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Topeak Aero Wedge Pack DX Bicycle Seat Pack with Fixer (Medium)
List Price: $27.99

Our Price: $23.42

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Product Description

2008 Topeak AeroWedge Pack DX Medium Black BG1719 Topeak Aero Wedge Pack DX Seat Bags with internal pocket to seperate tools and delicate items. 1000-denier Cordura Plus Fitting for taillight Volume: 33 inches3

  • 150 g / 0.33 lb
  • 0.54 l/ 33 ci Capacity
  • QR w/Seatpost Strap (F11)
  • 1000 Denier Nylon, ?Dupont Teflon Coating
  • 3M Reflective Strip, ?RedLite Clip

Customer Reviews:

  • Okay, but could be better.
    The pack is smaller than I thought and it didn't come with a "fixer". The top zipper compartment that is supposed to hold the tool kit came undone and my multi-tool spilled all over the pavement. I haven't used the bag that much, but my first impressions aren't that good....more info
  • Fixer flawed..
    I got the fixer instead of the velcro because I thought that it would be more secure...boy was I wrong. First time out riding on regular street roads, it snapped. Luckily the velcro that went around the seat post was still in place or else I would've lost my keys, license, everything.

    The bag minus the fixer.. I give it an "A" grade. It had enough room to carry all of my stuff, license, cell phone, camera, spare tube, multi tool, stubby wrench, and levers. And you can even expand it to store more items. Also, there's a nice reflective strip on the back door....more info
  • My husband's
    Just the right size according to my husband. I thought just the right price from Amazon....more info
  • Nice bag - no fixer included
    This is great if you just want a small, aerodynamic bag. The fixer wasn't included in the original and the replacement, so I guess that is a misrepresentation of the product. I returned it, as I was expecting the fixer kit as part of the product....more info
  • Very nice, but a bit small
    As a bag to hold my keys, spoke wrench, a pair of tire irons, a few Allen wrenches, a combo screwdriver and a spare inner-tube this just isn't quite big enough. I may just get a door key and security gate key made and keep that to a minimum, but I will be looking for the medium.

    What's Great:

    1. The attachment system. No need fishing around in your seat bag because you will never remember just how you wrapped that Velco, just take it off and use it like a tool box. Also great for walking across a busy bike trail and helping someone with everything in your hand. Also, you can easily swap your bag from a road to mtn bike so you always know you have a properly stocked stash of repair goodies on your bike. No cannibalizing from one to the other until you are stranded on a country road far from home with the sun setting. They sell the mounts by themselves for like $5.

    2. The semi-hard side luggage approach. The bag holds it's shape well, and like a camera bag, doesn't let metal tools bang against your frame and seat.

    3. The top and bottom compartments which allow delicate things like spare inner-tubes and your bike computer to be stowed away & above the sharp metal bits. Top & bottom because things like screwdrivers and tire irons are L-O-N-G and vertical partitions would just make a bag worthless for carrying such essentials.

    4. The water-proof zippers that keep your greenbacks from turning into rust-sodden scraps out of the laundry. I think this bag will float too - at least for awhile. For mountain bikers that would be very nice when crossing rivers and streams - especially with the reflective bits helping you spot it as it floats away.

    5. The reflective tape - but they could do so much better here by using an orange reflective coating on the whole back side above the current white reflective stripe.

    6. The very thoughtful fold of heavy nylon that acts like a belt for lights with belt-clip attachments. Then you don't have to clutter up your seat-post with drag-inducing and ugly mounts and you can stow the light in the delicate section so if you crash your light won't go skidding into the bushes never to be seen again. It would really suck to crash on the trail and then get clocked by a car as you limp home in the dark.

    What's Not Great:

    1. It's too small IMHO, and I am a "the bigger the bag the more junk you'll fill it with" guy - but then you have to judge that for yourself.

    2. They should slather the back of this bag over with orange reflective stuff so you can ride legally without a normal reflector. Also, how about some reflective bits on the sides? Your lights have 200 degrees of coverage, so why not follow that philosophy here?

    3. It should have a pump holder on the bottom with about 3-4 solid inches of Velcro. Pumps are vital and expensive, and they need to be held very securely. The handles on many large duffel bags are held together with about a 4" swath of Velcro - something like that. Maybe even two 3" swaths. More is better here.

    UPDATE: 4/29/2008

    I got home last night from a 25mi ride and the bag was missing - along with my house keys. After calling the emergency # and having my apt complex drill out the deadbolt on the front door my enthusiasm for the mounting system has diminished substantially. My new bag arrived today - a medium - and it should be the perfect size for my use. I have used a very tough cinching Velcro wire bundle tie IN ADDITION TO the supplied Velcro cinch so it's not going anywhere now, but so much for the easy on, easy off convenience.

    ATTENTION TOPEAK PRODUCT DESIGNERS: Take a look at the cammed slide release on a Berretta M9/92/96 and use this system to create a simple, bomb-proof, field strippable mounting system that works with NO tools at all and OWN the seat-bag business. The current system is NOT to be trusted with anything valuable, which is pretty much anything one puts in a seatbag.Velcro(R) Brand One-Wrap(R) Cableties 8in Blk 25pkVelcro(R) Brand One-Wrap(R) Cableties 8in Blk 25pk...more info