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Linksys WVC54GCA Webcam 640x480 802.11G Wireless Internet Home Monitoring Camera
List Price: $112.99

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Product Description

The Linksys Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Camera sends live video through the Internet to a web browser anywhere in the world! This compact, self-contained unit lets you keep track of your home, your kids, your workplace - whatever's important to you.Unlike standard "web cams" that require an attached PC, the Internet Home Monitoring Camera contains its own web server, so it can connect directly to a network, either over Wireless-G (802.11g) networking, or over 10/100 Ethernet cable. Choose either MPEG-4 or Motion JPEG video compression for a high-quality, high-framerate, up to 640x480 video stream.The Compact Internet Home Monitoring Camera's unique form-factor and wireless connectivity allows you to mount it on a wall nearly anywhere, or slip it into its included stand for desktop use. Once it's connected to your home network, you can "see what it sees" from any PC in the house, while the video stream is secured from the outside world, hidden behind your Router.You can also turn on Security Mode, which tells the camera to send a message with a short video attached to up to three email addresses whenever it detects motion in its field of view. You can then log onto the live video stream if the situation warrants. The included Viewer & Recorder utility lets you record the audio/video stream to your local hard drive, "live" or on a predetermined schedule.

  • Product Type - Wireless Internet Camera
  • Dimensions WxDxH - 3.54" x 1.46" x 4.02"
  • Weight - 0.29 lb.
  • - Supports enhanced MPEG-4 and MPEG compression
  • - View video from your Wireless-G or wired ethernet network

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good!
    I'm very happy with this purchase. The package arrived on time as estimated, the item was great, the Linksys customer service people in the Philippines were awesome....more info
  • Bad Quality
    I had this slightly for over a year when the wired interface suddenly stopped working. The wireless still works but I need the wired interface. The motion detection is a joke. But the rest works fine....more info
  • Webcam Review
    The webcam came very quickly, but it was a bit of a pain to get set up....more info
  • Good camera, awful software
    After receiving the camera, I was able to set up the camera on my wireless network (Netgear router, no less) within 20 minutes. I was able to bring up a web browser, point it to the IP address of the camera, and see exactly what was going on at the camera. I was very excited...everything looked great.

    However, I was looking for the functionality of recording the feeds from the camera, so I then installed the application that comes with the camera under my Windows Vista 64 bit OS. I had issues with the application crashing, so I called Linksys. Lo and behold, the software will not work under Windows Vista 64 bit. They asked me if I had another machine to install it on. I happened to have a Vista 32 bit machine that I could install it on; however, I didn't intend to keep it there.

    The installation finished, and the app ran without crashing; however, it wouldn't locate any of the cameras on the network. The technician insisted it was a firewall issue, so I turned off the Windows Firewall. I still had the same problem. After many uninstalls, reinstalls, reboots, etc., I was no closer to having the application installed.

    The technician pointed me to another version of the software that was written for a different camera. She said this version should work fine. And she was right (sort of). The camera would still not be detected, however, I could add the device by IP address in this version of the software. Everything appeared to be working great.

    I decided to test out the motion sensor, but apparently that doesn't work in this "new" version of the software. No big deal. Wasn't really looking for that; motion sensing was just an added benefit.

    I then recorded some of the video to disk. The recording by time worked as planned; the files were saved as ASF files. I clicked on the play button in the application to have it open Windows Media Player. However, Windows Media Player was now complaining that the audio codec used to encode the application was not installed on the machine. Back to Linksys tech support I went. They couldn't tell me what codecs were being used. They insisted it was a problem with my router.

    Numerous times they told me that I should use Windows XP rather than Vista. The device is advertised as Vista compatible!

    Never the less, after being on the phone off and on with them for 6 hours, I decided that this wasn't worth the hassle. I'm returning the camera for a refund.

    The above being said, the camera itself seemed to work pretty well. The image was a little blurry, but it was enough that you could tell what was going on. The sound was ok as well. The internal web server seemed to work really well for the amount of time that I actually used it....more info
  • OK wired not too good wireless
    I've owned this camera for a few months now and it seems stable when connected to my wired LAN but often froze when I operated it on my wireless WPA LAN. But then the wireless part of the camera stopped working completely after about a month so now I leave it wired all the time. Needs lots of light for a good picture....more info
  • Great value and works as described
    Bought one of these cameras and when it worked so well I purchased a second. Though it helps to be technically skilled to use the advanced features, this camera, and the bundled software and services, all work very well. The free TZO DDNS service allows me to watch both of these cameras from any internet connected computer running IE....more info
  • Wireless-G Video Monitor by Linksys, WVC54GCA
    This item has been a nightmare! Before I purchased this camera, I contacted Linksys sales and asked the following questions: 1. Does it have the capability to record activity to the hard drive of a computer? 2. Is it wireless? 3. Does it need the internet to function? 4. Does the camera have "motion detection capability"? 5. Can the file be copied to media and be viewed on another computer?

    With the exception of 3, the answer to all of the above was YES! An internet connection is not needed unless one wants to view video activity at a remote location. However, a separate router is required. Connect the camera to the router and the router to the computer. Once this is done, unplug the camera and if the router is wireless, the camera can be viewed and recorded.

    After receiving the unit, I had a tech at Linksys help in the setup. Everything seemed to work ok, but as I began to make certain all was recording as hoped, nothing was available to view. After many hours of consulting with Linksys tech's I was finally sent to the next level in Irvine, CA. After waiting for two days, I finally received a call. We began working on the recorded issue. Finally after three days, the tech said the camera was faulty so I returned it. was excellent and sent me a new camera via second day. The new camera arrived, and I performed a new install. Still I couldn't get Motion Video to record. Many many more hours and I paid $9.99 to Linksys for online help. Still no resolution, but guess what: they kept my money even though they "guaranteed" resolution or a refund. Finally, I was able to talk to the Irvine tech (only after calling the commercial number in Irvine and asking to talk to the President of Linksys). Turns out my emails to him were going to his junk mail. He couldn't come up with the answer either so he installed a camera and the software to find out what the problem was. He had some of the same problems which I encountered, so he went to the engineering department for help. Turns out we had a check mark in a box that precluded proper saving of video. Also turns out that this camera can only record 30 seconds of activity, BUT there is a field that allows for a "0" (zero instead of one or more minutes) which is the amount of time between detected events. That seems to correct the problem. I've had it functional for three days now, and it appears that the unit and software are functional for my purposes. Also, the user manual doesn't tell that essentially the camera software is, to a great degree, useless. That the Camera Utility software is the most important and works the best. It's easy to think that setting up the camera software works in conjunction with the Utility, but that doesn't seem to be the case. If my email address is available, I'd be glad to help anyone who is having problems with their camera. I can't even begin to estimate my time spent on this, but I've been at it since mid September. It's now October 31. 'Spose there is any significance to that? GOOD LUCK!...more info
  • 1st WebCam
    The setup was relatively simple and we had the camera working after a simple learning curve. We did have to "reset" the camera when our first attempt to get it connected didn't work. Therefore, I would recommend setting it up with all the default information first, then go back in to change the names/password, etc. The interface seemed to take longer when we were trying to do everything the first time around and lost responsiveness. The second attempt went very quickly and smoothly. The native client also requires a minimum resolution, so can't be ran on our Dell Mini when it is not connected to an external monitor, which is somewhat annoying, since it is a simple coding issue that should have been detected when the application was created. Only other minor picky item, would be that you can hear the camera "humm" in extremely quiet rooms (such as watching our dove). We have had no hardware or network issues so far....more info
  • Very disappointed...
    I ordered this camera to use in our home. I have a recently purchased a DLink wireless router that I planned on connecting to. The problem is there was no way to get the camera to connect to my network using WEP. I tried on my own for a long time and then eventually went through two very lengthy troubleshooting chats with the Linksys tech. Their only answer was to send the camera back and try another. Well, I scheduled a return to Amazon and went to Bestbuy locally and picked up another one. You guessed it...Same song different verse! The exact same thing occurred. After another long tech chat Linksys actually suggested I get yet a third camera. That was not an option for me because I had already spent enough time. The only way I was able to use this camera was to either use it hardwired or to totally turn off security which is not an option for a permanent solution. Researching the problem on the internet I found many others who had the same problem, but found no solution. I am not able to use WPA on my network because I have an older Tivo on my network that will not support anything other than WEP. However, I have read accounts of the same issue using WPA. I am returning the second one to Bestbuy and looking for another solution. Very disappointing!...more info
  • Been working great for 6 straight months!
    I installed two of these cameras in May of 2008. It is now November & the cameras are still working. My brother watched me from Phoenix (I live in Southern Illinois) as I built the woodshed in my backyard[...] Although they work wirelessly I bought some 100ft lengths of Cat 6 cable to hook them up. They have never needed rebooting and have a GREAT picture & the mic pickup is decent.

    Now... for the parts that I cannot get to work: cannot get the playback to work (from the motion detection feature). It starts to work then the program crashes. Cannot get the email feature to work through Yahoo webmail. Other than these problems (which same may find a MAJOR problem although I do not) the cameras have worked well....more info
  • Good Image, capability for the price
    I cannot add much to the large number of comments about the difficulty in setting this up. I'm an electrical engineer myself that (with some help) is hosting web sites at my home on a linux server and has configured many devices on my network over the years. This one was by far one of the more difficult - not because there is anything inherently difficult about the process, but due to issues described below. There is absolutely no way that anybody who is not, at a minimum, a home-hobbyist with wireless networks will be able to set this up:

    1. Like others, I'm mostly mac (6/7 computers). As others observed, you only get audio with the activex on windows, but the visual is fine on the mac. But as a network device, this should be - and is - largely platform independent.

    2. WEP - the software that comes with this camera is garbage. I could write better software, and I'm not good at it. I used an old Windows laptop with XP to run the setup wizard, and when I got to the page where you enter your WEP key ("if you want to enter your key without a passphrase, leave the field blank and enter it on the next page"). um, ok. Except that you cannot do that. I called customer support and spoke with "steve" in bangalore. I rarely call CSRs as they are rarely useful, and this was no exception. I got the usual boneheaded questions and, after 30 min, a promise to call me back (never happened). What you need to do is what somebody else recommended - simply log into the IP address assigned by your router using a browser. Now, I was not able to do this with Safari or Firefox on my mac. IE worked on my windows machine. You can do the entire set up there...including the WEP key and everything else.

    3. Signal Strength: what screwed me up for an hour was that after I pulled out the ethernet jack it would work for a minute in my office and then die (i.e - assign the IP address and start broadcasting) I thought it was a network issue, but after reading the comments I thought I'd experiment with the radio. Turns out this camera needs lots of signal, or it just drops the connection. It works upstairs (where the wireless AP is) but not too well in some other places. considering the application - home-wide high-bandwidth video monitoring, I hope the team puts in a better antenna system in the next version. 802.11n uses MIMO which achieves more speed with a cost of link margin (range). at 2.4 GHz and the size of this camera is should be possible to put a better antenna system in without a bit BOM increase.

    conclusion: this product is good (the hardware, network elements). The antenna system is bad. The setup software is deplorable. I'd like to give this a higher rating, but the money saved on the front end for me was wasted on the back end time to configure this device. ...more info
  • Works Well
    The picture quality is very clear. Set up was simple. Night viewing is bad. ...more info
  • Excellent Webcam !!
    This webcam rocks! Bought it to remote monitor my home while away on vacation and did not want to leave a PC on. Set it up on home wireless network, opened up port 1024, gave it a static IP address (to assure camera did not lose connection to wireless network), plugged it in, and voila, remote monitoring.

    It performed steady as a rock, for weeks on end. I am not using the S/W that came with the camera to monitor it, but rather always accessing it from the web using ip:1024 (no need for paid DNS service). I did not need or use any special features like recording video or motion sensing. I did use the feature to set up a guest account for my friends, so everyone could keep an eye on things as well as the log to see how many times the camera was accessed, when, and by whom. Camera resolution is excellent. I had it pointed at a digital thermometer (2 to 3 feet away) and had no trouble with resolution.

    I highly recommend this camera!

    ...more info
  • Good cam, awful software, and nasty switch and bait in the marketing hype
    For under $100, I like the hardware just fine, it's the software that bites. Setup was simple enough, but the viewing and playback software and documentation are terrible even for viewing and playing back over my own internal network.

    Also, you can't rotate the image if you have the cam mounted sideways.

    Another thing: you can't skype with the provided software. Maybe there is freeware that will let me skype with this cam, but the only product I know about costs around $90, and I did not expect to incur that expense when I bought this camera.

    Worst of all: A big selling point they harp about is being able to dial in to your camera remotely over the internet. What they don't tell you before you purchase is that (1) you must have a static IP which costs me extra from my ISP, or (2) you must register your network with a Dynamic DNS service and gee, we're sorry, but the camera will ONLY talk to the manufacturer's proprietary fee-based DDNS service. This smacks of a scam, where they market a gizmo saying it will do great stuff but neglect to tell you you will still have to contract for an ongoing paid service in order to do it. Why can't they let their camera talk to the free DDNS providers?

    ...more info
  • Good product....
    This is a good camera. Given that you can access it over the internet (either via a browser or the supplied utility), it's very cool, especially for the price. I recommend it. Support is good too - you get a fairly well-trained live person in just a few minutes of wait time. Knocks: documentation is poor, which leads to setup issues. Setup is fairly tough - if you know nothing about routers, port forwarding, ip addresses, etc., you're going to need help. I also can't seem to get the sensitivity on the motion detector right - it senses motion even if the lighting changes, and ends up recording nothing. But again, overall a good product, esp for the price. I bought more of them....more info
  • Linksys WVC54GCA Wireless-G internet home monitoring camera
    I unpackaged this camera yesterday, then spent 3 hrs. trying to follow their instructions to connect it to my system. ...No luck. My router (Zyxel G-4100 V2) would not recognize it. ...I phoned Linksys technical support and spent the next -can you believe it-- 6 hrs on the phone with them assuring me that their product was compatible with my system. The technician even took control of my computer and tried every possible route. ...Finally she hung up on me (her quiting time I think), leaving my computer's firewall down, and God only knows what else. I am sorry I purchased this item... In spite of what they may say, I think they're only compatible with the Linksys routers....more info
  • Not a reliable Camera system.
    It constantly needs to be hard reset every other day. Home monitoring systems are suppose to get accessible at any point without worry. For a little bit more, you might as well get a whole DVR system. When it works, it works great!

    ...more info
    I have purchased a number of Linksys products over the years and have had only good experiences with them all. On the few occasions where I needed a bit of guidance their Tech Support was excellent. I expected nothing less when I bought this webcam but I was in for a shock. Camera setup for continuous mode was quite easy but after only a few hours of recording to my hard drive it became intermittent with long periods when nothing was recorded. Setup for Detection Mode does not seem to allow for recoding to the hard drive, the choices are limited to sending a clip by e-mail or making an FTP connection. Linksys seems to have now outsourced it's Tech Support to Asia. I had great difficulty in understanding the support staff . The first one I got put me on hold for 15 minutes after which I hung up and called again. The second one did not seem familiar with the camera at all and had to repeatedly put me on hold to 'go and check something'. He was not able to resolve any of the problems after over an hour on the phone and ended up telling me that a higher level tech would e-mail or call me in 24-36 hours. By the time I did get a call back from Linksys three weeks had passed and by then I had returned the defective camera to the vendor. I will not be so willing to buy Linksys products in the future....more info
  • Works
    Since I use only the Linux operating system I wasn't sure how well this camera would work. For the most important functions it works well. The down side is that the documentation isn't very good. It took a lot of web searching to find out how to get images I could use with Linux motion detecting software. [...]
    The camera is also supposed to be able to do motion detection internally and only call the computer when these showed up. Idiotically, that part of the web interface only works on Windows computers. I have no idea if it works.

    I am using this camera as a security camera. In that role it is OK but not great. The light sensitivity is not as good as I would like. And I would prefer higher resolution. Also I see quite a few artifacts in the pictures.

    I love that it is an ethernet camera and is not very expensive. Because it is ethernet I can locate it rather far from my computer. By contrast a USB camera would place the camera within 5 meters of the computer.

    ...more info
  • Included Software is Horrible
    While the camera seems to do a good job, the software included with it is some of the worst I've ever seen. I installed it on Vista and the setup utility for configuring the camera crashed repeatedly. On XP it didn't crash but I was never able to get it to find the Internet version of the camera after I configured it but I did get it to work on my wife's laptop. It allows you to configure the camera's name and IP into the setup screen but will give you an error and clear out the fields because you didn't first select an empty line in the table up above. It would be nice if it at least told you to select an empty line but would be even better if it just assumed you were adding to the table when you press the save button.

    The absolute worst part about it was that it was so inconsistent about recording. I set up a scheduled time and it worked OK the first two times I tried to record but I had to convert the raw files to .avi format before I could get sound. Other times it recorded video but I never got any sound. Sometimes while watching it live I couldn't get any sound and then 5 min later it started to work.

    Sometimes the instant record button worked on Internet configuration where I used a dynamic DNS to see it from outside of my router's firewall. However, it rarely worked on the local (inside the firewall) configuration. Pressing the button simply did nothing and there are no error messages to help you.

    With respect to the wireless there were evenings that I could hardly get any network throughput to my laptop until I got the bright idea to unplug the camera. It worked just find as soon as I did that and so I disabled the wireless by giving it a bogus network name and used it via a cat5 cable. They don't give you a way to just turn off the wireless if you don't want it. I also had some luck by adjusting the antenna on my router.

    If I wrote code this bad in college I never would have graduated and I find it really discouraging that Linksys would actually release something this bad. Did you guys do ANY testing??? All I can say for them is that I'm glad they built their reputation with their routers first. If this camera was my first experience with Linksys I would never have purchased another item from them. It doesn't say much for Cisco either....more info
  • Nice Camera. Good Features.
    Everything excellent except:

    1. forced to use cisco paid ddns service after first year when there are a lot of free ddns services out there
    2. had a very hard time when tried to pair with wpa psk 2 . had to buy netgear router to make it work.
    3. screen resolution could be better...more info
    This netcam dose not work with any other DDNS except TZO DDNS. This is a distortion attempt by Linksys to con customers to pay for a service that they can get for free....more info
  • some tech issues
    No sound in Firefox, as many people noticed already. That's because it doesn't really shows video in Firefox. It may look like video but it is not; it is a sequence of still images (jpeg) updated about frame rate. If you right-click on this "video" you could see settings and options of image. This pseudo-video needs about 3 Mbps of broadband to look like a video, at lower rate you would see slowly changing pictures. My DSL has outgoing speed about 512 Kbps and it is impossible to watch video in Firefox outside of home network.

    To watch real streaming video you need Internet Explorer because it requires some ActiveX control, which is, basically, linksys own video viewer. This way, it shows video with sound and it needs less than 512 Kbps of broadband.

    Camera is losing connection frequently because of DHCP lease renewal; connection is lost on renewal and camera doesn't attempt to re-connect. I changed camera and router to use fixed IP for the camera and it seems to be working.

    ...more info
  • camera
    I wanted to use this as my security camera which would take pictures and email over the internet. The setup needs someone familiar with IT routing. I gave up for now but it works good for streaming video wirelessly....more info
  • Ended up returning it for a refund
    For starters, the camera is larger than I realized. But that's my own fault for not paying attention to the dimensions listed. And as mentioned before, the swivel base is very flimsy in design.

    It works OK in bright light, but not so well in the evening. Didn't get around to testing the motion capture because there's no way I can set-up the device to send clips to my NetGear ReadyNAS Duo only when motion is detected. The motion detection feature requires that you use the included software which means you need a PC or notebook on 24/7, which I do not.

    Seems to me that this shortcoming could be resolved if they just added that feature into the camera's built in configuration.

    Oh well. Still looking for a wi-fi cam that will capture video directly to a NAS without the use of software....more info
  • An amazing little camera
    I love this camera. Setup was simple using the wizard on the CD-ROM that came with the camera. It only took about ten minutes to set the camera up, including configuring it to send a text message to my cell phone (and my wife's) when it detected motion.

    The only part of the setup that some people might find tricky is remote monitoring. That's mainly a matter of configuring the camera's "DDNS" option. DDNS gives you a way of 'calling in' to your home network from a remote location. With a DDNS service, you get a web address and a login password that lets you log into your home network from anywhere on the Internet. Some DDNS services are free; others charge $25 or so per year.

    The user manual doesn't give much of an explanation of DDNS services, so the best way to learn about them is to check out a couple. The Linksys cam defaults to the TZO service [..]; the top Google hit is [..], which offers a free service. Both sites do a pretty good job of explaining DDNS and walking you through the process of setting one up. Once you have done that, configuring the cam to use the DDNS is pretty straightforward.

    I am very pleased with this camera. I am surprised it isn't taking over the retail security market. The included utility lets you monitor up to nine cameras at once, which would make it a very effective system for small retail businesses that suffer inventory shrinkage from the sales floor or the stock room. I suspect that a few out-of-work IT people will go into business selling security setups based on these cameras. They should do very well....more info
  • works - if you can manage to set it up
    I bought this - thinking Linksys=cisco=good product. Had a nightmare setting it up and I am a techie. Needs person to know the mac address of the camera - ability to logon to your router - knowledge of router entries etc. The included setup software is useless and fails to detect the camera. The phone support is useless - as I called them up for a quick answer - the phone got disconnected after 10 mins of troubleshooting and they never called back. I ended up setting it up manually. Works fine after it was set-up and hence - 2 stars. I would not recommend this product to a novice user....more info