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  • 4 1/2! Another great addition to the Battlestar stable
    "Battlestar Galactica - Razor"

    Picking up when Leigh Adama takes control of the Pegasus: Leigh (Jamie Bamber) needs a new XO but wants to choose one from the original crew, someone who will help to carry Admiral Cain's legacy. After reviewing the files of the officers Apollo lands on Officer Kendra Shaw (Stephanie Jacobsen). After Kendra's introduction, her perspective of the events that took place on Pegasus prior to meeting up with the Galactica are interwoven with a tale taking place in the present which is connected with something that happened to Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos) in the past. Present and past adventure ensues...

    The description of "Razor" may leave you thinking this is a convoluted telling but the stories are actually cleverly interwoven and well told. We see on Pegasus the way things may have unfolded on Galactica if Adoma had been without his moral sounding board of Leigh and President Roslin. A much darker turn of event took place on Pegasus which was spoken of in the regular series but the blanks are filled in here.

    The Good: All the same things you enjoy in the regular on going series from most of your favorite characters to surprisingly good effects for space battle scenes and interesting directing which is always present and gives the show its unique look. The new character is interesting and we get to watch her quick evolution. This was shot between seasons 3 and 4 and adds another question mark to one of the main characters for you to ponder as you watch season 4.

    The Bad: Nothing memorable

    Overall: If you are a fan of the show you have to pick this up. It helps fill in the blanks about Pegasus and other events surrounding some other historical events.
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  • Well worth
    As a fanatic of Battlestar Galactica, I believe Razor is up there with the series. You can also expect the same quality in terms of acting, story and special effects....more info
  • Razors Edge
    This side piece of Battlestar Galactica was a very nice tangent to the series that was a sharp contrast to the struggles that the crew on BG75. Wish there was more....more info
  • BSG continues to explore morality and humanity in Razor
    The newest incarnation of BSG continues to be one of the best and most challenging and mature shows on TV these days. No formula, no space opera shoot 'em up cliches, no easy way out. The show reflects and confronts our moral and ethical uncertainty, is politically complex, and explores some disturbing but necessary questions: if Cain orders the torture and torment of a Cylon captive, does Cain lose her humanity in the process? What about her shooting of her XO when he won't follow her orders, or when she orders the killing of several families when they resist her orders as well?

    She is willing to do whatever is necessary to defeat the Cylons, but one must wonder if her actions ever keep her up at night and if she can ever fully recover her humanity later. She is quite different from Adama in this and other respects.

    It's also interesting to see much of the story from Kendra Shaw's point of view as Cain's new exec. officer (replacing the one who was shot).

    Warning: some graphic scenes; this is a show for mature audiences.

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  • could be great spin-off
    with great writers assigned to this project, it could be a great spin-off to continue the saga, and explain life of the peagaus...more info
  • Unclear narrative
    Forbes as admiral Cain was superb and she puts in another great performance here.

    Some of the main events we already knew about but these are executed well (no pun intended)but it would have worked better being incorporated into the pegasus story in season 2. The story works pretty well despite lots of flashbacks. There are good performances from the kendra Shaw character. This suffers a bit from the weakness of the rehash mania like the star wars series, 3 films made as prequels which don't tell you very much which you already didn't know. babylon 5 "in the beginning" did the same thing.

    This film has very little of the religious bunk which for me spoils the series as a whole. You get the wondeful stark, harsh reality for a few episodes then the cringeworthy rapturous rubbish which Adama (an atheist) has to go along with and sadly us with it. I hope they begin to rationalise these "mystical"concepts much better otherwise this will be the major point where the series fails badly.

    As a film this is entertaining and does give a few new strands for us to ponder over. I really did not particularly enjoy the old cylon bits very much, i think the show should distance itself from the kitsch original as much as possible. I really hated the original series it was truly horrendous SF, and badly executed. The effects are excellent particularly the attack on the shipyards near the beginning.

    I think the script writers became too self conscious about the story. The main Pegasus stuff we already knew about and the rest seems like a tack on from "other" stories which should have been done seperately really. This really didn't need the Pegasus story but should have been done from the elder Adama's viewpoint from his past to his resolvement of this older cylon problem in the present. Even so this is very watchable despite my reservations....more info
  • Great to see more of Cain
    Razor is an interesting item. In essence there was a long gap between Battlestar Galactica season 3 and season 4. The people in charge of Battlestar Galactica literally said "let us make some sort of instant-to-DVD movie we can get the fans to buy. Hey, you writers, what can you write for us to sell?" The writers tossed around the idea and realized that we had seen little of the Pegasus battlestar. That ship shows up in the series and then is demolished. The writers thought it would be perfect to tell more about the Pegasus and also to bring back Admiral Cain who was played incredibly well by Michelle Forbes. So this was a perfect way to get more Admiral Cain time, to get some back story fleshed out and to give Battlestar Galactica fans a fix while they eagerly awaited Season 4 to begin.

    On one hand it's easy to be cynical about a company saying "how can we create more things for fans to buy." On the other hand, if right now Peter Jackson said "let me make a 2 hour movie in the Lord of the Rings universe for fans to buy" I honestly wouldn't care WHAT aspect of Middle Earth he chose to cover. If he was bringing in my favorite actors, in my favorite world, to tell ANY story I would buy it and watch it repeatedly. So in the same sense if Razor brings us more acting time and storyline in Battlestar Galactica's world that can be seen pretty much as a good thing.

    Interestingly, the story is really all about Kendra Shaw - played well by Australian Stephanie Jacobsen. Kendra is one of the ONLY characters on this show to speak with a "non-American accent" and it helps her to stand out. Kendra is a fresh officer coming on to help Cain when the Pegasus is initially attacked. The rest of the story is really all from Kendra's point of view - how Cain handles the issues that come up, how Kendra changes over time based on what she goes through. Certainly she runs into Apollo and Starbuck and others, but she is always the focus.

    A lot of what went on in Season 3 is now explained with Razor, i.e. you understand characters' motivations. That being said, I think they try a little TOO hard to "justify" decisions that people made which simply were not the right ones. They do show that certain characters had mixed feelings about what they did, but it would have been nice if they went into that more rather than just hinting at "oh person X had a tummy ache sometimes when they thought about having wreaked genocide down onto an entire planet". I've of course changed the situation for spoiler reasons :)

    There are certain key issues I have with this episode but that would get into spoiler area, so I'll keep those all separate in my longer review. I know Amazon is very sensitive about spoilers anywhere in their site area.

    It is definitely important to see the "long and short" version on this DVD as well as the commentary track. If you've only seen the broadcast short version you've missed out on a lot of the story. Even watching the long version still leaves some areas murky - areas that start to make sense when you hear the commentary track.

    Definitely a must-watch before season 4 comes around since it informs what they are going to do in season 4.
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  • Disappointing
    I am a great 'Battlestar Galactica' fan and anticipated this movie. However, it is unnecessarily gruesome and graphic. The writing isn't that amazing either. Oh well....more info
  • Very sharp...
    General Note: AAAhhh, BATLLESTAR GALACTICA.......

    I'm now 37. As a nine years old boy, I couldn't watch much Sci-Fi stuff. For back in those days, there were none to be seen on TV (the "STAR TREK Classic Series" was broadcasted in France only in the early 1980's! With a very funny "quebecois" speaking voiceover!).

    So the exotic flavour of this new Sunday afternoon's "kind of "STAR WARS" show", was sweet. Space battles, alien(?) pyramids & robots on TV! In my living-room! In France! In the late 70's! That was sooooo frakkin' rare!!!
    I even went to my town's theatre to see the 2 movies made for european exploitation: "Galactica, Le Film" & "Galactica, Les Cylons Attaquent".
    So brilliant!

    But the revisited version of this story seems much better to me. Less cheesy, less humorous, less colorful but more human, thrilling & much more realistic though very metaphysical.
    Considering that this show, including the Pilot episode (directed by Michael "Queen of The Damned(Argh!)" Rymer (he did good since, especially in this very show), the 3 "pulse pounding" Seasons of the TV series, even the (very short) webisodes, is so exceptionally written, acted (James Callis, Dean Stockwell, Michael Hogan, Mary Mc Donnell rule!), directed, "SFXed" , I've gladly tasted this new portion of the "Don D.Moore & Pals" Universe. Miam! More...!!!

    Therefore, I was not surprised by the quality of this TV movie. But astounded again by this quality that the many creators of B.G. have: to bring things up...crescendo. And RAZOR is an exemple of that.
    It melts into the general storyline and brings a very dense story, with numerous situations to resolve (or not).
    Damn they got me again! I can't wait for Season Four. I'm gonna watch meself the whole show again ! Felgercarb (why is this word never mentionned in the new series ? Hun...? Whyyyyyyyy???)

    "There must be a way out of here, says the joker to the thief. There's too much confusion, I can get no relief......."
    "The music. Do you hear this music ? It's in the ship, it's in the frakkin ship !". See?

    (note)[SFX for B.G. are done by the people who did conceive the "Firefly" SFX in Joss WHEDON's splendid (and cancelled by a *^%-+* Fox executive) show! Read the comic books for more Firefly adventures!]

    DVD Note: Though short on extra features (just like in the other "Battlestar Galactica" DVD releases) but containing Season 4 previews and a collection of "shortysodes" with the young Bill Adama(!), this one pancake is good in general.
    Video is rather good, sound 5.1 is better. Nice cardboard cover with a velcro opening that reveals nice pictures of the show. Wow!

    One of the best scifi TV show along with "FARCAPE" (but for opposite reasons!) & a few others.

    Best regards,
    FBdx...more info
  • Battlestar Galactica: Razor (unrated)
    Once again the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) franchise has produced a outstanding Movie length episode. By any measure BSG is a class of its own as a Science fiction Television/Cable series. BSG Razor reaches a whole new level. The acting in Razor is truly top notch and the story is as always written.

    Razor is a reinvestigation of second seasons superb "Pegasus" episodes. Starting just before the Cylon attacks and develops as a "Pegasus'" parallel to the Galactica Mini Series and seasons one and two as told by Kendra Shaw (Stephanie Jacobsen) a young Bridge Officer. The story is told using a numerous flashbacks is while challenging it is rich with details and rewards.

    Razor using Shaw's flashback vehicle fills in many of the questions left in the wake of Season 2.5.
    We now know the reasons for Admiral Cain's Sadistic treatment of the "Six" Cylon.
    We are left in shock by the details murder the Pegasus' First Officer by Admiral Cain along with the unjustifiable abandonment and killings of helpless civilians by Pegasus' crew members. A future detailed investigation of both off these incidents and inappropriate behavior by Pegasus' Officers and Crews is still required.

    The story line owes much to Apocalypses Now with Michelle Forbes continuing a "knife edge"
    performance as Admiral Cain (Kurtz). She is truly outstanding! Stephanie Jacobsen in her role as Lt. Kendra Shaw like wise is excellent and transcends herself as an actor in her role as a Willard or Marlow. Both dramatically overshadow the rest of the cast. Razor is clearly their story. The emotional connections and undercurrents of their mentor vs. awestruck Junior Officer relationship a joy to watch and an excellent character study.

    In the realm of minor complaints I point to the way Admirals Cain's "Dinning In" was handled. Very clumsy introduction of the Admirals relationship with Six. In what alternate universe is any Commanding Officer going to introduce an improper relationship with a subordinate at a dinning in with her command staff. This scene appears rushed for time and would have been better introduced using a more informal setting with Kendra Shaw or perhaps using the rumors of crew members. ...more info
  • Cool but unnecessary. (Is there "unnecessary cool"?)
    First, I had some problems with the disc, and it kept freezing at certain points. I managed to watch it all, but the skipping and freezing was annoying.

    The plot itself was good and much of what was implied and mentioned in season 2.5 when the Pegasus was introduced was confirmed and elaborated (such as what happened to Cain's original XO, how she "conscripted" civilians to boost her crew complement - incident on the scylla - were good to know).

    But you don't need this to enjoy the main series. You might want it anyway for those long months between seasons.
    ...more info
  • Need to be seen.
    This a great companion for the Galactica TV series. It must be seen after finishing the third seasson....more info
  • Australian XO for Pegasus ... Kendra Shaw

    The story of RAZOR has already been well detailed by other reviewers here so I will keep my review to pure analysis of the episode assuming that people reading this are already fans of the BSG series.

    In Razor we get the missing back story of the Pegasus told in parallel time lines - Past with Admiral Caine and present with Lee Adama. The bridge between these two times lines, apart from the Pegasus crew under Caine, is one Kendra Shaw played by Australian actress Stephanie Jacobsen. It should be said from the outset that most North Americans will not recognize her accent and think it is English ... it is not, it is a standard neutral Australian accent.

    It was great to hear a familiar Aussie accent within the BSG story line and Jacobsen as Kendra Shaw proves herself to be every bit as tough and resourceful as Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ). In one scene when William Adama and Lee are watching Kendra Shaw drill a team of marines for weapons training Adama Snr comments "I'd like to sell tickets to that dance" when it is revealed that Starbuck and Shaw don't get along. We get the distinct impression that something inside Kendra Shaw is quite broken, perhaps even more broken than Starbucks emotional past. This sets us up for the past events of the Pegasus under Caine which begin to unfold.

    Kendra Shaw is the legacy and product of Admiral Caine, during Razor we witness the back story explaining what makes Admiral Caine the woman she is, as well as what drives her ultimate Raison D'etre. The results of her hard nosed and single bloody mindedness culminate with devastating consequences on two occasions during RAZOR's back story as well as revealing her motivation behind the treatment under interrogation of the Cylon No6. In one scene we see Caine playing with a folding knife keepsake where she states to Kendra Shaw ... "When you can be this, as long as you have to be ... then you become a razor".

    The story of Razor in a metaphorical sense explores the theme that in a war of survival of the human race people are often required to do things and act in ways that are contrary to our morality and common code of normal behaviour. That to win against machines human beings are often required to set their emotional life aside and become nothing more than a weapon ... a razor. The dilemma in all this however is that nobody can survive being a Razor indefinitely without having it exact a heavy toll. Everybody is emotionally scarred, nobody is left unscathed - this is the paradox of our humanity. We even realize as the seasons roll on that the Cylons themselves are not free from the heavy burden of human feelings and emotions, this seems to be their very own Achilles heel.

    In the modern day we see Lee Adama being given command of the Pegasus where we initially find Kendra Shaw working the kitchens having been previously busted back to nothing for repeated insubordination after Admiral Caine's murder at the hands of the Cylons. Lee Adama realizes that he needs a strong personality who represents the past life of the Pegasus crew and after some verbal jousting assigns Shaw as his new Executive Officer.

    As the episode gathers pace Adama Snr transfers over the Pegasus to oversee a mission to discover the nature of a strange hybrid fleet of Cylons which takes us into a third back story involving William Adama and the first Cylon War. It is this back story that really impressed me as a BSG fan from the orignal series in the late 70's ... I grew up with the original Galactica and the entire sequence with young Adama quite frankly rocked! There were many cool references to old school Cylons ( Toasters ) and the old school Cylon Raiders and Vipers. There is one particular scene in this sequence where the rookie Adama takes on two Cylon Raiders resulting in an incredible free falling fight scene.

    To spell anything else out would get into spoilers but while I loved this addition to the series there were a couple of moments that I found a tad weak - sadly I will not be able to reveal them here for the sake of those who have yet to watch Razor but rest assured they aren't big enough to drop this rating from 5 stars. RAZOR is superb and we need more BSG!

    I wish they would make more prequels and back stories for BSG ... the guy that plays the young Adama could easily lead up a series based on the first Cylon Wars ... SO SAY WE ALL!...more info
  • Very good
    As said before, this hour and half episode doesn't bring the plot forward. It helps us understand what happened on the Pegasus, the extremes and paranoia people will go to in times of war.
    Very well acted and directed. A must-see for the fans of the series. ...more info
  • Great! could have been better...
    The very prospect of adding shedding new light onto the story of the pegasus excited me so I looked forward to watching it. The story I feel could have been a little better, but the acting and special effects were top notch as always. A must for any fan of the series!...more info
  • Wonderful show
    If your a BSG fan, you will love this DVD, Razor is a wonderful 2 hour episode of the BSG series....more info
  • Exciting, Riveting and more Cain!
    Sigh. It's been a long time since a new episode of my two favorite sci-fi shows aired a new episode and still months more until "Battlestar Galactica" and "Lost" are back on television. Fortunately, I get to have my "Battlestar Galactica" fix again with the release of "Battlestar Galactica Razor: Unrated Extended Edition".

    I've been watching the remake of "Battlestar Galactica" since it first premiered on Sci-Fi channel and have been really engrossed in each episode's storyline. Very well-written (although I do question the direction of the latter of Season 3), one of the interesting storylines was the introduction of Admiral Cain (Michelle Forbes).

    At the end of Season 2, we watch as the crew of the Battlestar Galactica and the crew of Battlestar Pegasus come head to head. You wondered why Admiral Cain was hard edge and you were stuck in your seat wondering if the two battlestar's and their crew would go head to head and destroy each other.

    "Battlestar Galactica Razor" provides the backstory of what took place on the Battlestar Pegasus after New Caprica was nuked by the Cylons. How Admiral Cain runs her ship and what happens if you are disloyal to her.

    She's totally opposite of Admiral Adama, thus the title "razor". She's hard edge, stone cold, she'll cut you like a knife and she's unstable.

    Under Cain, we are introduced to Officer Kendra Shaw (played by Stephanie Jacobsen - who is Portugese, Chinese and Norwegian btw...), as we watch as she joins the Pegasus and in the beginning is already taking hell from Admiral Cain for showing up late.

    But we get to see the transformation of Kendra Shaw. A proper and rule-abiding officer and then how being under Admiral Cain has turned her to a razor and also a junkie.

    "Battlestar Galactica Razor" is jam-packed with drama, action and a well-written storyline as viewers get the back story of why Admiral Cain became what she is but definitely some interesting revelations that helps set things up for season 4 (the final season of "Battlestar Galatica").

    Although I missed the televised version of Razor, I can imagine that the unrated extended edition featured on DVD lies within the violence of the film. For example, in one scene, Admiral Cain's second in command gets shot point blank in the head and blood is splattered all over the command area. Something you don't see in the normal edition of the series.

    I also enjoyed how the film has three parts to it. More like three time lines.

    The first time line revolves around Kendra Shaw (played by Stephanie Jacobsen), as you watch her as she becomes an officer on the Pegasus under Admiral Cain and having to do things that may seem very morally wrong to viewers but in a way, as you think about it, Admiral Cain's decisions is what kept the crew of the Pegasus alive.

    This includes Shaw and security crew of the Pegasus shooting and killing innocent civilians who thought the Pegasus were there to save them and you also see what happens when you become disloyal to Cain.

    The second time line features Shaw under Apollo's command of the Pegasus (taking place after the death of Cain) and the third timeline revolves around Adama when he was much younger and a pilot during the first Cylon war.

    What's interesting is that we get to see the original Cylon (yes, the one from the "Battlestar Galactica" that aired nearly three decades ago. Adama discovers a warehouse where cylons are experimenting on humans and you get to learn about the hybrids that the Cylons are creating.

    All in all, I like the balance and how everything was tied together. I expected as much from the current Battlestar Galactica cast but I was really impressed with the work of the newbies on the show, specifically Stephanie Jacobsen.

    I've never seen Stephanie Jacobsen's work before and also among the first times I have seen an Asian woman sporting a thick English accent and Jacobsen's role as Kendra Shaw who has been transformed to somewhat of a razor is convincing and you learn how she became nearly like Admiral Cain but at the same time, what made her different from Cain and trying to make amends for the things that transpired while working under Cain.

    The other major cast members make their appearance in the film and I expected nothing less from those actors such as Olmos, Bamber, Sackhoff, McDonnel, Helfer, etc. Each of the Galactica originals did a great job but I was really impressed by Michelle Forbes and that she returned back in uniform to play Admiral Cain again.

    The character is so cold and unstable that to see how tyrannical she was as the head of Battlestar Pegasus was shocking but at the same time, you can see her reasoning and why her crew never really fought it. A different perspective from what we have been used to seeing on the television series.

    As for the DVD, the DVD is jam packed with a lot of bonus material. Deleted scenes, a featurette titled "The Look of Battlestar Galactica", a featurette titled "My Favorite Episode So Far" with the crew discussing their favorite episodes from the first three seasons, a sneak peak of season 4, a trailer of season 4, commentary on the unrated extended edition with executive producer Ronald D. Moore and Writer Michael Taylor, as well as webisodes featuring Oscar Adama when he fought in the first Cylon War.

    If you are a fan who has been watching the series and enjoying the storyline, you're going to dig "Battlestar Galactica Razor".

    Not only is it well-written and well-acted, but you get answers of why Admiral Cain is the way she is and what led to her downfall. But most of all is the surprise ending that leads into Season 4 regarding Starbuck. Wow!

    I think that people not familiar with the show, watching it for the first time will still enjoy the series but there's a lot of backstory (especially when they recap the series) of what has happened during seasons 2.0 and 2.5, that perhaps they may not enjoy it as much as one who is already enjoying the television series.

    But nevertheless, it's an awesome film that I really enjoyed and as for the DVD, it's jam packed with special features, you really can't go wrong.

    I will say that I highly recommend the "Best Buy" edition if you are planning to purchase the DVD. I think it sucks that the DVD that is going on sale is missing this featurette because it's the only interview with Forbes and Jacobsen and if you don't buy the "Best Buy" version, you won't seem them in the special features on other releases from different stores.

    All in all, if you enjoy series (especially if you are collecting the series on DVD), you owe it to yourself to buy this DVD!...more info
  • Buy it on regular DVD (For Now!)
    The war is over! The cylons at Sony won! HD-DVD took a worse beating than Caprica. If you really need this now along with season 3 buy them on regular DVD. Id bought Razor on regular DVD just before it was anounced the HD-DVD was calling it quits. If I were you I would sell your HD-DVD copy now while you can still get some money back for it or store credit at Suncoast. You can bet that Blu-Ray versions of every season including season 3 and Razor will be coming soon. Ive waited this long for season 3 so I guess at this point why not wait a little longer for it on Blu-Ray. As for a review of Razor, I loved it! Frack HD-DVD!...more info
  • i love this movie - and kendra shaw (stephanie jacobsen)
    this movie is just as good as any battlestar galactica episode.i am so glad they made it.kendra shaw is one of my favorite characters of all time.after seeing this i would watch anything with stephanie jacobsen in it.from beginning to end this movie doesn't stop being awesome for a minute.i did buy it seperately before season 4.0 came out, but it was worth it for the slipcase fold out cover you get with is really cool.if you love it to i recommend the razor action figures, they are highly detailed and come with lots of cool accessories.battlestar galactica is the best show of all time!!! i hope caprica is great too....more info
  • Preparation For Season 4
    Although most of the action in this film happens at the start of the current war or the end of the first war, it should not be watched until after seeing the third season.
    This is mostly a background piece. Through the eyes of a new cast member we see who the Pegasus and its Admiral handled the start of the recent conflict. We also see how the first Cylon war ended through Adama's eyes (mostly).
    The acting and drama are right up where we have come to expect it with this series. My one question is about the title. A bulky clasp knife is used to illustrate the term razor. Maybe the show was originally going to be called Blade or Knife or Cutting Edge but Razor just didn't fit quite right. There is a spoiler of sorts in the show based on the end of season three that is supposed to make you think differently about season four. Check it out....more info
  • Holds me over until April
    As a Battlestar fan wandering in the wastelands of television last fall, this production was a welcome oasis. The version Sci-Fi aired felt incomplete, what was missing is on this DVD. Even if you saw the on-air version, this un-rated and extended cut is worth the time and money. If you didn't see the on-air version, don't wait for a re-run, at least rent this superior edition. Be sure to watch the razor flashbacks too, there is about a scene and half that for some reason was never put back in. It adds some additional color to Adama, and makes the scene following pack a bigger punch....more info
  • Battlestar Galactica season 2.0 & 2.5 & Razor
    I ordered this to catch-up on the episodes I missed, and saved money with Amazon. They had the best price anywhere including free shipping so I was able to add to my DVD collection for less. They shipped it out fast and I received it in just a few days, perfectly packaged so it wouldn't get damaged during shipping.
    Thanks!...more info
  • Avoid this episode
    This was a very upsetting episode because it changes the main characters into complete creeps. The actors do not act consistent with their characters that have been built up over the preceding three seasons. In Razor they are now shown to be completely amoral and criminal!
    In particular Adama, who is a man that has garnered respect for his fair mindedness over the previous seasons, is now defending the murder of citizens. And we seem to be expected to be sympathetic to the woman who is involved in the murders of 20-30 innocent men women and children, because she is haunted by what she'd done. I'd have been more impressed if she and the other culprits were put up against the wall and shot. Also, the producers/directors have no concept of what makes a good commander. If in real life a commander turned a blind eye to his officers and troops shooting innocent citizens, he'd lose all respect and control of his troops (particularly as many of them have family and lovers amongst the people). Plus in real life, the rest of the fleet would have rebelled as a result of these murders as they'd be fearing they were next and could not trust the military to act rationally and protect them. They'd form their own partisan group and fight for freedom and justice. Instead, the rest of the fleet took no action against these atrocities. What rubbish! Also, why is the military continuing on if not to make a home world for the people, not just for the military. And how does shooting the people assist that goal.
    The portraying of the criminal and evil behaviour of these characters as being acceptable is quite disgusting.
    The show claims to be an adult show, but to me it's a show that primarily targets 14 year olds, beause many of them are still defining their own morality, and then adds disturbing scenarios and images in an attempt to appear adult.
    It's a very disappointing episode. If you haven't yet purchased it, my advice is to pass this episode by and focus on the rest of the preceding three seasons. But if season four continues this amoral attitude, then it will be very disappointing.
    ...more info
  • Interesting "fill in the Blanks"
    "Razor" was OK. There was a lot of jumping to the past and back to the future. My favorite scenes had to be when young Adama was fighting the Cylons in the past. The Cylons looked just like the old Battlestar Galactica series and so do their ships, even the "By your command."

    I understand Admiral Cains theory of having to be like a razor to survive. She became so like a razor that she lost much of her humanity. It gives you insight to her character.

    I would purchase this if your a fan of Battlestar Galatica. The series is better, this is more of a fill in the gaps. ~~~Liandre...more info
  • GREAT!!!
    The BEST show on TV by far!! If you have not watched any of the new BSG the BUY IT!!!...more info
  • DVD Problem
    I love BSG, but there is something odd about this DVD. I checked it against the aired version, and there are missing scenes on the DVD, most notably, the scene with young Adama fighting around the ice planet 40 years before the present events. The DVD goes straight to the young Adama in the cylon lab/torture chamber and completely omits the fight scene in orbit and in the atmosphere.

    Could be a problem with my particular DVD, but I notice that the disk itself does not say its extended, only the box. Maybe I just got a mixup. Would really love to know what happened.

    Its still a great movie, though....more info
  • A stunning visual masterpiece!
    As a life long BSG Fan and a true fan of the re-envisioned series I have very high standards and had even higher expectations for this critical chapter covering the "legendary" Pegasus and Kane subject matter. For the original series, outside of the pilot episodes, the Pegasus storyline was by far the most important and exciting chapter. This was literally hallowed ground that the producers of the new BSG were treading upon here and they had a tall order to meet my expectations. And when I heard that they were devoting a special episode just to cover back story for the Pegasus, I was expecting real fireworks to say the least.

    That being said, I was blown away by this episode. I can not recommend Razor more highly, and would consider it among the very best of what has been written so far for BSG. I got my fireworks and then some. Without giving too much away, I could not be more elated by the appearance of old "friends" that masterfully bridge the gap between the old series and the new. The fight sequences are fierce and visually stunning. There were times I wanted to stand up and cheer! I was blown away, did I say that already! You will watch Razor again and again. The included featurette centered around William Adama "Husker" is an amazing flashback sequence skillfully spread out across the film that can actually be watched as a stand along mini-episode which in itself would have been the meat of a great episode. This was a fantastic effort all across the board and kudos to all who put their "everything" into making this masterpiece a reality. Bravo!

    P.S. - The only downside to Razor is that I am now even more bummed out that the Pegasus was lost "again" than I was back in 1978!
    ...more info
  • BSG Razor Beauty
    Battlestar Galactica is the best tv series of the 21. century. This edition is beautiful, i keep the cover opened at the top of my bookshelf.
    It has a beautiful papercover above the normal dvd cover. The film has good sound and picture too. About the bonus features: Deleted scenes - some not really interesting minutes
    The Look of BSG : Ron Moore talks about the ship and its similarity to second world war's aircraft ships, cool. My favourite episode so far - The main characters talk about their favourite episode , interesting.
    Minisodes - Husker and the cylon hybrid , well, most of it is already in the film but thanks. Commentary with Ron Moore and Michael Taylor - I miss the english subtitle to the audiocommentary because I dont speak/understand english perfectly and I need that. Sneak Peek to season 4 , Season 4 trailer . The making of BSG Razor - It is on the surprise second disc. It has funny moments with the actors , really good to see it. Okay the second disk was a gift but it is a bit unusual to put a 20 minutes video to a 4,4gb disk.
    You can see my pictures of the dvd edition here: info
  • I love this show!!!
    I can't get enough. I am sad that this is the final season. I love this show!!!...more info
  • Enigmatic Entertainment.

    A two-hour Battlestar Galactica special that tells the story of the Battlestar Pegasus several months prior to it finding the Galactica.

    My Review:

    With the recent news the possibly one of the most brilliant Science Fiction shows coming to its conclusion, producer Ronald D. Moore felt he owed Battlestar fans to a 2 hour short of a commemoration to the show in between Seasons 3 and 4, and with it he gives us the Battlestar Pegasus' history.

    One can only construe that with the show ending on Moore's terms he does have the resources and realistic approach to make his ideas work. Albeit there will be no sixth or seventh season, he gives us a episodic filler that shows us the short spent life of a Pegasus office named Kendra Shaw (Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen). Our focus encompasses her trial and tribulations associated with a unknown character. She passes the role of being likable in all aspects, even her darkest hours ascertain her character flaws but her hard-headed impiety and realist approach to a situation, even if it crosses a line.

    For some it may be an uninteresting stop gap to fill in the void of the shows extended break, however it does remarkably well in providing some amazing visual treats. It gives us a crews account of tragic events as well as some character history, new and old faces reprise themselves with the same fa?ade.

    Whilst the story unfolds, we see flashbacks of Kendra's time on Pegasus during the chronological Season 2 episodes which the film is set and suggests that it took place during that time, while it flashbacks to her time under the command of Admiral Cain (Michelle Forbes); whom proves that she can smile. The contrasting hard decisions she makes and if or not to follow her Admiral. We are also treated to a flashback of Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos) of which gets the shock treatment with a younger actor who portrays him right down to the voice and mannerisms. A revelation ensues the flashback, in which we are given a rather disturbing insight into 'those skin-jobs'.

    We are given a trip down in the melancholy road, visually; as we get to see the classic Cylon and Cylon raiders that were ever-present in the 70's version, that fit the modern re-imagining as they were constantly mentioned throughout the series as have being been in first war 40 years prior to the current Cylon war. They are given a reboot with the same familiar charisma, even for a machine as old catch phrases make a reprisal.

    Some may suggest and argue that it was never logical idea to make this 2 hour special; as it really only keeps the fans on edge before the fourth and final Season returns. Nevertheless, us fan boys, and girls, need something to take the heat off.


    Filler; but a very good one, emotionally and visually enthralling as it keeps in tune with the series and keeps it fresh and fun. 8.5/10....more info