MICON Pan/Tilt/Zoom (Digital) IP/Network Camera
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Product Description

Features compact stand-alone web server capable of remote video surveillance. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a standard browser. Each system can simultaneously support up to 2 USB PC cameras. Remarkably, the iGuardTM can stream video images directly to the Internet without having to go through a computer. The PTZ camera included with this package allows for high speed pan/tilt and digital zoom functions. This lets the user pan across 320 degrees, tilt through 60 degrees, and offers digital zoom capabilities while remotely viewing live events. Also included with the iGuard is a powerful management and control software application that allows the user to schedule recordings, receive email notification of events, and trigger automatic recording by motion detection, just to name a few. Every individual and business can benefit greatly from iGuard. Imagine increasing productivity at the work place by staying on top of daily events, even when you are not there. Visualize a grandparents joy by watching a grandchild that lives half way around the world (or just in the next city or state). Think about the comfort it brings to be able to monitor a loved ones care at a school, daycare or nursing home facility. The broad array of applications for this device is endless.

  • Watch your business or home anytime anywhere on line!