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Nikon HB-45 Lens Hood
List Price: $23.50

Our Price: $15.95

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Product Description

Accessory for the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX VR Nikkor Lens / Twist-lock mounting for extra security / Helps reduce sun glare

Customer Reviews:

  • Nikon HB-45 Hood
    The good thing is that the hood fits. The down sides are that it cannot be secured in reverse orientation and that its not particularly attractive. So ... I've completed my gratuitous review of the lowly HB-45 lens hood....more info
  • Nice hood for the 18-55mm VR kit lens
    Note that the HB-33 lens hood for the earlier (non-VR) version of the 18-55mm kit lens attaches in the same way, by spring-loaded clips that fit into a groove around the front of the lens, and will work perfectly well on the VR lens but can't be reversed on it because of the VR lens's larger diameter. That's the only reason you need the HB-45 hood instead on this lens.

    Also, to the fellow who complained that this hood is not flower-shaped: that's because the front component of the 18-55mm lens rotates when focusing. Flower-shaped hoods are only suitable for lenses with non-rotating front ends, since the "petals" must be aligned properly with the lens.

    I like these lens hoods. They are quick and easy to snap on or off the lens by pressing the buttons on the sides, and do their job well. Yes, it would be nice if Nikon included them with the lens as they do with most other lenses, but for $15 or so I don't mind paying for them....more info
  • Well Made But Pricey For a Plastic Hood
    This plastic, circular hood should have come standard with the D40 or D60 18-55mm Nikon AF-S DX kit lens, but unfortunately it does not. The hood's outside moulding is of the same non-glossy textured finish matching the D60's body perfectly. It fits bayonet style over the lenses focus ring, thereby also allowing a filter and a lens cap. The hood's inner ring also has notches that grip the len's focus ring, allowing for manual focus by gripping the hood without the hood sliding. If not for its high price for a plastic hood, I would give it 5 stars.
    Note: Hood can leave a shadow at bottom end of the picture when the D60's built-in flash is used and lens is at the wide end. ...more info
  • Works Great!
    Does the job...looks pretty nice imo. It gets in the way of the built in flash on a D60 and will leave a shadow on your images. But, if you use an external flash (SB600/800), there are no issues.

    **Note: The previous reviewer said it can't be secured in reverse orientation. Not true. This can be secured on the 18-55mm VR in reverse orientation when not in use. Doing so obviously covers the focus ring, though you can still zoom okay.

    ...more info
  • Must-have for 18-55mm lens keepers
    The lens hood can be secured to the Nikkor 18-55mm lens in reverse orientation; this is how I carry it in my soft case or camera bag or at night. Even with it secured in reverse you can still turn the focus ring manually. It clips on fast and easy and is made well. If you plan on keeping your kit lens for a while this is a must-have and a no-brainer for the price (under $20). I only wish this hood had come with my D60 camera kit in the first place!...more info
  • It does ok
    This hood really doesn't reduce flare like I hoped it would. It does ok, but my hand does better. It's good for protecting a $100 lens and I haven't really noticed a marked improvement in it's primary objective which is to reduce flare. If the sun is off to the side it will work. Not sure why Nikon didn't make this a petal design....more info