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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation bundled with Bluetooth Headset
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Product Description

Get Ready for Online Combat

Following its success as the number one online PlayStation 2 franchise, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs breaches onto the PlayStation 3 (PS3) computer entertainment system in high-definition this holiday season. SOCOM Confrontation delivers the ultimate next-generation online combat experience made possible by the power of PS3. SOCOM Confrontation focuses on online play and the global community and clans that support it. With support for Tournaments, Clan ladders, Leader Boards and more, this latest title in the multi-million unit selling franchise is exactly what SOCOM fans have been clamoring for. Additionally, players will be able to modify their appearance through facial and physical customization.

A global-scale experience, SOCOM Confrontation gives players the opportunity to battle against the best and brightest from the U.S., Europe and Asia. SOCOM Confrontation deploys with five new North African themed maps, including a 32-player version of "Crossroads." Additional themed packs for SOCOM Confrontation will be made available for download via the PlayStation Store.

 SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Confrontation

Bluetooth Headset

Key Features

  • Intense online combat experience with up to 32 players delivered in High Definition
  • Seven highly detailed maps, including the most popular SOCOM map of all time: "Crossroads"
  • New engine built for PS3 with advanced physics, lighting and ballistics including penetration modeling
  • Play as one of five special forces units: U.S. Navy SEALs, British S.A.S, German KSK, Spanish UOE, and the French 1er RPIMa
  • Unrivaled Community Features with increased clan & ladder support
  • Tournaments available at the regional, national and global levels
  • Advanced player matching enables players to form teams with their friends or join an online game
  • Players will be able to modify their appearance through facial and physical customization
  • Integration with Stat tracking, clan management tools, My SOCOM pages and more
 SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Confrontation
SOCOM comes to the PS3
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 SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Confrontation
Online Combat for Up to 32 Players
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 SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Confrontation
Set Your Sights on SOCOM
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Includes Official Bluetooth Headset for the PlayStation 3 system

Headset Features:

  • Designed and optimized specifically for gaming use
  • Compact, sleek and ergonomic design fits comfortably on either ear
  • Easily accessible Mute button makes it gamer-friendly
  • The included charging cradle allows for convenient charging and storage of the headset
  • Compatible with any PlayStation 3 system game which supports headset functionality
  • Bluetooth 2.0 compliant. Compatible with devices with Bluetooth 1.1 or higher specification
  • Supports Bluetooth headset and hands-free profiles for compatibility with most Bluetooth enabled cell phones and audio devices
  • 30 feet (~10 meter) operating range

SOCOM breaches onto the PS3 in high-definition with the ultimate next-generation online combat experience. SOCOM Confrontation focuses on online play and the global community and clans that support it. With support for Tournaments, Clan Ladders, Leader Boards, this game is exactly what SOCOM fans have been waiting for. Additionally, you will be able to modify your appearance through facial and physical customization. A global-scale experience, SOCOM Confrontation gives you the opportunity to battle against the best and brightest from the U.S., Europe and Asia. SOCOM Confrontation deploys with five new North African themed maps, including a 32-player version of "Crossroads." Additional themed packs for SOCOM Confrontation will be made available for download via the PlayStation Store. This bundled version of SOCOM Confrontation includes the Official Bluetooth Headset for PlayStation 3, produced specifically for the needs of PlayStation gamers for wireless voice chat on your headset as well as speaker chat functionality through the charger base.

Comprehensive player customization including fully featured load out, encumbrance and unique uniforms Up to seven different game modes are available on each map Advanced player matching - you can form a team with your friends and easily join an online game Regional combat or challenge teams from around the world Additional themed downloadable content packs available post launch
  • Advanced voice communication systems and immersive audio
  • Ultimate 32-player online combat experience featuring stunning high-definition visuals, advanced physics, ballistics, impact and destruction modeling
  • Rich interactive and destructible environments supporting multiple game types
  • Full support of the SIXAXIS? wireless controller, offering greater control
  • Choice of playing as various International Special Forces

Customer Reviews:

  • Online ONLY!?!?
    Nowhere in's description of this game does it say it'sor online play ONLY. The game may be fun and it may not. I wouldn't know because I haven't played it yet because you CAN'T play it unless you go online and join a game with a bunch of strangers.
    I bought it because I liked the PS2 version. That version let you play through the missions yourself OR play online. I would like to think that PS3 games are meant to be BETTER than their PS2 predecessors - removing features is not better....more info
  • Installation Nightmare
    This has been the worst installation of any game I have ever purchased. In fact, installing this game takes more time and frustration then an install of any version of Microsoft Windows.

    How could the design engineers release this with so many problems? It is not like pc software that has to deal with an infinite possibility of hardware software compatibility issues; It is strictly for the PS3 gaming console. So, if I were the lead software engineer, or project engineer, or president of the company even, I would say "hey look guys so you have a product ready to ship let me take a copy home and install it on my PS3 just for s & giggles to make sure everything is ok"

    After reading the reviews for this game i have gone through every headache everyone else has experienced. This is unacceptable in my opinion and we consumers should not become complacent with game console software.

    One or more people from this company should have lost there jobs for this, if not there is a serious problem with the company as well as Sony for accepting and releasing the product.

    After 5 hours of a frustrating installation experience, the game is fun to play. But when it works and you are not locked up or booted for whatever reason.

    Avoid this game and anything else produced from this developer at all costs....more info
  • Most Realistic Modern Warfare Shooter - EVER!
    I've been playing this game for 2 months now and have found no end in the entertainment it can provide.

    The game received bad reviews initially for server issues and bugs that have now been resolved. The developers are clearly committed to fixing problems, improving the game, and adding more content in the future. A poorly designed menu system is immediately apparent, but should not reflect the quality of the game itself.

    Previously I played SOCOM:Combined Assault, and this game is completely redesigned, featuring smaller maps that provide for a more intimate, engaging fighting experience. The game play is truly second to none. All the press attention may go to Call of Duty 4 and 5, and those are great games, but the realism and graphic detail is nothing compared to SOCOM:Confrontation.

    All the maps (Fallen, Urban Wasteland, Crossroads, Kasbah, Frostfire, Desert Glory, and Quarantine) are well designed and provide for a fair engaging competition between the two teams. This game now switches sides between Seals and Mercenaries halfway through the game to insure that any unfairness in the map is not reflected in the final score. The new communication system allows for better communication between teammates. Each player's audio can be heard by other players (friendly and enemy) physically near them in the game, while pressing L2 will broadcast over the radio to all teammates regardless of location in the map. Playing this game without a headset is unacceptable.

    The new Player Profile section allows your character to be fully customized (including Camouflage Color, Skin Color, Face, and Attire) for both Seal and Mercenary. It will also allow you to predefine your default firearms and gear.

    The audio provides realistic gunfire and a dynamic soundtrack that changes based on what you are experiencing in the game.

    I highly recommend this game, it should definitely be the bestselling PlayStation 3 game currently available....more info
  • Has extreme potential
    So, it's a great game so far, but with everything wrong with it right out of release, I'd say wait to buy it after they add a follow option, fix server issues and angle issues with the guns. It's fun with problems, so who knows what could happen once they fix everything....more info
  • ZeRiMaRd's Opinion
    Well, l bought this game the same day as Dead Space. l had great expectations for both games and Dead Space didnt disappoint. As for SOCOM Confrontation, this is a piece of crap. How could Slant 6 Studios produce such a user unfriendly interface? The setup is poorly done and the ranking system is unclear. Load times are pathetic and the gameplay itself is unmotivated. I always enjoyed SOCOM for the PS2 but unfortunately SOCOM Confrontation is so buggy and slow that l couldn't enjoy it one bit. To think this was on ZeRiMaRd's Top 10 of Fall 2008 is a shame. Here is hoping Slant 6 Studios does something soon....more info
  • This Game Rocks!!!!
    This game is awesome. I can't believe how many bad reviews this game has had. Yes it's only an online game which was said over 10000000000 times . But it's awesome, You can play respawn games and no-spawn games. But the respawn games are for the noobs. If you don't like this game then you suck~...more info
  • yawn
    boring. sub par graphics. boring. too many dorks talking online. boring. set up is ridiculous. boring. stick with cod4. boring. headset is overrated as it is nothing special. boring. what else can i say? did i mention boring?...more info
  • A Fair Review For a Fantastic Game.
    I think I need to make one thing perfectly clear right away, Socom : Confrontation is obviously a title which currently is having quite a few problems that almost any game with online gameplay experiences. What you need to remember is that this game is online ONLY, you cannot even get past the initial loading screen without a connection to the Playstation Network. Now obviously, a game like Call of Duty 4, which had it's fair share of problems early on were saved by the fact that the single player experience was incredible. SOCOM does not feature single player this time around, so you are stuck with online, and online only. This presents a major problem when any server issues occur, causing the game to become literally unplayable.

    With all of that out of the way, this game might have quite a few problems, which by the way are being worked out as I type this, but I really have not experienced too many big problems, other than lag in some of the larger 32 person games. When the game does work flawlessy, it is an amazing experience, which I really cannot think of any other game to compare to. SOCOM Confrontation is getting so many bad reviews because of what is currently wrong with it (these things will be fixed), and not what is so great about it. Teamplay is a major factor, and I have never played a game where it seems that everyone is always on the same page, and motivated to work together. The shooting mechanics take getting used to, but it helps more established players to succeed with weapons they have mastered, and allows them to have to learn new techniques when using different weapons. The audio could be some of the best I have ever heard, nothing is more amazing than creeping through a dark alley, in silence, and then hearing a brick fall off the building next to you, and crash right behind you. The maps are very nicely done, and very well detailed, and I am glad to say, for all the rest of the Old School SOCOM players, Desert Glory, Frostfire, and Crossroads were excellently remade in this game.

    So, overall, SOCOM Confrontation is somewhat of a diamond in the rough. Give it some time to be polished, and after some patches come out, this could be one of the best games to come out this year. Overall, I give this game an 8/10, considering the tremendous potential of the next installment of the legendary SOCOM series. If you are a hardcore SOCOM fan, and really enjoyed the Playstation 2 games, I don't know what you are doing if you haven't already picked this game up....more info
  • Throw away 2008 reviews
    The game has changed for the better. While it is not yet the perfect SOCOM game it has improved dramatically over the release. Most of the bugs have been ironed out and gameplay is basically solid. If you were scared away by all the poor reviews at launch, don't worry about those issues as most things meaningful are fixed or are set to be fixed with the latest patch. A solid 8/10 game....more info
  • INCREDIBLY FUN-when it works
    I first have to get the major grips of this game, it has a lot of problems because the servers crashed so getting into a game can be tricky so I suggest waiting 2 weeks or so and getting it after the problem are fixed. Also on the day of release it was almost impossible to get in a game but now its ok. Also the installs take a long time first the install(which for a reason took very long to pull up the percentage bar on my ps3) and then the patch that takes a long time to download(400 mb or around).Well after that lets review the game, the game is tactical team combat so going out guns blazing isn't very wise. The headset comes with the game so talking with your comrades is the key to victory. Its very fun to dominate using teamwork, and seeing the enemy disappear one by one. I also LOVE the maps its one of the best things about the game it gots perfect sniping points and has very good physics and destructible environments although a snow map would have been nice. The graphics ain't that good but they are neat and do their job. The sound of this game is perfect and guns sound very realistic(since they recorded the sound of the real guns) every bang and explosion is superb and the game is realistic as well. There are a handful of modes and rescuing the hostages is one of my personal favorites, and again if going out guns blazing is your style don't buy this game. Well those were my experiences with the game and if yours differ feel free to leave a comment, I really love to play this game....more info
  • Socom need i say more
    This game is the best Socom i have ever played and i have played every incarnation of Socom their is, The visuals are beautiful the guns sound's are crisp, the dull thud of bullets hitting your target never gets old. I also like how they took vehicles out of the game and got back to what made the past games great and that is hardcore firefighting fun. I give the game a 5 but their are problem's with the servers so i give it a 4/5 as soon as the server issues are addressed it will be 5/5. If you Liked any of the past Socom games you have played get this one it will not disappoint ...more info
  • SoCom
    SoCom has carried on the traditon of older SoCom games in this new instalment. Tons of weapons and huge maps to play on. Great third person shooter experince here and unlike first person shooters this isn't so much of a run and gun game but more of a strategy and skill game. Trophies could take some time to get since you will need to put in some effort for them. If you like older SoCom games then you will love this one....more info
  • much better with latest patch
    this game is now VERY fun and VERY playable with the latest patch. fixed many issues and more patches are coming according to the offcial web site.

    ...more info
  • Avoid this game
    Wow, how this thing was ever considered as a finished product is beyond me. This has to be one of the worst PS3 titles I've encountered. The biggest complaint I have involves the numerous bugs.

    Installing the game itself and trying to play it for the first time gives you an error message. It seems as if the 1.10 patch which you are forced to download corrupts your save game. Since the game creates a save game when it first launches it is an impossible error to avoid. After patching the game you will be informed that your save game is corrupt and that you must manually exit the game and delete the save game. Seriously, the game forces you to delete its own save game just to play it for the first time.

    While playing this game you will encounter the following: You will get lock-ups leading to a frozen console. You will see other players' characters missing weapons. Most of the servers' "channels" will be full and open games will be difficult to find. You will encounter serious lag during play. Closer aiming will inexplicably cause your character to stand up. The menus will respond slowly to your input.

    There are other issues with this game beyond the glitches alone. The graphics are poor for a PS3 title. The textures are muddy and low resolution. The game has plain lighting effects which fail to impress. The blood effects appear to lifted directly from Mortal Kombat. The control scheme is unnecessarily complicated with poor default mapping. All buttons on the controller are used and some serve multiple functions based on the duration of a press. Unfortunately, this doesn't really lead to superior control versus other, similar, games. It's complex for the sake of complexity. Features you expect in a modern game such as the ability to join one of your friend's games in progress, player muting, or even something as simple as your own name being highlighted in a long list of party members are absent. Trophies, which are indicated on the box itself, are nowhere to be found. They are promised in a future patch.

    I'll write briefly about the headset as it's likely that's a main draw in the purchase of this bundle. There are a couple of minor problems with the device. The unit itself is quite heavy. It is by far the bulkiest Bluetooth headset I've used. You may feel your ear getting fatigued earlier than you'd hope for because of this. The ear cushion is not adjustable in size so it may flop around in your ear as it dangles from the headset's hook. The main attraction to be found is the giant mute button in the middle of the device. Most headsets created for use with cellular phones have an inconvenient mute function. You will also receive on-screen notifications when changes are made to the unit such as volume adjustment, the mute toggle, and a battery charge indicator.

    SOCOM: Confrontation isn't ready for prime time. It has far too many show-stopping bugs and feels unpolished in most aspects. I would stay far away from this game. The headset is worth a purchase, but the game itself is not....more info
  • Excelent Game! No Mercy To Buy just Buy it!!!
    The Game is one of the most heavy shooter online game, this game rocks! the only defect is te laggy but not is all the time, i have a clan and the game the graphics the sound and evrything evolve yours to the best War what ever you play I Recomended this game to everyone.

    This Game is Funny Adicted and Heavy no Mercy to play it and buy it 1000% Recomended ...more info
  • So Disappointing.
    Waited for this game for quite a while, being an older gamer and a socom fan PS3 continues to let me down...well lets be "PC" and say its Slant 6's fault...but no matter...its still on my PS3 (PS2 used to bring me so much fun)...anyway, the server and bug problems which are highly talked about, are a deal-breaker with this's the point, i can hardly play it!..i can hardly connect to the servers, its so glitchy and laggy (no its not my i-net, i have uverse 10-mbit and a sophisticated network i admin myself, have for years, i never have any issues with live, other psn titles, cept now LBP, or pc games...) the gameplay is fine, its socom, if you ever get to play it...ugh...such a let down.

    On the upside, the bluetooth headset that came bundled with it, is probably the best bluetooth i've ever used...its very clear, i can hear people and everyone can hear me, always works, paired esily, and the HQ mode really makes this little bundle worth it, best part of this well for other PSN titles (Resistance 2 anybody?)...more info
  • Awesome third person tactical shooter video game
    En este juego ahi que poner la cabeza a pensar antes que disparar. Me gusto mucho porque el trabajo en equipo se siente para aquellos que realmente juegan tactico, la atmosfera de asechar y ser asechado te mantiene en total alerta. La calidad visual posee mucho detalle y no ralentiza el rendimiento del ps3. Yo me compre socom(bundle) por el headset y al final termino gustandome. Buen juego...more info
  • A Game That Should Never Have Been Relised
    I don't know what happened to this game. The Game has Endless Initial loading times, Confusing multi screen game selection windows, Toggle controls that cannot be adjusted. A first player game without a first player option, you either get a shoulder view which blocks half the screen depending on what side of the guys head your on or a third person view which leaves you 5 feet behind and above the character. The Levels and very large, but also very complicated with no maps or radar and are also quite dark. The Wireless controller options allow you to choose from about 10 button configurations, however they don't over lap with Call of duty, Metal gear solid, or Rainbow Six 2. The Controls make it absolutely imposable to like a similar warfare game and be good enough to switch back and fourth. Since this game is far from the best game on the market, I wouldn't buy it. Plus they are having many "Temporary" server issues that make the game difficult to enjoy. My ranking is as followed.

    1. Call of Duty 4
    2. Rainbow Six #2
    3. Socom
    4. Metal Gear Solid 4

    I would wait to see Call of Duty World at War Being Realised on Nov 11 2008
    ...more info
  • Fun, but it gets old fast.
    I am new to SOCOM so I went in comparing it to COD4. It doesn't quite compare in my opinion. game play is good all around but it lacks whatever a game needs to keep you coming back for more. ...more info
  • An Ambitious Disappointment
    I'll start by saying that this review will NOT be about SOCOM's various technical snafus. I've played the game through several revisions and I've had a fairly smooth ride from a technical standpoint. I'm going to review this game as though it runs perfectly, since I assume Slant Six will have it patched to that point in the very near future.

    Instead, I want to discuss SOCOM: Confrontation as a game. And as a game, I've found that it ultimately falls short of being worth its retail price.

    The game is ambitiously conceived, and the whole reason I purchased it in the first place was that the designers worked very hard to implement a number of features that I found very appealing and intelligent. Chief among these are the voice communication system and the motion-sensitive cover system. Ultimately, however, both fall short.

    The voice system is for the most part well-implemented, but the team-wide chat is the same as any other multiplayer shooter, and the local-area open-mic chat is too quiet and erratic to be useful in combat. In addition, I've found that very few players put these features to use. This is not necessarily the fault of the publishers, but it's unfortunately typical of the experience you'd have playing this title.

    The cover system is a nightmare. The game is full of awkwardly-proportioned obstacles that ensure that you will be firing into your own cover time and time again. The game punishes you for finding tactically valuable high ground by sticking a railing in your face that makes shooting downwards impossible. The only bright spot is the fact that you can make your character duck all the way to where he's kissing the dirt, then pop up and shoot. Assuming you don't shoot your own sandbags, it's a good tactic that's proven itself in ambushes.

    As for the mechanics of the game, they're decidedly sub-par. The controls are needlessly complex. For example, there are three zoom levels, which means you need two buttons to navigate among them. Weapon switching is an incredible chore, and even though you have a quick-swap button, you can't configure which weapon comes up when you press it, so it defaults to your mostly useless pistol when grenades would be a far more desirable option. Instead, you have to hold the weapon select button, fiddle with the D-pad to find the weapon you want, then release the swap button while holding the D-pad. Even knowing how to do it, you still mess it up some of the time. Also, for a game bent on seeming "realistic", it is decidedly unbalanced when it comes to movement and shooting. Characters walking at full speed suffer no accuracy penalty vs. characters that are crouched still or even prone. Call of Duty 4 and 5, which are more arcade-y in other areas, offer far more realism in this regard. You have to slow down and use your sights to shoot at even moderately close range. But since the 3rd person view makes shooting difficult, and players have learned that you might as well charge, the game devolves into a lot of close-range circle-strafing, which is decidedly unrealistic, unenjoyable, and just plain stupid.

    To make matters worse with SOCOM, the online experience itself is not well-designed. After using Call of Duty's simple, streamlined, easy matchmaking system, going to a PC-style menu of servers is a major step backwards. When you make yes/no selections in the menu, the cursor lags and jumps around, often picking the option you DIDN'T want. Another annoyance is that, while you can configure many different character loadouts, you can't switch among them without leaving the server! Not to constantly compare the game to the Call of Duty series, but this is clearly inferior. In COD, you can switch your profile any time you wish to adjust to the game type and map. SOCOM does not allow this, which is a major annoyance given the fact that multiple equipment loadouts come in handy depending on the game type, and most ranked room run in medley form. True, you can change your weapons and secondaries between lives, but these all have to be done one item at a time. Also, you can't change your armor settings mid-game at all.

    There are some good points to this game. Character creation is deep, fun, and the instant availability of weapons and camouflage let you design your warrior just how you'd like. The weapons have a realistic feel, aided by the outstanding sound design and excellent explosion and impact effects. And Crossroads really is the best multiplayer map that's ever been made. It's just spectacular. I score markedly better on this map than any of the others. I'm going to miss it when I sell this game next week.

    But the best part of this game isn't part of the game at all, it's...

    There's no denying it. This headset is an outstanding piece of kit. It's discreet, light, it functions perfectly, pairs easily, sounds great, is comfortable enough, and the battery lasts a long, long time. It also survived a fall from about six feet up onto a hardwood floor, so I'd say it's durable. I had to use the included smaller ear disc, since I have funny ears, but hey, they were nice enough to provide it. Assuming future titles will have headset support, this is a must-own.

    SOCOM: Confrontation is a disappointing, frustrating game whose many bright spots fail to outweigh its even bigger annoyances. In an online shooter market packed with two Call of Duty games, Resistance 2, and the upcoming Killzone 2, there simply is no room for this game among its many superior competitors....more info
  • Buggy, laggy mess
    This was a pre beta release. It should never have been released in this condition. I stopped playing it due to long load times, lag, poor features such as being unable to shoot through large spaces between objects.
    To make myself feel better I think of it as purchasing a 45 dollar headset which is great and a bad 15 dollar game.
    ...more info
  • I'm spoiled by great games...
    I found SOCOM's match making system a bit of a pain. I'm used to the Halo 2 and 3, and COD 4 online experience. SOCOM seems like too much work to join a game. The cross hair is a bit awkward and takes time to get used to. The reticle is the size of a needle point making head shots very difficult while not zoomed in. I guess I would have noticed all this if I had gotten a chance to play the beta. However, it seems almost impossible to play any beta for the PS. The headset seems fine and it takes nothing to par it with the PS3. I wore it for an hour and didn't notice any discomfort. I feel SOCOM will be enjoyed most by true SOCOM fans. For me this game is unfulfilling and I long for the day Killzone 2 comes out. Until then I'll be playing COD4 for the majority of the time....more info
  • Its too Good!
    i played every other socom and have more hours in socom 2 than anyone would want to know. the game on the ps3 is sick wait 2 weeks buy it and you will never even know what all the fuss was about because its an incredibly good game!...more info
  • Socom Confrontaton
    The game is ok but not everyone can get online.I thought the game would be like the rest of the series playing and get the feel of the controls and doing some missions before you get online.Now the graphics and sound and movement is great and the online play is ok but i,m sorry i have better games on my PSP fireteam bravo 2 than my PS3.If the game was like fireteam bravo 2 but on the PS3 then i can say more people would like it to better their skills and have fun.I am glad that hackers can,t use codes to cheat and do some of the things they do on fireteam bravo 2 online.Overall it is a nice game but it could be better. ...more info
  • BUMMER!!!!!!!
    Big time SOCOM fan. Couldn't wait for this to come out....not what I expected. Game play seems slow, running, shooting etc. Not as fluid as SOCOM CA or SOCMOM 2. Servers are very slow, no single player version (for when the severs are down). What happened to the vehicles? No boats or hummers? Bluetooth headset works well though. Almost seems like an older game that they adapted for the PS3. SONY blew this one big time.

    Game is playable but a major disappointment.

    Will stick to COD4 and wait for Resistance 2 and COD World at War....more info
  • Lots of potential
    The game in its current form is a good game with a lot of potential, the basic premise is there it's just missing a lot of features witch will be implemented in upcoming patches like 1.30, witch will make the game even better.

    It's a great online game if you have the patience for this type of tactical shooter games and for the developers to churn out the patches to make it an awesome game....more info
  • SOCOM... Stop The Hate!
    First off this is my first SOCOM, I like the game, no the graphics aren't a 10, about a 7, but the gameplay is great. I'm terrible at the game, but I enjoy it. if you are a SOCOM fan it is a must buy. If you need a headset it's a must buy, because the bundle includes the headset and that alone is $50 seperatley. I think you can handle a $10 game after that huh? LOL. The server complaints aren't as valid as these haters are saying. #1 they are hyper children that want everything yesterday. They got the game many of them one day before it was supposed to be released. They installed it and a patch was still coming. They forgot to delete the game saved beta and the game wasn't loading properly. They say the patches took to long, as well as the updates. it took me about a 1/2 hour to get the game up and runnign that was it. The headset is a little tricky, but it's a good headset. my only problem with the headset is that it's not that comfortable. Other than that it's a solid buy. Any SOCOM vet that doesn't get this game is going to miss out. IMO they will eventually all come. But I also think people just love to bitch itf it's not perfect. Now it is having little to no problems. i've had close to no issues. BTW COD4 had server issues early as well, everyone forgot about those. The game is a solid 8 and a must buy for SOCOM faithful....more info