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Durofix 4v Cordless Screwdriver
List Price: $39.99

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Product Description

Wow! Battery Remains Charged After 6 Months of Storage. Eco Friendly Battery Chemistry. Can handle the tough jobs. Package Includes: 4 V Durofix Cordless Screwdriver (Size is about 5 1/2 Inches long) + 6 pcs Screw Bits Charging Adapter Removable Holster Accessories. Phillips Bit #ph 1 Phillips Bit #ph 2 Phillips Bit #ph 3 Screw Bit Flat V5 Screw Bit Flat V5.5 Screw Bit Flat V6 This item will need to be charged prior to using it the first time.

  • This BRAND NEW Durofix Li-ion Cordless Screwdriver + 6 pcs Screw Bits makes a great gift for anyone.
  • The ergonomically designed pistol-grip tool fits into the palm of your hand.Only weighs 13 ounces.
  • It's lithium-ion battery stays charged for up to 2 years!
  • The Durofix 4volt Lithium Ion Cordless Screwdriver is an easy solution for all screwdriving tasks
  • It's compact/lightweight design makes working in tight spaces much easier

Customer Reviews:

  • 5 minutes use
    I had really high hopes for this little screwdriver. Firstly,it feels really good in my hands but lack the power i expected. It had difficulty driving a 1.5" wood screw into 2x4. So i thought i would give it the full charge before using it again. Went back and it was dead.

    Live in the Caribbean so cant return it. it really feels good though!...more info
  • great drill and service
    I goofed when flying so my drill was taken by security. I was so thrilled I could replace by going to amazon. No store in my town had it. I do love to shop on amazon and its marketplace. I am always happy with the service....more info
  • Only unscrews now
    I had this product about a year and it worked OK. Then the screw in button stopped working. Now it only unscrews....more info
  • Great Little Tool
    I have this little tool, and the battery like the little bunny. It goes on and on and on and on.... ( you know what I mean.) Seven months later still going. I lost my charger, and forgot how does it look like. It is still working, but need to get the charger soon or later. Anyone know, please post a link or picture. Thanks...more info
  • Great little screwdriver
    I bought this little screwdriver five months ago and only used it briefly once, put it in the toolbox and forgot about it. Today I grabbed it thinking that the battery would most likely be dead. It wasn't! I was able to drive eight very long screws (3 1/2 inches each) without pre-drilling with this little Durofix. It still had juice left after I finished. I decided to recharge it afterwards, just in case.

    This is a great tool for people who may need to use a screwdriver every now and then.

    (If you get one, after you've used it for the first time, add a reminder to your online calendar to recharge the drill five or six months from now. I just did that, myself. :)...more info
  • great, handy tool
    the durofix 4v is an efficient driver,drill, perfect for small jobs.
    retains a charge for a long time (7 months so far)...more info