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Omron HIP Pedometer
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  • Don't Bother
    Waste of money, got it setup and you need really tiny tools to do it. Put it on took 5 steps, it registered 34. Not accutate at all....more info
  • start walking
    easy to use. I put it on my waist band inside my belt loop not on the outside so I don't have to worry about losing it. Or hook it onto your pocket on the inside. I have had no problems with it....more info
    Accurate product; However the clip supplied is not long enough nor strong enough and is easily knocked off your belt, waist band or pocket. I've lost (2). Won't buy a 3rd for this reason....more info
  • Best Pedometer I have used
    Over the years I have tried many pedometers. This one is easy to use and reliable. The moderate steps information helps remind me to move faster. I have purchased this model for family and friends. I also tried two of Omron's more expensive models that work from a clip or in your pocket but the clip holds the pedometer so high it is uncomfortable to wear and much of my clothing doesn't have pockets. ...more info
  • Good value for the money
    It works as advertised. I like the 7-day event storage. I would buy it again.
    ...more info
  • Omron HJ-151 Review
    Watch Video Here: Here is a short video describing this pedometer and a quick tour of its features....more info
  • Pedometer
    Easy to use pedometer if you want to count steps. Love it! Would recommend....more info
  • Omron Pedometer
    This pedometer is great! I like that it's relatively flat so it doesn't get in the way when I'm running or walking. I've had others that are bulky causing them to catch on things and easily pull off & break. I can wear it under fitted clothes and it doesn't bulge out. I have worn it just during a workout as well as all throughout the day to monitor my fitness activity. It keeps great time and monitors my calories and steps run/walked quite acurately. It's easy to set up and use, and it's not as complicated to read as some of the others out there. It provides exactly the right amount of information that I am interested in--time of day, calories burned, time spent doing moderate activity, distance, average speed, and it automatically resets itself at midnight so you don't have to. For the price, this pedometer is definitely worth it! I highly recommend this one. ...more info
  • Great pedometer
    This is easy to use and read. I love the 7 day history feature on it. I also love that it is not on 100% of the time for battery savings....more info
  • fun and easy
    I bought two of these models, one for me and one for my wife. We wanted something simple to give us a yardstick for how much activity were are getting in a given day. Over the past month, we have not been disappointed with these pedometers. We actually have fun sharing our daily totals at the end of the day.

    The comparisons between models that Amazon provides are very useful. This particular model shows the difference between total steps and steps that are counted as a part of moderate activity (plus the number of minutes for those steps). The latter is important for increasing your heart rate.

    Personally, I don't consider myself terribly active, but it turns out that I walk about 6,000 steps in a given day -- that's much more than my wife, who works in a smaller, more confined space. So the pedometers have helpfully spurred us to walk a little bit more and bring our respective numbers up, closer to that ideal 10,000-step mark.

    I'd say that this model is perfect for the low price. I don't really need much more than the basic features it provides....more info


    THANK YOU AMAZON ...more info
    Tracked it against an odometer, it was right on within 1%!
    Easy to set up and use...more info
  • Awesome and reliable
    I am an elementary PE teacher and have started using pedometers in my class. I have tried others, but these are by far the best and most reliable for kids. It is great becauce they turn off and save batteries and then at the end of PE kids press the top button and there fianl step count appears!!! Awesome pedometers.

    Patrick...more info
  • For Walkers Only
    This little pedometer seems to work fine if you are interested in taking a walk that is continuous. It only starts registering steps after you've taken four. I work and it's a couple of steps over here (doesn't read them) 10 steps there (this it reads) and so on. I need to find one that registers more then steps only after you've taken four. Sure if I walk around the floor but I want the small groups registered also; so, I only gave it two stars because it's not right for me....more info
  • Really works
    This pedometer is easy to use. I really like the fact that it resets daily and how it keeps a weeks worth of steps. It's amazing how much you walk in a day and don't realize it....more info
  • Excellent Pedometer - Great Value

    I bought this pedometer along with a Omron scale and took advantage of the $10 discount...which in essence drops the price of this to a few bucks.

    I have just started to adjust my lifestyle in terms of eating and exercise and therefore bought a new scale to monitor my weight. When purchasing that I saw this Pedometer and the $10 I figured I would eventually want one anyway since I am starting to use the treadmill...and considering that I have gadget envy...why not add another attachment to my hip.

    The unit is very easy to setup and takes only a few moments to set the time and date. Once completed you are able to go back a few days to check the will show you how many steps you took 1 day ago, 2 days ago, etc etc.... It helps you keep track of your progress....for me its a motivational tool. If I did 10,000 yesterday and 12,000 today then I know I am headed in the right direction.

    5/5 - Great Value, Great Build Quality, and Excellent Software....more info
  • Omron Pedometer HJ-151
    This is my first pedometer and I LOVE it!

    When I was looking for one I relied heavily on these reviews. I read SO many and this one seemed to fit everything I needed. It tracks steps, moderate steps, calories, distance and holds it all for 7 days. When it says 7 days it doesn't clear after Sunday. The 7th day just drops off the end which is great. It's REALLY easy to set up. It's small and just sits on my hip out of the way. It's also very durable. I have dropped it like three times and there's not even a scratch on it (that could be luck but I find it mention worthy).

    Um what else? OH and its accurate. It won't start counting steps till you are stepping for 4 seconds. Then it will take the steps you took in those 4 seconds and add them to the on going count. If you don't move for 4 seconds it won't count the steps. So you don't get small bumps included in your counts.

    It's a GREAT product and for the BUY THIS ONE. :)
    ...more info
  • Omron products are great
    I believe that Omron makes the best pedometers around and this one is very good. I love the moderate step feature, however, I do miss the older mid-range pedometer that counted aerobic steps. It had a great feature that allowed you to change the step sensitivity. Since depending on the clothes you're wearing the pedometer often counts the steps differently, I always thought that was a great feature. This newer version will do though....more info
  • Omron Pedometer
    Very easy to use;nothing complicated, which is what I was looking for. Very much worth purchasing if you just want a quality, simple product at an affordable price....more info
  • Good Product
    This is easy to program, easy to use, easy to read , and it works well. Also, a good value....more info
  • Superb pedometer
    Superb pedometer. Effortless to use. Provides valuable information with ease. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in keeping track of steps. Love that the info is stored for seven days and that it automatically starts over at midnight. Too cool!!!!!!...more info
  • A Good Step Counter
    This is a very good step counter for a relatively low price. It counts steps and it includes the time. It automatically zeroes at midnight, and it memorizes the step count for seven days. The only shortcoming, and it's a small one, is that you can't zero the count whenever you want. It is also accurate only for steady walking....more info