to 'stir the pot'.
    Men react to separation and divorce differently than do women. If such a man still loves his ex-wife - his hurt is soul-deep. Law enforcement men are one group particularly susceptible to heart-hurt. Jesse Stone via Tom Selleck is such a man. Tom Selleck reveals who and what Chief Stone is. Jesse is a man of few words. He doesn't whine, doesn't moan. He's honest and straight-forward. If you like 'seeing inside' both honorable and dishonorable folks, and enjoy slowly-tightening suspense, coupled with juicy murders, under-world criminal behavior in 'out-of-the-way' places, and humor, 'Sea change' is one of a Jesse Stone series you will enjoy. ...more info
  • Selleck is great
    Selleck has some things going against him to play Jesse Stone. Stone is a ex-shortstop, Selleck is way too big. Stone is in his late 30s and Selleck is much older. However, Selleck nails the character. Selleck plays a character who has no hope, but almost can't himself trying to do his duty and help people. Selleck nails the charm and despair Jesse has in the books just right. The rest of the acting is strong. The plot varies quite a bit from the book, but that is fine. The plot works. His psychiatrist tells him to find something important to do so Jesse decides to solve a cold case in his files. As soon as he gets started on the case, a questionable rape case is introduced. The mysteries plod along on their own path. Jesse slowly turns over the clues very skillfully using his LAPD experience and his knowledge of people. The scenery in New England is great.

    In summary, these movies are just well done. They work even though there are no car chases or automatic weapons or nudity. The characters and the town are interesting....more info
  • Great Movie
    My husband an I really liked all the Jesse Stone movies.

    :0)...more info
  • Tom Seleck
    I really enjoyed this movie. It shows Tom Selleck in his later years as a very serious actor, which I really enjoy.

    ...more info
  • Great Service!!
    I received my dvd very fast and it was in great condition. Thanks will buy again....more info
  • Failure to deliver but charged!
    Can not review since I never received the Video! I get no response from Amazon or DVDLegacy!...more info
  • V. Temple
    The fourth movie in the series. It's as good as all the others. Can't wait for the next one....more info
  • Jesse Stone: Sea Change
    well gee...anything with Tom Selleck is visually rewarding. bonus: it's a good story, too!...more info
  • Best So Far
    The latest DVD dramatization of Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone novels starring Tom Selleck has everything: Action, drama, mystery, humor, romance and pathos. For me, it is the best of the series thus far.

    Sea Change challenges mystery and thriller lovers alike but will also delight those viewers who love wonderful, three-dimensional characterizations and first-class film making.

    Frankly, each of these made-for-TV productions of the Jesse Stone books have had the look and feel of a movie.

    Selleck is perfect as the brilliant Police Chief of a small town in New England, aptly named 'Paradise' in Massachusetts, who fled the big city which had brought him great professional success along with stress and a failed marriage.

    He's wounded and lonely, and struggles with alchoholism. Much like Sherlock Holmes who sometimes took cocaine when he didn't have a case to challenge his sharp mental faculities, Stone has to have something 'important' to investigate or his addiction will consume him.

    Abruptly desolate in the very quiet town, Stone decides to open a cold case and, in so doing, is able to set his glass down -- at least for a while. The case he selected is a 20-year-old bank robbery and murder.

    The ensuing twists and turns of the investigation, and Stone's unorthodox but endearing style, is entertaining, intriguing and memorable.

    Selleck is ably assisted by a very talented cast that includes the gifted Kathy Baker who plays Dispatcher/Officer Rose Gammon, the great Kohl Sudduth as Officer Luthor 'Suitcase' Simpson who awakes from a coma with 'special talents,' and Joe the Dog who plays Reggie.

    Lets hope the remainder of the Jesse Stone novels get the same wonderful treatment and come to TV and DVD soon! ...more info
  • Sea Change
    Jesse Stone: Sea Change This is the fourth installment of the Jesse Stone series. I noticed a difference between the first three episodes and the last two. There is less character development even though the plot basis is good. The original characters don't seem to have as much exchange with Stone as in the original stories which made the two different plot lines meld easier. Still entertaining. Someone needs to tell Selleck to let the story flow, Robert Parker writes a good book. William Devane's portrayal is excellent....more info
  • Jesse Stone: Sea Change
    I'm a Tom Selleck fan so when this series began I bought them all as they became available. I've never been dissappointed. I think they're great! Mr. Selleck makes me really care about Jesse. The stories are teriffic. Love Mr. Parker's writing. Can hardly wait for the next one. Remember, Tom, you promised to make at least one a year....more info
  • Sea Change Is Great TV
    This is Tom Selleck's fourth outing as Robert Parker's Jesse Stone. In this made for TV movie, small-town sheriff Stone struggles to solve a rape case, opens a cold case and fights his alcoholism. Rarely does an actor play a character as well as Selleck plays Jesse Stone. The movie is excellent quality -- great cinematography and music, wonderful direction and performances. Get all the Stone telemovies: Sea Change, Jesse Stone - Night Passage, Jesse Stone - Death In Paradise, and my favorite of all (the first of these movies), Stone Cold. Seldom do we get network television of this quality today. Highly, highly recommended....more info
  • Tom Sellecks best, all 4 Jesse Stone movies.
    This is some of Tom Sellecks best movies, his performances in all 4 movies in this series is as good as it gets. He plays the part of Jesse Stone as if it were real. Would love to see more of Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone in the future....more info
  • This is the four movie of the Jesse Stone series
    Tom Sellect is great at Jesse Stone. I have read the books and love the Movies....more info
  • Another Great Jessie Stone Movie!!!!!!
    We love the whole series of Tom Selleck's Jessie Stone movies. They are very unique stories. Tom's character is very intriguing and like-able. The Cinematography is really stunning. Buy them all you will love them....more info
  • Selleck Scores Again, in Latest 'Stone' Film!
    "Jesse Stone: Sea Change", the fourth TV adaptation of Robert B. Parker's novels of the alcoholic police chief of a tiny coastal town, again offers a terrific little character study/mystery, benefiting enormously from Tom Selleck's grizzled charm and integrity in the lead.

    Things are slow in Paradise, and with Stone's ex asking him to quit calling (as she is "seeing someone"), he finds himself sliding back to the bottle, alarming his friends and the City Council. Deciding to reopen an unsolved murder case from a dozen years earlier, to pass the time, his experience as an ex-L.A. cop soon offers clues that the case was mismanaged, and was far more than a simple bank hostage shooting. Then a father drags his pretty daughter in, claiming she had been raped by a contestant in the upcoming regatta, a charge that Stone is suspicious of, as the girl's behavior indicates a far different scenario. The two cases form the crux of a very interesting few days in Stone's life!

    As always, the story is character-driven, with 'regulars' William Devane, Stephen McHattie, Kohl Sudduth, Vito Rezza, and Viola Davis joined by the always enjoyable Kathy Baker, assuming Davis' police job as she has a baby. With Saul Rubinek reprising his role as the money-laundering banker who hired Stone to be chief, the world-weary cop must also deal with a 'bad girl' (Sean Young, who STILL looks hot in a bikini), a 'good girl' with a secret (Rebecca Pidgeon), a crusty ex-bank guard (James Gammon), and an arrogant mobster (William Sadler), and his 'hitman' (James Rogers). And we mustn't forget Joe the Dog as Reggie, mute but reproving witness of Stone's nightly alcoholic 'fix'.

    For audiences weaned on action-oriented 'Shoot-'em-Ups', the story may seem slow, but if you prefer your stories deeper than bullet counts, with well-etched characters, and Selleck's undeniable charm, the latest "Stone" film will be 100 minutes, well-spent! ...more info
  • The best of Tom Selleck
    "Sea Change" is one of four stories by Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone. Tom Selleck is perfect for the part of Jesse Stone. He is hired as Chief of Police in the town of Paradise as soneone the city council can lead around by the nose. However, he proves himself to be not only an honest cop but is also superb at his job. He is relentless when he goes after the "bad guys". "Sea Change" no exception. The story is riveting and at times keeps you on the edge of your seat. Paradise is Jesse's last chance as his problem with alcohol caused him to be fired from his promising career as a detective in Las Angeles. His struggles in "Sea Change" continue even to the point where he could lose his life if he gets to lost in the booze. Robert B. Parker wrote dozens on stories about Jesse Stone and Tom Selleck has said in interviews that he would like to do them all. Fans, including me, would like to see him do them all. When you watch one episode you are hungry for anoter. I hope that "Sea Change" isn't the last of the series filmed. Tom Selleck has a part on a regular TV series and is surely busy but I hope he can take time to do another Jesse Stone soon. "Sea Change" answered many questions but opened up new ones and Jesse Stone is still suffering with his alcohol problem. I highly recommend "Sea Change" as well as the three preceeding stories; "Night Passage", "Cold Stone", and "Death in Paradise". If you don't watch these movies you are really missing some fantastic stories and terrific acting. I think you will agree that Tom is at his best as Jesse Stone....more info
  • Poor Film
    A Poor Movie !. The Last Three Movies based on Robt Parkers "Jesse Stone" Books were Great!. But "Sea Change" was a Big Dissapointment!.
    The Acting, Plot, and Ending was Terrible. The only Star that Really Stood Out was The " Golden Retriver". He gave a Performance that was Oscar Quality!.
    Bob Birks

    ...more info
  • Sea Change: Delightfully salty

    Robert B Parker has a hit character on his hands. "Sea Change" is an old time detective story with Tom Selleck returning to his role as Chief Jesse Stone of Paradise Cove.

    What does an ex Los Angeles cop do as a bored Chief of police?

    If he's not drinking or issuing parking tickets, he's going through the files of the sloppy ex chief who passed away from corruption in the first installment of the series. This time, he drags out a 15 year old bank robbery that appears to be a simple case. With usual Paradise Cove proficiency, the files are incomplete and the excavated grave yields just enough evidence to pique his interest.

    The pieces are scanty. Blood stained clothing. A sharp shooter security guard who claims he did not miss the robber. A confession from a crooked bank manager who is 'fond of you (Jesse Stone)'. Jesse finds himself attracted to a young lady seemingly caring for her mother with honest money. All the pieces fall into place and the solution slams a romance into the ground.

    The laid back, soft drinking Jesse deals with the money launderer, the bank robbers, and a perverted racer in town for the anual regatta.

    This is a detective show with class. Selleck portrays the self torturing Stone with high regard for the books the film is based on. Not just another Magnum, Stone is a small town Philip Marlowe lying in wait for a diversion worthy of his time.

    Stay away from American Idol. Stay away from Survivor. Stay away from the Family Channel. Hook onto Jesse Stone. Look for this latest installment from Sony Pictures ( Check out his website for news on a NEW book due out February 8!

    Tim Lasiuta...more info
  • Sea Change
    This is the fourth DVD in the series of stories based on the Robert Parker books featuring Jesse Stone. The entire series of DVDs are very well done and are true to the storyline and feel of the books. I would recommend these DVDs to anyone who enjoys good crime drama and good character studies. Stone is a tortured soul and a good cop and you immediately become immersed in his story. This is good stuff!...more info
  • First Class
    First class mystery series. Tom selleck portrays this interesting imperfect character created by Robert B. Parker. The episodes are all well done with an excellent supporting cast. The locations shots of a small new england town are perfect. A very welcome entertaining show. Unfortunately Parker only wrote seven Jesse Stone novels. My hope is that the last three will be produced completing the series....more info
  • Jesse Stone
    You have to like these kind of stories to get into the Jesse Stone Mysteries. There's plenty happening in the stories, but the location lends itself to laid back tones. And of course Jesse's ongoing battle with alcoholism. I have all 4 in the series, and before a year or so is out, there will be two more. My mom read Shell Scott. I like Jesse Stone....more info
  • Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone
    Tom Selleck has played a masterful role as a small town police chief known as Jesse Stone. In this episode of the four movie series thus far Jesse Stone continues to be tough on crime and show a softer more compassionate side. The entire series is worth having in your collection. I only hope there will be more of this series in the future....more info