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Thematically, Detours may not seem like much of a detour to Sheryl Crow fans. Her politics pour out of these songs the way you might expect them to if you caught wind of her epic cross-country bus trip, with the activist Laurie David, to promote environmental awareness months prior to this release. From the quiet, faraway-sounding opener "God Bless This Mess"--a novel in a song--to the catchy but thought-provoking "Gasoline," it's clear that Crow has more on her mind these days than soaking up the sun or having a little fun, la the Tuesday Night Music Club era. Yet there's not a groan-worthy song on this standout rock/pop/folk/blues album. If the themes are heavy (in addition to the political songs, there's an almost painfully tender lullaby for her son Wyatt and one, "Make It Go Away [Radiation Song]," that touches on her breast-cancer experience), the mood is cathartic, determined, hopeful at times and sad at others. "Now That You're Gone" grabs at clarity through the clouds of a devastating love affair and gets it, and "Peace Be Upon Us" picks apart pettiness and arrives at a wide-minded beauty. George Harrison seems present in some of these songs, especially the more personal ones ("Drunk with the Thought of You," "Love Is All There Is"). And that may be the highest compliment that Sheryl Crow, who seems to admire his gentle soul and shares his big heart, could ask for. --Tammy La Gorce

Sheryl Crow is set to release her sixth studio album, DETOURS. The album marks the return of producer Bill Bottrell, who previously worked with Crow on her breakthrough debut album Tuesday Night Music Club, which earned the singer three Grammy Awards, and sold more than ten million copies worldwide. "This is the most honest record I've ever made. It's about being forced to wake up," says Crow.

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UK pressing of the 2008 album from the American singer/songwriter featuring one bonus track: 'Rise Up'. Sheryl Crow 's sixth studio album, Detours, marks the return of producer Bill Bottrell, who previously worked with Crow on her breakthrough debut album Tuesday Night Music Club, which earned the singer three Grammy Awards, and sold more than ten million copies worldwide. 'This is the most honest record I've ever made. It's about being forced to wake up,' says Crow. 15 tracks total. Universal. 2008.

Customer Reviews:

  • The cd is good
    I was thinking it was in a plastic case because I didn't see if it stated what type of case it was in....more info
  • Lame effort from a greedy hasbeen
    crow and company got in front of congress to make radio stations pay to play their songs. What greed! There are fifty artists who do what Crow does and does it better and would welcome the publicity of radio stations. More elitism from tired old artists.

    The music on this one is boring, over produced, lazy song writing and her and Jewel are so yesterday.

    Crow started her career plagiarizing someone else and now she wants radio stations to limit their options by paying to play her and working out complex paying structures for independent artists.

    She is simply a greedy joke for the dying record companies to flaunt in front of politicians....more info
    Well Sheryl, since you quit buying toilet paper (I don't even want to ask how you manage!!) at least you can use this CD packaging instead! Advice... stay out of politics, buy and USE toilet paper, and worry about writing good songs....more info
  • Good but not like the first one.
    I've only listened to it a few times, and it's pretty good. It's classic Sheryl Crow. It's not as good as her first album though!...more info
  • Songs that get stuck in your head...
    "Detours" exceeded my expectations. Sheryl Crow still has an amazing edge, and this album proves that she remains one of the best songwriters in popular music today. In this age of iTunes and single-song downloads, I'm glad I bought the entire album, because every one of these songs deserves a chance to be heard.

    The first track is intentionally simple and it sets you up beautifully for the heavy-handed "Shine Over Babylon", one of my favorite tracks, and one that is trademark Sheryl Crow material. Other favorites include "Motivation", "Drunk with the Thought of You", "Out of Our Heads" and the title track, "Detours". All very solid works, and all of them are stuck in my head as I write this review. The other tracks, while not quite as appealing to me, are still very good and showcase SC's versatility....more info
  • Personal Detour
    No stranger to political protest songs, Sheryl Crow found herself with a batch of readymades after 2005's Wildflower and the declining mess of George Bush's years. She even scored a brush with lead buttclown Carl Rove, who was irked enough to make Crow the target of a talking points smear campaign. But there was more that Crow could not of possibly foreseen, including a fight with Cancer and a public separation with beau Lance Armstrong. All of these things feed into the intimacy and force of "Detours," easily Crow's best album since her Grammy winning second album.

    There are dark turns on this album, like the opening soldier's family tale of "Bless This Mess." There is snappy satire, like the Stonsey "Gasoline" (with Ben Harper). There's an obvious kiss-off to her ex ("Diamond Ring"). With "Peace Be Upon Us" and "out of Our Heads," there's some classicist rock with hippie sentiments that would do her mentors Don Henley or Eric Clapton proud. And for those looking for a breezy "All I Wanna Do" pop single, there's "Love is Free." In other words, pretty much what you'd expect from a Sheryl Crow album.

    It's the personal stuff that pushes this album higher. "Make It Go Away (Radiation Song)" beautifully puts her Cancer battle into perspective, while the title track is an emotionally volatile look at the future and where life can potentially lead. The songs all through "Detours" are rich and full sounding (thanks to the return of producer/collaborator Bill Bottrell who doesn't succumb to the loudness wars), and Crow's lyrics are up to the task. "Detours" is a delight, and one of Crow's best yet....more info
  • Great album from Sheryl!
    Sheryl Crow has come a long way since her debut in the 90's "Tuesday Night Musical Club." Granted her style may have changed a bit, but I think it's for the better. My favorite song on the album is "Love Is Free." I love the message and its video. If you're a long time fan of Sheryl Crow you'll enjoy this. If you're just a fan of her radio hits and not a die hard fan you may be dissapointed. If you're open about new styles of music I think you'll enjoy it like me. The songs are well-written and good quality. I only expect the best from Sheryl Crow. She even goes in political and personal songs on this album. I just happen to agree with her politics. Even if you disagree the music still sounds good, you have to admit. Overall I would definately reccomend Sheryl Crow's most recent album "Detours"!...more info
  • Be careful,
    Only three or four songs are worth.
    Coming from Sheryl Crow, I was expecting something more original, professional, and creative.
    But I'm patient guy, so I guess, better wait for the next album to come out. ...more info
  • Detours
    Detours being Sherry Crow's latest release is a good release that is a bit too political. As anyone whom has read my reviews knows, I have a big aversion for political music. Political music often becomes politics light. Meaning that it dumbs down politics to one liners. Sometimes I get the felling that Crow is trying to hard. Like on the song Peace be Upon Us. The lyrics sound pressed and forced. The social commentary also falls flat many times. Like on the track Gasoline. The book-let is really nice. Crow in many different poses in different outfits that actually looks like she would wear. I like how we get the information of who played what instrument. The lyrics are also presented in an easy to read font. 3/5.
    ...more info
  • Sheryl Crow Detours
    Poor effort. We all know Sheryl can do much better than this. Shouldn't have wasted the $10....more info
  • Give it a chance
    It is a good album. Give it a chance. I agree that it is political, and has many different styles, and that it is not her best, BUT since when do we fault people for honesty or uniquity (not sure on the spelling of that one). No one complains if people write a sappy but true love song, so why not a song about the current affairs of our world in an honest fashion.

    I say there is more Sheryl in this album than there has been in a long time so be grateful for it......more info
  • great return for Ms. Crow
    Sheryl Crow's latest effort, Detours, is a return to everything I love about her as an artist. She lost me a little with Wildflower (which I enjoy - just not as much as other records), but she's back in top-notch form with Detours.

    Dealing with relationships gone sour, life-changing health issues, the adoption of a new child, the current state of the world/politics, Sheryl unleashes a wide-range of songs in both theme and sound - there's even one song with a middle-eastern flair!

    Highlights for me so far: Gasoline (an awesome song that reminds me of her second, self-titled record), Make it Go Away, Shine over Babylon, Love is Free, God Bless this Mess, and Diamond Ring.
    ...more info
  • Back with Bottrell!
    Sheryl Crow rescues her career by turning to Bill Bottrell, her music partner from her first watershed album, "Tuesday Night Music Club". I've liked a lot of her work since then, but she hasn't produced a CD like that one since she and Bill split in mid-album #2 over what... many people speculate about, and probably only the two of them know.

    Bottrell's a producer/songwriter/musician that brings out the best in Sheryl Crow. This collection is without a doubt a return to form for her and one hopes she'll work with Bottrell and produce more of this caliber of music.

    The collection is really a coupling of two themes, the political Crow and the loved and lovelorn Crow. There are two songs that are exceptions, and they have a lot in common; they are both emotional outbursts from a woman who allowed herself to be featured as part of an "in love duo" in the tabloids, only to be painfully left behind, and a woman who faced and faced down breast cancer.

    The crappy:

    These two songs, "Diamond Ring" and "Make It Go Away" are whiny, distracting and unworthy of Crow and the rest of the CD. One is a subtle whine about Armstrong and the broken engagement. Even the voice is whiny. The other is a screechy whine about undergoing radiation. While I admire Crow for the hard work she must have done in her recovery from breast cancer, and her unwillingness to milk it for headlines, I really wish she wouldn't have inflicted this song on the world. Little more needs to be said.

    The political:

    In her "political protest" mode, Crow gave us 6 songs, which lead off the CD. The reaction to them is varied... if you don't like politically themed songs, you wouldn't listen to Sheryl Crow, in my mind. She gives us a "nation is rotten" song, three songs about the middle eastern conflict, a clever song with a "green" theme, and one ditty about the Katrina aftermath. The best of them?

    Crow and Bottrell (and two others in collaboration) took a chance with "Peace Be Upon Us" -- the melody and instrumentation are clearly middle eastern in flavor, and Crow's verses are sung in counterpoint with with the same words in Arabic, as sung by Ahmed Al Himi. The message is simple - a call for peace in both the speech of the Western world and the Middle East. I didn't read much in protest of this song, but 2-3 years ago, listeners would have spurned Crow's effort as traitorous. Today, it's a worthy effort.

    Sheryl's obligatory Katrina song is fun and infectious.."Love is Free". It focuses on the spirit of the residents of New Orleans, and it's got lyrics to die for:

    "You go to church
    And pray to God for no more rain
    A Cadillac, a paper sack
    Hey there, Jack you want some bourbon for the pain?"

    And last but not least at all is the imaginative "Gasoline". Ben Harper joins the vocals for an apocalyptic song about looking back on the Gasoline wars of 2017. Crow wages the wars all over the globe, from London to Riyadh to Tennessee to Argentina. The lyrics are masterful, and it's truly a protest song. My favorite line involves the gangs of Mini Coopers battling in the streets. When you hear a Crow song like this you forget the singing and toast the songwriter.

    Despite all the high points in the political tunes, the very best of Crow is still to come in the

    "Love and Lovelorn" set of 5 songs (there's also a throwaway song mocking Hollywood starlets called "Motivation"):

    "Detours" song 7 on the CD is the song I think of as "The paper-thin heart song", from the refrain. Crow is at her best, questioning a mother (real or imagined) about what to do with the fade to gray that is her ability to fall in love. It's poignant, and lyrics and music are a spectacular match.

    The best just might be, "Drunk With the Thought of You"...simple, engaging, a real songwriter's description of the high of being in love...."I know you've melted my heart in two".

    She closes strong on her loving themes with:

    "Love Is All There Is" -- and this is a song that will stay with you. It asks the question that Crow reportedly has asked herself... "Does Anybody Want You?" and showcases her voice better than any other song on the CD.

    And finally, Crow closes with a new door opening in her life, and gives us "Lullaby for Wyatt" (the name of her newly adopted son). It's simple and peaceful and has the characteristic I find in the finest lullabies...lifted from the nursery, it coexists as one of those plain old love songs.

    I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this collection by Sheryl Crow and Bill Bottrell, and how much I hope for more. The CD has enjoyed a lot of airplay in the car over the last six months, and I'm sure that Crow is feeling at home with her music again.

    ...more info
  • Reminds me of her first CD...
    This CD reminds me of Sheryl's first CD, Tuesday Night Music Club, which was my favorite of hers. I guess it's the sound, her raw voice, not trying so hard to create a radio "single". I think Detours is a decent effort and the more that I listen to it, the more I like it.

    That being said, if you're looking for a 'pop' CD, this isn't it. If you enjoy the unique sound of Sheryl Crow, her voice, her lyrics, the uniqueness of her sound...this will become a favorite. It's already one of mine. Some of my favorite songs are: Detours, Out of our Heads, Love is Free, God Bless this Mess, Diamond Ring and Love is all there is.

    I guess I should also address those buyers who are upset with the fact that she's singing about her politicial or world views. I don't think any celebrity who does this is say that their views are MORE important than anyone else's. I think they are just trying to spread their opinion, to maybe open up someone elses views. And why not? I love to blog my opinion for that reason (or write a review for that matter!), so I don't begrudge anyone else that option. I say, more power to the performers who are willing to take a chance and share their views. It doesn't mean I will follow them or change my views, all it means is I will THINK about their words. Is thinking or considering other opinions than your own a bad thing?? It's free speech and if you don't like it, well that's your problem- in my opinion.

    Back to Detours.....a great CD!! I like it much better than some of her others like her self-titled CD. So, if you don't mind a little hidden agenda behind some of the songs, and you like Sheryl Crow's music, I think you'll like this cd! I enjoy her because it's always a unique experience.

    ...more info
  • One Strange Detour
    I'm not that big of a fan of Sheryl Crow like some people, but her last album (Wildflower) really made an impression on me, so I was looking forward to hearing her next offering.

    I'm now very glad that it was of no cost to me to listen.

    The way I see it, music is supposed to catch the ear first, the sensibilites later. Crow has given her fans plenty of listening pleasure in the past but with "Detours" my expectations were figuratively deafened from the sheer number of production misfires contained within the album. I ultimately don't think much of it and here's a blow-by-blow of the reasons why.

    The album opens with "God Bless This Mess", which runs on a little too long - this is the type of song that should be short and sweet but it goes on for over two minutes, the acoustic guitar annoyingly repetitious with hardly any chord changes and the audio effect of it sounding like an ages-old recording is a bit strange. "Shine Over Babylon" is the real opener here with its rousing chorus that crescendos nicely and it segues quickly into "Love Is Free". It's obvious why this song was chosen as the first single to be released from "Detours" - it's the best song the album has to offer, the most radio-friendly and it echoes of her past hits (think "Soak Up The Sun", "All I Wanna Do"). "Peace Be Upon Us" is the first song that notifies its listener that this isn't your typical Crow album. Though it starts off admirably upbeat, her duet with vocalist Ahmed Al Hirmi is a strange choice - oddly enough, it all works somehow. The song features Arabic lyrics and at one point Crow wails with Al Hirmi like a devout Muslim calling out to Allah. "Gasoline" has some amusing and biting lyrics, touching upon America's dependence on foreign oil with an acerbic wit, but doesn't quite work as a song; Crow does a Johnny Cash-like recitation rather than full-out singing through most of it.

    The tempo of "Out Of Our Heads" just doesn't seem to fit the melody - this song should've been a ballad and the result is a composition that confuses and grates the nerves. Actress Rosanna Arquette is a backing vocalist on this track, making it even more of an anomaly. The song "Detours" rolls along and as the title track is the least noticeable of all the 14 songs contained on this album.

    Well, that's tracks 1-7 thus far and the second half of the album redeems little of the first. "Now That You're Gone" retreats back to some of the best of Crow's territory with its soulful, easy tempo and "Drunk With The Thought Of You" is another goodie. Starting off promisingly is "Diamond Ring" which lazily winds on a bluesy beat but it's painfully obvious that parts of the song are out of Crow's vocal range because she's really pushing it on the chorus. This is a woman who is primarily an alto and the repetition of the high-octave refrain has her voice horrendously straining and breaking, effectively killing the entire song. "Motivation" doesn't really have motivation (how ironic) - the lyrics are facetious but empty and the accompaniment is spiritless and unoriginal, making it ultimately forgettable.

    I understand that "Make It Go Away (Radiation Song)" is a deeply personal song for Crow and was written at a time of despair and uncertainty while she was being treated for breast cancer. Despite this, it still doesn't resonate the way it should and Crow sounds utterly whiny further on into the track. "Love Is All There Is" isn't noteworthy in the least. "Lullaby For Wyatt" is surprisingly sweet without any of the schmaltz one might expect; it's a really beautiful song on an album full of generally trivial and lackluster compositions.

    Bottom line: "Detours" arrangements and lyrics are a little off the beaten path at times and regrettably the album suffers for it. Crow is a good lyricist but this isn't her best work (her writing and arrangement on 2005's "Wildflower" rivals this) and from the sounds of it, she has hit a musical detour. Where this album was intended to go, I don't know. Here's hoping her next one arrives at a better destination. ...more info
  • I'm still waiting
    Gawd I love Sheryl Crow!! but I'm still waiting for her to bring it back around. She is the real deal do understand that. It's like she is trying too hard, digging too deep and then kind of patching it all together to give us this gift. As many have said, lots going on in her head.... cause she is all grown up!!! with even more responsibilities (last track) but like Annie Lennox and Melissa Etheridge it's all about the cause... the political cause. We hear it constantly, we read it daily now we have to go through it all over again with our favorite music artists because, well they take advantage of their positions amongst us to give us their opinion on how things are in the world. if you agree then enjoy if you don't agree then don't buy it...i guess. Some artists don't subject us to their opinions, they just do everything they can to try and support the solidiers...that's cool. One of these artists is really good friends with Ms attention sheryl!! Leaving on a positive note, tracks 3,6,8 and 13 are worth your time....more info
  • Her worst CD with one of the best songs she has written
    Now that you gone is the best song that she has ever written in my opinion. I just wish the rest of the CD held up, all of her "political songs" stink. I hate when singers try to push there political agenda down our throats, just because singers can make beautiful music does not make them smart, most of them are rich and stupid.

    Sheryl, I have been buying your CD's from the begining and seen you in concert also but if you keep up with this crap you have lost a die hard fan....more info
  • Her Best
    Sheryl has outdone herself on this one. All the songs are lyrical as usual, but the lyrics have alot more to them this time. This is her political protest and she has used this venue well to voice her opinions for an end to the war and our dependence on gasoline. Even a simple ballad like 'God Bless this Mess" has a very poignant message about our current administartion. The "Peace Be upon us" with the Arabic is over the top. She has employed her gift to relay some heartfelt and importatant messages. Viva la Sheryl!...more info
  • Some heart, no brain
    I was excited about this album since it reunites Sheryl Crow with her "Tuesday Night Music Club" producer. It has that same sound but not as much heart. Compared to her other albums, its got some spunk for sound but no brains behind the rhymes. The lyrics come off sounding like something from an 8th grade poetry notebook. She makes lyrical points in anticipation of being criticized but does little to flesh out her agenda in the song writing. After multiple listens (the music is catchy), the lyrics keep leaving me feeling like there was a rush to get this on the shelves. Also, I found the oversimplification of our recent history presented with such singular logic that it weakened the message of peace that is at the heart of this album (the title track tries to abstract 9/11 in a shamefully self-serving way). And for that, I see no value in the music, in the art, nothing substantive to connect to like in her previous albums. ...more info
  • just as good as her self titled "sheryl crow" release
    this CD reminds me of her self titled "sheryl crow" CD. each song is so
    different yet they all flow together. this CD has that raw sound to it.
    and i love that she follows no rules. this is a very strong release....more info
  • her best
    I am a big fan of sheryl crow, and I would say this is her best cd yet. The lyrics are intelligent, insightful, and bold--as is the music. I can listen to this cd over and over again without tiring of it. Highly recommended....more info
  • Good for those who like everything Cheryl records
    I appreciated the sentiment of the lyrics, and found some of the production interesting, but there are too many different styles of songs to feel a flow to the album. There are a few songs I like a lot, but I have to skip through many others to get to them. The ballads are nice, especially the lullabye she wrote for her son. There are some Beatle-esque touches in others....more info
  • Hate it.
    I'd give it half a star if I could. Total waste of money on my part. ...more info
  • Not for Republicans
    Thank you, Sheryl, for doing what so few of your colleagues have dared to do: taking on Bush, Cheney, et al foresquare, with candid, courageous lyrics about what's gone wrong, and why. . .as well as inspirational choruses expressing and engendering hope for a progressive, post-Dubya future. The music itself is adventurous and eclectic, and the CD deepens and richens with each listen. "The Globe Sessions" is still her masterpiece, but this is right up there w/ "Sheryl Crow" and "Wildflower" as Silver-Medal Sheryl -- and her second-bests whomp most artists' "bests."...more info
  • Politics
    I love the musicianship of Sheryl, but I can live without the political problems we face on a day to day basis. Music is my escape- why do I need to be reminded of life through someone else's colored eyes? I understand that that is kind of the genre she belongs to- but it is a bit overwhelming. There are some fun songs included as well.

    All in all, I do not believe it is as strong an album as some of her previous work. Maybe with some more time I will feel differently....more info
  • Sheryl's Best Yet
    In "Detours," Sheryl's lyrics are interesting and thought-provoking, as usual, but her musical compositions and her singing are the best yet. Her voice is phenomenal, from soft and sweet or soft and pensive to strong and soulful to an anguished howl. In all cases, it is wonderfully appropriate for the song, and it always sounds spontaneous and real -- never contrived. When the song calls for it, she sings with awesome power and control -- the equal of the best "soul" singers -- and her melodic embellishments are so smooth and natural that it's only when you listen analytically that you realize how much control she has. But it's easy to slip from listening analytically back to just being captivated by it.

    Other reviewers have emphasized the personal and political nature of some of the lyrics, and I wondered whether I would be put off by this. However, the album is so wonderful musically that the lyrics seem just magical. The more I listen to this album, the more captivated and amazed I am by the beautiful creativity and diversity of the arrangements. And the recording and mixing are as good as it gets. This album is an awesome work of art....more info
  • A Somber (Yet Wide Awake) Crow DETOURS Into Adulthood
    "Gone is the girl who wanted to have some fun/Gone is the girl who just wanted to soak up the sun." Those words could very easily have been lyrics from Sheryl Crow's brilliant new CD, the unquestionably dark, yet satisfyingly deep, DETOURS. After a very public romance (and break-up), a bout with breast cancer and the adoption of a newborn baby boy, Crow has upped the ante, resulting in an album that may be her most diverse to date, both musically (touching upon influences as varied as The Beatles, Prince, Steely Dan, Bonnie Raitt and Carly Simon, but never copying them) and lyrically (stepping out of both her own head/comfort zone, and succeeding around 90% of the time). Things kick off with the sweetly acoustic "God Bless This Mess." Almost playing a character in a mini-musical movie, Crow seems to be channeling this young girl as she attempts to make sense of an increasingly crazy world around her: "My brother came home yesterday/From somewhere far away/He doesn't look like I remember/As he just stares off into space/He must have seen some ugly things/He cannot seem to say/Oh God bless this mess." Backed soley by her own acoustic guitar playing, the arrangement is sublime, the vocals touching. All in all, a wonderful note to open on. Up next is the rocking "Shine Over Babylon." Granted, the lyrics may be a tad bit heavyhanded, but the soaring chorus in undeniably catchy, and the last couple of lines really hit home ("If everything in life was free/You'd float in your own reverie/The things that you can't seem to see/Seal the gap between you and me"). Then there's "Love Is Free", or as Crow lovingly refers to it, the "Instant Grat Track." This spirited ode to New Orleans could easily be written off as a fun little ditty, what with it's hand claps, Rickie Lee Jones-esque opening groove and Mardi Gras party vibe, but there's a lot more to it than that. This is one of those classic Crow songs that may seem one way on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you'll come up with something entirely different. One of DETOURS' best cuts! Ditto "Peace Be Upon Us", probably my favorite cut off of the album. There's something both ethereal and intoxicating about this's Middle East vibe, soothing vocals, clever arrangement. Add some poetic lyrics ("Pick the key up off the floor/Put the key into the lock/Turn the lock, open up the door/Look at all you've got, look at all you've got") and you have an instant Crow classic! "Gasoline" is proof positive how strong DETOURS really is....even it's weaker cuts are still fun! Yes, once again, the lyrics are a little over the top and preachy, but the bluesy arrangement is hypnotic and tight, the vocals sassy and sexy, the visuals stunning (I mean, c'mon, who CAN'T picture the "gangs of Mini Coopers" or the pumps being dragged "out of the ground with a big vintage John Deere?!?"). "Out Of Our Heads" has a nice, sing-songy groove to it, but once more there's more going on than what appears on the surface....only by getting "out of our heads/And into our hearts" does the world stand a chance...of coming together, of surviving...well, you get the picture! Hmmmm.....heady thoughts, anchored to a pop beat...I believe they call that....oh, ROCK 'N' ROLL!!! The album's title track is another (bitter)sweet moment. We've all been there....our heart broken, our parents trying to console us, their words only partially working A) because we just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and B) maybe, just maybe, a tiny part of us resents their wisdom and, yes, maybe even their own happiness. Crow captures all of this in a way that is equal parts understated and intense. Very nice! "Now That You're Gone" has a gorgeous Steely Dan - meets - Prince (those little guitar flourishes...!!)vibe, as sung by Bonnie Raitt. Seriously....this song would have fit perfectly on any one of Raitt's first seven albums. Oh, what the heck, she should STILL consider covering it! Toss in the atmospheric cello and soulful backing vocals and you have yet another winner! "Drunk With The Thought Of You" has a cool "Norwegian Wood" feel to it, while "Diamond Ring" is downright painful in it's honesty and rawness. Not since Carly Simon's "In Pain" (from 1980's classic COME UPSTAIRS) has an artist so ravaged both her vocal cords AND heart to get her story across. Haunting, intense, nakedly vulnerable.....this is an artist cracking open her soul. Far lighter ~ but just as enjoyable in a far different way! ~ is "Motivation." Buoyed by a pulsating, percussive beat, Crow nails the young Hollywood crowd and second generation wannabe's who feel they're entitled to it all ("Got no grease on my hands/Got no serious plans/Whole world's waiting for me/'Cause all I gotta do is get it for free"). Amen, Ms. Crow.....amen!! "Make It Go Away (The Radiation Song)" is achingly honest...from the metronome beat of an implied chemo drip to the raspy, pleading vocal, this is the bada** rocker transformed into a quivering, scared little mess ("I crawl into my circumstance/Lay on the table/Begging for another chance/But I was a good girl"). By the time we get to the last verse ("Sometimes I wonder/Which hurts the worst/Was love the illness/And disease the cure/Make it go away")it's like a musical punch in the gut. Chilling and powerful. Much like "Gasoline", "Love Is All There Is" is album filler, albeit smooth, sexy and fun, while "Lullaby For Wyatt" is a lovely, understated ode to new parenthood. So....while some fans might have a problem with her new, more worldly attitudes and views, you better get used to it....DETOURS represents the new, more adult Sheryl Crow, and she's here to stay. Yeah, I get the feeling she still wants to have some fun, but I also sense she now believes that there's more to life than just a good time. And I say, good for her! (As with all my reviews, I'm giving the disc an extra half a star for including the lyrics). ...more info
  • Sheryl Crow is still on top of her game
    I didn't think Sheryl would be able to top or even match the excellent Wildflower album, but she did with 2008's Detours. This CD seems to bring together Crow's classic rock, country, and pop styles together in the perfect blend. Detours as a whole is a little more upbeat than Wildflowers - almost in the way that her self-titled album is to her debut. My favorite track here is the rocking Gasoline. I love that song. Love Is Free is also an instant classic. If you like Sheryl Crow this is a great CD. Other highlights include the lofi opener God Bless This Mess, Shine Over Babylon, Out Of Our Heads, and the spiritual Peace Be Upon Us....more info
  • Ick....extra cheesy!
    Ok- so you broke up with Lance and war is bad and peace is good. Ick...this cd has so many cliches in it. The songs are extra cheesy on this one. C'mon C'mon was just cheesy enough but this takes it too far. The songs are somewhat catchy so it's not bad but the lyrics and maturity of the cd is nothing like some of her previous cds. I bet it's one of "those" cd's for her and she'll get back to writing great stuff like Globe Sessions and her self titled album....more info
  • Possibly Sheryl Crow's best CD
    I was slow to pick this CD up because it did not get great reviews when it came out. Since I purchased it two months ago, it has not left my CD player. It's hard to say for sure if this is her very best CD (the other candidate is "The Globe Sessions"), because this is a more uneven effort. The highs, however, are higher than anything she has done before. Has Sheryl Crow ever had a finer moment than "Peace Be Upon Us"? I don't think so. Every time I listen to that song, it sends chills up and down my body--and to call it deeply moving is the understatement of the year. "Gasoline" is also one of her best songs ever. Other high points on this CD include the title track, "Detours," and "Drunk With The Thought Of You". There are only a few clunkers ("Diamond Ring" quickly comes to mind), but in the context of many amazing tracks, they are not an issue. It saddens me that more than a few have felt the need to shoot down this CD because they may disagree with its politics (which ignores the music itself, which is beyond reproach). Those that do are missing out on some of the best music Sheryl Crow has ever made, let alone some of the best music of these times....more info