Apple 8 GB iPod Nano AAC/MP3 Players (3rd Generation)
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  • Tiny Little IN Pod
    by now this is the latest addition of Apple IPOD to my collection. to be honest, as I already have a 160GB Classic and a 2GB (Nano 2nd Gen), i didn't really need it, but it being a gift, i didn't really mind. i wanted one that I could hook up with my Car stereo, and my Hon got this one from somewhere. it is a decent size, and not too expensive, contra my Classic, apart from the sentimental value, do land in the high cost end.
    right now I am carrying the ipod in my wallet, that goes in my back pocket, and so far no ill effects have been observed.

    compared to my previous ipods, the 2nd Gen Nano, it has the plus of Video capability and color and the size is more suitable for the pocket. as far as the CLassic is concerned, it is pretty much the exact same thing, except for the screen size and the storage capasity.

    the only drawback with the Ipods that i, along with the entire population of Ipod owners have observed is the cosmetique. the body is too acceptable to smudges and prints, and that is whether or not you inclose it in a case. i have my classic in silicon wrapper from day one, an last week i transfered it to a Belkin Hardcase, and the back side was all smudged and dirty.

    but for my condition, the option was a 32gb touch @ $350 or this 8gb Nano @ $0.00, so how difficult do you think the decision or choice was??? at least I can hook it up to my car stereo and just leave it in there permanently, that is one thing I under no circumstances could do with the Classic or Touch. and 8 gb should be enough for some 2000 songs or so, which if played back in sequence shoul be enough to cover a trip cross country diagonal....more info
  • Very Happy w/this MP3
    My teenager loves this MP3 - also separately purchased a docking station/alarm clock and kid loves waking up to music. Purchased 3rd Gen because I was afraid the 4th Gen wouldn't be compatible with most accessories. Not a problem with 3rd Gen at all. Happy kid - happy parent. ...more info
  • ipod review
    I received the product rather quickly. The product itself doesn't quite live up to my expectations. The touch pad isn't very sensitive when trying to adjust the volume. Also, when I'm trying to return to menus, the menu button doesn't always respond very quickly. ...more info
  • Ipod nano
    I got my Ipod at amazon.I got cheap.affordable for me I guess....I'm satisfied with it.I used it all the time...I love it so much.......Thanks to amazon.......more info
  • Great
    This is a great ipod. It's small and pretty. It also displays pictures and video....more info
  • apple ipod
    The ipod is great but the connection cord to hook it up to the computer never worked. I had to buy one separately....more info
    This is the worst service i have received from this company ever. The screen to the ipod doesn't work. There is a sticker on the back the is impossible to get off. And the buttons and everything is stikey, broken, or just a peace of crap. When looked at this produced on your website it said Apple ipod nano 8gb black IN GOOD CONDITION. Notice the capped words. If this is what you call good condition, go get your eyes checked out. no joke. Also the man we bought this from e-mailed me back and said he knew that it was not in good order and could not be returned. Well lets be clear about this i want my money back. Have a nice day.

    Chriss Rink...more info
  • perfect for its size!
    We love this product and it's perfect and easy to work with. It does take a minute to figure out but it's been true love since that minute :)...more info
  • High standard
    This little ipod is all that I could ever have imagined. I love it. It is extremely entertaining and very easy to use. I am 61 and I love music. I download all the oldies and some of the new ones and just enjoy listening. This ipod has very good sound and I bought Bose earbuds. Can not beat it....more info
  • Fit Just Fine
    What can I say that has not been said? This is a great product; my congratulations to Apple. I was very pleased to find it at a reasonable price. I love it. No need (at least for me) to by a more expensive product....more info
  • good product
    This is my first iPod. I was one of those people that swore them off in the name of being different from all the kids walking around with ear buds on constantly. But eventually, the 8GB nano was given to me and it didn't take long to grow on me. It is nice to use when at the gym on the stationary bikes or elliptical. I also use it at work since my computer can't play audio. A docking station is also a nice complement to it to have at home.

    I've noticed one flaw (in mine - not sure if it's universal). Sometimes, inexplicably, the control circle will get extremely sensitive and the volume will go up and down for no reason. And of course it makes that annoying sound when the volume changes. Eventually the sensitivity goes away though. Doesn't happan to often but it does.

    The iPod has all sorts of features beyond audio but I haven't used them yet. The only one I can conceive of using is photos.

    Though I didn't have to pay for mine, the price listed is steep for only 8 gigs. It did not take long for me to fill mine up and then have to start eliminating stuff when I wanted to add more. The price is high enough to where I'm not sure I would buy another one if my current one broke.

    Overall, I have liked the product and it has been more to me than just a source of constant music to my ears. It is a great way to listen to audio books while doing things where reading is difficult. For instance at the gym or in the shower. I 'read' several more books a month just by virtue of having an iPod....more info
  • Pleased
    Thanks for the quick and safe delivery of the ipod. Easy to track and prompt delivery. Good job!...more info
  • Love it!
    I just got this for Christmas from my parents and I love it! It's nice and easy to load songs on to it and small enough for me to carry everywhere!I really like the picture quality when I load videos! I like this ipod instead of the 4th generation because I like the wider size of this ipod - it's easier for me to hold....more info
  • Good Service
    I am over all satisfied with my product and the shipping was awesome :)
    definetly would order from them again....more info
  • ipod nano review
    Its a great product. Low storage space, but it gets the job done while staying sleek and stylish....more info
  • christian
    This ipod is perfect and i enjoy it. thanks a million. it was just in time for christmas...more info
  • Great Value for an Ipod
    I bought two of these one for each of my kids for Christmas, I think they work great I already own an Ipod so the ITunes transition was simple enough. I know they arent the newest version but they have a pretty good amount of memory for music, videos and pictures....more info
  • Fun and Enjoyable
    Fun and Enjoyable but the click control is so sensitive ,i.e., When you have the ipod sitting in your pocket, the volume sometimes jumps back and forth and also the battery seems to run down quickly and it takes at least 3 hrs. to recharge. It arrived in good time and good condition and over-all I am pleased....more info
  • quick but not very good team
    I sent my purchase quickly but the team I came out very good because the connectors sometimes and sometimes not working at the equipment and send it to a site that I wanted to turn and what I have with the team is less than months....more info
  • Not as described
    Even though the item was clearly listed as new on Amazon and the actual order confirmation, it arrived as a questionably refurbished model. I say questionably because it was decidedly not refurbished by Apple, but instead by god only knows who. I found this particularly disturbing since Target was the seller in question and not Uncle Wiggly's Electronic's Shanty or some other dubious retailer. Amazon categorically needs to monitor it's listings for accuracy as I've read several reviews for varying items where consumers have similarly received refurbished items despite having ordered them as new.

    Suffice to say the item is being returned for being not as described and until Amazon begins to police these listings more thoroughly. I'm forced to take my business elsewhere. ...more info
  • iPOD is great!
    iPOD was exactly what I want to give to my daughter for a Christmas present! It was priced just right! This was an upgrade to the one that was missed placed....more info
  • my daughter loves it!
    my college daughter got this particular ipod for christmas and absolutely loves it. The first time she listened to something, she actually let out a yell of delight! the only problem was that when she went to buy an armband so she could use it at the gym, the store told her that they were discontinuing this shape and consequently they no longer had armbands for sale to fit hers. that didn't seem right to us...otherwise, she loves it and so I recommend it!...more info
    I love this iPod, I would buy this over the 4th generation as I think the 4th gen has some problems. The 3rd gen seems to be a solid iPod. The 8GB's is more than enough space, I already have well over 200 songs on it and it has barely put a dent in the space on the iPod. My only wish is that Amazon had this color in stock because I had to buy it from a different seller and it cost me more than $75 extra than the one I got for my wife that was from Amazon. Her's is the same exact thing just in a different color and on Amazon it was free shipping and cost over $50 cheaper.

    I would recommend this iPod to anyone over any other! Great quality, great sound, looks awesome, and you can carry all your music wherever you go!!!...more info
  • silver apple ipod nano
    product was exactly what seller had said and i received the product i ordered and paid for with very fast service. Thank You my son loves it....more info
  • Only good for a disposable mp3 player for kids: it's NOT an iPOD!
    If you can find a good price, this may be a unit you give you kid to see how he treats it before you spend on a REAL iPod. The FM radio is neat, but... it's a cheap knockoff import from Shanghai, don't forget that!...more info
  • iPod Nano = iFun
    The iPod nano is the best device ever made in human history. It is so small yet provides so much entertainment. You can watch movies, TV shows, enjoy your favorite tunes, or even reminisce while looking at photos of your cat that died a couple of years ago from leukemia (which, by the way, is mostly preventable with a vaccine). You could be in the squalor of a jail in Istanbul, but if you have your iPod you'd be perfectly content. So, in summary, if you are going out of the country and there is even a slight chance that you might be locked up while abroad, you should be sure to take an iPod nano with you. It could save your sanity, if not your life....more info
  • Ipod nano 8 gig
    This Ipod was a great choice for me. It did have just a little sign of wear, but it was in better shape than I expected. The one I had stolen was a 4 gig and this is by far a better choice since it holds twice the music. Especially since I got it cheaper than I did the 4 gig. Works great. Would buy another ipod product....more info
  • Was hopeful......but was dissapointed :(
    The iPod Nano 4gb was nice to have at first...but then it crashed several times then repeatedly deleted all my album artwork. iTunes was also a terrible dissapointment, it duplicated every song I had, deleted my album artwork just as the iPod did, and I found it to run terribly slow.

    Interface: The user interface on the iPod seems clunky and awkward in comparison to the Zune. The clickwheel isn't very responsive, and sometimes takes quite a bit of movement to respond.

    Audio Quality: I was very suprised at how poor the sound quality was on this, I am able to play the same audio files with a generic mp3 player and it sounds better. I'm sorry Apple, but this is not acceptable.

    Software: I thought iTunes was a nice music player, and I really like the way that it organizes all my music in nice neat folders :D. unfortunately I've had problems with the artwork as I mentioned before, and I also felt like the features weren't very well organized, like they tried to cram too many things into the program.

    Overall, I'm don't think I'll be buying Apple for some time. I'll stick with a much more reliable product such as the Zune until Apple figures out all its major glitches.
    ...more info
  • Ipod Nano 8G 3rd Gen-Blue
    The seller was "right on" with the desription and very fast at delivery. The Ipod is new and we have had no issues with it since purchase. Seller also put in a cover case for the Ipod!! GREAT SELLER!!!!
    ...more info