Mio Classic Select Heart Rate Monitor Watch
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Product Description

The MIO? Classic Heart Rate Monitor is a motivational tool for those who are serious about improving their health through calorie monitoring and weight-management. It includes a full heart-rate and calorie management system including tracking calories consumed against a daily calorie target and tracking calories burned during exercise. The Classic watch module can easily be removed from the strap allowing you to interchange watch straps.

Motivate yourself to reach your weight and fitness goals with the stylish and easy-to-operate Mio Classic Select wristwatch-style heart rate monitor, which includes Mio's patented weight-management system and doesn't require an ECG chest strap. With the Mio Classic Select, measuring your heart rate is as easy as applying two fingers to the watch for a matter of seconds. Measurement features include personalized percent of maximum heart rate display, calories burned during exercise, calories consumed against a daily calorie target, and your daily calorie balance. It has an interchangeable watch band, giving you the choice to select the band color that best suits your style (sold separately). This package also includes the MioSense Guide to Healthy Living booklet, with fitness and nutrition tips as well as a comprehensive calorie and carbohydrate table.

About Mio
The story of Mio began in 1999 when it was created by entrepreneur and mother of three, Liz Dickinson. Like many of us, Liz balances family and career, leaving little time for fitness. After several unsuccessful attempts to achieve her fitness goals and shed the pregnancy weight-gain of her third child, Liz turned to a personal trainer for advice. While working with a trainer, Liz realized the key to getting in shape and staying in shape is to practice smart eating habits, monitoring calorie intake, and using a heart rate monitor to ensure that she exercises at the right level. Liz realized there wasn't a product available on the market that would easily help her follow her trainer's advice.

Liz didn't have time to read labels and carry a calorie journal in her purse, nor did she have much patience for the uncomfortable chest strap she had to wear to get her heart rate. She knew there had to be a better way, so Liz used her technology and marketing savvy to create Mio, the world's first heart rate monitor to work without a chest strap. And, it didn't stop with just heart rate, as Mio also has a patented calorie management system that offers a straightforward approach to managing your diet. With the help of Mio and a balanced diet, Liz was able to shed those unwanted pounds and gain the benefits that come with improved fitness: more energy, more vitality, and less stress, and help many others do the same with the creation of Mio's products.

  • Wristwatch-style HRM provides accurate heart rate without a chest strap
  • Measures your heart rate by applying two fingers to the watch for a matter of seconds
  • Personalized percent of maximum heart rate display, counts calories burned during exercise
  • Tracks calories consumed against a daily calorie target and displays daily calorie balance
  • Interchangeable watch ban

Customer Reviews:

  • Simply the best
    This watch is loaded with features: It accurately measures out your heart rate, it calculates how many calories you've burned through exercise, it's a full-function stop watch, you can even imput how many calories you've consumed and will sound an alarm when you've exceded your daily limit. I've had mine for two years and the only thing I had to do was change the battery. ...more info
  • Still not everything I'd hoped
    Under whatever circumstances this watch thinks is ideal it works perfectly. But I've found it to not work as well/quickly as I'd hoped. I bought it primarly to take my heart rate while swimming, but end up having my heart rate drop significantly before I can get a good reading - and sometimes it reads off the charts 178 bpm or so. Maybe swimming wasn't it's real purpose - but at any rate it's not real good for that....more info
  • Great watch
    I have used these watches for some time now. The only con was the price, but the prices were so good i actually purchased two watches; so i could have a back up....more info
  • MIO Weight Control Watch
    My new watch is really a hi-tech item. It adds all your daily calories, and then subtracts them as you exercise, which gives you a running total of your calorie expenditure. Doubling as a heart rate monitor, you can check your heart rate as you exercise. I am very pleased with this item....more info
  • Does the job well
    I have had this watch for about 4 months. I am very happy with the performance. Easy to program. No fuss. Would recommend, no need to spend double and triple the price....more info
  • Mio Classic Select
    I am real happy with the performance of this watch. It is great to be able to work out and get an accurate heart rate reading without having to wear a chest strap....more info
  • Does the job!
    I have compared this to my gym's machines, and my home blood pressure - heart rate monitor, and it is only one or two beats off each time - very close to what they say! It also seems to work well walking. It is rather inconvenient to place two fingers on the buttons while exercising, and it can take several seconds, but on the other hand, sometimes the machines don't give readings, and this one keeps working. It is also handy to have the watch on for timing reps. at the gym. You can press the light button while walking in the dark, and then take your reading and it stays lit, so useful in the dark.

    It is rather bulky for a woman, and not very comfortable or attractive, but it is sensible, and sensibly priced, and does the job. I was too scared to buy the petite size, as I have a large wrist for a woman, but I would prefer a smaller one. I love not having to worry about a strap. For me it is worth having to place two fingers on it.

    Note it does not have to be on your wrist to use it. You could carry it on curved fingers on a walk or run and then take your reading. It is also very easy to use. I didn't even have to use the manual to figure out how to set the time....

    UPDATE: I have purchased the Reebok fitwatch and like it a lot better (although I only gave it a four star because it isn't quite as accurate, but close). It is much more feminine, and it is much easier to get a rating (takes less time, and the angle is SO much better). So, for accuracy, this one, but for comfort and being feminine, I like the fitwach. ...more info
  • Mio Heart Rate Monitor
    pretty nice, but not as good as the polar with the waist strap. like the Mio in that I don't have to wear a waist strap. will get a better model next time in that this one doesn't have all of the things I desire....more info
  • Accurate...When It Decides To Work
    Overall, this heart rate monitor watch was a big disappointment. As for accuracy, the monitor was pretty close to the heart rate monitors on the treadmills at the gym. The problem with this monitor is that it works very inconsistently. Sometimes, it will give a reading in a matter of seconds. Most times, however, the little heart icon will flash as if it is taking a reading but it never actually displays one. If you keep the button pushed down long enough with no results displayed, it reverts back to the clock. One evening, I spent a good hour pressing and repressing the heart monitor button and never did get a result. Would recommend NOT buying this item....more info
  • Fairly Good Watch
    I bought this watch about three weeks ago, and it's a fairly good watch. However, it doesn't give the most accurate readings (compared to those that have the separate chest strap). Also, it's a bit bulky, but I got used to it. For the price, I'm pleased with my purchase!...more info