Dracula Vs. Frankenstein
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  • Trash-o-rama Horror, '70s Style!
    This movie defies description, but I'll try.

    I recall watching this
    schlockfest on "The Creature-Double-Feature" program, Saturday
    mornings on Channel 56, Boston. The DVD adds all the bits deemed too
    scary for the kiddies, and more besides (although rated PG, there is a
    hint of bare breast in about two scenes).

    The movie is really three
    bad horror movies put together in a big blender. There's the
    Frankenstien part, the mad doctor part, and the Dracula part, which
    smash together into a big ball of mush.

    The last surviving member of
    the Frankenstiens works with a crazed Lon Chaney to butcher helpless
    teens, then bring them back to life so he can extract some kind of
    fear-induced serum murdered people produce.

    Meanwhile, Drac is in
    town, and snatches the body of the Frankenstien monster. He plans to
    use Doc's serum on the monster, which will make Drac king of the
    vampires, or something like that. Drac teams up with Doc Frankenstien,
    and they use the monster to kill their enemies.

    Doc has captured
    the Judith's sister, and is using her to make his serum. When she
    disappears, Judith tries to track her down. She gets slipped some LSD
    in a biker bar, and then does a trippy hippie dance and meets up with
    some stylin' hippies. They help her to look for her sister, while she
    falls in lust with the head guru-hippie-guy. He becomes
    action-hippie-guru-guy when it becomes time to battle Drac and Frank
    (think Mannix crossed with Mike Brady after he got his hair

    One of the most unique things about this movie, besides
    monster vs. monster, is that Drac can fire heat rays from his

    Dracula is played by the filmmakers' stock broker! Though no
    Lugosi or Lee, he is strangely effective as a gotee-bearded
    Drac! Forrest J. Ackerman (the writer who coined the shorthand term
    "sci-fi"), cameos, and J. Carrol Naish plays Doc Frankenstien. Jim
    Davis (Jock Ewing on "Dallas"), plays a cynical cop, and Russ Tamblyn
    (Dr. Jacobi on "Twin Peaks"), plays Rico, the chief biker bad

    Angelo Rossitto, who plays the carnival dwarf, will be familiar
    to film fans. He appeared in the 1932 classic "Freaks" (1932), and
    "Mr. Wong in Chinatown" (1939). Horror fans will remember Rossitto in
    "The Corpse Vanishes" (1942), and "Scared to Death" (1947), both with
    Bela Lugosi. He was also a regular on "H.R. Pufnstuf". His most famous
    recent role was Master in "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" (1985)

    Sadly, in later years he was forced to run a newspaper stand in
    Hollywood because he could not make enough money in films to live

    The DVD is great, packed with extras, and nice interactive
    menus. There's also an alternate ending where Drac drives a silver
    hearse! It sounds (and is!), laughable, but on the other hand, what
    kind of car would be a better Dracmobile?

    Though hardly a classic,
    the movie will gratify those monster fans who always wanted to Drac
    and Frank fight it out.

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  • A wonderful timecapsule, but only for a specific audience.
    Dracula Vs. Frankenstein was a movie from Independent International Pictures, with Sam Sherman acting as Producer, and long time friend and companion Al Adamson working as Director. The movie actually went through numerous changes before finally becoming Dracula Vs. Frankenstein. The original script didn't even have Dracula or Frankenstein in it!

    Dracula (Zandor Vorkov, who's real name is Roger Engle) find's the body of the Frankenstein Monster in a cemetary (in California ?!). He brings the body to the wheelchair-bound Dr. Frankenstein (J. Carrol Nash, once famous character actor) who owns a spookhouse at a carnival. Dracula hopes that the Dr.'s "blood serum" will render him invulnerable, and in exchange give's him the Monster so that He may get revenge on the Dr. who crippled him (that Dr. is played by Forry Ackerman). Dr. Frankenstein also has a lab assistant, Groton (Lon Chaney Jr. in his final role), who when injected with the blood serum becomes a viscious axe murderer, killing love-makers near a beach! He's also aided by a midget called Grasbo, played by Angelo Rossito! One of his victims is the sister of busty blonde night club performer Judith Fontaine (Regina Carrol, Al Adamson's wife),who decides to take matters into her own hands and look for her sis, when the cops prove useless. However, she gets entangled in a horrifying web of monsters, hippies, and Russ Tamblyn, who looks like he's just waiting for his weed. Finally they stumble upon Dr.F and all is revealed. Groton is killed by the chief of police (Jim Davis), Grasbo falls on an axe, and Dr. Frankenstein's head is chopped off! Judith is kidnapped by Dracula and the Monster, and her love interest is melted by the fierce power of Dracula's ring (a very cheesy, but cool, effect). The Monsters carry her to an old church, and bind her, and her boobs, too a chair. Dracula lights some candles and prepares to have her "join him in the world of the undead", but he wasn't counting on the Monster's love for cleavage, and the viscious brute strikes Dracula with a chair (very funny, because it looks like it hurt, and there were obviously no stunt men)! Frankie knocks his ring off and chases Dracula into the woods. They then battle in day for night photography that is too dark. Finally Drac tears the Monster apart piece by piece, ripping his arms and his head off. Drac rushes back to his coffin, but the sun comes up and Dracula is fried, turning his face into a $0.75 halloween mask! Judith breaks free of the ropes, and after a nice close-up of her cleavage, she leaves and the movie ends! Wow.

    Yes, there are two Dracula Vs. Frankensteins, but this is the "real" one. The other DvF is actually Assignment Terror, a Paul Naschy Hombre Lobo vehicle, where all the horror heavyweights battle it out, when they are ressurected by an alien played by Michael Rennie. It was retitled DvF for the American market in 1969....or '70, I think. Naschy is one of my all time faves, but this is about I.I.P.'s Dracula Vs. Frankenstein!

    Lon Chaney Jr., and J. Carrol Nash worked together many times before, but most notably in House of Frankenstein!

    There are many references to Son of Frankenstein in Dracula Vs. Frankenstein. Names and dialouge. Forrest J. Ackerman plays Dr. Bomont, which was the name of the crooked doctor in Son of Frankenstein. Also, the idea of having Dracula tear Frankenstein apart "piece by piece just as Frankenstein created him" is also mentioned in Son of Frankenstein.

    Unfortunatly, Al Adamson was murdered a couple years ago by a man hired to work on his house. His body was discovered inside the cement pool foundation! And this was only a short time after Regina Carrol died of cancer. Al spent all his time and money fighting her inevitable passing, a fight no one could have one.The world has lost two wonderful entertainers...

    Thankfully, all of Al's movies are now widely available on DVD for all fans of B-cinema to enjoy. But be warned these movies are dated, and a younger or more modern, or simply ignorant audience, will NOT appreciette them. Their loss, cause these are some very fun movies, and Dracula Vs. Frankenstein is easily one of the best of them!...more info
  • This movie rminds me of watermelon bubbleicious gum.
    This is about Dracula and he has to fight Frankenstein. There are also murderous mad scientists in cahoots with Dracula and its up to Regina "freakout girl" Caroll to save the day. I dont know why the two legendary monsters fight but they do.Thats enough with the story though because it is hard to express such a high-calibur screen play in mere words.I like this movie because it is one of the finest pieces of cinema ever made. It is full of meaning and you can truly relate to the sorrow and misery that the characters must endure. Russ Tamblyn (1 time oscar nominee)gives the best performance of his career as a tough biker. The lines and story are truly thought provoking and inspiring. Al Adamson was a genious and after seeing this movie every one is sure to agree....more info
    This is one of the movies that I want for my birthday! I like the old horror movies starring J Carol Naish and Lon Chaney Jr. They are two of my favorite actors. Well, in this movie, it has loped heads and guts. I`m only allowed to watch G and PG movies so I wanted to check this one out.When Chaney and Naish made this film, they were down on thier luck in acting, so nutcase Al Adamson put them in this film. It also starrs his not so famous wife Regina Carrol.Back to the plot: When Dracula(Zandor Vorkov)comes to Castle Frankenstein, to help the doctor (Naish) out, recreating the monster ! There`s a miget man, a dance girl, a hammy dracula, and a marshmellow looking Frankenstein monster. At the end , they meet in a fight of fright as Dracula and The Monster Battle to the death. It has some pretty gory special effects, but counting on the low budget level.It is rated PG and is from VSV wich means very strange video.I hope you will buy this old LOW BUDGET CLASSIC from the horror director and prodcer AL ADAMSON. If this reveiw helped you at all, type in Al Adamson at the box where it says VHS and you`ll find other classics that he either stared in or made. ENJOY THE MOVIE: DRACULA VS FRANKENSTEIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • They just don't make them like they use to.
    Dracula vs. Frankenstein is nothin like the old classics from universal studios.Lon chaney jr. did great in the old B-horror movies.They just don't make them like they use to....more info
  • Grade A Garbage
    My feelings regarding this film were always ambivalent. I saw it at a child and loved it. However, as I've aged, my attitude towards it is more complex. I'm a distant relative of J. Carrol Naish (a point of pride with me; for those whose only exposure to him is this film, catch him starring with Bogart in "Sahara.") and I've loved Lon Chaney since childhood, so there's something painful in watching this film as an adult and seeing the ignominious circumstances these 2 legends ended their careers in, considering the artistry they had both been capable of (for those whose only image of Chaney is as "The Wolfman", catch him in "Of Mice And Men"). Also, I'm not one to indulge in the trend of elitist contempt towards the low-budget films of the 60's and early 70's. "Golden Turkeys" indeed. Silly, laughable cinematic atrocities? Perhaps, but there's nothing worse, in my opinion, than the insulting multi-million dollar pablum that Hollywood currently purveys ad nauseam. I'll take "Frankenstein's Daughter" over "Gigli" any day of the week. At the very least, Al Adamson had the passion of a true fan of the old-time horror movies. No, this isn't Karloff's "Frankenstein" or Laughton's "Island of Lost Souls." It's not even "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things." But if you're willing to watch it in the spirit in which it was made, and you've fortified yourself with several bottles of beer, it can be diverting, escapist entertainment. Surely that has to count for something in this bleak day and age....more info
  • So bad it's.................bad!
    Will B-Movie buffs enjoy this Al Adamson classic? It all depends on just how cheesy you prefer your B-Movies! Flicks like "Plan 9 From Outer Space" or "Swamp Girl" stay fun partly because they cut to the chase, they move along at quick enough pace that you tend to stay enthralled with the campiness of it all.

    This Al Adamson classic definitely has it's moments, but much of the silly dialogue tends to be lengthy, the chase scenes drawn out, and the lighting often so bad it's.....well, you have no idea what is happening onscreen!

    The crowning glory is Regina Carol's Las Vegas song and dance number where two black-clad gentlemen prance around as her back-up singers. The song will leave you baffled, the gaudiness of the stage and curtains will leave you seeing spots for the rest of the evening, and Regina... I must admit, Regina was a hep chick!

    Dracula is comical, Frankenstein's mask looks like deep fried oatmeal, and the hippies placed throughout the movie probably looked way more way-out than the hippies of that era!...more info

  • So Bad Its good
    This Movie is just awfull. J. Carrol Naish, Lon Chaney, Forrst J. Ackerman, Dracula, Frankenstien.It was made by enjecting scenes with Dracula and Frankenstein into a unwatchable movie called "Blood Freaks". It was really bad.I place it in my collection with "Bride of the Monster", "Robot Monster" and "Bela Lugosi Meets a Broklyn Gorilla" as a classic piece of junk. It is no "Spider Baby" or "Plan 9 from Outer Space" but is a step up from "Santa Claus Versus the Martians"....more info
  • Fun bad movie seen through the eyes of nostalga
    Dracula Vs. Frankenstein was seen by me in a time where I looked forward to horror movies on the weekend on TV.

    Most of the time, they were black and white and 30 or 40 years old (which to a kid might as well be 1000 years) and even the color ones had a certain "in a faraway time" feel.

    So, one of the big surpirses of Dracula Vs. Frankenstein upon seeing it again was that it was pretty contemporary to the 70's. It didn't seem so at the time.

    This movie is undeniably bad but it's bad in a way that you can sink your teeth into.

    If over the top campiness is a talent J.Carrol Naish is sure acomplished at it. He played the mad scientist to the stereotypical hilt. Make no mistake, scenery chewing makes these film more fun and he did it well. It's unfortunate that the clicking of his false teeth were constantly heard on the soundtrack though.

    Zandor Vorkov (his real name is Roger, a stockbroker I believe)manages to play Dracula with that same wonderful, juicy over the top and above campiness while managing to be a bit compelling. Since he was and isn't an actor by trade, I think this deserves some praise. While his look was all wrong (Think Frank Zappa with fangs and a goatee)he gave it his all and seemed to be enjoying himself.

    Lon Chaney Jr. turns in his last performance as the crazy mute assistant of Dr. Frankenstein. It's a bit poignant to know that he was very ill during this movie and died soon after. In fact, his part was written as a mute since his throat cancer prevented him from speaking well.

    The Frankenstein monster fares the worst. He's just there and not a part of the over the top zaniness that makes Dr. Frankenstein and Dracula so fun in this flick.

    The film seems to have it's heart in the right place(I think it wanted to be a bit of a tribute to those great Universal horror films), but the fact that it was filmed over the course of four years and was heavily rewritten and refilmed by people that had never evolved beyond exploitation in the first place kept it from being anything close to a tribute.

    Having the DVD gives some insight into the production as well as showing you an alternate ending (explaining why towards the end of the movie, Dracula's makeup and Frankenstein Monster look changes. It was filmed much later with another person playing the monster). It's a good look at the old ins and outs of B movie making.

    The great Forrest J. Ackerman makes a cameo by the way (which opened the way to some nice coverage in his Famous Monsters mag).

    If you take this movie in the spirit of nostalgic fun, you'll enjoy it. Bad movie fans will get a kick out of it too....more info

  • As lousy as this movie is-
    -it scared the crap outta me as a kid when Dr. Shock aired it in the 70s (WPHL - Philadelphia). I miss that show. :(...more info
    If your looking for cult, low budget, and just a plain silly excuse for a horror film, THIS IS IT! But I love this movie. One Tuesday, I was in the Honey Creek mall in Terre-Haute, I stoped in at SUNCOAST and was looking trough the old horror movies and I came across this one. I bought it and wathed it.I accidently put it in my Universal Collection by mistake. Just last Friday, I took it out and watched it again. But this time it seemed even greater than the first time. Dracula Vs Frankenstein is a total piece of history! The special effects are pretty gory but on the low budget level.Thats why you should buy Dracula Vs FRankenstein!...more info
  • Dracula versus Frankenstein?
    I bought this film for a couple of dollars along with a really good copy of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE on DVD. The back of the video seemed intriguing enough so I thought it was worth the two bucks. Boy was I wrong (and I sure hope that blurb writer is making a lot of money)!

    The film sounds like an updated and revised version of Ed Wood's PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. Of course, that's such a bad film why would anyone try to update it? Anyway, the title is totally bogus because Dracula and Frankentein don't fight each other in this film. In fact, they are never seen in the same room.

    The acting is bad. The writing is horrible. The editing makes the movie look like the film was ran through a food processor. The lighting turns everything a dark shade of grey. The music clashes between suspenseful and hilarious. The dubbing (the movie wasn't made in the USA) doesn't match up well and makes a Godzilla movie look like an Oscar winner.

    Overall, stay away. In the words of Joseph Conrad's Kurtz "The horror, the horror!"...more info

  • inexpensive fun
    Don't expect much, and you can actually enjoy this movie! This ended up being the wrong movie, I was looking for a different version of this title, but it was pretty good....more info
  • UNRELENTING HORROR (and that ain't a compliment)
    It was always a secret ambition of mine to be a movie trailer announcer during the heyday of drive-in cinema. I loved those bombastic voices carrying on about the cheesy movies as though it were the end of time. So I thought I would couch my review of this '71 "classic" in just those terms:













    Coming soon to a DVD bargain bin near you.

    ...more info
  • It seems they have it confused with another movie...
    This version of Dracula VS Frankenstein is not to be confused with the 1971 J. Carroll Nash version with Lon Chaney. The other reviews on this page have it wrong! This version, starring Michael (the day the earth stood still) Rennie and The european wolfman Paul Naschey has space aliens trying to take over the world by resurrecting the planets most horrifying monsters, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and the mummy. Once alive the plan is to break earthman's will and conquer the planet. The acting is certainly very poor (except for the great Paul Naschey a.k.a Valdimar Daninsky a.k.a the Wolf Man) and the make-up on frankenstein looks like a child did it. It does have that campy , cheesy feel about it and those who are fans of B horror will get their fill. As for the title though, i don't think that Dracula ever does fight Frankenstin!...more info