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Klean Kanteen Sippy (12 oz with Adapter Cap and 2 Spouts)
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Product Description

The Klean Kanteen Sippy Cup a reusable, lightweight and risk-free 12oz stainless steel bottle designed for small hands comes with a sippy adapter made from safe, non-leaching polypropylene (pp#5) and 2 spouts.

  • The Klean Kanteen electropolished stainless steel is easy to clean, durable, inert, sanitary, sustainable, toxin-free and non-leaching
  • Klean Kanteen is extremely durable and yet lightweight and portable
  • Hot or cold liquids always taste clean and fresh when stored in Klean Kanteen water bottles
  • 100% recyclable stainless steel and environmentally friendly
  • Holds 12 ounces of liquid and comes with adapter, cap and 2 spouts

Customer Reviews:

  • Klean Kantenn with sport lid - great for my kid
    With all that we now know about how bad plastic can be, I wanted to switch my 9 year old son to something he could put his purified water and carrot juice, etc., in and tote around from place to place. After looking at A LOT of these type containers, I liked this one because it did NOT have a liner and was made of stainless steel - very durable. The ones with the liners had too many warnings about not freezing the and our child likes things really cold. Great product and we received it pretty fast. I'll definitely buy more of them....more info
  • Great idea, but leaks
    I have tried BornFree, Sigg, and Klean Kanteen. Klean Kanteen tastes the worst, and leaks everywhere. I've resorted to using it only for water, and still, my daughter is soaked regularly with this sippy. I understand that the problem is with the Avent valve system and not the cup itself, but for a toddler, this cup is unfortunately not the answer. Please note: it's not that she's dumping it upside down or banging it around; it simply leaks when she drinks out of it, and runs down the side....more info
  • Light weight, safe, but leaks
    We just received this sippy cup. It is light weight, looks rather cool, and avoids the harmful chemicals. The major downside is that the Avent caps leak a tiny drop of liquid after each drink. Liquid traps inside the plastic disk and then bubbles to the surface. If the kids lick it off, it's not a problem. If they don't, it runs down the side. This only happens after they take a drink. Still, for the price of these sippies, one would hope for zero problems. I don't own a Sigg, so am not sure how these would compare. As for Klean Kanteen's non-sippy styles, I would expect that they work well, since the problem is the sipping lid made by Avent. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    I bought one of these for my 15 month old son and I LOVE it. I plan to get 3 or 4 more. It doesn't leak at all. I had expected some leaking because we have trouble with just about every sippy cup out there but not with this one. I had no troubles with the dishwasher either. I love that I can replace the tops and he can still use this later and not feel like a baby. Great product! ...more info
  • Kleen Kanteen
    I was happy with the size and weight of this product. It is SO easy to keep clean and holds plenty of liquid. My only problem is that it tends to squeak when I'm drinking from it. I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, but it can get rather loud....more info
  • Good replacement for nalgene
    I bought two kleen kanteens (18/40 oz) to replace my two nalgene bottles (16/32 oz). I am very happy with the bottles. I mainly replaced the nalgenes because of the fuss about BPA (i have used nalgene with hot water). The kleen kanteens also have some other advantages:

    -The biggest problem I had with nalgenes was smell. Despite my cleaning attempts the bad smell would return within a few days. The kleen kanteens clean up much better. I was able to get rid of a fishy smell and garlic smell fairly easily.
    I use bottles daily instead of cups for drinking water. If I need to wash the bottles as if they are cups, they aren't worth the trouble.

    -The other problem I had with nalgenes is the design of the screw top. I carried a small, wide mouth bottle in my backpack for school. Dirt and dust accumulated in between the bottom threads, which is an area that comes in contact with the mouth when drinking. Because the threads are so close and small, it was hard to clean. The kleen kanteens have huge threads on the inside of the bottle so this is not a problem (would be easy to clean anyway).

    If you are looking to replace your nalgene/plastic bottles, kleen kanteens are great. no worries about chemicals, recyclable, and durable....more info
  • great sippy cup
    My 6mo old loves this light weight & BPA free sippy cup. All Avent nipples (sippy nipples too) are interchangeable! Great product!...more info
  • Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Poly Loop Cap (12-Ounce)
    I bought this smaller size bottle for carrying in my purse, coat pocket, or bookbag. It has a tight lid and I haven't had any problems with leaking....more info
  • Broke after a Handful of Uses
    After my 12 mo old son used this sippy maybe three times (which I initially though was a great alternative to full-on plastic sippy cups), he dropped it from his booster seat (not even the height of a high chair), the cap cracked and now this product is of no use. I have contacted the seller to inquire about a replacement but needless to say after all the great reviews I've heard coupled with the money I paid, I expected this sippy would be able to withstand the expected use of an up and coming toddler. I also have a sigg "sippy" and find it MUCH MORE DURABLE than the KK. UPDATE: I did get a free replacement from KedziEco Bargains (Awesome customer service!) and hope maybe my last cap was a fluke?!...more info
  • Great product
    I love the comfort of not drinking from plastic or aluminum. I realize I cannot protect myself from everything in life, but I can do small things and why take the chance with plastic? These stainless steel bottles are fantastic. I have a 27 oz for myself and two sippy cups for my daughter. They do not hold odor and wash well in the dishwasher. I hand wash the caps, however, to preserve elasticity and water-tightness. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great alternative to plastic!
    With all the news releases about the hazards of plastic I needed a sippy alternative for my toddler. I am very pleased with the Klean Kanteen sippy, it's durable, keeps beverages cold and best of all, it keeps their beverages safe and clean!...more info
  • Water taste great!
    I bought the expensive plastic canteens and the water tasted like chemicals. These are great. I have the full size one for me and the sippy cup for my son. He loves to drink out of it and the water really does taste better. The only drawback is the cap needs to be twisted on with care and tightly or else it will leak. ...more info
  • Sippy cup alternative
    I love this product! My son uses the Kleen Kanteen sippy cup all the time, instead of his old plastic sippy cups. We purchased the neoprene insulated jacket to go with it, and he loves that his cup wears a "jacket". It's easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and hasn't leaked yet! This is great! I'm planning to buy one for our next child and never have him or her use the plastic sippy cups....more info
  • Great product
    We have 4 of these and 3 SIGGs. These seem to be much more durable and lighter. Great product!...more info
  • Yes!!!! Thank you!
    I have been waiting forever for this. The Sippy Cup is great but without the Spout Cover, my bag got all wet and I had to get another cap to prevent it from leaking all over.

    Works great - just slides onto the bottle and stays on very well.

    Thanks! My boy is very pleased!...more info
  • Good Product, but the price is on the high range
    Its a good product for use. When used for feeding milk, the Sippy is not so tight that it spills thru the sides of the cap.
    The price is a bit high for this product....more info
  • Leaks like crazy!
    The Klean Kanteen might be an sufficient water bottle, but should NOT be considered a "sippy cup"' by any means! I bought the bottle w/ the Advant adaptor spouts and had milk leak all over my house, furniture, carpet, and children's clothing! The adaptor leaks (where it meets the spout), and plus you cannot fill the cup past the half way full mark or it leaks out of the neck of the bottle. What a nightmare! I appreciate the attempt to make a non plastic sippy cup, but I thought the term "sippy cup" meant "no leaking". As far as this product goes I would wait until the kids need an actual "water bottle" and then buy it. ...more info
  • excellent product
    I sought out this product to avoid any possibility of leaching plasticizers in the cup. The product is simple, baby sized and sanitary. The baby took to this right away. I feel comfortable with this, I have no problem cleaning it, and my son has no problem handling it.....more info
  • Great Sippy Cup, Great Customer service from Klean Kanteen
    Excellent product with a few minor flaws. First, this is a great alternative to plastic cups and the longevity of the product makes the price worthwhile. After its life as a sippy cup, you can purchase a screw on cap and either an adult or a child will be able to use this bottle and continue its use. I purchased two bottles for my 1 yr old son (and a few larger bottles for the parents, so that my son could feel like he's drinking out of a bottle just like Mommy's and Daddy's). Overall, we've had a pretty successful experience with it.

    The Drawbacks:

    The main drawback was that the black ring cracked when my son dropped the bottle. However, Klean Kanteen, regardless of where you purchased the bottle, will replace parts free of charge (including free shipping) if something like that happens. The replacement ring cracked also when he dropped it another time. Klean Kanteen sent me TWO more rings and extra inserts and spouts, again at no charge to me. In addition, I had the replacement parts w/in days! So far, the replacement rings have not cracked at all, even when my son drops / throws the bottle to the floor.

    The second drawback: when the bottle dropped, it dented, altho that dent is barely noticeable.

    The great things about this bottle:

    1. It does NOT leak for us at all! However, we are very certain to make sure all parts are tightly fitting together! If they are, no leaking!

    2. You can use the white AVENT rings (that go around the baby bottles) and you can easily purchase more AVENT spouts (that come with AVENT sippy cups) and attach those to the bottle for extra caps/spouts. Event AVENT nipples work!

    3. AVENT domes fit around the bottle! That's great if you want to protect the spout during travel.

    4. You can purchase other Klean Kanteen accessories for this if you like: carrying case, etc

    5. It's eco-friendly!

    6. It has a life long after your child will outgrow his sippy cup needs. Either an adult or a child / teen could use this afterwards. All you need is a screw in cap which you could easily purchase locally or online.

    7. The stainless steel used is food grade and will not impart taste to the liquid inside the bottle.

    8. The colors are practically scratch resistant! You have to try VERY hard to scratch the coating off these bottles!

    9. The color choices are beautiful! I get compliments on my son's bottles and my bottle all the time! We have blue and orange for my son, and blue and black for the parents. The colors are fabulous, glossy and stunning. The orange is not as bright as I had expected, but it's still very nice.

    10. Great size for a child. Easy for my 13 month old to hold and drink out of.

    11. My current rings have not cracked.

    12. Excellent (5 STAR) customer service. I cannot say enough things about this company!

    I highly recommend this product. It's not without flaws, but Klean Kanteen is so awesome to work with that I can forgive any mishaps!

    ...more info
  • great, safe sippy!
    The sippy cup is a little large (I wouldn't want to use it for a really young child just learning) and leaks if you don't line it up just right, but I'm thrilled that this product exists, as we use all Klean Kanteen bottles in our family. Improvements could be made, but I wouldn't go with anything else~...more info
  • Great sippy!
    I love the stainless steel sippy! No BPA, no phlathates, etc... And it matches my own stainless steel water bottle. ;-) The only reason I rated it 4 stars instead of five is because, after having it for 3 months, my daughter threw it onto the linoleum from her high chair and the adapter broke. So I had to order a new adapter, but I didn't actually need the entire thing (though that was the only way to order it). All I needed was the black ring that the spout is inserted into. Instead of including two sippy spouts, two adapters should be included!...more info
  • Why we chose the Kleen Kanteen over Sigg
    Since our decision came down to the Kleen Kanteen or a Sigg, I thought I'd outline WHY the Kleen Kanteen won out for us:

    1) Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum. Yes, the aluminum is incrementally lighter in weight. We're not looking to trek the Andes with it and the difference isn't significant enough in a bottle this small to make a difference to us. However, more important to us, the stainless steel is not lined like the Sigg. Sigg does contend that the lining in their bottles is safe. But, there's no question to us that the Stainless Steel won't leach any nasties.

    2) Dishwasher safe. Since ours will be used for little ones, potentially with milk, being able to sanitize them in the dishwasher was important to me. Sigg recommends hand-washing, and their narrow neck makes it tough to see if you've *really* got it cleaned out well, even when using one of their own (seperately sold) bottle brushes.

    So, while the Siggs are 'prettier' (IMO), in this case safety took priority for us....more info