Creative Labs GigaWorks T40 Premium 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with BasXPort Technology
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Product Description

GigaWorks T40 stereo speakers will fascinate you with their impressive audio delivery. Combining premium components with Creative's many years of leadership in world-class audio, each satellite delivers spacious, balanced sound, thanks to the potent combination of two high-performance midrange drivers and a dedicated high-end tweeter in MTM (midrange-tweeter-midrange) configuration, plus BasXPort technology for strong, dynamic bass without a subwoofer. The midrange drivers have woven glass fiber cones for warmth and stability, while each tweeter has a cloth dome for crystal clarity. Front mounted controls for power, volume, bass and treble, plus a versatile adaptor, made these speakers great partners for DVD players and televisions as well as PCs.

  • Product Type - Speaker
  • Localization - Eng/Fr
  • System Components - 2.0 Speaker System
  • - Dual woven glass fiber cone
  • - Cloth dome tweeter

Customer Reviews:

  • very nice sound & looks
    Pros: the smart styling will fit in with many PC systems and they don't take up a lot of space on your desk, nice sound

    Cons: blue LED is annoying , on-off switch in inconvenient place on the rear of the speaker, maybe a little too high priced?

    These speakers give very nice sound, clear and bright but people who like super loud music might be disappointed with the sound limits and weaker bass. If you expect these speakers to produce sound like $1000.00 speakers you'll be disappointed.

    I bought mine almost a year ago for $[...] and got a $[...] rebate from Creative which can in the form of a gift card

    From reading other reviews on the web in this price range it seems M-Audio AV40 are the best sounding speakers but they are a lot more bulky in size. A lot of people like the sound of the Klipsch ProMedia 2.0 but they are ugly and cheaply made and many stop working right after a while....more info
  • Great sounding desktop speaker
    Wow, Am I glad I bought these speakers. I selected the "T-40's" because of what the other reviewer's said - and they were right. The sound quality borders on "audiofile" - very pleasing. One reviewer mentioned they don't go very loud. If you're trying to fill a living room or den you're going to have to spend more money. But if you're sitting right in front of you're screen they go loud enough. They're also fine in a small room like a bedroom. Great desktop speaker!!!...more info
  • Good Lord, what a great sound
    I don't even really know where to begin.

    These speakers are truly MINDBLOWING! Watching movies, listening to music, watching sports, these speakers are absolutely perfect for all my media. ...more info
  • Good speakers worthy of all the praise
    I got this for my wife so she can listen to movies from her computer. The build quality is very impressive for this price point. There's reasonable weight which adds to the perception of quality. The design is very sleek and elegant. I just wish the LED is not so bright. Don't use it in the bedroom unless you want a blue night light. Sound quality is very good. Clear highs and realistic mids. Surprising amount of bass given such a small size. I'm happy with the purchase....more info
  • No doubt about it, great speakers.
    The Gigaworks T40 is one of the best 2.0 systems currently on the market, especially considering their size and price. The quality and volume of the sound exceeded my expectations, with very good clarity and imaging at moderate levels. Max them out and they still sound good, with a minimal loss of clarity at both ends of the sound spectrum. There are some other speakers on the market made by either Swan, Audioengine or M-audio that may be better. But, in most cases they are not really comparable models because of size and price. Most have drivers in the 4"-5" range and cost two to three times as much. Even given these differences, the T40 does very well in comparison, and completely out-preforms it's counterparts made by Bose and Klipsch....more info
  • These are terrible speakers.
    First off, the speakers are ENORMOUS, which would be fine if they sounded good, but the sound is so mediocre. They have absolutely no bass at all, granted they don't have a subwoofer, but I've heard plenty of 2.0 speakers that had pretty decent bass. The clarity isn't that great, and if you try and crank them, they distort pretty fast. I tried breaking them in for 2 weeks as people suggested, but heard no improvement. The power switch is also very annoying, it's tiny and on the back on the speaker, very hard to reach unless you actually turn the speaker around to find it. For this price there are tons of better speakers out there....more info
  • Decent for computer use, very well made
    I have been skeptical of Creative Labs since the debacle with their Vista drivers a couple of years ago, but I have to say that these are one of the better 2.0 setups for PC use. They are extremely well made, with high quality components, and are visually appealing (with or without the front grille). Sound quality is good for a desktop speaker (but, not as good as the dead Klipsch's that they replaced) and for a 2.0 setup, they actually put out a good amount of bass. They are fairly tall, but also narrow, so they work well if you have limited space.
    ...more info
  • Great speakers
    I have used these speakers for about a month now and am very pleased with them. I might buy another set for the office....more info
  • i agree with the other reviewer- good upgrade from the T-20
    i've owned the Creative Labs T-20 speaker for about a year now and i love it! then i read about the T-40 coming out and wasnt really interested since i am more than happy with my year old T-20's, but since the price was so good with the mail in rebate, i thought why not. so i purchased the T-40's about a month ago and it's finally getting broken in and sounding better every day. i can definately hear the mids and highs alot clearer and it sounds great! the only downside (for me) is that the lay out of the T-40 is different from the T-20 in that there's only one audio jack input on the back of the T-40 and the power switch is also on the back of the speaker, wheras the T-20 uses the volume button to turn on/off power and the aux port is on the front of he speaker which makes it much easier for me to hook up my mp3 player and theres also another audio in jack in the back that i use to connect the speaker to my computer so i can either play directly from my mp3 player or audio from my computer without having to constantly switch cables eevrytime i want to listen to one or the other as oppossed to the T-40 where there's only one audio in jack located on the back of the speaker along wit the power switch. but dont get me wrong, i still love the T-40, but i think it would have gotten 5 stars if they kept te speaker lay out the same as the T-20.

    T-20- headphone and aux in port in front of speaker along with volume knob doubling as power on/off and another audio in jack in the back.

    T-40- headphone jack in front of speaker
    back of speaker: audio in jack, power switch, and docking station port, which is used to connect a prong like cable to hook up a dock for ipod? im not sure.

    well, i hope this will help you in deciding the right speaker for you. but both sound great, both have a clean modern look and both are priced very resonably.

    ps: you need to break in the speakers for a few weeks until they start sounding really good. and make sure you have the right cables pluged in the right way, etc.. ive read some complaints where people say it sounded like a tin can, well, some cables if plugged (and or cheapy ones) in the wrong way will still work, but sound like... well....a tin can! ...more info
  • Dont Buy these speakers
    They look real nice, but sound like crap.

    They are only 45W and you cant turn them up more than half before they crack.

    [...]....more info
  • Clarity!
    I use the Creative Lab T40 speakers in the office, and only at low volumes but otherwise am a serious audiophile (I have a home recording studio with professional-grade Mackie HR 824 monitors). I think the T40s are very good. They resolve the sound well (i.e., each instrument comes out distinctly and clearly). The bass is understated, but turning up the low frequency dial on the speaker mostly compensates. If you enjoy thumping bass, the T40s aren't for you -- I think you'll be best served with a 2.1 system (i.e., two speakers and a subwoofer). If you have the space, I'd avoid the T40s also -- for $20-30 more, you can buy a $100 stereo receiver and combine it with two small bookshelf speakers for $50. But I didn't want to have my desk look like a party zone. So for a *compact* system with *clarity* and moderately good bass, this is the way to go....more info
  • Absolutely Startling!
    I bought the Creative T40s mostly to put some music into my kitchen via a Dell Laptop (using the CD player and Internet Radio via iTunes). I've used them for two days, and am now ready to buy another set to mate with my Sony DLP46-Z100 which is arriving next week.

    I usually listen to classical music (via FM or the Internet), so imaging of instruments is very important. These speakers seem to have it right, and are still able to pump out the low bass notes of a well-played cello.

    ...more info
  • Nice 2 channel speakers at a fair price
    I've had my T40s for about a month now and I'm quite pleased. For the past 10 years or so, I've been using a pair of Logitech 2.1 speakers that I've been extremely happy with. One thing I didn't like was the tangle of cords involved with having the subwoofer and satellites.

    So, when the Logitechs started rattling, I figured I'd try a non-sub setup and see how that worked. I don't play a ton of music or games at high volume levels, so I figured that I could get-by without a sub. I need decent sounding music with OK bass as well as good mid/treble. Pretty simple.

    The Creative T40s had a good price on Amazon, and after a rebate, I'd getting them for well under a hundred bucks, so I pushed that wonderful "buy" button and started the countdown to the arrival of the UPS guy.

    Unpacking the speakers, I noticed they are taller than I expected -- about 12 inches high. They are heavy and very well built with no creaking in the plastic when you apply force with your hands. There is a small base that you install with a single screw on each speaker that gives some added stability. Each speaker leans back slightly.

    On the main speaker is a volume, bass, and treble control knob as well as a headphone jack and bright blue power LED. The rear of the same speaker has the input jack (1/8" headphone), power switch, connection to the other speaker, power input, and a dock connector input for the optional iPod dock they sell.

    Design-wise, the speakers are nice. The yellow cones are cool looking, although I leave the grilles on so I don't really see them. The finish on the speaker fronts is a glossy metallic gray, the grilles black cloth, and the back of the speaker is matte black plastic. The LED may be too bright for some, but I have the speakers on either side of a 24" LCD monitor, so the LED shines straight-out off to the side of my view and it doesn't bother me. There is only one wire going to the left speaker so the cabling is easy to manage and organize, which is a big plus for me! Each speaker has a bass port on top, which will undoubtedly collect dust but shouldn't be a problem. The left speaker's single wire is permanently attached so it's always dangling from the speaker. I'd much prefer if the wire was pluggable for those times you need to move the speakers, but it's a minor complaint.

    Sound-wise, I really like the speakers. They clearly aren't "boomy" like you'd get from a sub, however the low-end is substantial. The ports on the tops of the speakers do their jobs - there's more air moving in them than I expected from such small cones. The mids are full, which is unlike any other lower-end computer speaker I've heard. It seems that most computer speakers forgo mids and give only bass and treble, so having nice mid-range is a treat. The cloth-dome tweeter is smooth and not harsh like a titanium dome would be. Each cymbal hit is clear and defined, but not irritating. I will note that I have a strong preference for cloth/silk-dome tweeters stemming back to my car audio days, so these T40s are right up my alley.

    * Nice design.
    * Very good balanced sound.
    * Clean design and appearance.
    * Reasonable price.

    * Power switch on the backside is not ideal - I'd like automatic on/off.
    * Bass ports on the top may collect dust.
    * Left speaker's wire is permanently attached to the speaker.

    I'm very happy with these speakers. They don't have the "boom" of my previous sub setup, but boom isn't always necessary to have. These T40s are accurate and tight overall, including the always rare mid-range. At around $100 or less, these are hands-down worth it and I'd buy them again - that's the best kudos I can give.

    ...more info
  • Excellent buy!
    I recently purchased these speakers, after studing various reviews on, and I have to say I am not disappointed! They are heavy and sturdily built, and thus not prone to spurious vibration. The bass, treble, and volume controls work very smoothly. They look good. And most importantly, the sound quality is excellent. If you want hugely booming exaggerated bass then they might not been for you, but on the other hand so many systems with subwoofers produce excessive bass, screechy treble, and nothing in between. These speakers give a flat and faithful output over a wide range of frequencies, ideal for voice, classical, rock and pop, rap... The sound should please anyone except a real addict for unnaturally loud bass!

    On a technical note, the volume control is oddly non-linear, rather as if it uses a linear pot rather than a logarithmic one. But this is a triviality....more info
  • Creative GigaWorks T40 Speakers
    Great 2.0 speaker system. Impressive sound quality. Only con is it doesn't have a very strong bass, but that is to be expected with 2.0 speakers. A very good buy....more info
  • Great add-on speakers for bedroom use on a LCD tv.
    I brought these to add-on to my Samsung 37 inch 1080p tv which lacks a good sound, see my review on this tv. My tv is in the bedroom so a theater system was not considered to be a practical idea. I did not want to wake the kids at night with the sound of a F14 taking off. Similar to what others have written the bass does not "thump" the walls, but the bass is very evident. These more than meet my needs. The most impressive feature of these speakers are their clear and balanced sound. When listening to music, every instrument can be heard, while the vocals remain front and center. Also they really shine when watching dvds, they sound as if you are in a movie theater. I would not use these in a large room or on my 56 inch DLP in the family room, but they are perfect for the bedroom.

    I have noticed that most reviewers use these speakers for their computers, so I guess this review on their tv application might be useful for a few.

    The only con with these speakers is that the on /off switch is located on the back of the right speaker. This can be quite bothersome depending on your component configuration on the tv stand. Also a remote control would be more than an excellent addition, and should be considered as an upgrage for future models.
    ...more info
  • Better than I expected
    I was expecting pretty good sounding speakers, but I didn't think they would be this loud and full. I am very happy with these speakers. They sound great....more info
  • Great computer speakers, just not very powerful
    I'd been looking around for some small speakers to replace an old hifi. I was excepting that the decrease in size would have a cost in sound, but was OK with that. I'd looked around, read a lot of reviews, and finally settled on these.

    So, as computer desktop speakers, when they are right in front of you, they do just fine. Decent sound, great separation in the mids, just a weak bass. But, they aren't as loud as I expected, their sound is far from room filling, so they aren't really much use for anything aside from desktop speakers....more info
  • nice speakers
    These speakers really do sound great, but you need to be at a certain distance for them to sound their best. There is also a lack of bass, but that's not surprising for a 2.0 set. The clarity and overall quality is excellent so it was well worth the price....more info
  • Creative Labs GigaWorks T49 Speaker System
    Great speakers & great sound! Perfect for any desktop computer system! Product was delivered as ordered. Works as described. Would certainly recommend this product and seller to anyone....more info
  • Creative T140's
    I tried about 6 other speaker systems before deciding on these. They didn't have a subwoofer but sound just as good as those I tried that did have the subwoofer. I have them on a built in kitchen desk so I can listen to music while I cook dinner. I play rock n roll so they get a workout. Good speakers for the money....more info
  • Best 2.1 Speakers I Have Ever Heard
    I have had these for six months now and they are absolutely amazing. You can hear every sound in every song. They are tiny speakers, but pump out some pretty decent base; our neighbors complain. They look great, I have mine mounted on either side of my monitor, it is very convenient with an extra sound jack on the front.

    Since I have gotten these, all of my friends have ditched their old speakers and purchased a pair of these. None of us have any regrets. I will be buying a second set to make my TV sound better and a third set for the office to stream iTunes music. ...more info
  • Great looking, but BASS is poor!
    So I'm coming from a 2.0 Klipsch system with its amazing tube sub woofer channel in a relatively small 2 speaker system. I was almost amazed at how much bass these speakers put out. Unfortunately, they don't make them anymore without the assistance of a subwoofer, which I dont need for my office environment. So I went with these when those speakers stopped working.


    Don't get me wrong - great craftsmanship, dang good looking, and great easy access controls. BUT WHERE IS THE BASE? The port on top of the speakers seems useless as there is just no real bass. I'm listening to them right now with the bass cranked to the max and though I do hear bass, it's nothing like what I'm used to. Speakers of this size (what 12" tall or so) - should put out more bass than this. They've got the mids and highs down pat. But the low end is just "ok". If you listen to serious bass heavy music like today's urban or pop music well good luck with that. These speakers dont do it justice. I'm pretty sure I will return them....unless I find out that I'm too lazy to send them back. But thats my own flaw and not the speakers! ;-)...more info
  • Stylish Low-End High-End
    I spent a few days researching 2.0 and 2.1 systems, as I usually do before investing in a new piece of hardware. I have been using a set of Yamaha 2.1 speakers for the past 8 years that have kept me really happy for music, movies and gaming, but I felt it was time to see what has come out in the past 8 years and maybe find something a little more stylish.

    Appearance: I too was lured in by the style of these speakers, they completely fit the bill for me aesthetically. They are about as tall as my 24" monitor, and I think they look great together. With the grills on they look rather high-end, and with the grills off exposing the yellow cones they take on a younger sort of hip-tech-geekier feel. I dig it em both ways. This is such a personal issue that it's almost pointless to post here, you can see for yourself in the photos what they look like. The only thing I would recommend is getting out a tape measure and seeing how tall they are for yourself because the pictures might be misleading.

    Sound: I made a mix of songs encompassing several genres and styles. The strongest points of these speakers as far as I can tell are the strength of mid-range tones like vocals and guitar, as well as highs such as in clarity of cymbal hits and plucking of strings. Guitar intros "Engine Down - Cover" and "Weezer - Slob" just seem to grab your ears and sound raw and resonant. Vocal harmonies were more apparent than what I'm accustomed to, and vocals in general whether from music or movies sounded fuller and cleaner. These rival my Sennheiser HD-555 which are Sennheiser's lower-end audiophile cans.

    I want to make a point about the bass response. Simply put, IT IS GOOD. Obviously it is not as loud or as thick sounding as it could be from a dedicated 8" woofer, and if that's what you're looking for then there are a few decent 2.1 setups in this price range. I discarded my above-average 2.1 setup in search for better clarity in the mids and highs, which these deliver. I listen to a fair bit of bass-centric music, here are some sample songs I tried right away: The Faint - Your Retro Career Melted, Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody, Asher Roth - I Love College. Just as I expected, I had to give up the punch I was used to, but I was very pleasantly surprised to still feel enveloped by the low notes. I didn't feel it in my chest and feet like I had become used to but I could still feel it in my head, and of course hear the notes being delivered with clarity. They don't sound muddy, or like they're struggling, rather that the sound is being rendered for you and the effect is quite successful in my opinion. No problem here replacing my sub for these, which says a lot. I'm not a "bass-head" but I'm a sucker for bass overall and I found this a more than fair trade. It's like having a steak dinner and giving up your favorite steak fries, but instead they'll give you well seasoned bake potato and extra [insert favorite vegetable here].

    Overall, I'm impressed and would recommend these to folks looking for a stylish set of speakers that will deliver impressive audio for music in particular, while still delivering solidly for games and movies.
    ...more info
  • hoky moly these sound great
    i have an x-fi platinum sound card, and i hooked these up with it, and bam amazing sound. There is a great punch and a rich bass, though i found putting the bass boost on is a mistake, cause you ought not treat them like subwoofers, but none the less they can shake the floor when set up correctly. Sound is crystal clear and better than anything i've ever heard. They do great with the whole cmss3d surround thing, it fills the room and engulfs you into the game. So yeah highly reccomend these, unless you can afford the new versions which the only real difference is that they are a shiny black color instead of a shiny gun metal color. (ps sorry for typos)...more info