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  • The Most Charming Zombie Movie
    I have to admit my expectations were not high on this one, and I was pleasantly surprised. Fido is the most charming zombie movie I've ever seen, for those who find zombie movies charming.

    Set in a parallel pastel 1950s America, the people of Willard use zombies as gardeners, butlers, cooks, nannies, you name it, thanks to ZomCom- the dream team company that keeps the zombies in check. Zombies are now essential and productive members of society- or are they? When ZomCom's technology goes on the fritz it puts little Timmy Robinson's beloved zombie Fido in serious trouble.

    As a fantastic zombie Old-Yeller with a perfectly natural kid actor in K'Sun Ray, never to sweet or precocious, and Carrie-Anne Moss as his 50's housewife mom, Fido is fun, winning and gross all at once. ...more info
  • Deeply strange and charming
    I'm not a zombie fan, really, and I'm not sure what made me rent this film, but I'm glad I did. I suspect the hardcore zombie fans whom this is being marketed towards (including with all the trailers on the DVD) won't necessarily be happy with this film.

    Fido is a zombie movie, but it's sort of Night of the Living Dead Invade Pleasantville, a social commentary and satire of post-9/11 life set in a post-World War Z world that resembles the sunny and optimistic 1950s, where any questioning of the compromises made for peace -- or that the security measures in place are more feel-good than actually effective -- leads to ostracism or worse.

    Billy Connolly trades his loud and brash manner for a nearly silent role, and the comedian shows that he's actually a pretty subtle actor. Carrie-Anne Moss turns in a very un-Matrix-like softer role and K'Sun Ray, on whose narrow shoulders much of this film rests, carries it with ease.

    Take a chance of this particular flesh-eating monster. You'll be glad that you did....more info
  • "I knew you wouldn't eat me, boy!" (But I Really Wish He Would Have) ...
    There's nothing I love more than a zombie (zombi) film. Whether it is the needed social-commentary of a work like Halperin's White Zombie (1932), the thought-provoking existentialism of Soavi's Cemetery Man (1994), or the playful relateability of Pegg/Wright's Shaun of the Dead (2004), I enjoy it all. In fact, I (like Danny Boyle, mind you) insist that 28 Days Later) (2002) IS a zombie film, JUST so I can show it in my horror-film classes! Equally as revealing, I (INDEED!) went to every "Resident Evil" film on OPENING-NIGHT just to show my support for the undead. Bottomline: I'm not a zombie-snob. So, take my words to heart ... this film is shockingly sub-par.

    This work had everything in its favor! Foremost, it has top-notch actors like Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix, Memento, and Chocolat), Dylan Baker (Requiem for a Dream, Spider-Man 2, and Kinsey), and Billy Connolly ("Boondock Saints," "White Oleander," and countless television shows). Most horror-film directors are not that luckily. And, understand, these actors "brought their 'A' game." Their devotion to their roles is painfully clear ... and that only contributes to the uncomfortablenesses of the work (one begins to feel embarrassed for these committed actors). Secondly, Currie had a sizable budget: eight-million! (and has thus far only grossed about $300,000 since June). Pegg and Wright had EXACTLY half that budget for their zed-word "comedy" and quadrupled it as of November 2004. In essence, Currie had the gift of gorgeous sets, fantastic film-stock, luxurious props (like the cars!) ... amenities only this type of budget could permit. And for all its "beauty" ... for all its effort ... it fails ... epically.

    Undoubtedly, its fatal-flaw resides in its soundtrack. The "light-instrumentals" (practically lifted from 1950's sitcoms) undermines the film at every turn. It is not ironic ... it is not "kitchy" ... it is not creating an "atmosphere" ... it nearly, single-handedly destroys the film. Its literalness is exhausting. Moreover, watching the film is like trudging through molasses: it is excruciatingly slow and unrewarding (or, at least, I imagine this is what "trudging through molasses" might be like). Envision a rewrite of "Lassie" ... now replace Lassie with a "pet-zombie." The end. The first nod toward Beaudine Jr.'s work was amusing ... but the joke wears thin FAST! "Is it Timmy? Is he in trouble? Show me boy!" Et al. Uggggg.

    One point of frustration is Tim Blake Nelson's character of Mr. Theopolis. His contribution was the ONLY redeemable aspect of this entire film. It is a genuine shame that the director failed to focus on Nelson's demented-yet-likable character. To relegate such a respected actor (one beloved by the Coen Brothers) to a "bit-part" is a pity. The real film was with him and his zombie girlfriend (think of what could have been!) ... how did no one realize that?!

    Many viewers will be dazzled by the "pretty colors," the wonderful sets, and the familiar actors ... most will find it completely transparent. Many will think they are "supposed to like it" ... most will realize it is reasonable NOT to like it. There is nothing innovative here ... nothing that hasn't been addressed elsewhere. I assure you, this is not the next zombie-classic ... in fact, I will be shocked if the film is in-print a year from now.

    Peter Travers of "Rolling Stone" magazine says it best: "Director Andrew Currie is better at laughs than scares, but he can't sustain either as Fido runs out of steam in the final stretch." And the other critics (who are remarkably amenable to horror in general) agree (like Richard Roeper).

    Need a final word? Here it is: this film commits the two cardinal sins of the horror/comedy genre: it is not scary (ever) and it just isn't funny....more info
  • Keeping Up Appearances in the Zombie Apocalypse
    This movie was brilliant! It's more of a very dark comedy than straight-up horror. The setting is a 1950s era neighborhood. Everything is bright, cheery, and pleasant, except for the rampaging zombies, of course. Carrie-Anne Moss is excellent as the Stepford wife obsessed with keeping up appearances, but just beginning to show some cracks. If you liked "Cemetery Man" or "Black Sheep" you'll like this one, and vice versa....more info
  • Pleasantville meets Day of the Dead
    I really enjoyed this movie - especially the sarcasm regarding how a single company can monopolize an industry just because it is needed by the country in order to survive.
    The story takes place in what appears to be 1950's USA after a devistating war against humans that have risen from the grave. A company invented a collar that can control the aggressive urges of the zombies and thus saved the day so that now people can "own" the undead as slaves (basically).
    Young children are taught at an early age to shoot guns and aim for the head to kill, because you never know when your grandparents will kick the bucket and try to eat you.
    The little boy in the story finds out that there is more to these zombies than just mindless brain eating - when his mother purchases a zombie to be their maid (just to impress the neighbors) - he finds out that the undead have kept part of their mortal spirit when thier zombie tries to help him instead of eat him when the collar malfunctions.
    I would rate this movie 4 out of 5.
    ...more info
  • Keeping Up Appearances in the Zombie Apocalypse
    This movie was brilliant! It's more of a very dark comedy than straight-up horror. The setting is a 1950s era neighborhood. Everything is bright, cheery, and pleasant, except for the rampaging zombies, of course. Carrie-Anne Moss is excellent as the Stepford wife obsessed with keeping up appearances, but just beginning to show some cracks. If you liked "Cemetery Man" or "Black Sheep" you'll like this one, and vice versa....more info
  • The "Pleasantville" of Zombies
    This was such a funny movie 1950s style. A "Pleasantville (New Line Platinum Series)"-like town (it that 1950s demented kinda way) but with collared-controled zombies. Zombies are used for labor and as servants. The Robinsons get a zombie and he is named Fido by Timmy, their son. All hell breaks loose when the collar stops working.

    The film is very funny describing an post-zombie war era. Children's "outside activities" in school are target shooting, 12 year olds are allowed to carry guns and zombies are everywhere. They are the help!

    Fido is actually a pretty nice zombie and very soon the entire family (minus the dad) grow to love him. The acting, makeup, story and just about everything is great in this film.

    Carrie Ann Moss is great at flirting with the zombie, Billy Connolly at playing Fido, the zombie. He expresses so much even though he is, well, a zombie. The movie is just great and everyone should watch it....more info
  • Exceeded Expectation
    I have to say, before picking this movie up, I saw all of the praise reveiwers were throwing it's way, but still wasn't sold. I finally caved in when I saw some pretty reliable reviews posted by folks I've met through the horror forum here on Amazon, and broke down and bought it. I finally got around to watching it this past weekend, and was surprised. "Fido" is not only original, it's truly funny. The basic premise is that in the 1950's after a zombie outbreak, a scientist has figured out how to tame them, or at least mute their hunger for human flesh. Zombies are then put to work as bag-boys, paperboys, milkmen, as well as personal servants. The zombie business becomes big business, and one family gets caught in the middle. The line that sold me was when the little boy was watching television and a commercial comes on with a young girl running in terror from her grandpa. The announcer walks onscreen and says "The Elderly, sure they seem nice. But can you really trust them." That was just too funny. "Fido" is chock full of offbeat humor, and being the odd parent that I am, I showed this film to my 10 year old son, who loved it as well. And while there is some gore, "Fido" really does follow a kid's movie pattern, similar to "The Iron Giant" or "E.T." (kind of like "E.T., you know if E.T. included scenes where the titular alien chewed off the annoying neighbor's arm??!), but the fairly tame gore presented is outdone weekly on TV's "CSI". As for a B-movie, this film sported a pretty impressive cast, as well as setting. If you are a classic car buff, make sure you watch this flick with a tissue in hand to wipe up the drool. The vintage vehicles are eye-poppingly beautiful, and further enhance the surreal tone of the film. Highly recommended for zombie fans that think they've seen it all. ...more info
  • A Wonderful Heartfelt Zombie Movie With Brains.
    I had been hearing about Fido now for a year, the theatre in our town didn't carry this movie, so I have had to wait. Just hearing the premise: Stardust makes the dead walk and a zombie war happens, a scientist (who is rumored to have had his wife turn zombie) invents a collar that enslaves the undead and the world is right again, years later the Robinson family buys its very own zombie (Fido) and it kills the mean next door neighbor, can the boy save Fido from true death? I mean how can a zombie lover resist that?

    First of all it's a beautifully shot film, Gorgeous in Technicolor, you can really tell that the producers, directors, make up artists and especially set decorators thought every single detail out. The child, Timmy, even has a "zombie" war themed room complete with sheets and curtains. The zombies aren't too gross, because what family wants a rotting slimy zombie serving them martini's and washing their cars? They are scary enough though, to invoke that inner feeling of "any minute they are going to bite someone." Zomcom is the company that makes the collars, and they patrol the towns to make sure no "rogue" zombie infiltrates the nice 50's style neighborhoods. I guess that there isn't many rules as to what you can do with or to your zombie, because Timmy's neighbor and his "Tammy" are really, really, close. I love how he explains that he was in the grocery store when she had a brain aneurism and they had a collar on her "before she hit the floor" so she is "barely decomposed".

    Fido is played by Billy Connelly, who I have known from White Oleander and Lemony Snickets, and although he has NO speaking parts the man steals this whole movie with just his facial expressions. No zombie has enraptured and endeared me like this since Bub in Day of the Dead. The story is a classic one, a boy and his "dog", growing up in a society where you don't understand why some people have more advantages than other. It's also a story of how a dead man has more emotional depth and becomes more of a father and husband, than a real live one. It's about society's obsession with death, and how you can lose your family if you hang on to the ghosts of the past.

    This movie is the best I have seen in awhile, it won so many awards (in Canada) and got barely an article here in the states and that is a shame. Yes it's a zombie movie, but it's a beautiful, well written, superbly acted film that I could not recommend enough.
    ...more info
  • "A Little Over the Top"
    The fifties are a favorite target of the film industry. Understandably, a time when conformity was king, a comedy that satirizes sterility and a WASPy dominance of others has a laudable satiric message--even if the same saccharine speech is hammered throughout. Partly a parody of 'The Day of the Living Dead,' Night of the Living Dead a Zom-com executive moves into Timmy Robinson's (K Sun Ray) neighborhood to assure everyone the zombies are now harmless household figures made to be indentured servants for the masses. When Timmy's new Zombie (Billy Connolly) (affectionately bearing the film's title) attacks his elderly woman neighbor, both boy and beast must protect one another from the harm of others, including Timmy's school yard bullies.

    'Fido' looks sumptuous, and they get it right in all the details. Much like 'Pleasantville,' Pleasantville (New Line Platinum Series) done in technicolor, this Canadian film, nevertheless, is overly deadpan in delivery. More upscale and polished than a 'Saturday Night Live' skit, the movie could have been made into a half hour spoof without beating its audience to death in the process. ...more info
  • Loved IT
    You can look at the other reviews for the synopsis: I am just a plain person-not a "critic".
    I loved the movie. Set in the 1950's, where Zombies are captured and turned into domestic servants via a dog collar type device.
    A lonely boy, often beat up-Well his family gets a zombie. The Zombie becomes only one of two friends the boy has. The boy names him FIDO-Like a pet dog.
    Anyway, it is funny, interesting, has a plot. It will keep you on your toes with just enough gore[...]
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did....more info
  • Pretty decent
    I fear the man who gave this item a 1 star probably is pretty grumpy.

    I liked this film. It seems to ask some certain questions (are zombies really dead?), and offers a possible insight impact on people who don't want to be undead--by being buried with your head removed.

    I found the film perpetually strange. I grew up in the 50's and watched the shows of the times, and the goofy allusions to this time frame are used very well. All the cliche's from the fifties television shows (and "Lassie") are highlighted and given a run through.

    Odd to think that the "vast wasteland" once spoken of, is now considered the role model the Right Wing holds so dear.

    One real annoyance: how come Billy Connolly didn't make any commentary? And why would a master verbal comic decide to do a role where he has no speaking parts (growling doesn't count as dialog)? He does use his face to an amazing degree, and makes you realize what an actor he could be if only given that one good role....more info
  • Stepford Wives meets Shaun of the Dead meets Desperate Housewives meets My Dog Skip and Lassie
    The world has become one run by a massive corporation, ZomCom, which specializes in merchandise for the destruction and control of the undead.

    Zombies are equipped with a collar, quite like that of the Jet Li movie 'Unleashed,' which controls them and treats them like a "household pet." It's Stepford Wives meets Shaun of the Dead meets Desperate Housewives meets My Dog Skip and Lassie.

    What's not to love? The film itself is one extremely well for the odd storyline. The direction is very well done and captures the 50s style it's going for. The writing is excellent, very crisp and entertaining. The acting is great from a stellar cast.

    I highly suggest this one.


    -AP3-...more info
  • Funnier than it deserves to be!
    This film should not have been this funny. The concept, while interesting, really doesn't have the legs to carry a whole film. Yet it does! This is because the direction, the writing, and the performances are all top notch! It is nice to see a zombie comedy made with a fair amount of talent and intelligence, and with an eye on style and story. If you haven't seen this, rent it now!...more info
  • going to be a cult classic, not going away
    i think this will be a cult classic, not going to go away. needs a few more great lines to be top level, but its just under that. it even has delmar "not the teeth, tammy". "i would take dee dee's head off in a minute" "that was uncle bob" its pretty funny. carrie moss is beautiful, the dad is just right, timmy is a good boy when he cuts off the old ladys head with a shovel. i dont see how anyone could not like this movie. ...more info
  • What A Wonderful Story. What was MPAA Thinking?
    This has got to be the dumb move by MPAA giving this fun cute zombie film an R rating when it didn't deserve in the first place it was originally rated PG-13. but then for some reason they decided to give it the dread R because of a little zombie violence and little gore, you guys are wimps. they're no nudity,very mild if not any lauguage and some zombie violence is somewhat minor so it'd give this PG not an R. i'd like to thump the knuckleheads that gave this Rating to Fido. totally just pointless like the rating of Psycho (1960). i just roll my eyes in total amazement over this. a cute film getting this treatment. there's no F words in this picture either.

    If you love Monster/Zombie Movies and have a warped sense of humor then this for you. a lonely boy seeks friendship and finds it in his servant zombie Fido the colors are bright and wonderful the setting is like A Leave It To Beaver set. where the kids are respectful to everyone and bullies are bullies and parents are great parents add zombies to the mix and it's quite funny, the humor is dark alittle morbid. but quite funny i thought i was going to die laughing (no pun intended) from this film.

    Oh a word of warning to Parents: pass over the trailers and you'll be fine Liongate decided to place a Red trailer on this Disc Which Ticks Me off.
    If any of you don't know what a Red trailer is, It's an R Rated Trailer so people can watch those if they choose. it's not your typical been approved for all ages trailer (Green),it has strong content and strong lauguage.

    A Note To Liongate Please Remove That Red Trailer, It Is So unnecessary!
    The Transfer of the film is great and it's a great story about Boy and his pet zombie Fido ummhumm. ...more info
  • A different take on zombies
    I really liked this film. I had been waiting for it to come out on dvd for about a year. I thought it sounded good and planned to see it at the Sundance Film Festival near where I live, but didn't get the chance. I finally got to see it and I wasn't disappointed. True, it's not Shaun of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead or anything like that. It's a little different take on zombies and what it would be like to "domesticate" them. The story has a 1950's look to it and starts out with a father that hates zombies and won't buy one to help around the house and a mother that really wants to get one, so she does. Meanwhile, the little boy is desperately seaking attention from his father and once the zombie arrives, he finally finds a friend and "father figure" aka someone who will play ball with him, etc. Of course, things go well for a little while, but then disaster strikes. I'm not going to give anything else away as I think this is a worthwhile film to see. If you have ever seen Dead Alive, it's kinda in that vein of funny. Yes, it's kinda cheezy in some parts, but it's still better than a lot of the crap that's copied, reformated and cranked out nowadays. It's original. ...more info
  • The Story of a Boy and His Zombie
    FIDO takes place in a world where thanks to a mechanical collar, zombies (like those from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) have been captured and tamed. People live in fortified and relatively secluded 1950s suburban utopias. Outside of these protected communities is "the wild": natural land where zombies roam free. Thanks to the collar, people use zombies as servants and they are a status symbol; anyone who is anyone has a zombie and the more zombies you have the higher your position in society.

    Timmy Robinson (K'Sun Ray) gets beaten up and made fun of quite often because he asks a lot of questions and can't shoot a gun very well. Timmy's dad, Bill (Dylan Baker), is saving enough money so that everyone in the family can have a "proper" funeral and not return after death as a zombie. Bill has also forbidden the family to get a zombie; the creatures freak him out ever since he had to kill his own father when he turned into one at the beginning of the Zombie Wars. But, Timmy's mom, Helen (Carrie-Anne Moss) is tired of being an outcast and gets a zombie unbeknownst to Bill. Timmy bonds with the zombie, names him Fido (Billy Connolly), and becomes best friends with him. However, when Fido's collar malfunctions and he bites a next door neighbor, the town goes into crisis mode and Timmy has to decide between his own feelings for Fido and what's best for his zombie.

    FIDO is a delightful movie. It's a lot of fun to watch and lovingly parodies many classic movie elements, e.g. boy and his dog films, buddy films, zombie films, etc. The bright cheerful colors of the set are in such contrast to what is normally a very dark subject matter, zombies. Besides, I really liked the steam-punk setting of a modern day citizens trapped in a 1950s world for safety.

    The actors are charming. Billy Connolly does a top-notch job as Fido. He doesn't speak any lines, but does a better job of acting in a simple look, gesture, or grunt than many top-billed Hollywood favorites. Carrie-Anne Moss is best known for her role as Trinity in THE MATRIX movies, but illustrates in FIDO that she has a depth of talent and there's more to her than her pretty face and gorgeous body. K'Sun Ray has a great feature film debut as Timmy. I also really liked Tim Blake Nelson as Mr. Theopolis, another next door neighbor of Timmy's that has a female zombie that's also his companion.

    FIDO isn't a typical zombie movie, but it is a great comedy. It's very off-beat and funny. Highly recommended if you're looking for something a little different....more info
  • Golly, Mrs. Cleaver! That's A Swell Zombie You Got There!
    That just about sums up the movie. I loved the way this thing looked - the huge Buicks (or are those Studebakers?) the Lucy dresses, the martini glasses, the backyard barbecues, all that 50's stuff. Fabulous, just fabulous!

    And what a wonderful, warm hearted (if cold-fleshed) zombie Billy Connelly gives us! Truly a zombie you could settle down with and call your own.

    Not really violent at all, except for a couple of scenes, and those are so obviously cartoony that it really didn't impact me as being a violent movie at all. It's more about finding out about true friendship and loyalty - it may come from the least expected places! Like a zombie!

    ...more info
  • What's That, Zombie? Jim Has Broken His Leg Down By The Creek?
    If you're in need of a good cackle (and in this day and age, lets face it, who isn't?) with a decidedly macabre edge, you could do a lot worse than picking up a copy of 'Fido' - a film which marries the sensibilities of Lassie Come Home with those of Day of the Dead (Divimax Special Edition). Its absolutely loopy stuff that deserved a much wider release and much more exposure than it got, if only for the obvious sense of glee with which it gorily dispatches the fine, upstanding residents of its Norman Rockwellesque setting. If that's not enough to tempt you, you also get to enjoy a virtually unrecognisable Billy Connolly putting in a fine comedic turn as a hulking monstrosity which gives even the late, great Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein a run for his money....more info
  • 3.5--What can I say except that "Fido" is a mans best friend.
    The entire zombie subgenre has been so over done for so long that I was beginning to worry that there might be no coming back for it. Then, like a good pet who comes when you call him, along comes Fido.

    Set in America in the 50's, humanity has survived the zombie apocalypse, which happened much as it did in Romero's "Land of the Dead," and is now living safe inside fenced-in safe zones. There is an invention, a collar of some sort, that is able to quell the zombies' hunger for human flesh. Now they are used as servants, or, in some cases, pets. The plot centers around little Timmy Robinson (K'Sun Ray) and his pet zombie Fido (Billy Connolly). As the film proceeds, Timmy grows attached to his zombie like a boy to Lassie, and when Fido gets in trouble, Timmy's loyalty causes conflicts in the neighborhood and the movie begins.

    As ridiculous as this movie may seem I thought it was pretty decent. The scenery and costumes are perfect and an ensemble of highly talented actors seems to effortlessly draw you into this madcap world, but one in particular is worth noting. Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix), gives an extraordinarily believable performance as Helen Robinson, Timmy's wholesome, picture-perfect mom, with just a dash of modern day "get it yourself, Bob" attitude.

    It sometimes feels like he spent his entire budget on some vintage autos and an unnecessary helicopter shot. The zombie makeup looks terrible, which is always distracting. And the zombie actors are generally awful, probably on account of Currie's direction. They all seem too expressive in their faces and eyes. There are a lot of interesting aspects of this post-apocalyptic society, but the world and its rules are never adequately explained. To boot, it's difficult to understand some of the back stories, especially that of the father (played by Dylan Baker). I'd still give a recommendation, just because the idea is so fantastic. And it's an amusing picture, even if it disappoints.....somewhat.
    ...more info
  • A Boy and His Zombie

    Who says zombies can't be converted into useful members of the community? Certainly not the makers of "Fido," who take us to a never-never-land version of the 1950's where the undead have been turned into butlers and servants for the burgeoning middle class. Timmy Robinson is the all-American boy who becomes emotionally attached to the family`s new full-time domestic - a recently resurrected zombie whom Timmy has affectionately dubbed Fido. All of this has been made possible by Zomcom, a big-brother-type organization that has found a way to render the zombies (who were originally brought to "life" by radiation from outer space) manageable and docile - at least most of the time.

    This twisted, modern-day spin on the TV series "Lassie" - it might easily have been entitled "A Boy and His Zombie" - takes slyly satirical swipes at such pre-`60s concerns as obsessive social conformity (here keeping-up-with-the-Joneses means having more zombie servants than the folks next door), the sterility of suburban life, the corporate control of civic affairs, small town corruption and nuclear family values - all played out in a beautifully designed setting of parti-colored houses and immaculately manicured lawns. The movie doesn't hit the audience over the head with its message nor does it engage in endless hyperbole to generate laughs. Instead, this is a low-keyed, subtle little satire that elicits appreciative chuckles rather than full-bellied guffaws. Much of the humor derives from the incongruity between the placidness of the setting and the cavalier attitude towards death demonstrated by the fine citizens of the community (Life Magazine has been replaced with a periodical entitled Death Magazine). Despite some playfully graphic violence, the movie stays true to the spirit of innocence we generally associate with both the 1950's itself and the cheesy, low-budget horror movies that were so much a part of the pop culture scene of that decade.

    K`Sun Ray, Carrie-Ann Moss and Dylan Baker are amiable and appealing as the wide-eyed Timmy and his Cleaver-esque parents (with slightly sinister undertones), while Billy Connolly accomplishes the well nigh impossible task of bringing a great deal of humanity and depth to the role of a resurrected corpse.

    This is what "Lassie" might have been had Timmy's best friend been afflicted with the occasional bout of rabies. ...more info
  • Best of the Dead (Truly Unique)
    Every so often a movie comes along in a particular genre and does things "outside the norm."

    Fido is such a movie.

    Yes, it's about zombies. Yes, it's about gut-munching. Yes, it's about survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

    But that's where the similarities end compared to other end-of-the-world zombie flicks.

    This movie is more like a cross between Pleasantville and Night of the Living Dead, with a little bit of humor thrown in there as well.

    After a zombie epidemic took over most of the world, a lone scientist invented a collar to control the undead and, through the ventures of the company Zomcom, was able to transform these mindless and hungry monsters into humanity's slaves, turning them into butlers, house aids and gardeners.

    Enter the Robinson family, the only family in the '50s without a zombie. However, things change when the people-pleasing mom, Helen Robinson (Carrie-Anne Moss), gets Fido, a lovable zombie with life and warmth.

    Fido quickly becomes best friends with Timmy, Helen's son, but one day when the collar goes on the fritz and Fido eats the neighbor, everything changes, a cover-up ensues and it's up to the Robinson family to hide Fido from those who would want to take him away and kill him (which is something that Daddy Robinson would love to see).

    This isn't your standard zombie movie. Far from it. It has heart, and though a comedy, it's not slapstick or silly. Just regular funny moments. Billy Connolly as Fido is charming, lovable, fun. You genuinely care for the poor dead guy. You smile with joy when he's happy. Your heart goes out to him when he's sad. You even side with him when he gets mad and takes out his uncontrollable hunger on unsuspecting victims.

    The story is original. The dialogue is great. The cast couldn't be better.

    New spins on genres are something I've always been into. Though classic takes on things have their place, every time something new comes along it's like a breath of fresh air and Fido is definitely that.

    Even hardcore zombie lovers who need a dose of shambling, rotting corpses and loads of blood will enjoy this film as there are "classic zombie moments" in it as well.

    This DVD also contains director Andrew Currie's extremely poignant short film, Night of the Living, about the cause-and-effect of alcohol in the family but with a zombie twist.

    Very recommended....more info
  • Alot like Lassie....
    What a clever, funny movie! It reminds me of the old "Lassie" TV shows, except this time "Lassie" is a zombie, instead of a collie dog. I was suprised at how much I enjoy this movie. It's like watching a real movie, but it has such an off-the-wall storyline. I think that is one of the things that makes it so funny. Carrie Ann Moss is perfect as the mother in this. I have already recommended this to my friends as a "must-see"....more info
  • Best movie I've seen all year!
    If you are a fan of zombie flicks, especially if you enjoyed Shaun of the Dead or the Return of the Living Dead series, stop reading and get this now! Even my wife, who doesn't do horror movies much less zombie movies, thought that Fido was absolutely hilarious....more info
  • good addition to your zombie collection
    Its kind of like pleasantville meets dawn of the dead. funny movie but kind of slow in spots. its pretty original I'll give it that. I would recommend it to any "dead" fan....more info
  • Could have been so much better
    The idea to make a zombie movie where they are under control and a boy owns a zombie as a pet seemed like it has possibilities. Quite frankly, over the last few years, I have become absolutely sick and tired of Zombie and Vampire movies being unleashed on DVD by the truck load. but when a comedy that sounds like something along the lines of "Shaun Of The Dead" comes along, I figured this would be good for a laugh.

    Unfortunately, by the time this movie finished, I thought it could have been so much funnier then it was. I mean, thinking of it now after seeing it, I cant recall anything that sticks out on my mind. No funny scene, no classic quotes. And it just makes me wonder what people are seeing in this that I missed?

    On the cover it has written, "Instant Classic" & "Madly Funny" by whoever gave it those reviews. I disagree with that... so a zombie who is brought by a family becomes the sons pet, and eats a few people, while caring for the family and hinting at a romantic relationship between zombie and the boys mother is classic and funny? ... ok, on a PG scale maybe.

    I dunno, I just fail to get a laugh out of a zombie the family treats like a dog. As a Mad TV/SNL Skit it would be ok at most, but as a whole movie?

    Those who said this movie is better then "Shaun Of The Dead" need there heads examined. And the other thing that was weird to me, why is it set in the 1950's or so? It's not that it bothered me, it just left me wondering why did they do that?

    Being someone who hated "Napoleon Dynamite", this may be that type of humor that I can not grasp. Maybe my sense of humor is too morbid for this kind of comedy approach, I dunno.. I just did not get what was classic or so funny about it. Seemed pretty average to me.

    I give it two and a half stars, it was watchable from start to finish without being boring, the lighting and editing is nice blah blah blah... there's no problem with the movie production itself.. I just did not find it to be funny. Or maybe I expected it to be more funnier then it was judging by the praise in reviews it gets, i dunno... i cant recommend you avoid it or anything, it seems the reviews for this movie are completely random.. so you will have to see it to decide for yourself I guess.

    ...more info
  • Lassie Meets Pleasantville Meets The Robinsons Meets Zombies
    We've all heard the saying, "You have to see it to believe it." And that statement was never truer when talking about FIDO, a zomcom (zombie comedy) of the highest order. Often referred to as the "Pleasantville of Zombie films", Fido certainly has that time-gone-by feel and look to it, but gives us some comedic talent from surprising locations.

    Scottish-born comedian Billy Connolly (The Boondock Saints) stars as Fido. Normally a pretty loud and brash actor/comedian, here Connolly has zero lines (unless you consider occasional moans and groans lines) as the newly installed zombie in the Robinson household. Installed? you ask. Yes, installed. Post-zombie wars, the world now uses the undead staggerers for menial tasks thanks to a new control collar placed around each zombie that makes them docile and family friendly. This all takes place circa 1950s America, too, a time when Lassie and other innocent shows began littering TV stations across the nation.

    Not surprisingly, since we're talking Lassie, the young son of the Robinson house is named, yep, Timmy. Timmy is played by relative newcomer K'Sun Ray who is more familiar to television audiences as Jason in the series SMITH. But here the young actor shows his comedic muscle by taking `Lil' Timmy' and making him Fido's best friend. Fido, in turn, becomes Timmy's best friend also. The two form a boy-and-his-dog relationship that transcends the Lassie version and takes it to a hysterically funny level ("What's wrong, boy? Is someone in trouble?")

    More surprising than young K'Sun Ray, though, was Carrie-Ann Moss (The Matrix trilogy) as Timmy's mother Helen Robinson. Stuck in an emotionless relationship with husband Bill (Dylan Baker, Across the Universe), Helen finds solace with her son and a strange awakening to her feminine needs with Fido. It's creepy, sappy, nostalgic and terribly funny all at once.

    There is so much going on in the film that it's tough to cover all of it with one simple review, so I'm not even gonna try. But I will say that sex, sexual repression, death and funerals, zombie-paranoia, big business, big government, and plays on morality are all interspersed throughout Fido.

    If you're a fan of Shaun of the Dead, you owe it to yourself to see this. Not only is Fido a great indie film, it is a great film in its own right. Be prepared to laugh yourself silly....more info
  • Cool Premise for a Zombie Comedy
    I really enjoyed this flick. The cast was great and very funny. I enjoyed the alternate reality of the 1950's as a post-zombie war landscape. I really enjoyed the fun had with the ideas and values during that era. It was a little like watching some 1950's family flick with some zombies thrown in. There was a funny idea that every family just had to have their own zombie pet or they would be ridiculed by their neighbors as weird. People should definately check this film out. It would be a plus if you are a fan of zombie films but I think people who are not normally horror film fans would enjoy it as well. A really clever movie!!...more info
  • A instant genre classic!

    In an alternate 1950's style world, a large cloud of space dust passes through the Earth and causes the dead to rise up from their graves to attack the living. Humans have been killing off these flesh-eating creatures until a brilliant group of scientists whom form a company called "ZomCom" create special devices that can control the living dead and make them nice especially as slaves to human beings as they provide services like delivering mail, cooking, and even as butlers. Average neighborhood boy Timmy (K'Sun Ray) seemed kind of lonely even without a pet, his mother (Carrie-Ann Moss) purchases a friendly and lovable ghoul named Fido (Billy Connelly) until one day in the park, as they play together the Collar malfunctions as he starts to attack and eat some innocent people. ZomCom's top specialist Mr. Bottoms moves across the street as he must try to find a way to control these raging creatures especially their relationships with humans.

    Hilarious and exciting Sci-fi horror comedy from Canada is an instant cult classic! This gem is a brilliant satire on 50's culture and zombie movies alike, not since "Shaun of the Dead" or "Dead Alive" has there been a zombie comedy like this before. The acting is great including Connelly's performance as the title creature whom is a very "Frankenstein"-like beast that anyone can relate to, there is some gory zombie violence shown in the movie but not too graphic as most and there's over the top humor that will make you laugh.

    This DVD contains good extras like audio commentary, deleted scenes with optional commentary, trailer, The Making of "Fido" featurette, storyboard with make-up and concept art galleries, and Zombie-Me creator DVD-Rom extra.

    Also recommended: "Cemetery Man (a.k.a. Dellamorte Dellamore)", "Dawn of The Dead (1978 and 2004)", "Night of the Comet", "Shaun of the Dead", "Night of the Living Dead (1968 and 1990)", "Grindhouse", "Day of the Dead", "Dead Alive (a.k.a. Braindead)", "Re-Animator", "Night of the Creeps", "Land of the Dead", "Diary of the Dead", "Demons", "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Bride of Re-Animator", "Frankenstein (1931)", "Bride of Frankenstein", "Son of Frankenstein", "Dead and Breakfast", "Return of the Living Dead Trilogy", "Evil Dead II", "Pleasantville", "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Hell of the Living Dead", "Dead Heat (1988)", "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (a.k.a. Living Dead at The Manchester Morgue)", "Bio-Zombie", "Beetlejuice", "The Monster Squad", "Slither" and "The Stuff"....more info
  • A boy and his "dog".
    The description of this movie on the back of the dvd does not do it justice. This movie is well made and well written. The movie has sort of a 1950's perfect world feel mixed with a "world of the future" spin on it. This is a funny movie. The audience roots for the boy and his zombie Fido especially when Fido becomes ravenous for human flesh when his collar is inadvertently deactivated.

    I was wary of the quality due to the picture on the cover and worried that the storyline would be lacking, but this is not the case. Something to keep in mind is that this is a feel good zombie movie not a gory slasher. ...more info
  • Hilariously Origional
    I thought this movie was funny. It was origional and just something really different. I laughed over and over.

    I recommend this movie to anybody. ...more info