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Resident Evil 5
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Product Description

This next-generation follow-up to the terrifying series introduces the theme of escape as its core survival instinct. As Chris Redfield, your life is in danger as you strive to complete your most dangerous mission yet in a sweltering desert colony where a new breed of evil has been unleashed. Swarms of marauding evil beings will charge at you when your pulse is racing at a heart-shattering pace. Environments will play a bigger factor than ever here, using the power of next-gen systems to create a world where terror might lurk in any alcove or shadow. Powerful lighting effects overwhelm the player with mirage movement and blinding brilliance, and even in the light of day, there is no safe haven in this Resident Evil. Powerful New Weapons - The number of weapon variations has been greatly increased providing new ways to keep enemies at bay. Fear Light as much as Shadow - Lighting effects provide a new level of suspense as players attempt to survive in both harsh sunlight and extreme darkness.

Experience the thrill and terror all over again with Resident Evil 5 for Xbox 360. Featuring Chris Redfield of the original Resident Evil and Sheva Alomar, a West African agent of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), this sci-fi survival game is staged in a remote desert colony packed with hordes of fast-moving, quick-thinking enemies that represent a whole new breed of evil.

Cooperative game play options let you take teamwork to a new level. View larger.

Dramatic graphics and lighting effects add a realistic edge to your mission. View larger.

Move through vast environments that have a discernable impact on game play. View larger.

You'll face faster enemies backed by improved AI. View larger.
Meet Two Fierce, Playable Main Characters
Back from the original title and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, former S.T.A.R.S. special forces team member Redfield is a battle-tested, founding member of the BSAA. With a reputation for superior marksmanship and phenomenal hand-to-hand combat abilities, he's on the ground and up against a new strain of evil.

You'll call his shots from the same over-the-shoulder third person viewpoint that distinguished Resident Evil 4, except this time you'll also have the option of playing as his teammate, the fierce, local Alomar. Whoever you play as, updates to the earlier version's third-person control scheme offer more options and promise intuitive interactions.

Learn to Work Together
The new cooperative game play element focuses on the realities of a dual-agent mission, highlighting the ways in which Redfield and Alomar must work together to survive the unexpected, while still allowing them to split up and work alone. To help you maximize the potential of this setup, two-player online and offline co-op modes ensure that you have options when picking a partner.

Steel yourself Against the Harsh Reality of Kijuju
An advanced version of Capcom's proprietary MT Framework game engine brings groundbreaking graphics and effects to Kijuju, the highly-developed environment where this game's action takes place. New, lifelike lighting schemes highlight the differences between harsh sunlight and extreme darkness, and when you move from one to the other, you'll have to wait for your character's eyes to adjust before you can see clearly, adding to the suspense and challenge of navigating this game's environs.

Face the Next Generation of Evil
You'll face new enemies with faster reflexes and improved AI, designed to be as dangerous alone as they are in groups and to keep even Resident Evil masters on their toes. Thankfully, they're not the only ones who have evolved. This game also offers access to powerful new weapons variations that extend your destructive capabilities.

And the updated, quick-select inventory system allows for real-time inventory management, as well as allowing characters to trade items and allowing you to place an item on the directional pad for instant access. Add all this to a detailed storyline the touches on what the past ten years have meant for Redfield and a Hollywood-caliber soundtrack, and it's clear that the latest installment in this series really does showcase all the elements at the heart of horror gaming.

  • Tackle a horror-filled mission as Chris Redfield from the original Resident Evil or Sheva Alomar, a West African agent of the BSAA
  • Take advantage of the new, two-player online co-op mode to double your team's effectiveness in the face of a new bread of evil
  • Use new weapons to defend yourself when faced with hordes of faster, smarter enemies
  • Explore the remote desert setting of Kijuju with highly-developed, detailed game environments
  • Experience groundbreaking graphics and effects delivered by an advanced version of Capcom's proprietary MT Framework engine

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Co-op action!
    For Resident Evils first foray into Co-op play it is a great one, they do a good job of encouraging teamwork and having puzzles work from a two player perspective. The combat can be frustrating at times, but just remember that RE games are Survival Horror Puzzle games, not shooters and then the strange combat mechanics make a lot more sense. Overall this is the best Resident Evil I have played since 1 and 2....more info
  • Resident Evil 5 or 4 continued???
    Resident Evil 5
    So this game was a good game. It had everything I loved from the 4th game. But that's also a problem. I waited I don't know how many YEARS for this game and to me it seems like RE4 just with different characters and setting. It uses the same zombie and pretty much the same bosses. Now of course it has better graphics, great sound. Its a next gen game. I would hope it has those. I played through it, and I did enjoy it though. Was disappointed at some parts of it. I just miss the horror part. RE2 had me through almost the hole game. This one, not so much. Yes there were some shocking parts but it just doesn't have the RE feel that got me into the series. I will of course recommend it to Action/Shooter game fans and RE fans. Next time, if there is, lets either make new enemies, or just go back to mindless zombies. Also maybe walking while shooting. I dunno, that's been in most shooter games for a long time now. Was it worth the wait, yes it was, but could it have been better. yes it could have. ...more info
  • Horrible! Run Away Run Away!
    This is one of the worst games I've ever played and I've had the misfortune of playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the original Xbox.
    Quick check what's good about this game, the idea. What's decent about this game, the sound and the graphics. What's bad about this game, everything else. The controls are horribly clunky, the melee attack is more powerful than bullets(but at least you have forearms the size of Buicks), a cutscene every 2 seconds, you get the world's wimpiest gun on a mission against zombies and megazombies and they have successfully created the world's most idiotic and annoying assistant. About the 300th time she told me to be careful and then ran in front of me and just stood there, I was ready to shoot her and then myself. She has apparently never recovered from an earlier blow to the head. This game does inspire terror, it has scared me away from ever wanting to buy another resident evil game and to run over to where they are selling Dead Space, or any other game for that matter! I'll play Dead Space over, it's a much better horror shooter. Buy Dead Space, not this steaming pile of goo.

    Long live Halo and Gears of War!...more info
  • Terrible fighting/controls
    This game could have been great. What killed it is the fact that YOU CANNOT MOVE WHILE YOU FIGHT. I think the developer did this on purpose to give the enemies an advantage over the player. No excuse for this. I do like that it has co-op, and the situations it throws you into are interesting. Since they made the fighting a chore, and not enjoyable I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME. Save your money, and find a better game....more info
  • A Visceral Balls to the Wall Battle
    The whole time, this visceral action game grabbed me by the balls and didnt let up. At times I dreaded turning the corner, and other times I was so hopped up on adrenaline I couldnt be scared. The boss battles have improved from the hard as hell to the fun and innovative. I really enjoyed this game, and the last boss game me fits. Good luck on that one. ...more info
  • Great game
    RE5 is a great game but does not last long because of the lack of a good multiplayer game mode. But does have significant replay ability due to wanting to beat it on professional. ...more info
  • Quick review
    Resident Evil 5 ought to be a better game than it is. There's really nothing terribly wrong with it except for a severe case of lack of originality. Whenever it's not being a souped-up clone of Resident Evil 4, it's too busy being a knock-off of Gears of War. RE5 is more like Gears of War with a Resident Evil skin, an action game that takes the pull in this direction that RE4 started and runs with it.

    To many players, I expect this will be a good thing. The game is practically groomed to appeal to the stereotypical Halo / Gears loving Xbox 360 player, right down to the Live enabled co-op play as Chris and Sheva. You can't get a true single player experience in RE5, whether playing co-op or solo you're going to be saddled with Sheva either way. Unlike Ashley, who mainly stayed out of the way and rarely took damage, Sheva's a 'partner' and plays like someone who just picked up the controller for the first time.

    Set Sheva to 'cover' and she'll use nothing but her handgun, ignoring all her bigger weapons in favor of taking potshots at enemies until she runs out of bullets. She rarely ever goes for critical shots or finishing moves when they're down, instead preferring to shoot for their chests until they finally stop moving. Set her to attack and she'll use her best weapon, at the expense of making herself the biggest target possible. Either way, she won't even consider using grenades, proximity mines, or so on. The best she can manage is to be a decent 'white mage' with a collection of herbs.

    Sheva doesn't break the game, but she doesn't add the charm that Ashley did to RE4. At worst she'll be minorly annoying, at best she's slightly helpful. Playing with a friend can actually be quite fun however, and the hotseat joining really makes this more accessable. Furthing the accessability, RE5 is extremely linear. Gone are the typewriter save points (which I didn't mind) and limited ink ribbons (which I hated completely), and in their place is a automatic checkpoint and save system much more inline with other 360 action titles.

    I have my complaints about the severe dumbing down of RE5 to appeal to the masses - the inventory management is a joke, the weapon upgrades are less than stellar, and the environments offer extremely little to explore - but overall RE5 still manages to be a fun game. It's short, straightforward, and rips off Gears of War in a great many aspects, but if you liked the action spin of the RE series that began with RE4, then I think it's safe to say that RE5 should at least be considered....more info
  • horror action
    I have been a resident evil fan since the first title came out on 1995 and I believe the secong installment is been the best after all those year .but now with this resident evil 5 the fun beging again for residen evil fans .it has what it take single player and on-line as well , from 1 to 10 I give it 9-1/2 over all score .
    the only complaint I have is the caracter movement. sometimes is too slow to turn around to escape from some dangerous situations but that is nor big deal .I recomended this game . ...more info
  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you liked RE4 than you will love this game, amazing graphics,great game play,and a good challenge if you like survival horrors than you should pick this up....more info
  • Great game!
    Very well made game, excellent graphics and warranted fun. Huge monsters that seems impossible to defeat but then you realize that they are more big than lethal. 100% recommended for everyone who likes this game style....more info
  • This game was just a lesson in frustration, try the demo first to see if you like it
    Most XBOX users are used to controls that were developed with halo and have now pretty much carried over to most games on the market. Move with left stick, look with the right. Well, this game is a blast to the (frustrating) past. You move around with one stick, then have to hold a button in order to switch to aim mode (which takes a whole second), and you use the same stick now to aim, while you stand still and get beat up by zombies. It takes a few seconds just to shoot a guy standing 6 inches in front of you. Don't even get me started with the horrible AI your partner has...

    I think fans of the franchise will love this game, controls are similar to the (4 year old) resident evil 4 game. For someone new to the series, I urge you to try the demo before forking a lot of money at this game. If you can get used to the controls, it's a decent game (not great), and pretty short, but getting used to those controls can be torture....more info
  • Great Graphics weak Controls
    Ok so i was really hyped upon reading all the reviews before the game came out so i was first in line to buy it. My first impression was that the graphics were awesome! The contorls such as camera views and moving your character around was stupid. You cant just run up and punch a zombie and the knife you use only has one motion with a forward slash. The shooting part was weak. Overall i did not like this game and sold it after only having it for two days. I think it was hyped up a little to much. ...more info
    This is another well done resident evil game. Its basically the same as resident evil 4 with the game play and all. I'm going to do pros and cons

    Graphics are amazing. They are the best that I've every seen. They really capture the aspect of the game. Good improvement from RE4.

    Game play is still fun with aiming first and then shooting. Not hard to get use to and easy to to use.

    Lots of action. This game won't make you keep walking without anything to do but give you so much action you could want.

    The girl is kinda annoying. You can't leave her side or she will die and you fail the level but she does help you some

    Ammo feels scarce so you have to use it wisely and not use all of it

    Lost the horror feeling and moved to an action typed game. Nothing that will leave you suspenseful

    These are just tiny little cons that won't take down the rating

    So overall great game and you should go and click buy game and you won't regret it...more info
    I'm not usually a game player and when it came to resident evil games i would just watch my cousin play em so i could see the storyline. Welll it was not the case with this one. I played as a two player with my husband and LOVED IT!!!!!!! We already beat it and i'm eager for them to bring out another one. My only main problem was that when you aim your gun to shoot you cant move anywhere but eventually i got the hang of it(after dying MANY times lol) and everything else more than made up for it. Its worth the [...] bucks!...more info
  • mediocre arcade game
    this game only carries the resident evil name cause its nothing like the previous resident evil games. I know its hard to make a survival horror game after Dead Space but they could at least tried.this feels like a arcade game....more info
  • Amazing!
    I was looking forward to this game since RE 4 and I when the release date kept getting delayed I was heartbroken. I picked it up on the release date and sadly beat it the same day which was not what I expected at all. But even though it's very short and somewhat to easy I loved it. It fills in the Chris story and something you'll be happy to see happens. If you're a fan of the series I highly recommend this game! ...more info
  • GREAT ACTION GAME, Horror, not so much...
    Resident Evil 5 is a prettier version of Resident Evil 4 with more emphasis on cooperative play. It's part shooting gallery and part action film, but it's about as scary as a Die Hard Movie.

    Concept: 9/10
    Chris Redfield is back and this time he has a sexy gun toting partner named Sheva. You can play Coop with a friend on split screen, or over Xbox Live, or the AI can control Sheva. Chris' and Sheva's military mission becomes personal when they find out Wesker's experiments killed thousands.

    Story 7/10
    The weakest part of the game is the story. It's well told. The cutscenes are expertly acted, animated, and rendered. There are optional files that the player can read at their leisure about the experiments that turned people into blood frenzied zombies. But it's Wesker... AGAIN. I feel like I've been killing Wesker for 15 years now. I really wish Capcom would come up with a new story instead of recycling the same story in different settings.

    Graphics 10/10
    The graphics are outstanding! Hordes of zombies charge at you through the dusty roads of a shanty town. Dynamic explosions and blur effects fill the screen! The characters look great! The camera work in the cutscenes is top notch. The visual effects highlight the action! Graphics can't get much better than this!

    Gameplay 8/10
    The gameplay is the same as Resident Evil 4, but some finesse has been added. You aim and shoot at hordes of zombies, while trying to conserve ammo. You can also try and make the most of your environment by using hazards and obstacles to your advantage. Because the new additions to the series focus on Cooperative Gameplay, you can combo attacks with your partner. If they shoot a zombie, the zombie performs its hit animation and that allows you to attack it with a devastating punch or kick. Two Players can work together to take out a group of zombies and conserve a lot of ammo if they coordinate their attacks well. This level of precision gameplay really encourages Players to work as a well-oiled machine.

    Levels 10/10
    The Levels in Resident Evil 5 are outstanding! They're varied, they're beautiful, and they're designed to prevent you from getting lost. From shanty towns, to ancient ruins, to scientific laboratories, the level progression makes you feel like you're progressing through an exciting story. There are vehicle chase sequences, fun puzzles, frantic battles, and epic boss fights. Strategically placed landmarks and objective markers always point you in the right direction, so you never feel lost or frustrated.
    You are graded on your performance in the levels, based on deaths, accuracy, kills, and time. You can replay levels to stockpile items, cash, or to improve your grade. At the end of each level or after a continue, you can manage your inventory by buying new items, upgrading weapons, or storing items in a virtual locker.

    AI 8/10
    Sheva is great most of the time. She saves your life quite a bit, but she also uses healing objects a little too fast. She can hold her own in a fight and you can give her commands like COVER (conservative mode) or ATTACK (use more ammo). She's really great at gathering items while you're fighting or exploring. At any time, you can ask her to give you one of her items or give her some of yours, too. There are a few parts of the game where Sheva can get insta-killed (especially in the beginning), causing you to start the level over, but it's not her fault. It's more of a gameplay issue rather than an AI issue.
    The enemy AI is good, not great. The enemies are pretty convincing as enraged zombies, but there are times when they get hung up on corners or walk in circles. If your glass is half-full, you can imagine that they're just acting more zombie-like.

    Sound 9/10
    The voice acting, SFX, and Music are all very good. If you want to get the most out of this game, playing it in surround sound will put you in the center of the action!

    Interface 8/10
    Both Chris and Sheva have 3x3 Square inventories and you can hotkey the 2,4,6,8 positions by pressing up, left, right, and down on the D-pad. Everything takes up 1 space, whether it's a weapon, ammo, or a healing item. The inventory management works well almost all of the time. The downside is when you and Sheva only have 1 space each and you find a Red Herb and a Green Herb. You literally have to do this in real time:
    Pick up Red Herb (if you pick up Green first Sheva may use it), Call Sheva, Give her the Red Herb, Pick Up the Green Herb, Exchange an item with Sheva to get the Red Herb, Highlight the Red Herb, Combine it with the Green Herb. Doing this while you're being attacked can get annoying. The other reason why this is annoying is that Red Herbs can only be combined with Green Herbs... so why isn't it automated?! Does the game really need me to play inventory micromanager for 30 seconds to make a healing item?! How does this enrich my gameplay experience?!

    Areas Needing Improvement (aside from the Inventory)
    If you hold the Left Trigger to aim your weapon, you can't move... not even a little bit and this gets really annoying. You have to turn around, run 2 steps, then turn around again, if you want to step back and fire. This and the Inventory Issues feel restricting for the sake of being restricting.
    Also, to slash with the Knife, you have to hold LB, and then press RT to slash the knife. You can only do 1 thing with the Knife, so why can't I just press LB?!

    Overall Resident Evil 5 is a great single player or cooperative action game. It deserves to be in your Xbox 360 collection. But horror fans should understand that this is not a suspenseful horror game. It's an exciting action game with big explosions, a hail of gunfire, and witty banter. Even the soundtrack is more befitting of an action game than a horror game.

    The game is rated M for Violence, Gore, and Language.

    Buy it if you loved Resident Evil 4, you want a Great 2-Player Game, you can appreciate a great graphics, or you're a fan of action-packed-actiony-action and you need to kill Wesker just one more time.

    If you're looking for a horror game, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Dead Space, and even Gears of War 2 are scarier.
    ...more info
  • Short compared to the others, but a lot more features.
    The fast paced action makes not only the story, but the strategy required to complete it worth playing. It's nowhere near as long as other games you could buy, but it makes up for that with the fact that there are about 500000 unlockables, and there's always something new for you to use or try on the next run. Unlike most games, the achievements are always fun to get (like getting a headshot when the enemy is in the air), so even after you've gotten everything else, you still have the achievement hunting to rely on for fun. Trust me though, there's more than enough content to try and unlock that you won't be falling back on achievements any time soon....more info
  • Resident Evil goes action with mixed results
    I remember playing the first Resident Evil game so many years ago. It was a perfect combination of action, scares, and puzzles, leaving you wondering what would be behind the next turn, and if you would survive. Many sequels and spin-offs later, RE5 makes an attempt to reinvent the series, with both satisfying and disappointing results.

    You play as Christ Redfield of RE fame. Joining your BSAA team is Sheva, who can be controlled by the game AI or another person. The plot is standard RE stuff. Chris gets to an area in Africa, and zombie/mutants appear. Without proper backup, Christ and Sheva begin to attack the hordes ahead of them. Fans of the RE series will pick up on some of the previous lore, but having played or beaten any other RE game is not necessary.

    Fans of the early game series will notice almost immediately that RE5 is not an "action-horror" game. It is a full blown action game. If RE4 and Gears of War had a child, it would be this game. What does that mean? You get top notch visuals similar to RE4, a plot that ties into the RE world, and action that is not longer scary. Part of the entire RE series was making the next room frightening, as you never knew what was ahead. There were puzzles everywhere, and the lack of ammo made any opponent a threat. This is not the case anymore, but it doesn't make this a bad game...

    What I like:

    + The graphics are great. Not the best ever, as Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 have upped the bar, but the visuals are great. Enemies have an awesome look to them, and environments are realistic and varied.
    + The game AI is decent, and will help you out more than some other games. This is true most of the time (see later).
    + Co-op is awesome, and makes teams work together. Lack of ammo and health items help create tension for two people.
    + Boss fights are as over the top as you remember. Fighting something 10 times your size still feels terrifying. These fights happen at appropriate times, and give great closure to levels.
    + There are extras to find in the game, leading to photo galleries and more. It gives the game extra playability for fans of RE.

    What I don't like:

    - This is an action game. Gone are the puzzles and scares of previous RE5 games. I remember old RE games where the "chess key" unlocked a door leading to the "lighter" used to burn paintings to get the "bronze owl", etc.. While cheesy, that was part of the appeal. You won't find any puzzle aspects here, just a 3rd person action game.
    - Your characters cannot move and shoot at the same time. They must plant down and fire. It makes the game a bit clunky as you run to the next area, hold it down like a shooting gallery, then move on. Not as exciting as it could have been.
    - The AI tends to overuse ammo and health items. It would be nice to have settings on item usage, but Sheva will blow through rounds quickly, and will heal you when you don't need to be.

    Overall, I enjoyed RE5, but it wasn't at all what I wanted from the franchise. I wanted terror and suspense, and I got an action game. Depending on what kind of games you like, this might be for you. I beat it and sold it, so I would recommend this game as a weekend rental, and not a must buy....more info
  • great!
    shipping was faster than expected.Game is awesome.My only complaint is that I wish it was longer....more info
  • OMG
    So damn good just get it, rent it,or steal it ,well don't do that but you must play this game....more info
  • Great co-op game!
    Have not played any of the Resident Evil games since Resident evil 2 on the PS1 but after playing this one I might have to go back and play the versions I missed as this is a GREAT game I have only played the co-op with my son, I've not tried one player it may not be as good. Its not as scary as the older versions but its still very intence. I did not find the game short at all it was longer than I expected. Can't wait for RE6....more info
  • Excellent
    I love this game.. If you own both consoles, this is the version to choose.....more info
  • It'd be nice if...
    It'd be nice if there was a first-person view. Running is sometimes challenging and it sucks that you can't move if you have your weapon out. Also, if one can play online with someone, it would seem plausible that you could just play the game with two people on the same system...but you can't. You can only do two people in online co-op or system-link.
    The game is a lot of fun, I wish the inventory was bigger, but overall, I'll still continue to play and enjoy the game....more info
  • A good solid coop
    I did not play RE4 and to be honest the last title I played was on the PS1. I found that getting back into the series was fun but a tad bit disappointed that the game was not horror title. The well lit African environment really doesn't project the horror movie feel. You can anticipate most of the enemy's appearances and they don't seem very frightening when you are packing heavy firepower. It drops the ball in the horror department but makes for a good action game, especially when played with a human partner. Customized inventories allow players to develop roles and tactics as they find themselves usually outnumbered. The game also tosses in mandatory coop scenarios better played with human players (EX: One fights, while the other provides light). The game offers a good list of weapons, upgrades and unlockables. I didn't expect a good amount of replay in this action title but gunning for points and money will allow for new weapons and elements in the game. If you and a buddy are looking for a good solid coop, RE5 is the way to go....more info
  • This is one amazing game...but...
    RE5 is an awesome game. However, it doesn't quite measure up to RE4.

    Things I like: The graphics are amazing. Being able to switch weapons without pausing and going into the inventory is a very good feature. You can still upgrade weapons which is a plus, and there is usually plenty of ammo to be found. Its a really fun game to play.

    Things I don't like: This game just isn't as edge of the seat scary as RE4. The enemies aren't that tough to kill and you don't have to strategize like you did in RE4 when there is a big group to kill. There aren't as many tense moments in this game. I miss the merchant from RE4, along with the ability to combine treasures to get more money - that added a good stategy element to RE4. I also don't like how there aren't really any difficult decisions you have to make. For RE4, there was one part where you could take the left road and fight a ton of enemies, or take the right road and fight a giant. It made for a more challenging game experience. The last thing, is you have to play with Sheva, and she is worthless. She wastes ammo and most of the time just stands around.

    But, as a stand alone game, RE5 is an awesome game. It just doesn't compare with RE4. ...more info
  • Amazing
    Better than RE4? yes, and that's because this is a different type of RE adventure built off of the RE4 engine, This is the more balls out survive or be killed kicked up 3 notches version of RE4. And I have to say it's the most engaging RE game i've ever played. I started at 5 its now 10. It really sucks you in... fast. And the graphics, o wow, they are so prettied up and shiny polished, it's amazing that technology is so advanced. Yes, the it really is the best looking game i've ever seen. And it's so much fun, the weapons inventory system should've probably been left alone, and it can get insanely difficult sometimes, but this will be the one you;ll remember. Better than RE4? Yes, mostly because it's built off of it. And mostly because this is the stragihtforward jump right into non stop action that I know I've a least been waiting for. 60 dollars well spent, and it's been a while since I could say that for any thing Halo 3. Buy This And Turn The Lights Out!!!...more info
  • Great game but feels dated..
    Resident Evil 4 came out back in 2004 and that felt awesome. This game is still good but after playing Dead Space this feels kind of boring at times. Not as good of a story and the A.I. is[...]. If you liked Resident Evil 4 pick this up it is still a lot of fun. Don't play this by yourself!...more info
  • Resident Evil 5: 10 Things to Know
    I just beat Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360, so I decided to post a review of the game. Here are ten important things you need to know:

    1. Graphics - RE5's graphics are amazing, and they are some of the best you'll find on a console. They are sharp, the characters are highly detailed, and the lighting makes the environments really stand out and feel real. The cut scenes appear to ramp up the contrast and brightness more than necessary, but that's no big deal.

    2. Controls - I embraced RE4's control scheme, but the same scheme today feels a bit outdated. You still cannot walk with your gun or knife ready. The developers say it is more realistic this way, but even in cut scenes Chris walks with his gun pointed forward. And now that I think about it, why can't I simply walk up and punch or kick someone? Why must I wait for them to be stunned?

    3. Sound - A lot of the sounds including the music are very similar to RE4, which is a good thing. It helps make the game keep familiar. I noticed nothing about the sound to complain about, except that it often wasn't creepy enough.

    4. Co-op - Some of the best fun I had with RE4 was getting together with friends and watching each other play through parts of the game. With RE5, we can now play together. Awesome! One problem with co-op is the fact you can't give weapons to your partner. That doesn't make any sense at all. Also, watch out when using an AI partner for Sheva. She sometimes wastes ammo, refuses to use her powerful weapons, heals you unnecessarily, and dashes off. Surprisingly though, she isn't bad enough to ruin the game.

    5. Items - All items have been needlessly streamlined. The weapons are less complex, there are no more combinable treasures, and yellow herbs are nowhere to be found. Also, you can buy items anytime between chapters. I liked the merchant in RE4, but he's gone this time around. So who are you buying items from? Apparently, just a menu system. Also, RE5 redesigned the item management system in order to make it more realistic than RE4. I like how it no longer takes me out of the game, but sometimes it is hard to use. The fast equip feature via the D-pad is greatly appreciated, but it doesn't make up for the fact that the process of trading and stacking items can be cumbersome and illogical.

    6. Horror - RE5's biggest issue is the fact it continues the series' trend of removing all aspects of "horror" from the survival horror genre. In fact, I would just call RE5 an action game with elements of adventure. There is rarely any suspense, the action is almost nonstop, and many of the potentially scary settings occur in daylight. The slogan for this game is "Fear you can't forget." It's more like "Fear you'll never notice."

    7. Bosses - Simply put, the boss fights in this game are not as original or exciting as RE4's boss fights. Most are easy, unvaried, and unnoteworthy. Some of the boss fights don't even feel like fights, but mere struggles instead.

    8. Puzzles - Unfortunately, RE5 offers virtually zero puzzles. There's not even the task of combining treasure. If you're ever confused about anything, Sheva will tell you what to do. The only thing remotely close to a puzzle is finding the blue BSAA emblems. Shooting them is a cool way to unlock bonus features. It makes you pay much more attention to your surroundings and get immersed in the environment.

    9. Saving - I like being able to save my game at various points, and I like being able to start a brand new game, but these features are gone. RE5 keeps track of all items and money you have so that to play previous chapters, you always bring your latest gear. It almost makes it too easy. I miss the typewriters.

    10. Charm - RE5 lacks a lot of the charm found in RE4. Chris is almost emotionless, whereas Leon was witty and classy. The quick time events in RE5 are overdone and predictable, whereas in RE4 they were fun and surprising. The only character with real "character" in RE5 is Irving. It seemed the whole cast of RE4 stood out.

    Resident Evil 5 is a short, fun action game, but it lacks a lot of what made its predecessor so great. The only improvements are the graphics and the addition of multiplayer. The rest of the changes negatively impact the overall fun of the game. Still, it is a fun game, and I recommend it for any Resident Evil fan or those who are looking for a good action game....more info
  • Freaking awesome
    Great game ,the graphics will blow ur mind there are so detail that it's like ur there in the action.acting in the game is good but in some parts it's just plain stupid,lots of weapons,but the zombies are to easy to beat,overall stop reading and get it already....more info
  • Lost its roots from the rest of the series
    I found RE5 to be a huge let down from the rest of the RE games in the series. Capcom really slipped on this latest version. This game had alot of potential to be a really great horror flick, but failed miserably at being scary. As alot of other RE fans have mentioned, RE5 is missing substance. The following reasons are why I gave RE5 a bad rating. There's more reasons why this game doesn't meet RE standards, but I listed my biggest concerns.

    1. Camera angle - Unlike other RE's this game seems to borrow its camera views from games like gears of war. I don't believe the camera angle fully captures the action of the game. It misses out on the feeling of the other RE games. RE5 almost appears as another title separate from the rest of the RE series.
    2. Button configuration - The combination of buttons the gamer has to press in order to execute a move is initially difficult to adapt to. RE5 has an unorthodox button layout which doesn't follow the pattern of the rest of the RE's.
    3. Surprise/horror factor - If RE5 was someone's introduction to the RE series, they would most likely be deterred from enjoying the rest of the RE games. RE5 fails to build on tension that gives the gamer the sense of horror or the suspense of being frightened. The game takes place under daylight, and is mostly in areas out in the open so it is easy to fend yourself from enemies.
    4. Game play - Once you play the game you'll know what alot of other fans are mentioning about. The AI in RE5 is just terrible, as the gamer has to protect the computer during the whole duration of the game and supply it with ammo/life only to have it wasted. Not to mention the real time menu option in addition to the loss of save rooms accompanied by the typewriter for saving. Capcom waited long to make this game and made it ridiculous. RE5 is not as (if not) replayable as its other counterparts.
    5. Creativity - Bosses in RE5 just appear and have no attachment to the RE storyline. RE5 borrows 80% (if not more) of its material from RE4 its predecessor. Rather than building on RE4, RE5 replicates some of the same enemies/bosses. Overall, the were no bosses that made me think "who's nightmare did this guy come from." Put simply, when I play a RE game I expect to see creepy zombies eating on people like the very first zombie you see in RE1 and mutated creatures that follow you around like the mutant that had the one eye on his arm with the huge claw from RE2 or the phantom tyrant from RE3. Whatever happened to the strange mutations that the viruses caused, besides the parasites? Capcom should consider about remaking this game because it ruins the reputation of the whole RE line.

    ...more info
  • none
    Though Resident Evil 5 lacks that terror caused by the licker you once expected from a R.E. game the change in the gameplay makes it a totally different game and can't be compared to its predecessors. The only exception to this is R.E. 4 and 5 surpasses it emensely (sp?) anyway. I love it!...more info
  • A more than worthy follow-up to Resident Evil 4
    When Resident Evil 4 was released back in 2005, it was exactly what Capcom's beloved survival horror series needed: a kick in the tail. Completely overhauling the series' archaic controls and trite puzzles, Resident Evil 4 ended up being one of the absolute best action games to ever see the light of day. Now Resident Evil 5 is finally here, and from a technical standpoint, the game is a sight to behold. These may be in fact the best graphics to be seen in any game on the market today, with beautifully rendered visuals that are simply eye-popping. The core mechanics from Resident Evil 4 remain intact here, as you play as RE1 hero Chris Redfield and new character Sheva; both of whom are investigating the African nation of Kijuju, and eventually are faced with hordes of infected villagers, mutants, monsters, and other nasties, including good 'ol Wesker. The game is loaded with enough balanced moments of action and tension, and having a partner only makes things even better. Seriously, adding a partner opens up some new dimensions to the gameplay that helped make RE4 so good, using teamwork to take down the baddies and watch each other's backs as well, which simply just makes the game more fun. The only true flaws of Resident Evil 5 lie in its online capabilities. Online co-op has it's share of problems, including not being able to exchange weapons with a teammate, as well as having to wait for the host to restart from a previous checkpoint or get to a new one before jumping into the action. Still, flaws aside, Resident Evil 5 is a sheer blast of an action game and a more than worthy follow-up to Resident Evil 4. It isn't perfect and doesn't leave the lasting impression that RE4 did, but it remains a stunning technical achievement that delivers the goods, and with the promise that Capcom will be re-vitalizing the series once again in the next installment, the best may very well be yet to come. ...more info
  • Fear?
    Fear? phwa not in this game. Thats what i love about it i hated RE4 when id get scared to death. This game is not scary at all its just plain fun. There are lots of weapons to choose from and yes you can still upgrade your guns which is nice. Best of all Co-op my brother bought this game and i played through by myself 2 times Normal and Veteran and now i went through on Normal and Veteran with my brother and starting Professional mode. Like i said this game is amazing. Some of the best graphics i've seen. Also when you beat the game you get Mercenaries mode and if you beat it under 5 hours you unlock Infinite Rocket Launchers which is AWESOME especially for bosses. 1 hit kills.

    Overall I recommend this to any RE Fans and also people that have never played a RE game....more info
  • Am I Playing Resident Evil???
    The worst parts of this game are:
    1. The fact that its all in the daytime with no scary elements like fog.
    2. The fact that this Sheva chick is in the game and in the way. I constantly bump into her as I run through a tight doorway. She is on my back like a bodyguard. Why did they have to add her?
    3. The view is bad. It seems like I'm too close to the TV. Also Chris is on the left side of the screen instead of centered like all the rest of the Resident Evils. I feel disadvantaged as zombies on the left seem to pop up like I'm missing a left eye or something.

    Thats it...I'm not going to do the good parts because the bad outweighs them.
    C'mon Capcom...Redo this Nightmare! ...more info
  • After four long years, the evil is back
    Thirteen years ago, the first Resident Evil was released, and despite its confusing controls, frustrating gameplay, and horrendous voice acting, it quickly became the number one survival horror series. Nine years later, after many sequels, some of them non-canon, or not having anything to do with the main story, RE4 was released for the Gamecube, with a complete revamp of the gameplay. Gone were the complex puzzles, tank controls, and the zombies, but it was replaced by a fast-paced shooter that was fun to play over and over again. Now that the sequel has arrived, is it a worthy counterpart to RE4 and a great way to finish off the series?

    GRAPHICS: RE5 shows the beauty that the 360/PS3 is capable of. Beautifully designed character models and detailed monsters and enemies, along with amazing shadow effects, lighting, and an environment make it the best looking Resident Evil yet.

    MUSIC: RE5 contains a score written as if it were a Hollywood movie. But like movie music, it melds into the picture itself, not making you notice it much.

    VOICE ACTING: Yeah, we've gone a long way from the ear-grating voices of the original, when people were grateful to even have voice acting in games. The RE series has had a problem with keeping their voice actors for returning characters (especially Wesker. That confuses me, because why would you NOT want to return to voice a character as awesome as him? I'd voice him for free,) so all the returning characters have new voices, which to say are well-done.

    STORY: Since the game wraps up the series, there are not many plot twists (the identity of that masked person was obvious) or anything long-lasting introduced, but it's climatic nevertheless, explaining the origin of Wesker, the intentions of Umbrella, and the aftermath of RE4. There are files on the major characters, explaining them in detail, as well as a long timeline of the series up to RE4.

    RE veteran Chris Redfield returns for the first time since Code Veronica, now an agent of the group BSAA. Along with his new partner, an African native named Sheva, he searches Africa to uncover the latest biohazard threat, as well as searching for his old partner, Jill Valentine. There he faces new threats, as well as an old nemesis.

    GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is similar to RE4, but with a few new additions. You play as Chris, and Sheva fights with him, controlled by either AI or another player. Some people have complained about her, but I found her to be a nice addition, even though she can sometimes be dumb and get killed by an enemy, and if she dies, you die. But other than that, she does help to take out enemies, and she heals you whenever you're in dire straits. Herbs heal both characters, by the way, and yellow herbs are absent. You'll also need to save each other from enemies, and when you're on very low health, you'll be incapacitated and will die unless your partner saves you, which sucks if you're separated. Like RE4, there are reaction commands in fighting and in cutscenes.
    Like RE4, you can collect treasures and gold and use it to buy items and weapons, but this time, the merchant is gone, sadly. Now you just buy and sell items when you die or when you progress to the next chapter. Kind of generic, but oh well. There are six chapters, with three parts in them. So while the game is short, it has replay value, as you can choose any chapter you want, to either replay on a different difficulty, get a better ranking, which helps to buy goodies such as costumes and trophies, or find and shoot the hidden BSAA emblems, which unlock said goodies. Mercenaries mode also returns.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: Most of these 50 achievements are easy to get, such as beating the game and its chapters, saving your partner so many times, or killing a bunch of enemies a certain way, but others are a bit more difficult, such as shooting an enemy in the head when it's in the air, which I did, but I didn't get the achievement. Some of them have odd names, such as 'Masters of Removing,' an inside joke to the infamous 'Master of unlocking' quote from the first game, and there's even an achievement named after a Metallica song. You probably won't get them all in the first playthrough.

    BUY: It's a must if you are a Resident Evil fan. I mean, we've waited four years to see how it all ends, so be a part of it. There's also a special edition if you feel like shelling a few more dollars for some extra stuff.

    ...more info
  • Not Horror, But AMAZING game
    Alright, in order to best summarize this game, I should probably break it down to serve the game some justice...

    Graphics: 10/10
    Absolutely amazing, whether in broad daylight fighting the Executioner (a giant axe-weilding zombie),or in pitch darkness using a lantern to see the zombie hordes, the graphics are just beautiful, living up to both the PS3's and the Xbox 360's standards.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI): 9/10
    Let's kickoff with Sheva, your partner along the journey. She is definetly a god-send to RE5, but can have her problems.

    + She is never far behind you
    + She gives you ammo that she doesn't need based off the weapons in your inventory
    + She heals you when the game senses you have low health (provided she has a herb, the main way of healing)
    + Has an "Attack" mode, where she runs recklessly around killing zombies.
    Has a "Cover" mode, where you meet a more caution-oriented sheva, conserving valuable ammo.

    - Rarely aims for the head, and is quick to waste valuable ammo
    - Is quick to use up herbs, even if your above 70% health
    - Is slow to help you when grappled by a zombie, even if she's right there
    - Dont assume she's got your back... chances are, she doesn't.
    - Specific to the "Caves" level, she seems hesitant with the lantern

    Next, is the zombies; boy do we wish Sheva had this kind of intelligence. Frankly, I would be searching hard for bad things to say about the enemy AI, other than they are slow to react when you are near, but sometimes this is actually PROGRAMMED!!! For example, the harder the difficulty, the less preparation time the zombie carrying a chainsaw above his head will take when near you before cutting you in half. The RE5 team programmed an IN-GAME difficulty switch, depending on how your doing with your enemies. For example, if your doing really well on Amateur (the easiest difficulty), but maybe a little less than average on Normal, you could actually end up with the same difficulty, thus always providing a challenge.

    Gameplay: 9/10
    The controls are similar to RE4, with a few minor improvements. At first they ae hard to grasp, and a new player to Resident Evil will struggle with the first couple levels. My only concern, in addition to the complexity of the controls, your character lacks the ability to walk and shoot. Although it adds to tention, it just feels cheap, and I feel ripped off as a gamer. As for enemy spawns, I have no complaints. Everything runs smoothly, zombies arent appearing out of thin air (although it'll feel like it) like we've seen in Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. Lastly, lets talk about the zombies reation to bullets. Obviosly, they dont like to be shot at and wll respond in rage once they recover from the wound. Interestingly as well, they also have animations and actions depending on where you shoot them. Say i were to shoot a zombie in his weapon heand. He will drop the weapon and grip his hand in agony. Sometimes a shot to a body part will allow chris and sheva to use a context sensitive move, conserving ammo and dealing massive damage. The only reason I marked this off one is because of the controls.

    Replay Value: 10/10
    There are many great games with impressive single player and multi-player, but lack replay value. Fortunately, RE5 is not one of those games. With additional mission modes, costumes, Acheivements/Trophy's, unlockable weapons, and countless bonus features, this is a game worth owning. If I use too many more words, I'll kill the effect, so I'll just leave it at that!

    Story: 8/10
    This story starts off just like all other horror games... WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!?!? I wont spoil it, but the story is best around the mid-game, when your still left guessing, but arent completely uninformed. Unfortunately, towards the end of the game, you've already guessed who's in the mysterious mask, who's the main problem, and how it's going to end. My other problem is the final boss. I must have killed him on 4 different occasions, and HE'S STILL COMING BACK!!! Overall, the story was intense, but predictable.

    So Is It A Horror?
    It seemed to me that CAPCOM's idea of horror is throwing together a whole bunch of blood, gore, and zombies.If your opinion of a survival horror matches this, then have a jolly old time changing underwear, but for me, with the exception of a couple select chapters, was unpreturbed.And in order to satiate my horror needs, bought Left 4 Dead. So is it scary? Thats for you to decide.

    In conclusion, with grea graphics and gameplay, this game deserves to be honored with 5 stars, and re-defines action games (in a good way). But if your looking for a horror, and your not easily scared, game like Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead, and Dead Space might be the ones for you.

    Best Regards!...more info