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Canon DC310 DVD Camcorder with 37x Optical Zoom
List Price: $349.99

Our Price: $222.82

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Product Description

The DC310 digital camcorder lets you record directly to DVDs, and lets you shoot and share video through a variety of options. Only 3" (8cm) in diameter, the DC310's DVD-R/-RW discs are compatible with most DVD players and can store up to 30 minutes of video in standard mode and 60 minutes of video in long play mode. They also record to DVD-R DL (dual layer) discs that can store up to 108 minutes of video. The Canon DC310 DVD Camcorder also offers exclusive Canon 41x Advanced Zoom, a feature only possible with industry-leading optical technology. Advanced Zoom extends the power of your zoom and is the longest zoom Canon has ever offered. The DC310 offers you more flexibility to get just the shot you need by giving you the choice of selecting a 37x Optical Zoom or a 2000x Digital Zoom as well. In both wide angle and telephoto positions, there is virtually no loss in image quality throughout the range. It also boasts a powerful 680k CCD, SD card image storage capability, Quick Start and Joystick Control. The DC310 makes it simpler than ever to capture and share all the unforgettable moments of your life. With unique super spectra coating, which reduces flare and ghosting, the image you capture will be cleaner than ever. The DC310's image stabilization system corrects camcorder shake instantly. The built-in, high-quality image stabilizer allows you to shoot professional-looking, rock-steady video, whether you're recording sporting events, your child's birthday party, or a long focal length shot without a tripod. Max F/Stop - f/2.0 - 5.2 Minimum Illumination - 2 lx (Night Mode) Viewfinder - 0.35 widescreen EVF 2.7 Widescreen LCD Screen Recording Media - DVD-R/-RW/-R DL 2-Channel Audio Dolby Digital (AC-3 2 ch) Dimensions - Width 2.6 x Height 3.5 x Depth 5 (66x90x126mm) Weight (camcorder body only) - 13.4 ounces (380 grams)

  • Capture video direct to DVD
  • 37x Optical Zoom; image stabilizer
  • 2.7-inch widescreen LCD monitor; widescreen HR recording
  • DVD-R/-RW/-R DL recording format

Customer Reviews:

  • Great DVD Camcorder Love it!!
    I bought this camera in August 2008. I was tired of my old one. It's really easy to operate. I love it because its very light weight and it can fit right into your bag but I would suggest a camera bag for it. I haven't taken pictures with it yet. It has a great zoom lens on it. It doesn't shake. If you love filming like I do you will love this camera. I would suggest it to anyone. It's a great price too! I watched the Dvd that I had made on my Dvd player and the videos were very clear. This is a real nice camera. One more thing the battery has a nice long charge to it. I only had to charge it twice since I've had it. ...more info
  • Love it! So easy to use.
    This is a great little camcorder. It is easy to load and the DVD's are clear as can be. It has a memory card slot do you can use it as a digital camera, it takes really nice pictures. A really good deal....more info
  • Canon DC310
    I reviewed the Consumer's Report 2009 regarding dvd camcorders and this model rated one of the highest. I am thrilled to concur with the Report. I wanted something simple to use which provided a good image at a good value. This seems to meet all three. The vendor I used shipped it within 4-5 days (Sixth Avenue Electronics -6ave). Overall great experience. NOTE: Read the manual - if you don't finalize the discs properly you may loose all of the recordings....more info
  • Great Camera
    Overall I would say this is a great camera. Easy to use. Great in low light situations. Great sound. Looking forward to using it in Disney World next month. The only drawback is that there is no way to down load the still pictures from my memory disk to my computer. I don't see any USB connection port. I guess I have to develop the pics at the store and then scan them if I want to up load them to a web site. ...more info
  • Just what I expected
    I purchased this camcorder to video tape ballroom dance practice in my house. It has worked great for this purpose! I set it up in the corner, turn on the video, we dance and then we hook the camera to the TV to watch and review our dancing. I haven't had any trouble, and it only took me about an hour to figure out how to use it. It is the first time I have operated a video camera....more info
    I haven't fully used all of its capabilities, but so far I am not disappointed. It is smaller and more compact than what I'd expected...I thought the UPS delivery should have had another package for me. It's great, for a great price....more info
  • Problematic for closing discs and some confusing features

    1) Price is cheap for a DVD camcorder
    2) Outdoor video quality
    3) optical zoom


    1) The menu is very confusing.
    2) You cannot finalize unless you connect the camera to power adapter. You will not know it unless you read the manual carefully
    3) You cannot charge the camera if the power button is turned on. So assume that you are using the camera and it goes off because of no charge. You connect it to the power adapter, it will not is because the power button is still turned on. I had this issue and had a hard time finding the cause. I even sent my camera to canon repair and it got returned back saying I need to keep the power button off while charging and otherwise it will not charge.
    4) Finally, there is a lot of problem with finalizing the disc. The finalize menu item will not show up while in record mode. That is fine. But I recorded my disc in VR mode and now I see Finalize menu item but it is not selectable..not sure why. I am not able to finalize my disc and can't play it in dvd player. When I see the content of the DVD, it has files in VRO format. To convert it to DVD format, I need a software now which will cost me. And that's when I decided to write this review....more info
  • Digital Recording
    The camera went on a two week cross country vacation the month we bought it. I was able to film from inside caves to a wedding. The only down side was that the low light still photo's were not as clear as the movies....more info
  • Question?
    Can I use a Kingston 4GB SDHC Memory Card for Canon DC310 DVD Camcorder? Please let me know. Thank you....more info
  • Buyer Beware, read the details
    The overview states that this includes 'USB 2.0 hi-speed terminal for quick video transfer'. Read the detail section and there is no mention of a USB port, because there is none! You need to buy the DC330 to get that feature. That would not be so bad if the R- RW would work in any of our PC's or DVD players. Granted the DVD players are older modules but the PC's are less than 1 year old. Maybe if your PC writes to R- or you stick with none rewritable DVD's you would be happy with this camcorder (didn't waste any more money trying this). This module is being returned and replaced with the DC330. ...more info
  • ok
    Overall, good but pictures ain't great especially at night. My average camera phone does a better job!...more info
  • Good buy
    Item arrived in time. Bought it for my brother. Tested it and works well. What I like about it is the zoom (41x). My only concern is one has to slide the lens cover manually. I was used to DC40 which is more automatic. Overall good buy....more info
  • Excellent, Great Buy, Easy to Use!
    We were upgrading from our old VHS camcorder, and wanted something that was easy to use, we did not want to "upload" any videos to the computer, we just needed a new camera, user friendly to capture memories of our two girls. This camera is very easy to use, the quality of the videos indoors and outdoors is excellent. I purchased some mini DVDs here at amazon, popped one in, and started my first test video, it was great. As always, scan through the instructions, and follow them, believe me, for this price, it is a great deal, we like it. Lastly as you do your first dvd, do as the instructions say, "FINALIZE" your video, when you "FINALIZE" your video, it will play in any device, dvd player, and your pc.
    J.Hess...more info