Modern Recording Techniques, Sixth Edition
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* Provide in-depth insights into hands-on operation of studio recording equipment, such as project studio * Explores the latest in digital technology, multitrack systems, MIDI, and the electronic musical instrument industry * Perfect for anyone wanting to learn professional recording - producers, musicians, multimedia developers, audio for video professionals, universities, schools, and audio enthusiasts

Customer Reviews:

  • Introduction guide
    Modern? As a reprint this book is getting pretty old now and would really benefit from some new material. I'm also not sure who the audience is meant to be. It's too generalised to appeal to someone who understands the fundamentals of recording and yet would probably scare off someone who is relatively new to the subject.

    The format is very text bookish and is let down by the lack of solid tips, techniques and examples that would have bought this otherwise ordinary book to life.

    Unless you have the luxury of already owning all the other recording books advertised on Amazon I would shunt this one further down the list....more info

  • This book is a MUST HAVE!
    With so many horribly written books on the market, particularly those pertaining to technology, I am absolutely thrilled with Modern Recording Techniques! As someone with a significant background as both a musician and in technology, I've had almost no experience in audio recording. This book not only clarifies things that have befuddled my feeble mind for many years (smile), but also does an incredibly effective job at explaining concepts that are completely new to me. Examples are well chosen and the few downloadable tutorials provided on the author's web site for this book are, while simple, also very effective.

    While I'm still working my way through this book, I can already say that it is going to be one of those that I will continue to use and refer to for a very long time. With that in mind, I would give this book ten stars, if that were possible. Thanks!
    ...more info
  • Thorough, but uncolored
    Huber has assembled a synopsis of audio recording, which is great for the uninitiated, but I find that the book, while definitely at home in my music recording library, is not opinionated enough to be more than a starting reference. There is a decided lack of opinion on recording issues that often polarize music recording professionals. By being all things to everyone, this book is simply a starting point, albeit an excellent one, well laid out and with chapters that progress in logical order. If you seek pros and cons on recording techniques, you may find some here, as well as a generalization of what is available....more info
  • Concise presentation, excellent illustrations, up-to-date.
    This is the 4th edition of a book which has been in print for more than 20 years. The 4th edition has been up-dated to include current practices and equipment for sound recording. Although directed to music recording, this book provides an excellent foundation for work in theater, film, television, and multi-media.

    I have used this book as the principal text for the first quarter of a three course sequence in Sound Design for Theater, Film and Video at UCLA....more info

  • Modern Recording Techniques
    The book arrived in a timely manner and was in good shape when it arrived. We were 100% satisfied....more info
  • Information at your fingertips
    Modern Recording Techniques was the first of many books I have read in my study of Sound Design. Where this book does get a little complicated and at times the structure throws me off, this book is the best I have found so far. Similar books, such as the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook, read like instruction booklets that are so confusing that you are not sure if you are reading about a microphone or trying to put together a bookshelf.

    This book has stayed on my computer desk and by my side for the past year. Definitely worth the money!...more info

  • As a text book
    This was required as a text book for a Live Sound Reinforcement class that I took in college. As such it was fair/o.k. Since my interests were not in recording, the book was only somewhat useful. It was, however, pretty informative on the techinical aspects of audio and sound in general. A great deal of the information pertaining to recording is applicable to L.S.R. so the book did provide enough information in a fairly clear format for a novice to pick up on. Overall I'd say the book would be great for someone who has a rudementary knowledge of recording and recording techniques. ...more info
  • Finally, some plain English
    I've been a professional musician for 30 years, and now that the opportunity to record at home has become reality, I wanted to bring myself from total ignorance to at least a fundamental knowledge of the subject. I found this book to be the perfect answer to my needs. The authors explain things in plain English, put in enough detail for those who can absorb it, and remind the rest of us, "Don't let the math scare you, just get the idea." ...more info
  • The Engineer's Holy Bible
    I have owned this book and its preceding editions for many years now, and I still the most used book I own. This is, hands down, the best recording reference guide avalible. This is must have for any engineer. If you're just starting out and looking for a book to help guide you, THIS IS THE ONE. You will use it book for the rest of your life....more info
  • Good beginners guide
    If you are new to recording then this book will help you. It starts from basic concepts and guides the reader through the procedures for creating your own recordings. The language is easy to understand and there are numerous graphics to support the concepts conveyed in the book....more info
  • How stupid is this!!
    How can I review this book when I never received it. The seller took my order and when I followed up 2 weeks later to ask about the shipping date, admitted that they didn't have it in stock. A total waste of my time! Amazon should do a better job of monitoring these third party vendors....more info
    This book is really a must for everyone who wants to learn more about proaudio. From the beginner to the semi-pro, this book is for you. I wish Amazon had the "expert" one, from the same serie....more info
  • A terrible textbook
    This is the worst textbook I have ever read. The editing is terrible (typos, spelling mistakes, extremely unprofessional writing, unexplained jargon), the diagrams are hit-and-miss (some are useful and accurate, others are shoddily crafted, most are downright unnecessary), and the whole book has a vibe of amateur, slapdash work.

    I would estimate that roughly 1/4 of the included figures are pictures of recording equipment taken straight from manufacturers' advertising literature. It's as if Huber did a Google Image search for "preamps" and included the first six results. Also, do I really need to see screenshot of Windows Media Player's visualization options?

    The book does a good job at covering the basic concepts of recording, but goes too far in trying to encompass every little bit of information about the recording industry ("Tax Tips for Musicians"? A half-page table of Internet connection speeds?). Do yourself a favor and find a better, more professional book.

    I've returned to this review months later because I finally figured out what was REALLY bothering me about this book. The Windows Media Player screenshots, the tables of useless information, the gee-wiz references to the "Information Superhighway", the useless, gear-lusty sprinklings of product promotion photos, the dumbed-down writing style, all suggest one thing: an underlying immaturity in dealing with the recording industry. Don't get me wrong - there's lots of helpful information here. But reading between the lines, I can't help but get the feeling that if someone wiser and more experienced had written (or at least edited) this book, all of Huber's ephemera would be boiled away and readers would be able to concentrate on the real meat of the recording profession....more info
  • Excellent!
    I just received my copy 2 days ago and I haven't been able to stop reading it. This books is intended for someone who wants to understand the concepts of audio from the beginning. The book is very well written and it uses easy language and uncomplicates the complicated. I recommend this book for anyone in the audio business....more info
  • Good for beginners
    This is a good overview if you are new to the industry. Lack of detailed information limits its usability if you already have some experience. I would recommend Yamaha's Sound Reinforcement Handbook and Bobby Owsinski's Mixing and Mastering Engineer's handbooks over this for more specific tips....more info