Drive-In Cult Classics - 8 Movie Set
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Studio: Bci Eclipse Comp Llc Release Date: 02/05/2008

Customer Reviews:

  • Okay Not Great
    Interesting movies but not great. Acting is average to below average. Story line is fair. Video is okay. I find myself wanting to use the fast forward button in several situation due to the boring segments being shown. Probably great for drive in movies because everyone was making out and not watching the movie....more info
  • What a hoot.
    These movies brought back memories of simpler times for me and a couple of them I actually saw at the drive-in. There are a lot of non-augmented breasts here....more info
  • more cheesey than you remember
    While several stories are coherient most are just total cheese.
    The transfers are very good I thought.
    All in all, unless the price is very right, you may want to pass on this....more info
  • SUCKED!!
    I read the reviews on this title before buying it and they were all very good so I firuged hey for 3.99 I will buy these horror movies thinking that they would be old style blood bath type movies where teenagers are all getting killed at some point. I was wrong with that assumption, these movies show boobs but there is hardly any killing and when someone does die you don't know what the heck happened. Watching these movies is a waste of time, they aren't scary or interesting at all unless you just want to see girls take their tops off which I know some people do. I should have known that if they are giving your 8 movies for $4 that they are probably terrible movies, but again I went by the reviews so I must say that if you want boobs; buy these. If you want horror KEEP LOOKING it's not here!!! ...more info
  • Cult blast
    For the money this was a good buy. Poor acting, lame plots...'70's drive-in all the way. The movies were fun for the most part, most were entertaining....the way it used to
    Have good laugh, drink the cool-aid and live in the past for a couple hours....more info
  • for drive-in b-movies, look no further
    Simply outstanding. "Malibu High" is easily one of the best b-movies on the planet. The entire purchase price worth it for this movie alone. The others are not as great, but still respectable 70s drive-in b-movie schlock. For preposterous bad acting and hilarious scripting, this is it. ...more info
  • Poor acting and Lame plots. Pretty boring too
    I had no idea about what 70's low budget 'drive in cult classics' were like. According to few other reviewers, this set is a good example of the genre. OK then, now I know. Since it is so low priced, perhaps good buy to see what those movies were like, for the record....more info
  • Revisit the Seventies
    Let me begin this review by mentioning the earliest film of the eight included here, "Cindy & Donna."
    Let me steer your attention to this forgotten gem from 1970, especially if your partial to

    Okay, onto the review:

    The latest film of the batch, 1980's "The Pickup", almost seems as if it's from an ealier time, with it's voluptuous, mystical hippe chicks & mobile homes.
    There is a very disconcerting scene involving a clown in a meadow, that seemed to drift in from another flick.
    There's also a lot of nudity split between the two female leads.

    The Sister in Law:
    Despite the title, this film is excellent & well directed & acted.
    The story absorbs you, and the ending is somewhat heartbreaking.

    The Stepmother:
    The male lead's accent is a bit distracting, but the story is quite interesting.
    Murder, cover-ups, unfaithful partners...
    And, of course, the tragic finale.

    The Teacher:
    Creepy stalkers driving about town in Hearses, Voyeuristic teenaged boys, dimwitted parents, clueless, seduced adolescents...
    All of this, plus a kid falling off a twenty story building!

    Trip with Teacher:
    Zalman King, as the demented biker bad-boy, is the star of this show.
    He & his somewhat reluctant brother, follow & capture a school bus of precocious female students.

    Best Friends:
    What do you do if you discover your best buddy is a sociopath, hell-bent on ruining your life?
    Try & shoot him, of course (in your underwear...on the beach).

    Cindy & Donna:
    Cindy, Cindy, Cindy!
    This isn't the Brady Bunch, as the teenaged daughters mirror the destructive ways of their parents.
    This one features a "no rating" and within the first ten minutes, it's easy to understand why.
    I dare you not to hum along to the "Cindy" theme song, played throughout this film!

    Malibu High:
    Almost as good as "Cindy & Donna."
    Probablly better.
    Ahhhhh, Cindy.......more info
  • value
    this is a great value for your money you usually have to pay the same price for one and with this you get several also these are hard to find titles in one place ...more info
  • Fantastic Collection of Crown International 1970's Sexploitation Films!
    With the price being so low and having seen awful transfers of some of these titles before, I ordered this set with a degree of trepidation. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only have most of these films been remastered into better versions, but the aspect ratio is actually 16x9 on widescreen monitors. If you watch these on a 4x3 television, the image will be squeezed. All 8 titles are in widescreen and anamorphically enhanced.

    The films are a mixed bag; I was never a fan of "Malibu High", even when I saw it at a drive-in when it was released, but "The Teacher" is a great film with a classic ending. Much has been written about "Trip With The Teacher" on other sites due to Zalman King's appearance, but little has been said about Howard (Hikmet) Avedis' excellent "The Stepmother." Avedis was one of the best and most consistent directors for Crown in the 70's, and it's good to have both "The Teacher" and The Stepmother" here for people to rediscover.

    "The Sister-In-Law" features a good performance by John Savage that hints at his breakthrough with "The Deer Hunter" a few years later, and "The Pick-Up" embodies most of what classic sexploitation had (sex, violence, nudity, moral ambiguity).

    Two of the gems in this collection have not been available previously in a decent video format: "Cindy and Donna" is in surprisingly good condition considering the age of the material (1970) and the fact that it got quite a limited release. And for all you Susanne Benton fans out there, it's good to finally have "Best Friends" to watch. It's a bit more serious than some of the other offerings, but still delivers the goods. Now if we could only have "That Cold Day In The Park"...

    The Crown International films were drive-in staples, and I'm glad to see this collection doing them justice. My favorite Crown picture of them all is "The Pom Pom Girls" which is on the SCHOOL DAZED COLLECTION. There are no chapter listings for the films, but they do have (random) chapter stops. There are no trailers or any extras for the films either. But c'mon, "The Teacher" in 16x9 anamorphic for $4.99 with 7 other titles? You just gotta get it!...more info