Otterbox Blackberry 8300 Curve Case (1935-05.4)
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Product Description

Black/Yellow. As part of the Defender Series line the OtterBox 1935 for BlackBerry Curve 8300 is a semi-rugged fully-interactive case that enables complete usability of the trackball and camera in a sleek slim fit design for distinguished protection.

Ideal for frequent travelers, business professionals and everyday enthusiasts. Three protective layers provide bump, scratch and drop protection:

  • Layer 1: Thermal formed protective clear membrane to safeguard screen and keyboard against scratching as well as dust and dirt* (layer optional depending on the level of ruggedization desired).
  • Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell.
  • Layer 3: Silicone skin absorbs bump and shock (silicone includes innovative retaining features to hold it in place).

    Protect your technology investment when your budget is already tight with the ruggedized Otterbox Defender Case BlackBerry Curve 8300 mobile phones in yellow. The Defender series offers a fully interactive case that enables complete usability of the trackball, keyboard and camera. All surfaces of the BlackBerry Curve are fully covered at all times, yet you still have full access to all ports via convenient silicone plugs. And you can sync and charge your BlackBerry right through the case. This Otterbox Defender Case also comes with a holster style swivel belt clip.

    Ideal for frequent travelers and business professionals as well as everyday users who want added protection, Otterbox Defender cases provide three layers of bump, scratch and drop protection:

    • Layer 1: Thermal formed protective clear membrane to safeguard screen and keyboard against scratching as well as dust and dirt.
    • Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell.
    • Layer 3: Silicone skin absorbs bump and shock and includes innovative retaining features to hold it in place.

    The Otterbox Defender Case for BlackBerry Curve 8300 series in yellow.


    • Compatability/Features: Accommodates the BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series. This includes the 8300, 8310 (AT&T), 8320 (T-Mobile) and 8330 (Verizon Wireless and Sprint) models.
    • Dimensions (case only): 4.53 x 2.72 x 0.94 inches
    • Weight (case only): 1.80 ounces
    • Note: Case is not protected against water.
  • Features:
    • Ruggedized protection for your Blackberry Curve 8300 series phones in yellow
    • Hi-impact polycarbonate shell with thermal formed protective clear membrane to safeguard screen
    • Fully interactive case that enables complete usability of the trackball, keyboard and camera
    • Full access to all ports via convenient silicone plugs--sync and charge through the case
    • Comes with a holster style swivel belt clip

    Customer Reviews:

    • Excellent phone cover.
      I recommend this phone cover for anyone who is not in an office setting with a blackberry. It protects from dust with the membrane and the peace of mind with the shock protection tops it off. I use it daily and of course you can't beat the price....more info
    • didn't fit
      the case did not fit my blackberry curve. So I sent it back for credit....more info
    • Cool Protective Coat For Your Blackberry!!!!
      The Otterbox is a great product! It's a cool protective coat for your Blackberry. I am going to purchase several as gifts for a couple of my co-workers. I receved prompt fast shipment. I will purchase again from this vendor. ...more info
    • Fantastic case; great protection; solid investment
      The Otterbox just rocks! I've had it about two months now and the phone has never fallen out while on my belt nor have I dropped the phone because the case was slick or hard to grip. This combination of protection -- solid, on-belt protection plus easy grip during use -- make this a killer one-two punch.

      I did not have a problem getting the clear skin to be flat on the screen. I used the entire clear skin -- including over the keyboard. This makes the keyboard a bit "mushy" but no harder to use. I like the extra protection.

      I had another "open faced" belt clip case and my Curve kept falling out when I would bump into a wall or brush the phone with my arm. The Otterbox is such an amazing improvement.

      The two downsides to this case are:

      1) The phone is larger with the "double case" approach (plastic frame + outer skin)

      2) The plastic inner skin make photos blurry; you need to cut the plastic away or the camera is unusable (IMO)

      Given a choice, I'd buy the case again. Great product....more info
    • Great Item
      The only way to go for the new pda phones is to get an otter box. No other item compares to it at all. My Blackberry Curve fits in the otter box great and its easy access to the phone and the keys....more info
    • Exceeds expectations
      I just got a curve yesterday and was lucky to find the otterbox case. I have gone thru many heavy duty cell cases over the years, but this blows them all away! If you need a case that will truly protect your phone, get this....more info
      I am a Powerline lineman in Florida and I am out in all the elements doing my job so to have a case that protects my blackberry as well as the otterbox does is priceless.You do lose a small amount of sound but it is a small price to pay to know that when I need to uses my phone to call home and ckeck on my wife and kids that my phone has been sealed of from the wind,rain and sand,that give me a sound piece of mind.I would tell and have told everyone that I know with a blackberry and that works outside that they should invest a small amount of money to protect there phone. THANK YOU G.FORTH STUART FL...more info
    • Highly Recommended
      The Otterbox Defender is the best case I have owned. I do not have to worry about scratches or bumps and the buttons are easily accessible thru the membrane. The only con to this case is that the silicone attracts any and every bit of debris from lint to cat hair. A baby wipe easily cleans the silicone outer layer....more info
    • otterbox review
      I like the otterbox durability, not as happy with the proximity of the case to the keys, slows me down some when typing. It is worth the money though...more info
    • Great protection
      Overall I'm very satisfied with this case. Albeit a little bulky, it feels comfortable enough to be used all the time and the extra protection is no doubt worthwhile. It was a tad tough to get the bubbles to disappear although I didn't use the preferred method described in the literature - a little soap and water etc... The only reason I might have given this a four star is that the keyboard protection is a bit sticky and seems to make me more prone to spelling mistakes. The benefits of the case outweigh this minor flaw, though, especially since you are not required to use the keyboard shield. I'm sure you can even cut if off if you want. Long story short, highly recommended if you are looking to increase the longevity of your blackberry....more info
    • 100% pleased
      We have ordered both the black and the yellow Otterbox defender cases and LOVE them both. They protect without compromising the functionality. ...more info
    • Excellent product all the way around
      I am very pleased with this product. I was not very happy with the Blackberrry ergonomics, however, this product takes care of my concerns. Using this product, the phone fits in my hand better and does not slip. I don't have to worry about damaging it with the slightest mishandling and the screen is protected and easy to clean because of the plastic cover - the keyboard and track ball are still fully functional. Just make sure you have the plastic cover placed correctly. Very good/necessary product, given the cost of the phone and the phone's average durability. Black and yellow colors are GREAT - very fun....more info
    • Love this case
      I shopped around for a case before I bought the Blackberry. I was fortunate enough to be able to handle one before I bought it. This is just what I needed - 100% coverage of the device except for the trackball. The keyboard is still very comfortable to type on but all of the keys are covered in plastic so that no goobers get in there.

      The holster is hard plastic and the face of the B-berry faces inward so that nothing fragile is exposed except for the camera lens - also covered in plastic.

      The speaker and trackball are free but the speakers are also covered with a special gauze-like material. The only thing that you may miss is that the camera lens is covered in plastic and pictures are a little blurry. If this is terribly important you could always cut a hole in the plastic covering.

      There is a firm plastic film against the phone followed by a hard plastic frame and then covered by a soft rubber cover. My only complaint is that the rubber cover is not super snug, but that is a minor complaint.

      It does make accessing the battery tedious but that is a blackberry issue - I should not have to remove the battery to do a hard reset of the phone anymore!

      Great case - can't imagine a better one.

      ...more info
    • Nice product
      Overall a great product. The metal spring in the holster looses it strength quick though. I had to take it out and bend it out more to give it a tight grip again. Other than that, great product, keeps my phone protected....more info
      This case will be the last case you buy until you buy a new otter box for next new phone. Easy to put together, rugged, tough....etc. Can't go wrong with this one....more info
    • Good case for construction workers
      I bought this case for my husband who is an electrican. He has had alot of problems with his phones. They tend to get a ton of dirt in them and then they stop working. He loves the way it protects his phone. He also says it makes his phone look tough?? It does add alot of bulk to the phone. This case has three different covers in one. One is like a plastic skin that covers everything except the track ball. His phone is well protected from water and dirt damage. I would recomend this case to anyone who has trouble with their phone getting dirty and damaged. This is definitly a good product for the money you pay for it....more info
    • Great case
      This is a great case for my phone. It is bulky, but I like the way it protects my phone and would recommend this product....more info
    • If your rough on phones GET THIS
      This is the best thing you can get for your phone to protect it from pretty much everything!!!...more info
    • Best case ever
      Never had a better case for a phone any one who wants protection wants this phone...more info
    • Holds up to the toughest terrain. Including on my flak vest in Iraq.
      This little case is absolutely awesome. I take my blackberry with me everywhere, for notes, reminders, and the like. I got this case because I knew I was going to be taking my BB curve through hell and back, and the otter box has CERTAINLY held up to the task! I've dropped it, kicked it, drug it through dirt, dust, mud, pouring rain, etc. The case has lived up to all my expectations, and exceeded them, except for one.
      The film that covers the camera takes away from the quality of the camera. A thin piece of plexi-glass attached to the hard case, instead of the thin membrane that goes over the camera, would have given this item all 5 stars. As is, I give it a 4.5. I've never had the phone fall out of the holster, and I don't have any dust or dirt on the inside of the case. This baby will outlast armageddon.
      On one note though, I would NOT recommend taking your phone through extremely wet areas. Although this case has protected against mud, and heavy rain, it is in no way water proof. There is felt which goes over the speakers, to keep dust out, so the phone is not completely encapsulated....more info
    • A great case for your Blackberry Curve
      This is a great case! After taking a spill on my bike and destroying my original leather BB case, I was looking for something more durable. The Otterbox case entirely encloses the blackberry but still provides easy access to all the buttons and features. I took a similar spill with the otterbox on my hip, but this time all I did was wipe off the dust after getting back up. It is definitely worth the money if you want something to protect your BB....more info
    • Great product
      Just a great product, I have dropped mine numerous times with no negative effects thus far...more info
    • So-so protection but you give up some features
      I bought one for my son, as he can be hard on his gear, plus he was spending a year in India. The lens cracked while the phone was in the case.

      You can't use a regular closed case with this installed, plus you can't use the holstered profile, and you can't use a desktop charger either. Overall it would be better to use a good leather case than this thing. Cheaper too....more info
    • Profound Protection!
      I have carried, and dropped my blackberries for 5 years now thanks to my employer. But when I purchased my Curve for personal use, I wanted to find an effective means to protect my investment.
      The Otter Box is "outstanding"! Sure, some will say it bulks ups the size too much. However, the protection it provides is quite profound.
      I tried the included display and keypad cover for a day and decided to remove it and just use the box. I have not encountered any issues without it.
      The complete unit in the box is actually easier to hang onto while typing versus out of the Otter Box because the metal surface is much slicker compared to the rubberized outter shell on the Otter Box.
      If one wished to protect their investment and still have great functionality, the Otter Box should be examined....more info
    • Very pleased
      By far the lowest price that I found for the otterbox case for blackberry curve. Case arrived within days. I saw how low pushcart's price was and I thought it was too good to be true. Then I saw 100% rating for pushcart and hit the purchase button without hesitation. ...more info
    • Seidio has nothing on this case!
      After two major dissapointments with Seidio's "skin and holster" product not fitting my 8330 correctly, I decided to try Otterbox for the first time. THEY GOT IT RIGHT! Otterbox calls this unit "Semi-Rugged". They are too modest!!!

      The aptly named Defender not only fit my BB like a well-worn glove, it offers protection elements that Seidio ignores. Every part of the device is covered and protected with the exception of the trackball and microphone. I wouldn't have it any other way. Even the keyboard is protected by a very accurately formed clear cover.

      Pros - Superior fit and protection. Lightweight and stylish. Sleeper feature is a must for a BB to maintain life of the battery. Adds a little bulk to the device, but the protection factors are well worth it!

      Cons - Vibration feature of the BB is dampened severely. A little pricey, but compared to the damage I've done to past BB devices, the investment will no doubt extend the life of the unit and save me money in the long run.

      Bottom line - I'd do it again in a heartbeat! All things considered, this is the best buy out there. Don't like the yellow? Get the all black version instead. Reason for 4 stars is due the impact on the vibration feature. That will take some getting used to....more info
    • highly recommended
      awesome case and I've tried a few. quite water resistant. does not hinder your ability to use any keys, etc. the holster is heads and shoulders above the rest. only drawback I've noticed is the clear plastic covers the camera lens which results in degraded picture quality (not that image quality is great to begin with though). I'll be checking with otterbox for cases for my other gadgets as well....more info
    • Tough as nails.
      This case is great in every way for protection of your blackberry. I couldn't be happier with its protection performance. I only gave 4 stars for one reason: the mic for the curve that I have is on the bottom and the case makes it very muffled and hard for others to understand you while on the phone. I even drilled out the hole in the case around the mic to try and improve it with no luck. The phone functions very well in every other way with the case on. The only way to make this case better is to figure out a way for the phone user to be heard more clearly when using the phone. I don't think you'll find a tougher case out there!...more info
    • 100% Protection, Which Means Bulky Bulky Bulky!
      The phone fits right into place and it's easy to set up. The tough and secure plastic cover goes on first, which gives it the ultimate protection opposed to those cheap and lame rubber "condom" covers. The rubber part goes next, and it's high quality which means it's nice to touch and comfortable to hold without it being slippery.

      They also give you a plastic film to put over the screens and buttons. I don't use it because after a while dirt gets behind there and my BB gets all nasty. Also, it's a pain in the arse to take it on and off...but it's there if you want it.

      The belt clip is decently comfortable, although the overall design feels a little bulky. That's because of the BB case itself. It basically doubles your phone in size, so this might turn some people off. For me, I think it's worth the slight uncomfortable bulky feel because now I no longer have insurance for the $5 a month! I dropped it plenty of times - even in the pouring rain - and no one would ever know.

      Bottom line - It works flawlessly, and snaps into the belt clip nicely; however, it may turn some people off because of its added bulkiness....more info
    • now it is complete
      there is no way in the world one should have a curve and not have this case. it is the best. i love the way it looks and functions. it does get a bit of attention and that is not always a bad thing. if i ever have to change phones (blackberry touch) i pray that otterbox makes a case for it as well. im just saying this case makes me love my bbc even more. it is awesome. buy my record. im just saying......more info
    • Love It Love It Love It
      I hit the send button to order this product & then felt uneasy about spending $... seemed awful pricey. I'm SO glad I didn't change my mind - this is the best package for a phone dropper like me. It Fits, It looks cool, It has already protected my Blackberry from a few falls - all this & I can actually type & Roll through the plastic skin. I've had lots of comments (Where did you get that?!) & referred others to this company. ...more info
    • Otterbox lives up to it's reputation!
      I am thrilled with my Otterbox Defender case! Before I recieved it, I was hesitant and protective with my Blackberry Curve. I put it in my Otterbox case and became completely comfortable with it. It truly brings a sense of security. A few days after using it, a steel monitor stand with two 19" digital monitors crashed down on it, and it was totally protected. My Otterbox Defender saved my Blackberry! The price was totally worth the saving of time and expense of replacing my Blackberry. I highly recommend this product....more info
    • Otterbox for blackberry curve
      I am very please with the quality of this product. The only flaw is that you will have to remove the section that covers the camera and flash. This distorts the pictures if not removed....more info
    • Great product!
      This Blackberry cover is the best I have come accross. I have used several others and they do not even come close. It is worth every cent I paid for it. I do installation work in the telecom and satelite industry and my blackberry has never come out of the holster and the skin has protected it from dirt, dust, light rain and insulation....more info
    • Best case for ANY phone
      I have been using this case now for about 2 months. I have dropped my phone during those two months inadvertently a half dozen times. The first time I did I thought the case was sure to break, but no way. This case is tough and didn't even scratch. Still looks as good when I bought it. Every drop now, I feel confident my phone will be just fine. Saves me the worry of having to buy a new blackberry at full price.

      If you are someone who works in the trades like construction, this is the case for you. Don't waste your time buying "pretty" leather cases or "skin" cases....your phone will break and you'll be miserable. Buy one case, this case, and you will be happy and secure.

      Trust me, I spent hours looking online at all the cases and I finally decided to go with this one and I have NO REGRETS! This is the case I will buy for every phone I get from here on out (provided Otterbox makes it for that particular model).

      I have the ALL BLACK model which works well for me as I wear a uniform everyday. DO IT!!!! BUY IT!!!...more info