Canon DC330 1.07MP DVD Camcorder with 37x Optical Zoom
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Product Description

The DC330 digital camcorder lets you record directly to DVDs, and lets you shoot and share video through a variety of options. Only 3" (8cm) in diameter, the DC330's DVD-R/-RW discs are compatible with most DVD players and can store up to 30 minutes of video in standard mode and 60 minutes of video in long play mode. They also record to DVD-R DL (dual layer) discs that can store up to 108 minutes of video. The Canon DC330 DVD Camcorder also offers exclusive Canon 48x Advanced Zoom, a feature only possible with industry-leading optical technology. Advanced Zoom extends the power of your zoom and is the longest zoom Canon has ever offered. The DC330 offers you more flexibility to get just the shot you need by giving you the choice of selecting a 37x Optical Zoom or a 2000x Digital Zoom as well. In both wide angle and telephoto positions, there is virtually no loss in image quality throughout the range. It also boasts a powerful 680k CCD, SD card image storage capability, Quick Start and Joystick Control. The DC330 makes it simpler than ever to capture and share all the unforgettable moments of your life. With unique super spectra coating, which reduces flare and ghosting, the image you capture will be cleaner than ever. The DC330's image stabilization system corrects camcorder shake instantly. The DC330 helps you make accurate exposures with its histogram display. Special Scene Modes also ensure accurate exposures under a wide variety of difficult lighting conditions. Smooth Zoom Control allows you to choose between three fixed-zoom speeds to ensure smooth, steady zooms automatically. Max F/Stop - f/2.0 - 5.2 Minimum Illumination - 2 lx (Night Mode) Viewfinder - 0.35 widescreen EVF 2.7 Widescreen LCD Screen Recording Media - DVD-R/-RW/-R DL 2-Channel Audio Dolby Digital (AC-3 2 ch) Dimensions - Width 2.6 x Height 3.5 x Depth 5 (66x90x126mm) Weight (camcorder body only) - 13.4 ounces (380 grams)

  • Capture video direct to DVD
  • 37x Optical Zoom; image stabilizer
  • 2.7-inch widescreen LCD monitor; widescreen HR recording
  • DVD-R/-RW/-R DL recording format
  • USB 2.0 hi-speed terminal for quick video transfer

Customer Reviews:

  • great cam
    great camcorder for the price. perfect for taking family videos or youtube stuff. had it for a year with no problems. stick with the mini dv, the sdram video is too slow and the HD is limited....more info
  • Not 48x Optical Zoom, but 37x !
    One remark: The camera has 37x OPTICAL ZOOM and 48x Advanced Zoom (optical + digital combined), a proprietary technology of Canon. This is true for the 320 and 310 also.

    ...more info
    Amazon recommends the DVD+RW and I purchased them. Guess what? It doesnt work. Other reviews point this out. I wasn't able to capture the birth of my daughter this past Sunday....more info
  • Love this camera!
    This camera is light, small, very intuitive and easy to maneuver. I chose the Canon DC330 over the DC310 because this model has the USB connection. I like recording on DVDs because I need to backup my computer anyway. Sound quality is very clear. ...more info
  • the mini-dvds shown do NOT work with this camcorder
    I don't know why amazon includes the sony mini-dvds on this page, because they do NOT work with this camera! I ordered them based on amazon's recommendation and they are not compatible. I'm having a tough time finding a mini dvd-rw that will work with the camera. Otherwise, it is ok. The movie editing software isn't very easy though, but the picture quality is fantastic. Colors are true to life and recording is easy. My two complaints are mini-dvd-rw issue and crappy software for editing.

    UPDATE: Spoke to Canon and now know the difference is the plus/minus! This camcorder requires DVD-R/RW (notice minus sign) and cannot use the DVD+R/RW (notice plus sign). When purchasing mini dvds make sure to get the minus and then just about any brand should work (verbatim definitely does)....more info
  • canon camcorder
    This was a great purchase. The controls are easy to operate. Small but very effecient....more info
  • Why bother?
    No hard drive, can't record directly onto a memory card. Waste of time and money. Buy one with a hard drive instead....more info
  • Great picture
    Just purchased the DC330 camcorder in late July 2008. I must say the video is very clear and the colors saturated. The most impressive thing to me was the zoom. It's incredible! I video recorded my kids when they were getting surfing lessons. I was probably 30 yards from them. The resulting video made it seem as though I was right beside them. I even captured a decent audio from them! I wish the still picture capability were better than 1M but the video is superb. My only real issue was that one of the CDs that came with the camcorder was scratched on delivery and I am not able to load the software at this point. I am in contact with Canon at the moment. We'll see how their customer service is I guess....more info
  • great deal useful stuff
    it's great light wieght fit your hand gip with a mini DVD not as the kit offers ( be ware), easy, meet main important needs
    good quality... no laxury no cheap..
    but what it needs to give you the result that offers...more info
  • do not buy dvd+rw for canon dc330, they dont work with this camcorder.
    amazon recomends sony dvd +rw for canon dc330 but after I received them and tried they dont work. canon dc330 does not accept dvd +rw. Its also mentioned in the manual and the in the description but I trusted amazon and ordered it, will talk to amazon and send it back.
    gowardhan...more info