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Safety 1st High-Def Digital Monitor
List Price: $74.99

Our Price: $55.89

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Product Description

The Safety 1st High-Def Digital Monitor provides a 100% clear connection anytime, anywhere. It is the next leap in digital audio clarity, providing parents ease of mind that they have distinguished between a gurgle and a whimper. This unit, from Safety 1st utilizes the DECT 6.0 frequency for guaranteed clear and private connection with no interference.

  • Sound lights and pager button
  • Link indicator
  • Out of range and low battery indicators
  • Portable parent unit with belt clip for cordless or plug-in power options
  • Up to 1000 ft. range and DECT 6.0 technology

Customer Reviews:

  • Works Great... best reception
    I'm telling you, after 4 other monitors that just did not work, this one is fantastic. No reception problems anywhere in the house or yard. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is that when the power goes out, the parent unit starts beeping. Plus, you have to manually turn unit back on when power is restored. But that being said, this is by far the best monitor we have ever had. You won't have to better one for the money, plus it is rechargable that lasts all night. We've had ours for a year now with no problems. It works in large condo buildings at the beach really well also....more info
  • Baby Monitor
    I bought this gift for my son when they had their first baby. They really like it, they can here him as soon as he wakes up. Works like a charm...more info
  • Yes, very clear sound
    I am happy with this monitor. It's small and thin so it's not clunky. The sound is superb and always clear. The light on the baby end of the monitor is very bright and, like other reviewers, I have had to hide the light from my 6 week old baby girl. The speaker end of the monitor is a little annoying in that it falls down easily because it is so thin. The bottom of it should have been made WIDER allowing it to stand up easily without having to pay so much attention to how you place it. But the important thing is that it is very clear sounding. ...more info
  • At Last
    I normally don't write reviews for products purchased but felt compelled to share my opinions about this monitor. Have had several and none have come close to the quality of this one. The range is tremendous, the clarity is perfect and there's no static. An also impressed with the battery life. I prefer the rechargeable A's as they tend to last longer than internal rechargeables. If you are in the market for a monitor, this is the one....more info
  • Great monitor!
    I love this monitor! It has been just as good as the reviews I read before purchasing it. The only thing I wish was different is having two parent units. I am impressed with the clarity of the monitor (it even picks up the hum of the vibrate setting on my son's bassinet). There is absolutely no interference or feedback. I highly recommend this monitor!!!...more info
  • Finally - No Static
    Finally, a baby monitor without static. This product is so much better than any of the analog monitors out there - especially for the price. The only drawback at all was the rechargeable battteries that came with it - they did not last very long between charges. But with one good set of rechargable batteries, it can be used for a long time. ...more info
  • baby monitor
    Product received was not what was pictured. Batteries were inside the product so it was probably a returned product. Sound was not good. Appearance of product looked like an older product. I was very disappointed....more info
  • 5 stars with better battery....
    Although there is no squelch setting, you don't really need one. The monitor is relatively clear with a minimum of "noise" in the signal. Battery lasts to about 12 hours.

    Would have received 5 stars with more battery and had squelch....more info
  • I dropped this monitor in the toilet and it still works great!
    I had the monitor clipped to my pants as I was on my way outside to mow the lawn -- while pulling my pants down before using the toilet, the monitor fell in. I snatched it out, wiped it off with some Lysol wipes, and it's still working great two weeks later!

    Great sound quality, but a variety of volumes. Works great and very durable!...more info
  • Good sound quality but watch out for the beep
    My husband I spent some time in the baby store examining the seemingly endless array of monitors before we finally decided on this one. We wanted something digital that had a good range but didn't feel we needed an extra receiver or a unit that would work when the receiver and transmitter were a mile apart.

    The sound on the monitor is pretty much crystal-clear. I can hear the baby's every squeak and sigh. There's none of the annoying fuzz that I used to get on my now 5-year-old daughter's baby monitor and I have not yet had any problems with the unit picking up the neighbor's phone calls. We have a sound machine that we turn on for the baby at night and the monitor quality is so good that the white noise helps soothe me to sleep as well.

    The look of the monitor is nice as well. It's streamlined and small. This is a huge plus over the bulky units I've used in the past.

    There are, however, two downsides to this monitor. The first is the bright array of lights on the parent unit. As your baby's cries grow in intensity, more and more red lights begin flashing. I'm not really sure what the utility of this feature is as it's easy enough to hear that your infant is growing more agitated. We keep the unit across the room from us so the lights haven't bothered us up to this point but I would not suggest keeping the unit on a bedside table if, say, the light of your alarm bothers you.

    The other feature I find a bit curious is that the parent unit emits a fairly loud beep if the baby unit is turned off. I can see how this does make sense if you keep the monitor in a toddler's room and want to know if it's turned off. However, one night I turned the baby unit off so that my husband could sleep while I tended to the baby and, instead, the parent unit started off with the annoying beep which more or less defeated the purpose.

    Still, I am very happy with this product overall and would recommend it to other parents....more info
  • Great monitor with one large flaw
    We like this monitor a lot for a number of reasons. First, there is absolutely zero interference from phones, etc (why every new monitor on the market is not digital, I have no idea!). Next, it is sensitive enough to pick up nearly every sound, but the adjustable volume effectively allows you to choose just how much you hear. Finally, it looks reasonably cool - not a huge deal, but certainly helps.

    Our one big gripe is that there is no audible warning sound when the battery on the parent unit dies. This is not a problem as long as you keep it plugged in. But on a few occasions now (when we were sleep deprived) we forgot to plug it back in during the middle of the night and awoke to a dead monitor, thus inspiring a mad dash down the hall to check on baby. The manufacturer could easily have built an audible warning beep that signaled that the battery was on its last leg. They did manage to do this with a visual warning signal (the light changes color) - but that is not terribly useful when you're sleeping!

    Other than this flaw, this really is a very good monitor. Just remember to plug in your parent unit if you use it while you're sleeping....more info
  • Good, Better, Best
    Several analog monitors have been purchased for my daycare resulting only in disappointment and time needed to return them. The Safety 1st High-Def DIGITAL monitor is the best I've found. It isn't perfect as it is sometimes difficult to know when it is turned on, but the reception is great even when outside or up to 500 feet away (someone is always inside with (sleeping)infants. Sound bars on the receiver indicate the urgency of the child's cries and you can turn the sound down (when on the phone or other children are sleeping).

    When looking for a monitor, give digital monitors the strongest consideration as they seem to provide much better reception than analog. ...more info
  • I dropped this monitor in the toilet and it still works great!
    I had the monitor clipped to my pants as I was on my way outside to mow the lawn -- while pulling my pants down before using the toilet, the monitor fell in. I snatched it out, wiped it off with some Lysol wipes, and it's still working great two weeks later!

    Great sound quality, but a variety of volumes. Works great and very durable!...more info
  • 14 months later....
    I got this monitor after not getting one for my shower. Shocking but I got gift cards to wherever and this ended up being that one thing that I just saw and thought it looked good and would not interfere with our home phones. I loved it, I could hear EVERYTHING, including the bathroom sink when my husband got up in the room attached, I can hear our humidifier hum, and this stays on ALL DAY ever day in our house. The only thing I don't like is if the battery goes dead on the handset, you have to turn both back on, the handset will blink and make noise if the smaller baby room side shuts off. This happened once, during a storm and power outage.
    other than that, it's GREAT. 14 months later! ...more info
  • Wonderful Product
    I was hesitant at first to buy this product due to the price being higher than most baby monitors on the market. I'm so glad I decided to spend a little more money. The baby monitors I have had in the past always had terrible reception making it hard to hear the baby at times. This one is clear as a bell and my cordless phones do not interfere with this monitors reception. I highly recommend!!!
    Safety 1st High-Def Digital Monitor...more info
  • Clear, interference free, long range monitor
    We have the Panasonic Dect baby monitors at home and love them but bought a Safety 1st High Def monitor for occasional weekend use outside of our home. Both have excellent clarity and transmission range. We have not noticed a difference between them in that regard. The safety first unit is less expensive and lacks a couple features of the Panasonic that we would miss greatly for home / full time use, but are worth the trade-off for a less expensive, "weekend" model.

    Extremely clear reception,
    Long range of transmission,

    Baby room unit has a fairly bright, flashing green light that attracts our button pushing two-year old. He has turned it off when placed within this reach. Also, the light might be distracting for children at first.

    Parent unit volume is adjustable but not the sensitivity. The panasonic allows us to filter our children's nightly, softer "I'm going to sleep..." sounds but will allow louder "Oooops, I need a diaper change" sounds. However we can still "see" the softer sounds on the Panasonics display. The Safety 1st only allows for volume adjustment.

    No intercom for parent to speak with child. The Panasonic allows us to speak to the child -- using the monitor like a walkie talkie.

    In all fairness, the cost difference likely accounts for the missing features I've listed as cons. Also, in rebuttal of the first con (light), we were able to place the base unit out of reach and in a place where the light is not noticeable, but it still picks up the sound of our child breathing and clearly broadcasts it very long distances despite the manual's suggestion that the base unit be placed 4 to 6 feet from the child. (We have it eight feet higher than the child's crib mattress and about 8 feet laterally, so about 12 or 13 feet in a straight line from the child's head. Reception and clarity are still outstanding.) ...more info
  • Best Monitor we've Owned
    This is a great baby monitor and it's technology seems to be copied by a lot of new companies now. The battery isn't great, but when you're a sleep-deprived parent of an infant with reflux, you want to hear what's happening in the other room. No other monitor comes close to the static-free, crystal-clear sounds coming from the Safety 1st HD Monitor.

    I wish it came with two receivers so I didn't have to move the receiver all the time. After owning 4 other brands, I wanted to put my review and report this one as the best.

    Friends have the Graco iMonitor and it sounds very good too - not quite as clear, but a close 2nd. I thought about the Phillips 589 DECT, but couldn't justify the expense. It's probably the best one. I also recommend looking at the Angelcare Movement Sensor which another friend highly recommended to us.

    Best of luck with the baby!...more info
  • Not loud enough
    While our now 2 1/2 year old Graco monitor is full of static and annoyingly has problems staying connected to the main monitor (meaning it is constantly beeping) - (it was a great monitor at first) - at least I can hear my child talking and singing (the best part of her nighttime routine before she falls asleep). Even with the volume turned all the way up on this one, I could barely hear her. Maybe it only picks up loud crying sounds, but that's not ok for me. Other reviews don't seem to have this problem so perhaps ours was just defective (and yes, it was placed at an appropriate distance from her crib). I was very disappointed....more info
  • No Static
    I must admit to being rather nervous that this digital baby monitor would be as noisy as the non-digital varieties that I have used before. I have been pleasantly surprised. There is very little static, which allows my wife and I a good nights sleep (a huge plus). The controls are simple enough, and the sound definition is also pretty good.
    I have only been using it for 3 weeks now, so I cannot speak to the monitor's longevity....more info
  • Mostly good product
    PROS: Very good range, no antenna sticking out, very clear sound, good quality feel to the product with attractive styling, charge seems to last a decent amount of time. (We had the Sony BabyCall before which we liked but the Safety 1st one has better range and sound quality)
    CONS: Volume control is by pressing buttons, rather than a dial. The lowest audible volume is still pretty loud.
    WARNING: When you purchase it, open up battery compartment and remove the TINY TINY plastic pieces blocking where the battery touches the metal, otherwise the batteries will not fully charge. Company said they are working on fixing this. ...more info
  • Clear reception but battery issue
    The box on this monitor guarantees no interference, and it lives up to that. That's what I was looking for. What I didn't expect (and apparently didn't look closely enough at) was that it requires batteries instead of having a charging dock like my other monitor. It comes with rechargeable batteries, or you can use regular, and they die in about two days. I'm sorry, but with two infants, I don't have time to deal with recharging batteries every other day. I want a charging dock that will charge the monitor at night after I've used it around the house all day....more info
  • Works great; no complaints!
    We're entirely satisfied with this monitor. NO problems with interference from cordless phones & wireless networks. The sound quality is very good- there's a bit of high-pitched hiss, but (as others have noted) we can hear the clock ticking in our daughter's room. The use of (easily-replaceable) AAA rechargeables is appreciated.
    ...more info