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Magnum P.I.: The Complete Eighth Season
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 03/04/2008 Rating: Nr

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  • Love Magnum
    This is a great series for the entire family. We were tired of trying to find something that we could all enjoy without worrying about what our son would see. This is it!!! Wish the series went beyond the eighth season....more info
    I know many will disagree with my top show statement, but I have never come across a show that was so true to life, had such likeable characters, and had the right blend of comedy and drama. Today's shows are bland by comparison, told in a monotone, and the characters seem to service the story. I believe that if Magnum was on today, it would be the top drama, over all of the CSI and CSI clones that simply retread each others stories. I mean you basically have the same show 6 times with different characters in a different local. Magnum wasn't like that.

    What made "Magnum PI" so great?

    1.)Tom Selleck was born to play the part and never found another role that fit him so well.
    2.)His supporting cast - particularly Higgins.
    3.)The exotic Hawaii locale
    4.)The Estate that much of the show is set on
    5.)The Car baby!
    6.)The quality of writing. Some of the Best shows were in season 8 - very few shows can make that same claim of consistant quality.

    Season 8 Trivia
    As has been mentioned previously, the show was supposed to end after Season 7 (The movies were calling Selleck), but the public reaction made CBS pressure Selleck to come back for one more season. He actually agreed to do close to 20 episodes that season, but the stress of both producing the show and being in close to every scene wore him out and they only did 10 episodes (sadly).

    In the "Legends of the Lost Ark" episode, Selleck finally gets to play the role that probably would have changed his life and certainly his career. He was the first choice to play Indiana Jones, but had already committed to Magnum and CBS wouldn't let him out of his contract. I think he would have been good in the role - probably better than most of his other movie roles, but I'm still forced to objectively say that Harrison Ford would get the nod if I had to choose between the 2. Interestingly, there was a writer's strike that delayed the start of filming of Magnum and he could have filmed Raider's during the delay and still did Magnum if CBS would have been more agreeable.

    Magnum was Tom Selleck's most natural role and his best by far. It is an outstanding series that holds up extremely well even 20 years later....more info
  • All Good Things...
    As a young child, I loved watching this television show with my dad...the series began a month before I was born. I was nostalgic when I purchased the first season, but it was my love for the show and its characters that kept me getting the seasons that followed as they came out on DVD. Anyone who is a fan of the show, or wishing we could go back to a time when there were more quality television shows available, this is a great purchase to make! ...more info
  • Magnum's Final & Farewell Season
    I think this 1987-88 Season of MAGNUM, P.I. was probably the best season of them all throughout Magnum's whole 8-year run on CBS as well as the most sophisticated season of them all throughout it's 1980-88 run on CBS and I can hardly wait till it comes out on DVD too along with the fact that the 8th Season is when Magnum's cop buddy Lt. Tanaka(Kwan Hi-Lim) dies off.

    The Eighth Season had a series finale too showing what resolutions Magnum(Tom Selleck) and his buddies TC(Roger E. Mosley), Rick(Larry Manetti), and the prissy hard-nosed Higgins(John Hillerman)made when the show was cancelling along with the fact that the 1987-1988 Season had Joe Santos co-starring as Magnum's other cop buddy(Lt. Page), which previously played Rockford's often exasperated cop buddy(Detective Dennis Becker) from the LAPD on THE ROCKFORD FILES, which made it interesting to see Joe Santos on MAGNUM, P.I. along with the fact that MAGNUM was inspired by THE ROCKFORD FILES when Rockford cancelled in January of 1980 after it's 1974-80 run on NBC.

    In addition to that; I found it intriguing in the "Tiger Fan" episode of MAGNUM when officers doing a drug bust stakeout on the beach are talking about watching the impeccable private investigator Lance White(Tom Selleck) on THE ROCKFORD FILES last night talking about what a hot shot pain in the butt fellow gumshoe Lance White was on THE ROCKFORD FILES and how the flawless Lance White(Tom Selleck) was driving the cynical private detective Jim Rockford(James Garner) up the wall by the astonishing Lance White who obviously ended up stealing the show in both the "White & White & Nearly Perfect" and "Nice Guys Finish Dead" episodes since Lance White outclassed Rockford big time in every way by finding all the leads and all the clues to Rockford's case making Rockford look bad and nearly Rockford in the process at Rockford's expense, which of course ruined the case Rockford was hired to investigate in the "White On White & Nearly Perfect" episode.

    Additionally Rockford strikes out again in the "Nice Guys Finish Dead" episode when Rockford reunites with the stellar Lance White at a private eyes convention where a senators homicide ends up taking place at resulting in Lance White solving the case with the polices approval leaving Rockford lagging behind since Rockford could never seem to work well nor seem to be a good detective when Lance White is around along with the big age difference between James Garner & Tom Selleck.

    In addition to what makes this MAGNUM, PI DVD so cool, this DVD of MAGNUM's 8th Season provides a bonus episode from the "White On White & Nearly Perfect" episode of THE ROCKFORD FILES 5th Season, which was interesting since it shows us Tom Selleck as the exceptional private eye(Lance White)before his MAGNUM days and before Tom Selleck was even famous, since Tom Selleck didn't even become a superstar until he started doing MAGNUM, P.I. in the early 1980's when he became a sex symbol.

    In addition to that, I find it kind of strange that Tom Selleck's role as the phenomenal private detective(Lance White) seemed to be a much smarter, wiser, and more successful private investigator than his role as Magnum on MAGNUM, P.I. was, because the often exasperated Magnum(Tom Selleck) always seemed to be getting himself in a lot of trouble and alot of mischief with his buddies and with the military, just like Rockford always did with the police and his buddies, especially with his cheesy ex-con buddy Angel Martin(Stuart Margolin) and his foxy attorney girlfriend(Beth Davenport).

    So Magnum's 8th Season is a definite upgrade to Magnum's 7th Season as well as the first 7 seasons, but what I don't understand is why didn't Universal put this as Magnum's final season like Universal did for THE ROCKFORD FILES-SEASON 6, KNIGHT RIDER-SEASON 4, & THE A-TEAM-SEASON 5, because I think it would've simply been more practical along with the fact that Magnum's 8th Season had the least episodes throughout Magnum's whole 8-year run on CBS.

    It's just too bad that Magnum, P.I. didn't end up lasting longer and going for a 9th Season, because I think it would've been cool, not to mention that Magnum was probably the longest running detective drama of them all back then, but I think they could've done a better job in the series finale episode "Resolutions", since it ended as sort of a cliffhanger at the end of that episode when Rick didn't even verify if he did or didn't take Cleo(Phyllis Davis) to be his lawful wedded bride.

    In addition; I think it would've been a great idea if MAGNUM, P.I. would've ended up having former MATT HOUSTON co-stars guest star in at least one of the last 3 seasons of MAGNUM like Pamela Hensley for instance, which played Houston's sidekick(C.J. Parsons) on MATT HOUSTON, which would've been cool, especially since MATT HOUSTON had already cancelled just before MAGNUM hit it's Sixth Season on CBS.

    Magnum's 8th Season also takes me all the way back to memory lane when CBS's motto was "CBS Spirit: Oh Yes", since that was CBS's motto from the Fall of 1987 thru the Summer of 1988.

    It's just too bad that THE ROCKFORD FILES couldn't have a series finale episode like MAGNUM, P.I. did.

    So now that Universal has released all 8 seasons of MAGNUM on DVD and all 6 seasons of THE ROCKFORD FILES out on DVD, I hope to see Warner Bros. release all 3 seasons of the detective drama MATT HOUSTON released on DVD soon too, starting with MATT HOUSTON's 1st Season, but I have no idea why it's taking Warner Bros. so long to put MATT HOUSTON on DVD, since MATT HOUSTON was a very popular TV show in the 1980's, just like MAGNUM, PI was and just like THE ROCKFORD FILES was in the 1970's along with the fact that MATT HOUSTON was in serious competition with MAGNUM during MATT HOUSTON's whole 3-year run on ABC, which ran from 1982-85.

    In addition to that, now that Universal has released the complete series of KNIGHT RIDER, MIAMI VICE, and THE INCREDIBLE HULK on DVD; I don't see what's taking Universal so long to make a MAGNUM, PI complete series DVD, especially since MAGNUM was a popular classic Universal TV show just like KNIGHT RIDER, MIAMI VICE, and THE INCREDIBLE HULK all were. ...more info
  • The Magnum Reunion
    I've always been a fan of Magnum and I must say that Season 8 is the best one for me of all of them largely because it was a capstone season. As most fans know, Magnum traditionally was intended to end after Season 7 but fan and popular demand made for an 8th season.

    This 8th Season to me brought together the best of Magnum. It had some great "traditional magnum episodes" while it also had Magnum playing a mock "Indiana Jones" part...for those of you who don't know Tom Selleck was originally considered to play Indiana Jones but Sellect was under contract to Magnum PI and couldn't take the role so this parody episode included on this set shows Magnum in Fedora and Indi Jacket and even with a whip --- hilarious. This season is worth buying just for this episode.

    Additionally, you get the final episode, quite a few references and questions on who Robin Masters is -- could Higgins be Robin Masters? Watch this season to find out more.

    Overall, there are plenty of TV shows from the 80s that are contextually irrelevant today or are simply unwatchable....Magnum stands apart. Even if you didn't grow up watching Magnum, you can still enjoy this series today. Albeit, there were quite a few more references to Vietnam etc -- a product of the Era that provides some good historical context. I miss some of that realism from many of today's TV shows that just take place in Generic America (Generica). Magnum had flavor, the show had flair, it had comedy, seriousness, fun, beautiful ladies, and very memorable characters.

    I enjoy all the Magnum seasons but I must say, I only own Season 8 if that says anything.

    Caution though, if you're a Magnum purist, the show is not presented 100% exactly as it was aired but the entire episodes are there with minor tweakings and enhancements....more info
  • A pint of stout..... I would like a pint of stout.
    Magnum P.I. is my favorite show of all time. Season 8 is the last season.

    The original plan was that season 7 was to be the last season. "Limbo," the last episode of season 7, was originally broadcast as the last episode of the series. However, after that episode was broadcast, they decided to do one more season. When season 8 first aired, they broadcasted an edited version of "Limbo." Whereas the original version of "Limbo" closed up the storyline, the edited version sort of left things hanging.

    Universal has announced that the season 8 DVD set will contain the episode "Limbo." I am guessing and hoping (but am not certain) that this will be the edited version, because the original version was already included on the season 7 DVD set.

    For the record, I do not like the idea of changing something after it has already been officially released. For example, I love the original theatrical versions of the "Star Wars" trilogy, and I hate the changes that George Lucas made for the "special editions."

    However, having both versions of "Limbo" is a good thing, because the edited version sets up the stage for season 8.

    Here are the episodes from season 8:

    Infinity and Jelly Doughnuts - It's hard to talk about this one without giving away any spoilers. So let's just say that this is a very heartwarming and moving episode. My only criticism is that in order for the plot to work, it requires rewriting the past history of what had happened in "Limbo." Some Magnum fans wonder if it's really fair to consider this episode (and all of season 8, in fact) an official part of the Magnum storyline. Some fans have suggested that the entirety of season 8 was just a dream. I guess if you analyze it too much, it can ruin your enjoyment. So I recommend that you try not to think about it too much. Anyway, this is a wonderful episode.

    Pleasure Principle - The immensity of what had happened in previous episodes means that Magnum still needs some more time to recover, adapt, and adjust. So Magnum is still dealing with what happened to him. Also, Magnum and Higgins sort of switch personalities with each other. This episode has the most realistic depiction of a psychiatrist in any episode of any TV show that has ever been made. I love how Magnum imagines Mac eating so many pastries that he explodes!

    Innocence, A Broad - One of the things that I love about this series is that the women tend to be quite intelligent and interesting. So I was disappointed that the writers decided to use an idiot bimbo in this episode. I really do not like this episode.

    Tigers Fan - While this is certainly one of the better episodes of this season, I was saddened that the writers decided to kill off one of the recurring characters that I had come to love over the course of the series. I like this episode, but it kind of hurts to watch it.

    Forever in Time - This is one of those episodes involving Magnum investigating someone who died a long time ago. But it's not as good as previous episodes of that type, such as "The Woman On The Beach" from season 2.

    The Love That Lies - Magnum discovers that his friend Carol is adopted. This is kind of like one of those horrible "After School Specials."

    A Girl Named Sue - Back in the season 4 episode "Rembrandt's Girl," Carol Burnett was the guest actress. Now I love Carol Burnett. But the script for that episode was way too cliched and unoriginal - Magnum and Burnett got locked in a bank vault! What were the writers thinking? Well now Burnett is back again in this season 8 episode, playing the same character. Fortunately, the writers did a much better job this time around. In this episode, Burnett now has a license as a private investigator, and she and Magnum unknowingly get into a shootout against each other. This is one of the better episodes of this season.

    Unfinished Business - This is my favorite episode of this season. I really, really don't want to spoil the plot for you. Let's just say that this episode is a gift to the long term fans of the series - the ones who have really been paying attention. In order to fully understand this episode, you need to be familiar with quite a few previous episodes. Right off the bat, you need to know what happened in "Memories Are Forever" from season 2 and "Little Girl Who" from season 7. But beyond that, there are other things that are not necessarily so obvious. For example, take the relationship between the woman and her father in this episode, and compare it to the relationship between Magnum and his own father in the season 4 episode "Home From The Sea." Also, compare Magnum's decision at the end of this episode regarding Quang Ki, to Magnum's decision regarding Ivan at the end of the season 3 episode "Did You See The Sunrise." A lot of work went in to the writing of this episode, and it pays off in so many ways. This is a truly powerful, emotionally charged episode. There's a series of very tense scenes with no dialog, combined with a musical montage where Magnum uses his espionage and spying skills. Will Magnum get caught or not? It's quite nerve wracking to watch. The song playing during the montage is "The Brazilian" by Genesis, from their "Invisible Touch" album. There's also a humorous scene where Higgins reads Magnum's grocery list.

    The Great Hawaiian Adventure Company - There are two plot points going on in this episode. In one of them, Magnum (unsuccessfully) decides to start his own tourist company. This is credible, as Magnum was always willing to try new things. The other plot line is like one of those awful "After School Specials." Over the course of the series, it has been well established, with plenty of realistic credibility, that even though T.C. didn't have any children of his own, he was still very good with kids. As coach of a Little League baseball team, T.C. was consistently an excellent role model, and always inspired the best in the children that he spent time with. But then during the season 7 episode "Missing Melody," the writers, who apparently couldn't think of any good ideas at the time, decided that all of a sudden, T.C. had two children who appeared magically out of thin air, and that one of them was kidnapped. Now in this season 8 episode, the writers, who are again apparently short of good ideas, have decided that T.C.'s son has joined a street gang. What were the writers thinking?

    Legend of the Lost Art - Tom Selleck (the actor who plays Magnum) would have played Indiana Jones in the movie "Raiders Of The Lost Ark," except that he had already signed on to play Magnum. So in this episode, he finally gets to play Indiana Jones. This episode is a great parody of "Raiders Of The Lost Ark," with many scenes and lines of dialog making references to the movie. I love the movie, and I love this parody.

    Transitions - The paper manuscript for Robin Masters's latest novel is stolen. Of course in the season 1 episode "J. Digger Doyle" we learned that Robin Masters didn't type out his manuscripts - he dictated them into a tape recorder. Luther Gillis also shows up, which can be good or bad, depending on your feelings toward him. In my opinion, this episode is largely filler.

    Resolutions - This is the two hour series finale. You know I won't spoil the plot for you. I always enjoy watching this episode. Good night!...more info
  • Best series ever!
    Magnum, P.I. has to be the very best series ever done. The characters care about each other but are realistic in their interactions with one another. As soon as we (my husband and I) are finished with the series we will watch it again. I can honestly say I never tire of this show. It is worth having. I have started getting Sellecks westerns and Stone movies. A real treat!...more info
  • so glad I purchased
    I am so glad I purchased this collection, I forgot how great Magnum P.I. was. order was easy and service was great. product arrived jsut as promised....more info
  • Magnum is unforgettably good
    everything fits in Magnum pi, from Tom Selleck to Higgins and all the rest of his friends. Action, fun, Mysteries to solve under the palms of Hawai... I can only highly recommend it. Enjoy!...more info
  • Gotta have it!
    I'm a 50 yr old male, happily married, couple of late teen boys...and I just have a blast watching these DVDs...I have all of them now. I'm quite an admirer of Mr. Selleck, due to his independent conservative beliefs as well as his views on the 2nd Ammendment. I also gained GREAT respect for him for his handling of the Rosie O. attack he endured! I also find his cowboy movies are especially terrific examples of his acting ability, great story telling there. Never payed much attention to Magnum PI in the 80's when on TV, but now with TODAY's TV which is...well... total garbage, this show is a breath of fresh air. So I thought I'd buy the first season of Magnum, as I recalled it was a pretty good show, plus it has Selleck. What a great decision. The whole cast and the way they interact is like a tight family, funny, strong and loyal ties that bind, and is great fun to watch. You may find that a few episodes (here & there in season 4, 5, 6) are pretty simple (poorly written), BUT the actors tried to work with it and it's still the Magnum PI family. Buy it, enjoy it and turn OFF modern TV! It'll be good for you and yours, I promise ya ~ ...more info