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Brother HL-2170W 23ppm Laser Printer with Wireless and Wired Network Interfaces
List Price: $299.99

Our Price: $107.95

You Save: $192.04 (64%)


Product Description

The HL-2170W is ideal for home or home office printer sharing. The HL-2170W offers wireless 802.11b/g and wired (Ethernet) network interfaces for connecting to your wired or wireless router. In addition, it includes 32MB of standard memory for faster processing, and PCL6 emulation for greater compatibility. 32MB of memory enables the HL-2170W to quickly process your print jobs and handle more complex documents. Perfect for family or home office print sharing, the HL-2170W provides flexible connectivity with USB, wireless, and wired network interfaces. With a print speed of up to 23ppm, you can quickly produce all of your letters, reports, spreadsheets and other documents. A 250-sheet capacity paper tray means you will spend less time refilling the tray, and a manual by-pass slot is available for printing envelopes and letterheads. With HQ1200 print resolution (up to 2400 x 600 dpi), your documents will have crisp text and graphics. Users with wireless access points that support SecureEasySetup, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or AOSS, can automatically configure wireless settings by simply pressing a button on the router. Standard Interfaces - Wireless 802.11b/g, 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, and USB One-Push Wireless Configurations - SecureEasySetup, AOSS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup capable routers CPU (Processor) Speed - 181 MHz Resident Fonts - 49 scalable fonts, 12 bitmap fonts, and 11 bar codes Paper Tray - 16-28 pounds (bond) Letter, Legal, Executive, A4, A5, A6, B5, and B6 Multi-purpose Tray - 16-43 pounds (bond) Letter, Legal, Executive, A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, Envelopes, and Custom Sizes (2.75-8.5 (w), 4.57-14 (l)) Output Paper Capacity - 100 sheets Dimensions - Width 14.5x Depth 14.2 x Height 6.7 Weight - 15.0 pounds Manufacturer's One year limited warranty

Ideal for both home and office use, the affordable Brother HL-2170W Laser Printer features network connectivity via wireless/wired interfaces, and prints up to 23 pages per minute at a high-quality resolution, giving your work and personal documents a polished finish colleagues and friends are sure to envy.

The Brother HL-2170W Personal Laser Printer offers:
  • Built-in wired and wireless networking for printer sharing.
  • Fast, 23 pages-per-minute performance.
  • High-quality (2400 x 600 resolution) prints.

With built-in wireless networking, everyone on your network can easily share the printer.

The manual by-pass slot lets you print envelopes and letterhead.
Versatile and Professional
This monochrome laser printer not only warms up in less than 10 seconds and prints up to 23 pages per minute to give you near-instant access to important reports, documents, and annual family letters when you need them, it also includes a manual bypass feeder for professional printing on envelopes and letterhead. The high-quality resolution (up to 2400 x 600 dpi) of this personal black-and-white laser printer reflects the time and care that you put into each document, while giving you the benefits of low cost per page laser output. The printer also includes 32 MB memory, and a 250-sheet capacity tray that can conveniently accommodate standard, legal, and custom-sized paper.

Built-In Wired and Wireless Networking
Perfect for family or home offices, the HL-2170W gives you the option to connect the printer via USB, Ethernet, or 802.11b/g wireless networking. Brother makes wireless setup a snap; for users with wireless access points that support SecureEasySetup, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or AOSS, you can automatically configure your wireless settings by simply pressing a button on your router.

Ergonomic and Energy Efficient
The Brother HL-2140 17.9-by-18.7-by-14.2-inch efficient design features a toner save mode for extended toner life as well as sleep mode. Easy to set up and a breeze to use, this printer is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, and includes an animated user-friendly tutorial to help answer common support and maintenance questions.

Environmentally Friendly Design
For added peace of mind, this machine is Energy Star compliant, which means it helps save the environment while saving you money. (Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting energy efficiency).

This personal laser printer is backed by a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

What's in the Box
HL-2170W laser printer, starter toner cartridge and instruction kit.

  • Monochrome laser printer prints up to 23 ppm, perfect for home or office use
  • High-quality 2400 x 600 dpi resolution
  • Features network connectivity via wireless/wired interfaces
  • 250-sheet capacity tray, Starter Toner Cartridge
  • One-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good inexpensive printer. Fast. Easy set up for XP.
    I rarely need to print and the inkjet cartridges are always expiring on me. I threw away a perfectly good $400 printer since I needed to buy 6 (or 8) new cartridges that were full but the date had expired. I was tired of buying new expensive ink cartridges that were still full.

    I wanted a printer that was small, fast, inexpensive and no ink cartridges. This fit the bill perfectly.

    I put the CD with the device drivers into XP and voila! it worked perfectly.

    I haven't tried the wireless feature so I can't comment on that.

    The reason why I didn't give the printer 5 stars is that it's rather cheaply built (what do you expect at this price?) and pulling out the printer tray is a bit of a task. At first I thought I had to press a release button to open the tray because there was so much resistance. I checked the instructions and I couldn't find any such button so I tugged on the tray much harder and the tray finally came out. I was expecting some broken pieces of plastic.

    I only need to print a few pages/month so I expect the "starter" cartridge will last me for the next 5-10 years and I'll need to open the printer tray again only when the paper starts turning yellow.

    I haven't measured the speed, but the printer seems to spit out a page within a few seconds; it's so much faster than the inkjet printer.

    The device driver setup for XP was completed without any problems and was easy to install.

    ...more info
    I think the printer works well, however it hasn't been to the level that i wanted. I'm pretty dissapointed because I was told wireless would work with a MAC..i have had this for a few weeks now and still have not be able to set this up. If anybody has any idea how to do it please let me know. It's been frustrating. ...more info
  • Reliable and prints great!
    I love this printer! I bought it three and a half months ago and wanted to wait before I wrote a review. My techy computer guy boyfriend set it up for me so I can't say anything about the set up. I did not use the wireless printing as it's not a big deal for me to plug it in, he did however say that would've been more tricky.
    The printer works fantastic!
    It prints great, fast, very legible, it comes out dry and can't smudge and best of all...after having about half a dozen inkjet printers it's RELIABLE! I've had it for three and a half months, I'm a student so I print often and only now is it flashing "toner" so I'm ordering more more inkjet printers for me, those things suck.
    I highly recommend this printer. It's also much smaller and compact than I expected....more info
  • An excellent laser printer for an incredible value
    I came on Amazon simply looking for a cheap laser printer to replace my ink guzzling HP inkjet. As a poor college student with papers and homework, I was replacing 25 dollars of ink cartridges every month or so. At only $125, this printer seemed a steal.
    Being on the inexpensive side, I did not expect this printer to be so well built, fast, user friendly, and feature-rich.
    The printer's wireless connectivity makes it really easy to immediately print from either my WiFi enabled laptop or my ethernet connected desktop PC. Setting it up with the included drivers was a piece of cake.
    After hitting print, the printer starts shooting out paper in less than 10 seconds; way faster than my inkjet.
    The printing even looks fantastic. It does a great job on graphics and text is so beautifully crisp.
    I am completely satisfied. I love this printer!...more info
  • Excellent Value
    I like the Brother HL-2170W printer. The print quality is good. I purchased the most recent one to replace a 4-year old Brother printer that I needed to adjust the feeder on, but decided to replace with a wireless printer.

    The only complaints I have are that sometimes the pages printed are a little more "curled" than I'd like. But this is rare. During wireless setup, the configuration is considerably easier if you connect the printer via Ethernet first. Although wireless-only setup is supported, I found it to be cumbersome....more info
  • great value printer!
    Read more reviews that I write but figured it's time I contribute as well as wanted to add my 5-stars.
    I have a 16yr HS student who does some heavy duty printing. I own a wireless Lexmark 4550 color inkjet which is nice but at the rate I was going through inkjet cartridges, it was depleting my Son's college fund!
    Saw this on sale at Best Buy, read the reviews here and purchased this. We have non - secure wireless network in the house (we are in the woods in rural area so not concerned re. security ) and the setup went without a hitch. I recommended this printer to my Bro-in-Law in FL who has a secure wireless network and unfortuneately he ran into problems. He also has VISTA . There are a lot of helpful comments posted for those with secure wireless and I highly recommend reading/printing out their instructions before attempting to install. I have owned this printer for two months and it has worked flawlessly. The cost per pg is a lot less that inkjet, its a lot faster and it's quiet. We still have the Lexmark color but my Son rarely has a need for color printing so it's used sparingly. If your needs are mostly for B&W printing I highly recommend this printer.
    ...more info
  • Excellent wireless laser printer
    I could not be happier with this printer. Print quality is excellent and very fast. Setup on my wireless network was a snap, though I suggest that you do the setup manually, and configure the printer with a static IP address.
    After the initial setup you can access the printers settings via your browser, which I find very convenient.

    In case you are wondering, within about 10 minutes I had the printer functioning wirelessly on 2 windows vista systems, 2 macs, and a desktop running SUSE Linux 11.1. SUSE picked up the printer without a hitch and installed the appropriate CUPS driver, and it functions flawlessly. This is the 3rd brother laser I have had over the years and I have always found them to be reliable and cost effective....more info
  • Great all around printer, easy setup for wireless
    I was a little hesitant to buy this printer after reading a number of reviews that described hours devoted to setting up this wireless component. However, I was very excited to be printing from 2 separate Windows Vista computers wireless-ly less than 8 minutes out of the box. Following the instructions proved to be the way to go! (Imagine that!)

    The initial print quality is great and the speed is impressive. The printer is a bit smaller than I imagined, but I am very satisfied with this purchase.

    Overall, a great buy....more info
  • Fantastic printer but probably not great for a novice if you want to use the wireless feature
    This printer works like a charm from Windows and Mac OS X. After initial setup, the windows installer for the drivers was great. It discovered the printer automatically and installed it. No work required for the individual user.

    Setting up the printer is not the most straight forward thing in the world. I was able to set it up without issue by connecting it via ethernet then connecting to it that way to setup the wireless, to avoid the default adhoc network problem others have spoke about. If you don't do that first, it's going to be a pain in the neck....more info
  • Fast, Efficient, Compact - Great Printer!
    I have had this printer for about 3 months and I am very pleased with it. It is very simple, and does not paper jam like a dell 1720dn I use at work. The contrast is sharp on black images, and the best part is that it is small. It's a pretty sharp little printer.

    I showed it to my neighbor who was so impressed she bought one also and is very happy. I highly recommend this for anyone that wants the option of cheap black and white printing at home (3 cents a page or so I think)....more info
  • Works well, once you get it installed.
    My husband purchased this for me for Valentine's day. I had wanted a laser printer and he found this one on Amazon at a great price. We had a difficult time installing it and making it work. We read the instructions, tried every way we could to get it installed. At this present point in time we are able to use it via the usb cable. We still have not been able to get it to work wirelessly with our wireless modem on our network. I am happy with the quality of the item, it does work just fine and the print quality is great....more info
  • It works well!
    We haven't used it long, but it didn't take long to set up either. It works as advertised. No problems so far....more info
  • Good Printer...but came with a faulty print cartridge
    The Brother 2170W is a very fast printer. Unfortunately, the cartridge that it came with would print small lines on the left side of each page. It is not a big deal because I use it for personal use, not business, so the lines don't detract from my tasks. I bought a new cartridge and the lines disappeared. I'd recommend this printer to anyone that wants a REALLY fast printer for a really good price....more info
  • delighted
    Weve had the printer installed for a couple of months. We love the wireless feature. Have had no problems with the printer. We have ubuntu 8.10 on one of our laptops and windows xp on the other. It was harder installing the printer on ubuntu but I succeeded and have never looked back.
    We have the printer connected via a cable to our router. And then each of our laptops access the printer via wireless connection. I thought I understood that you could also connect the printer to the router wirelessly as well as have wireless connection to your laptop but I was unsuccessful and didn't continue since the configuration we've got now works great.
    As far as the ubuntu installation, of course I couldn't use the disc that comes with the printer. The main trick was getting the ip address of the printer via a utility that scans the local network for all ip addresses present. I did a bit of guessing but there were only a very few addresses being used so guessing worked.
    Also, the field in "printer configuration" for ubuntu for device URI was trial and error and the one that finally worked was "socket://"
    Well worth any trouble. I love my ubuntu and was glad that I could get this workiing with both windows and ubuntu....more info
  • Really Super Little Printer
    This is a wonderful little printer. I am completely pleased with it so far. (I've only had it a few days.) What do I like about it? Let me count the ways ...

    1. Beautiful, crisp copies (better than the HP laserjets we've been using.)
    2. Super easy to set up, even without using the one-button wireless method. It was so simple, I can't imagine having any difficulty with it, if your OS is recent enough. You may need one additional ethernet cable to temporarily connect the router to the printer, just for setup. This is the method I used.
    3. It's about 10X faster than any inkjet I've used.
    4. It warms up in about 15 seconds, max.
    5. Super-easy to maintain: everything opens easily from the front side. Thinking of the wrestling matches you have with copiers and printers at work? Nothing like that here.
    6. It's a LASER printer instead of inkjet: no issues with smearing, water-damage, etc.
    7. Very quiet (much better than our inkjets.)
    8. Holds a half-ream (250 sheets) of paper.
    9. We can print from our laptops now, without transferring files, etc.
    10. Cost per print. Even discounting what Brother claims for toner duration, the cost is down in the $0.03 (3 cents) per copy range. $44 per "high-yield" cartridge, for which they claim 2600 copies at 5% coverage. I pay about that for a color high-yield for our HP inkjets -- and they only do about 200-400 copies, max.
    11. PRICE! I could hardly believe my eyes. It was a no-brainer for price.
    12. Size! It's tiny. Much smaller than anything I've used except the tiny HP (I think P165?) all-in-one inkjets we have. I'm kind of amazed they can package a laser printer in this small a package.

    Did I mention how easy it was to set up?? Dead simple. Follow the step-by-step instructions. Takes about 5 minutes, max.

    Setting up the other computers for wireless printing was just as easy. Just ran the install printer driver SW from the disc and the computer linked to the Brother printer automatically and printed with no issues.

    I can't comment on the durability, yet, obviously.

    Equipment in the house:
    I have a vintage 2003 Dell desktop Dimension, 1.25GB RAM, ~2.3GHz processor, running Windows XP professional of approximate vintage 2005. This was the computer used to set up the printer wireless (I used the "temporary ethernet cable from router to printer" method.) The other computers linking wireless to the printer (through a Linksys wireless router) are: vintage 2008 macbooks, vintage 2004 Mac G4. NO ISSUES....more info
  • After Setup Printer is Great
    This is my first laser printer; always had ink jets but figured I could use a laser printer since so many documents don't need color. I liked the wireless function so I purchased this printer. Setup was a little tricky... I'm computer savvy but it took me about an hour of troubleshooting and tinkering (and reading the manual...highly recommended for this printer) to get the wireless set up. Once I got it set up though, printer has been great. No complaints about quality or speed and seems to be a great price....more info
  • wireless setup
    I received this printer yesterday, and it took me several hours to setup the wireless network. The major problem I believe is the documentation. I tried to set up the printer from my wired power mac. Apparently it is a quite straightforward process if setting up the wireless from mac book with wireless networking.

    In a word, if you set it up the wireless using wireless networked macbook or windows laptop (I guess), it is pretty simple. Otherwise, you may run into the painful process I experienced. ...more info
  • Easy to set up and works like a charm
    What a great little printer. My wife is going back to school and we needed something to print b&w that was fast and did not cost and arm and a leg. We looked at HP printers but the reviews were not that great. At $100 this fit the bill. I am running it through a wireless router. Set up was a breeze for our Macbook. Downloaded the new drivers from the Brother site and plugged the printer in and away we went. To set up our PC, I installed the drivers as per the instructions and was up and printing in about 2 minutes.
    The best advice I have is read and follow the set up instructions.
    Printed about 650 pages so far in the last 2 weeks and the printer is functioning great....more info
  • Lifesaver.
    So far I love this printer. I did my research on laser printers and fell in love with this one - who wouldn't love a great laser printer for $120? I'm a grad student and spent much of last term slaving over my old was horrible. This printer is quiet, fast, and I don't have to worry about getting the curled pages.
    While the wireless took me about 45 minutes to get squared away (I probably could have done it faster but I was juggling 3 kids and 2 whiny dogs at the time), it certainly wasn't the horribly difficult task that some reviewers have painted it to be. Just follow the instructions and you'll do fine. ...more info
    I have been using a Canon ink jet printer and Im constantly changing the ink tank. This laser toner will last much, much longer- especially since I set it to Toner Saver mode. I used the direct wire hookup to set the printer up and it worked on my main computer like a charm. I was then able to add the drivers to my son's computer upstairs as well as to my laptop. Everything works wireless without any problem. I love the convenience , speed and toner value of this printer. Thanks Brother and thanks Amazon....more info
  • Good Printer for the Price
    Good quality printer for a reasonable price and the shipping was quite fast as well....more info
  • Great once the bugs are out...
    We love our printer now, but getting the printer to functionally reliably and consistently with Vista was (all in all) at least a four or five hour process for a mechanical engineer with an advanced degree. Lots of searching for the device on the network and re-installing to keep the printer online, etc. Now it works great! Very fast, great price, great quality....more info